Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 2 [Insults and Gratitude] (Part 3/3)



Translator: Tynkerd


Editor: TranslationChicken


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[Subaru: ……I’ll bring her in, so you don’t have to do anything. Your back would be screaming if you had to carry around a girl anyway]

[Otto: You know, merchants are always handling heavier goods during their work. We aren’t as weak as you seem to think, Natsuki-san]

Subaru tried to cover up his last statement with a quip, and was thankful for Otto’s conciliatory reply, which came after a moment of hesitation. He let out a sigh.

No matter what, his reaction was too extreme. Even though it wasn’t intentional— Or rather, it was precisely because it was not intentional that it was a problem. His nerves had been on-end, and anyone who even tries to interfere with Rem, regardless of their intentions, seemed to him to be an enemy.

[Subaru: This is not a good pattern……Damn it, I feel so wretched. Why am I always so……]

He was supposed to have overcome this, yet here he was immediately stumbling over the first pebble he came across. Why does he never have the strength to stay standing tall?

If Rem was here, if Emilia was watching— if both of them were here now with him, surely he would have that unwavering strength.

[Subaru: I brought it upon myself….. No, I forced Rem to pay that price. What a deadbeat I am!]

There should have been a better, more perfect way.

He had believed that he did his uttermost, up to the end of the loop several days ago he deeply believed that. But there must have been an even better, seamless, perfect outcome somewhere. But Subaru had missed his chance to find it, in his complacency, in his cowardice, he compromised into an imperfect future. And Rem’s sacrifice was the price.

If he had been more competent, he would have noticed it.

Before evacuating Emilia and Ram from the mansion, the handwritten letter he had given to Crusch’s messenger had already turned blank. He had thought that a Witch Cultist accompanying the messenger had switched the letter in a ploy to sow confusion, but that is laughable.

There was no chance the Witch Cult could have been aware of their threat, and how could he have believed that the Witch Cult would use such a roundabout way to plant seeds of distrust between their two forces? More than that, if they went to all this trouble, compared to a blank letter would it not have been more effective to alter the contents?

Then why, why was the handwritten letter blank? If it was not the work of the Witch Cult, then there could only be one answer.

[Subaru: Rem wrote the letter. I was the one who asked it to be delivered, and Crusch was the one who gave it to the messenger, so the reality of it being handed over remained, and only the contents were erased]

That is the Authority of “Gluttony”, and the fate of those whose name and memories were eaten. An existence erased from the world, leaving only a complex web of incongruities behind. If you weren’t aware of it, you’d never feel the unease, you’d never even realize anything had been missing.

If that was the case, for who, or for what, would have been the purpose of that existence—-.

Looking deeper into the fact that the letter was blank, properly investigating, fathoming, delving into the truth, perhaps he could have done it.

What Emilia had said then, come to think of it, the letter had arrived on the evening before the final day. At that moment, the contents of the letter were already gone, then Rem would have been attacked before that time. If so, then hardly any time had passed since Subaru and Rem had parted ways. The chances of being able to catch up were minuscule, but at least there was a chance.

Only, Subaru had let that chance slip by. Why it had slipped by, he could no longer tell. Had he really not felt anything was out of place?

Ram, with her sister-complex, Emilia, who was aware they had left Rem with him in the Capital, yet they had not mentioned Rem at all, so why—


He finally realized it.

At that moment, Subaru let out an idiotic cry and brought his hand to his forehead. With wobbly movements he slid over to the wall, and smashed his head as hard as he could against it.

Shock and pain. But once wasn’t enough, again, again, and again he repeated.

[Emilia: Wh, Subaru!?]

At his inexplicable action, the three with him were shocked into speechlessness. But Emilia was first to return to her senses, and called out to him bewilderedly. She gripped his shoulder from behind, turning him around,

[Emilia: What’s wrong all of a sudden? It’s not like this is the first time you’ve done something strange, but this is… Oh—, look your forehead has gotten all red!]

