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Chapter 44

[Nothing Left Unsaid]


Otto raised his hand and dropped that bombshell, plunging everyone in the room into a state of shock.
The unverified existence of the “Book of Wisdom” was just confirmed, not by anyone else but by one of their own. It was only natural that they’d be shocked―― with Subaru being the most shocked of them all.

[Subaru: Wh-why would you have the Book of Wisdom?]

[Otto: Before you misunderstand, let me explain. I was indeed the one who brought the so-called Book of Wisdom into the city, but the book isn’t mine. I was pretty shocked when I heard the Witch Cult’s request as well]

[Anastasia: “So-called”? That’s a curious way to put it. What do you mean?]

As Otto’s answered the shaken Subaru, Anastasia picked up on that descriptor and asked. At that, Otto looked around at the others, and,

[Otto: You guys all know about the Book of Wisdom, right? Simply put, it’s like the Gospels… those suspicious-looking books of prophecy that the Witch Cultists have…… except it seems to be the original. I heard that the difference in accuracy is huge]

[Anastasia: The Gospel’s original…? It might be a stretch, but that reminds me of the prophecies of the Dragon Annal Stone. Though of course, their credibility, reputation, and standpoints are nowhere near the same]

[Otto: I’ve never seen the Dragon Annal Stone and the Gospel’s prophecies in action so I can’t say anything about their reliability…… and the same goes for the Book of Wisdom, I’m afraid. By the time I got my hands on it, the book was already nothing more than mostly-burned remains]

[Subaru: Burned remains……]

Otto’s description matched the fates of both volumes of the Book of Wisdom in Subaru’s mind.
One belonged to Beatrice, and was lost in the flames of the burning Forbidden Library. The other belonged to Roswaal, and, according to Ram, was lost in the burning Sanctuary.
It was hard to say how much of its creator, Echidona’s testimony could be trusted, but if her words were to be believed―― then both volumes should have been burned.
In that case, what Otto obtained must be its charred remains.

[Anastasia: I see. I think I know why Otto-kun brought the book into Priestella now. It’s to seek the help of Restoration Master Dartz, isn’t it?]

[Otto: ……That’s correct]

With that simple reply, Otto nodded to Anastasia’s conclusion. Though both Julius and Reinhard appeared to accept this with an air of understanding, Subaru seemed confused by the term he had never heard before.

[Subaru: Hey don’t all suddenly go “Ahh” and leave me out of the loop here. What’s a Restoration Master?]

[Anastasia: Just as the name implies, they are Light Magic specialists who can restore objects to their original forms. Dartz, who lives in this city, is quite a famous member of their circle. Even books that are more than half damaged can be restored with pretty good results, if given enough time]

[Otto: I managed to make contact with Master Dartz and give him the remains of the Book of Wisdom. So the book should be in his workshop at the moment]

With Otto’s testimony, the Book of Wisdom’s whereabouts has finally been revealed.

[Garfiel: But then, when did Otto-bro meet that guy?]

[Otto: Yesterday, after the negotiations with Muse Company fell apart. Once everyone went their separate ways, I paid a visit to Master Dartz. We had a chat in private, and he seemed pretty enthusiastic about taking on the job…..]

Subaru could just imagine Otto going pale in the face when he heard “Book of Wisdom” come up during the upheavals today.
That explains how the burned Book of Wisdom survived and why it was brought to this city, but Otto’s motives were still unknown. Just why would he want to restore the Book of Wisdom?

Honestly, Subaru had no good impressions for the Book of Wisdom.
It was an ominous book not only associated with its creator, Echidona, but with the Gospels in the hands of the Witch Cult. It was the reason Beatrice was bound in the Forbidden Library for four hundred years, and the reason Roswaal’s plots wrought violence upon the Sanctuary.
The truth is, Subaru was relieved when he heard that the books were destroyed.

[Otto: I won’t go into the details of how I acquired it or why it’s here to be restored. I only intended to clarify the Book of Wisdom’s existence and its current location. Anything beyond that is an internal matter within our faction]

[Julius: But now we have the Witch Cult listing the Book of Wisdom as one of their demands. Whose responsibility do you think that is?]

