Hey, I’m TheHolyChicken. I am usually a programmer and every 4 months I’d make a game for Ludum Dare.

But since I’ll be translating the Re:Zero Web Novels here, I’ll be TranslationChicken!

The plan is to continue the story from where the Anime leaves off, so no one dies from Re:Zero withdrawal.

Right off the bat, it took me 14 hours to translate half of a chapter… It’s my first attempt at translating, after all…

Much of the time was spent revising a literal translation into something that reads smoothly in English. Maybe after a few chapters my first drafts will be smooth enough to publish. Then it’ll be much faster.

Hopefully I can churn out 1 or 2 chapters a week for now, and maybe more if I get better at it.

I’ll try to release daily or every two days so there would always be something to look forward to!

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