[Subaru: The extent of my stupidity, from the bottom of my heart I am amazed, really]

Feeling the coolness of the tips of Emilia’s fingers on his forehead, Subaru shook away his head in a trance of self-loathing. Like he said, he could not bear to look at this own foolishness.

Then, suddenly drawing close to Emilia, Subaru fixed his gaze into her’s.

[Subaru: Emilia-tan, I have a favor to ask]

[Emilia: Wh, wha—? Hold on, Subaru, your face is close, and your eyes are scaring me……]

[Subaru: My helpless idiocy… could you please insult me a little?]

[Emilia: Huh?]

Startled, Emilia grew wide-eyed. Seeing rejection in her response, Subaru reached out to place both hands on her shoulders, holding her tightly preventing her from running away, and then brought his face in even closer.

[Subaru: Please. Don’t forgive me, just insult me]

[Emilia: Th, that, I can’t do that. I don’t think you’ve done wrong or anything……]

[Subaru: JUST FIND A WAY!]

[Emilia: Even if you ask me that……]

[Subaru: Please! If you do this for me, I’ll offer you my very soul……!]

[Emilia: Saying something this heavy is only making me more uncomfortable! Geez, I guess I really don’t have a choice]

Emilia hesitated agonizingly against Subaru’s desperate, perverse plea, but finally she nodded in resignation. She cleared her throat and looked up at Subaru.

[Emilia: Subaru you blockhead!]

[Subaru: Uuu—]

[Emilia: You naughty, hyperactive, stubborn, selfish, rascal, don’t know when to give up, get way too cocky jerk!]


[Emilia: No one asked you, yet you only worry about other people, and don’t know your limit. You’re a softie who supports a hated half-elf. When I am rebuked and feeling depressed, you take my place, and behave rashly, get abused and do reckless things]

[Subaru: gu.…..Eh?]

[Emilia: You listen but don’t respond properly, a coward who flirts and then runs away. A fool who comes to help someone in trouble, even after they had a huge fight. When things just aren’t working out, when you want something you say the right thing it’s so unfair. Then, when it’s all over, and everyone is running around taking care of the loose ends, you go to sleep by yourself and slack off. Subaru, you dullard!]

[Subaru: Dullard, now there’s a word you don’t hear much anymore……You know, Emilia-tan]

He had been expecting a rebuke, but the abuse he received was far from it. The words didn’t scratch at his heart and leave ugly scars, instead they were deep and kind, and left their mark on his and Emilia’s hearts alike.

At Subaru’s call, Emilia kept her gaze pointed up at him, pursing her lips.

[Emilia: What]

[Subaru: How do I say this… is that how you feel about me?]

[Emilia: I know, it’s like all my feelings just flew out. Then I sort of went with it and after a while I had no idea what I was saying. …Subaru, do you think that is how I really feel?]

[Subaru: I wonder. When you get caught up in the moment, are they your true feelings……I don’t know if I could tell]

At the very least, Subaru had experience regretting things he said in the heat of the moment.

Were those long pent up feelings wanting to finally escape her heart, or just the thoughtless emotions of a moment blurted out all of a sudden?

He thought no one could ever answer that question.

[Subaru: Thank you, Emilia-tan]

[Emilia: All I did was say bad things about you. To get thanked for that……Subaru, you really are abnormal aren’t you?]

[Subaru: ‘Abnormal’, but for Emilia-tan alone. If I hear it from you, then no matter if it’s insult, abuse or a traffic safety poem, it will stir up my pleasure senses]

[Emilia: The last one I didn’t understand, but it seems like something I reeally don’t need to know so I’ll forget I heard it. —So, are you satisfied now?]

She tried to respond while suppressing a giggle, but in the very end, her eyes looked tinged with sorrow.

It was unfair, the raw expression she showed him sometimes, and it was why he couldn’t leave her be.

In answer to her gesture, Subaru smiled a broad smile that showed his teeth.