[Otto: I don’t think anything the Witch Cult does can be blamed on anyone other than the Witch Cult. But if you insist on it, I’ll have to make some unfriendly remarks of my own]

Otto stood his ground in front of Julius’ protests. And, seeing Otto turn his gaze to Anastasia, Julius quickly shook his head.

[Julius: My apologies. I said something useless just now. Naturally, I have no intention of laying the blame on you. The Witch Cult’s crimes will be properly repaid when we exact punishment upon them]

[Otto: Agreed]

Otto nodded to Julius’ determined words while stealing a glance at Subaru. But, seeing that secret gaze, Subaru couldn’t say a word.
What was Otto thinking? Even if Subaru had no intention of suspecting him, he still had no idea what he was up to. Seeing Subaru like this, Otto quietly moved his lips,

{Otto: Let’s talk later}

The message got through.
He’ll explain everything, then. In that case, they better put the matter on hold for now.

[Reinhard: Now that the Book of Wisdom’s existence has been confirmed, we can’t be so sure that the part about Artificial Spirits is just delusional ramblings]

With that settled, Reinhard started off with the new topic.
Though it was only going with the flow of things, now that Otto has already revealed something potentially disadvantageous to himself, there was no reason for Subaru to continue withholding his.

[Subaru: Anastasia-san]

[Anastasia: I know I know. Well, this won’t be easy]

Seeing Subaru seeking her consent, Anastasia took off the scarf around her neck. She spread it out on the table, while everyone else tilted their heads at her determined expression.
But, what she did next turned all their tilted heads straight.

[Anastasia: ――No need to play possum anymore, Echidona. You can speak up now]

[Scarf-fox: In my case, rather than “playing possum”, wouldn’t “playing fox” be more appropriate, Ana?]


Following Anastasia’s call, the white fox scarf stretched out its limbs with a will of its own. Seeing this, the same expressions of shock washed over Julius and Ricardo’s faces.
It seems Anastasia had hidden Artificial Spirit Echidona’s existence even from the members of her own faction.

[Ricardo: Hey Miss… I dunno that thing. The hell is that thing……]

[Anastasia: Sorry for hidin’ it from you, Ricardo. Julius too. ――This child would be the Artificial Spirit we’re talkin’ about. Her name’s Echidona, and she’s been my partner in crime for a long, long time]

[Scarf-fox: Hey Ricardo. It’d be pretty awkward to introduce myself like we’ve just met when I’ve technically known you for ages. We can be all buddy-buddy just like usual if you want]

Echidona was exceptionally friendly to a Ricardo who looked like he was looking at something creepy. And, as off-put as Ricardo was by the white fox’s attitude, Julius’ face looked even more shocked.
Faced with the secret his master had hidden from him, his pupils were wavering with a rare and unconcealable dismay,

[Julius: ……then that means, Anastasia-sama is also a Spirits-Arts User?]

[Anastasia: Nnnn~ not exactly. There is no Spiritual Contract between me and Echidona. I just don’t have the knack for it. And also, unlike ordinary spirits, Echidona can’t fight at all]

[Scarf-fox: That’s right, I’m as incompetent as it gets. I’m afraid I might even be the weakest spirit there is. So weak that even the Spirit-Knight couldn’t sense my presence]

[Julius: Is that, so…… no, but then……]

Julius’ suspicions were dismissed by Anastasia and Echidona in turn. But, rather than being assured, he turned his gaze toward Subaru, who was standing at the sidelines.
There was a certain sharpness in the yellow gaze he directed at Subaru.

[Julius: Why does Subaru look like he already knows? When I… as your Knight… didn’t know, how could he…]

[Anastasia: It’s not like that. It’s…]

[Subaru: It’s because she’s an Artificial Spirit, just like my partner, Beatrice. After we heard the Witch Cult’s demands, Anastasia-san explained it to me. ……So I only found out really recently, not much different from you]

[Julius: She’s an Artificial Spirit……? Anastasia-sama, is this true?]

Cutting Anastasia off, Subaru explained to the stupefied Julius. Seeing Anastasia nod to his question, Julius muttered [Is that so…] and briefly closed his eyes as if to take it all in before exhaling a deep sigh.