[Subaru: Yeah, I’m fine now. Actually, maybe I’m still not okay. But, if I were to get a kiss from Emilia-tan to break my curse, I should be able to find the courage I need, if only……]

[Emilia: That’s too bad, because the request office has closed for the day]

[Subaru: Damnit! I screwed up! Why am I always……too late……ah!]

As if full of regret, Subaru fell to pieces. Seeing this, Emilia let out a wry smile. After spending some time looking wretched, Subaru finally stood up and looked around the room.

[Subaru: That said, I’m afraid there is some business I need to take care of. I feel bad for leaving everyone and Emilia-tan, but I need a little time. I don’t think it will take too long but….What’s with your face, Otto?]

[Otto: I feel like charging you for reparations after witnessing that ticklish scene, but I’ll leave the negotiations on pricing for later…What were you doing!?]

Otto, forgotten until now, voiced his discontent, to which Subaru crossed his arms and cocked his head in contemplation. Come to think of it, Otto doesn’t know about the last person in this mansion he has yet to become acquainted with.

If that’s the case, to tell Otto where he was planning on going next, just what words would be proper.

After agonizing over the problem for just a bit, Subaru unfolded his arms and said,

[Subaru: Well, I’m going to go meet a loli with drill curls holed up in a room that smells like mold]

With that, he completely abandoned any responsibility to explain the situation, and left Otto to his state of confusion.


-=Arc 4 Chapter 2 End =-

Next Part Prelude to Chapter 3:


I hope all the pain and regret came through!! I loved this part so much!

Hope you liked it too!

Once again thanks for the draft by Tynkerd! Before Chapter 3 there will be a Flashback Segment to Subaru’s previous meeting with Beatrice! Tynkerd has already finished the draft for that one, I will try to finish editing it tomorrow!

Thank you all for reading and for all your support rooting us on. Thank you!

Next Part Prelude to Chapter 3:

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      1. It will be explained in the next part. It is a scene from Arc 3 the anime skipped. I wrote a lead-up part as well, to give some background info and tie it into the flow of the anime so it feels smooth, but you’ll have to wait for TC to finish editing! 😛

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  1. Thank you very much. Mb i am asleep or smth, but where was the reason of that strange request? What did he understand?


  2. Thank you guys!!:)
    This baka-emilia really came through, at least to me 🙂
    If i oversleep tomorrow from uni, then shame on you chicken. I didn’t have time so i read 2 parts together and now I can’t sleep…


  3. a couple of paragraphs in it should definitely be utmost and not uttermost >.<

    Love your stuff though reads very well other than that.


  4. I don’t know . I wish that he was hitting his head for a little more time . He didn’t even get depressed for a lot of time .
    Is it bad for me to think that way ?

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  5. So eating Someone’s name erases all physical traces of their existence?


    So which of the Gluttony Archbishops will Subaru have to kill to get Rem’s name back?


    1. Well in the anime when Ram forgot about Rem, Subaru went to Rem’s room and it was mostly empty. That was the White whale’s fog of elimination, but I think the same applies to gluttony.

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  6. Thanks for your translation, Chicken-sama, with anime ending I am really glad we still have re: zero dosis, EVERY DAY!!!

    Well, just want to point out how Tappei-sensei like to put foreshadowing in his story (I just read summary so I don’t know how this arc really play it out and notice a foreshadowing for great scene in later chap)

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    Btw, in the following lines of text “At his inexplicable action, he three with him were shocked into speechlessness” I guess you were meant to write “the three”
    Hail the Evil Chicken, Lord of all chickens and bird-like creatures! Hail!!!

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    Thank you Chicken and Tynlerd for another sweet episode!

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  9. Quite a few minor errors:

    At his inexplicable action, ‘the’ three with him were shocked into speechlessness. But Emilia was first to return to her senses, and called out to him bewilderedly. She gripped his shoulder from behind, turning him around,

    [Emilia: The last one I didn’t understand, but it seems like something I ‘reeally’ don’t need to know so I’ll forget I heard it. —So, are you satisfied now?] (unless that was intentional… than my bad m(_ _)m)

    As if full of regret, Subaru fell to pieces. Seeing this, Emilia – let out a wry smile. After spending some time looking wretched, Subaru finally stood up and looked around the room.