[Julius: I’m sorry I interrupted you. Please forgive me for any displeasure I might have caused you, Anastasia-sama. I am deeply ashamed]

[Anastasia: I’ve no right to chastise you when I’ve been keepin’ it secret all this time. I should be askin’ your forgiveness instead]

Julius gave Subaru a nod and apologized to Anastasia. But, seeing Julius’ apology from the side, Ricardo grabbed Echidona off of the table.

[Ricardo: Still, that’s really mean, Miss! How long have we known each other? Why’d ya keep somethin’ like that from me? I’m kinda hurt! Is that all we are to each other?]

[Scarf-fox: I’d appreciate if you don’t handle me so roughly. Even in this form, I’m still quite finicky about my hair. And we wouldn’t want to damage Ana’s adorable appearance, now would we?]

[Ricardo: Pretty glib-tongued, ain’t ya. Ugh, nevermind. I’ll let it go this time]

After pulling and squishing it to his heart’s content, Ricardo seemed satisfied and let the white fox go. Landing on the table, the white fox quickly scuttled over to Anastasia, wrapped around her neck, and became inanimate once more.
Having resided there for long, it was impressive how quickly it could return to its lifeless state.

[Anastasia: And so, the Artificial Spirits exist as well. ……That said, just like Otto-kun’s Book of Wisdom, I’ve no intention of handing this child over to the Witch Cult]

[Subaru: Sorry for keeping it secret. But, it’s the same with me. Beako is my partner. I won’t even let her hold hands with those lunatics]

Anastasia and Subaru both asserted their decision to refuse the Witch Cult’s demands.
Hearing this, Reinhard nodded, and,

[Reinhard: I know. Of course. We cannot accept a single one of their demands. Although, perhaps the one about wedding their bride could be overlooked]

[Subaru: Absolutely not! Because the bride those assholes are talking about is Emilia!]

[Otto: Pff!? Emilia-sama’s been taken!? And here I was wondering why I haven’t seen her around, so she’s in trouble!? Couldn’t you have brought it up sooner!?]

Reinhard widened his eyes, and the shocking news sent Otto’s eyes spinning. Subaru clenched his teeth in front of those two’s reactions and continued with [Sorry…],

[Subaru: It was all my fault, I watched her get taken away. But, since they’re talking about a wedding, they shouldn’t have done anything to hurt her. So we have to go over there, kill them, and bring her back. Absolutely, absolutely…]

[Reinhard: ――Yes, we will. We absolutely cannot allow this]

Just the thought of Regulus sent rage boiling within Subaru’s mind, and, in support of that indignation, Reinhard burnished his intent to fight.
It was an aura so dependable that it was terrifying. Without a doubt, his presence was tremendously reassuring.

And, at this thought, Subaru turned his gaze to the corner of the room―― toward the man who had stayed out of the conversation thus far.
Sitting there, leaning against the wall, his expression was hidden behind his helmet.

[Subaru: Hey, Al. You should join the conversation too. You haven’t said a word since the end of the speech. Our most lethal weapon got held up all because of that guy you brought. You better do something to make up for that, you know]

Walking over, Subaru called to the downcast Al.
And, sighing at the lack of a reaction, Subaru brought up Reinhard’s father―― Heinkel.

Heinkel had taken Felt hostage and effectively pinned Reinhard in place.
This clear-cut betrayal by turning a weapon on a Royal Selection candidate was not only a crime of lese-majesty, but fell nothing short of treason. Normally, there’s no way an offender could escape the death sentence after committing such a heinous crime, but just how will Reinhard handle this?
At least, Subaru couldn’t glean it from the side of Reinhard’s face.

[Al: ――I’m sorry, but I’m out]

[Subaru: ……hah?]

Perhaps distracted with his thoughts on Reinhard, Subaru didn’t react until Al had already stood up. Taking his back off of the wall, Al looked like he was about to walk right past Subaru. Realizing this, Subaru quickly grabbed Al’s shoulder, turning him around.

[Subaru: W-wait! You’re out? What’re you talking about? We need every fighter we can get right now, and you want to leave us? What’re you, crazy?]