    Another great segment, thanks as always guys! ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ


  10. “At his inexplicable action, he three with him were shocked into speechlessness. But Emilia was first to return to her senses, and called out to him bewilderedly.” Especially “he three” is that how it’s suppose to be?

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  11. Thank you so muchhh to all the team!!! Please do not stop doing this!! I’m very selfish, I’m sorry but I am grateful, I really am.

    Wish you all luck guys! You are great!

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  12. That letter realisation is certainly a face palm moment. I don’t think it’s been mentioned until now that it was Rem that wrote the letter, rather than him. In fact, if I’m working the chronology correctly, Rem and Crush may have been back in the capital before they got finished with the first attack on the Cult, given the point at which they first encountered Ram and how long the two of them could potentially have survived their injuries unattended.

    If we take his save point changes to indicate points at which no better outcome could result than the one at that time, regardless of him going back and changing his actions, then we can perhaps comfort ourselves with the idea that either he would never have been able to piece it together inside that loop or that knowing the information wouldn’t have enabled him to find an outcome in which there wasn’t a worse casualty.
    I don’t know if that is a correct interpretation of the points he returns to, but it’s consistent with the evidence and is currently preferable to the alternative interpretations, including the one he just made. Call me an optimist.

    I get the feeling that this bit of dialog lost something in the translation, maybe it needs a comma somewhere.

    “When things just aren’t working out, when you want something you say the right thing it’s so unfair.”

    I’m struggling to make a clear link between the two clauses, just adjusting punctuation I end up parsing it more like this:

    “When things just aren’t working out, when you want something, you say the right thing; It’s so unfair.”

    There’s another alternate structure that requires an “or” in place of the comma and a comma moving “it’s so unfair” to a clause.

    Could you clarify the ordering based on the original structure, please? 🙂

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  13. great chapter as always!! can’t wait till tomorrow to read another update. seeing subaru in despair somehow pleases my heart (what’s going on). as usual, thanks for translating

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  14. Thank you for translating another chapter! I really do love Emilia and Subarus developing relationship, even though the internet doesn’t agree with me on it.

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  15. i was devastated when i found that no one translated the LN (madokami is my only source for epub’s LN), and was *very* relieved that i found this project

    im new (confuse) by the which volume is the anime is. question is whats the difference between webnovel and lightnovel, as currently im looking at rezero wikia and the LN is up to vol 9 (with chapter listing)

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      1. no no no, i dont mean by “which is better”. what i asked is the pacing is same? something like EXAMPLE only WN Arc3 is same content as LN Volume3?

        i will be following your format on doing a simple epub version, thank you for your work

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        1. Volume 9 of the LN covers content up through episode 25 of the Anime, or Arc 3 of the WN. Right now, we are translating Arc 4, which is what happens directly after the anime. It is similar to the LN volume 10, but they are not exactly the same, so are hard to compare. These translations are of the free online WN.

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        Dom Emilia may or may not exist and may or may not have severely lacking in leather.
        Also, the amount of Felt is frankly disturbing considering her age.

        No waifus were harmed in the making of this post.

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    1. You can imagine…
      I think he realized that all that time, he himself avoided talking about Rem because he was so embarrassed. He subconsciously wished no one would bring up Rem just so he wouldn’t have to explain it, and he got his wish.
      He realised then it was all his fault.

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        1. Possibly in next Chapter but I only read my own translations and I don’t read ahead so don’t ask me :3

          And the story is better when there is room for interpretation. It’s nice to imagine.


  17. Back at the ep.23 I had exactly the same thoughts on the blank letter – why would the cult even bother with this trick? And Ram never saying a word about her sister who would be in danger if Subaru did betray Ros-house. If one did not have a tunnel vision and tried to think… Well, Subaru got a good lesson on never loosing the sight of what’s important. Everything has a price. Too bad the anime failed to deliver this in the very end.