[Al: Crazy or whatever, you’d be crazy to count me as a fighter to begin with. Any random guy you pull from the shelters who’s been in a fight’ll be better than me. So it doesn’t matter if I go]

[Subaru: The hell is that! Don’t give me that moody bullshit! What’s going on all of a sudden? If you got something to say, say it!]

[Al: ――You’re the only person I don’t wanna hear that from, bro]

Shaking off Subaru’s arm, Al’s penetrating glare pierced into Subaru from inside his helmet.
That indiscernible gaze and uncharacteristic tone sent a chill crawling up Subaru’s back.

It was unlike hostility or murderous intent, but a fiery emotion all the same.
Subaru felt as if he had seen that inexplicable emotion from somewhere before, but he couldn’t remember where or what it was.
And he went without understanding as they continued their standoff, when――

[???: My inspiration is flashing! Listen if you please: ――Your gaze makes heat swell in my chest~]

[Subaru: Shut up!!]

[???: Pyiichi!?]

Subaru reflexively lashed back at the happy-go-lucky voice that came out of nowhere. The target jumped at that shout and tumbled flamboyantly over the table behind her.
Rolling around, moaning and wailing, it was a girl with auburn skin――

[Subaru: You’re… Lilianna!?]

[Lilianna: Uugyaouu! My elbow! My knee! Every bone that can be called a bone in my body is shattered! All six of my ribs are broken! There’s no mistake about it!]

The one energetically rolling on the floor in front of Subaru was the Bard, Lilianna.
Seeing her the same as ever, Subaru didn’t even bother pointing out that humans had more than six ribs but only patted his chest in relief.

[Subaru: I was pretty worried after we got separated, but I’m glad to see you safe. That’s a relief]

[Lilianna: Safe!? Can’t you see I’m on the verge of death here!? How can you pat your chest in relief in front of a damsel in distress, what kind of sick humor is that!? My inspiration is flashing! Listen if you please: ――Fingers! Ears! And eyes~!]

[Subaru: You’re still pretty lively, aren’t you?]

Sitting up cross-legged on the floor, she strummed her Lullyleigh, suddenly a picture of health. Although the abruptness of her recovery was rather unsettling, Subaru was just glad that she was alright.

[Subaru: But, how did you get to the City Hall? It must’ve been dangerous wandering around outside……]

[????: Naturally, isn’t that for me to decide? Commoner]

[Subaru: Gh]

Before he could ask Lilianna how she got here safely, an arrogant voice answered the question in her place.
With the ringing of high-heeled footsteps, a woman in resplendent red stepped into the meeting room. Adorned in rouge from head to toe, she swept her blood-red eyes across the room.




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Next Arc 5 Chapter 44 Part 2/2:


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  1. So first of all, amazing work once more! The chapters been truly captivating and I just couldnt stop reading line after line. I cant await the second part, even tho its main focus is prolly around priscilla. Well aside fromt that…

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    1. The way i read the previous situations… Al only cares about his mistress, and the cultists’ demands don’t have anything to do with that. He even said bluntly to subaru that if he managed to get priscilla, then he would get out of that city A.S.A.P. without bothering the fate of its citizens.

      So maybe Al just felt annoyed at subaru who kept on pestering him to be one of their combatant to fight the cultists.


      1. Now that i think about it, Al has the same way of thinking like roswaal; to prioritize solely for one girl, else doesn’t matter.
        Though roswaal has been that way for 400 years…


    1. Impossible. He calls subaru with bro (kyoudai). He was already in lugnica few years before subaru arrived. He fell in love with priscilla, while we know subaru’s father loves subaru’s mother. He hates getting into troubles and bothersome things, while subaru’s father always lend his ears and hands to help others in need.

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    1. Yes. There’s much more to learn about japanese than english for example, since every character has 2 pronunciaitions and one or more meanings, and there are 2000 something characters, which also compose words


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  7. Al had a point. Subaru is the last person who should suggest to him that he needs to be more honest about himself. It took me a minute to remember: “what did all mean?” Man, Arc 7 is going to be so lit!


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