    Glory to the Chicken&Co.!

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  18. Once again my eternal (Insults and) gratitude for the tremendous effort you guys are putting into this! THAT’s why the letter was blank! I guess I can really relate to Subaru on this one. “The extent of my stupidity, from the bottom of my heart I am amazed, really”

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  19. I related to this and to what Emilia told Subaru. I am loving these translations.

    Thank you so very much. Glory to the Chicken & Friends

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  20. I’ve just realized that i always thank Holy Chicken but i had never thanked Tynkerd, so these are my apoligies, you are both doing an amazing job, thank you guys. Keep it up!

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      1. I think there are some grammatical errors:
        “Come to think of it, Otto doesn’t know about the last person in this mansion he has yet to become acquainted with.

        If that’s the case, to tell Otto where he was planning on going next, just what words would be proper.”

        I think you mean:

        “Come to think of it, Otto has yet to become acquainted with the final person in the mansion.

        Given that, Subaru just has to figure out how to tell Otto where he’s going.”

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        1. It’s not that Otto hasn’t been acquainted with her, it’s that Otto doesn’t know there is a last person he has yet to be acquainted with. This should be grammatically correct considering the meaning of the sentence.
          “If that’s the case, to tell Otto where he was planning on going next, just what words would be proper?”
          Is a question Subaru was asking himself, but without the question mark…


  22. Betty? hmmm… I really was hoping to see more of her after all of this, and I hope she can clarify some blurry stuff floating here and there.
    Finally Emiliana did something else than existing, kind of.
    And yet again, I’m late to this, I beg pardon Chicken-senpai.
    Wonderful job on this, you’re the best Chickenastic McTeam! (Still thinking about the name)
    Good vibrations!

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    1. I bought the ebook version of Yen Press’ LN Volume 1, and am reading it too. It’s so well written! (The Google Play version has some formatting issues, but nothing major and I’m loving it)


  23. the moment when subaru tells emilia to insult him anb so she does..
    is funny & sad AF at the same time. xD T_T
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  24. I feel like the relationship between Subaru and Emilia is more grounded or normal the way they interact and it feels real. where as his relationship with Rem feels forced. Rem goes from hate to love in almost in instant it’s really cliche


    1. She never went from hate to love, as a matter of fact she never hated him (at least in the timeline they are in). If anything she went from being suspicious to love him. And came to think of it perhaps his relation with emilia seems a bit forced on subarus end too. In fact its kind of the same situation but in reverse, with emilia its subaru chasing after her. While with rem is the other way around, the only difference is the way rem approaches it (being serious and honest) vs how subaru does it (which has more of a joking aspect to it). But hey rem and emilia are great both, so no problem there hahaha.
      P.S good job with the translation and keep the good work 😉

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      1. It should probably be mentioned that Rem spent a month between 2 and 3 arc taking care for Subaru to help him recover from his injuries. Almost drowned him in white substance she produced meanwhile.
        Rem’s affection controls do look like a switch with “On” and “Very ON” positions, but that’s mostly dew to her innate disability to care for her own self (PTSD?), so the target of her affection gets double the dose. Ram had a conversation with Subaru on rehabing that part of her sister (by Subaru-rays).

        But the same time was spent between Subaru and Emilia. Her being blonde and acting like a pure child can easily make a young boy fall for her – no doubts there. Though the fact that she is a copy of a witch of Envy/Jealousy, the source of Subaru’s powers, make me wonder if hose feelings are real. And if they are, could they be… misplaced?

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  25. On another note, that gluttony boy doesn’t look too strong, though I can imagine as he slaughters this and that way quickly running and jumping or so. Reinhardt would probably abolish him, how do you think?

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    1. Yes, he didn’t realize that Rem was already eaten when he was battling the Witch Cult at the Mansion. He lost the chance to save her because he was so embarrassed about bringing it up.


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