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 Chapter 9 [The Graveyard]


[Subaru: House arrest now…… that’s an unsettling word……]

Facing Roswaal, who was lying on the bed, Subaru barely managed to wrench out these words while carefully analyzing the sentence which had just been spoken at him. Judging from the flow of the conversation, he might normally have laughed it off as a stupid joke, but unfortunately, in the current circumstances they appeared to be authentic. At any rate,

[Emilia: So then, does that mean the villagers here gave you these injuries?]

Emilia seemed to have arrived at the same opinion as Subaru on the general believability of his words.

Bound in bandages seeped in blood, Roswaal’s body was in a pitiful state. Seeing him like this was at least proof that some of what he said was true, and was the reason why it could not simply be laughed off.

[Subaru: If there’s someone in the village who could give such serious injuries to Roswaal, that means we’re in a pretty serious situation……]

Touching his hand to his jaw, while tracing over the respective strengths in his mind, Subaru felt a burning sense of unease in his chest.

The existence of Roswaal L. Mathers, besides being Subaru’s patron in this parallel world, was a powerful magic user at a level only very few others could hope to reach.

In fact, the strength of the man who occupied the position of Head Magician of the Royal Court of Lugunica was such that even a hundred Subarus would not have a chance of winning against it, and could easily annihilate a horde of Mabeasts while humming. To think that he would end up in this state……

[Roswaal: Ah, but it seems like you misundersto~od. My wounds weren’t infli~~cted by~ anyone. There’s no need to be on guard for anything strange, or plan any kind of revenge for my sake, o~k?]

[Subaru: Don’t worry. You haven’t saved up enough positive impressions for me to go off recklessly seeking revenge…… But more importantly, what is that supposed to mean? That’s different from what you just said. Aren’t you supposed to be under house arrest……]

[Roswaal: Considering that I’m injured and being restrained like this, calling it house arrest is not wro~ng, surely. It’s not that I was injured in the process of being restrained, I was injured, and the~n restrained……. Though if I were to explain it in detail, it would be a li~ttle different]

In response to Roswaal’s round-about manner of speaking, a question mark flew out of the top of Subaru’s head. Breaking everything down, he managed to calm himself and sorted through the context of what was said, and in other words,

[Subaru: So the people of the sanctuary have nothing to do with your injuries, is that right?]

[Roswaal: Strictly speaking, one can’t exactly sa~y that they’re unrelated, but if you were to ask me whether they were directly responsible for my injuries then the answer is no. In other words, tha~~t’s how it i~~s]

[Subaru: In other words, they’re indirectly related then]

Roswaal inclined his head, and for a moment appeared to be embarrassed by Subaru’s analysis. Then letting out a small sigh, [It’s like watching a child grow up, I guess…], he joked.

Seeing that attitude, Subaru took it as a sign that he was coming closer to the truth. Determined not to let up his questioning, he chose his next words and prepared to throw them at Roswaal, but…

[Ram: ――Barusu, how about showing Roswaal-sama a little bit of care?]

Saying so, Ram, who had not been present until now, interjected herself into the conversation. With the hem of her skirt lightly swinging, the girl crossed the room with graceful steps, and placed the steaming set of tea she had been carrying on a tray neatly onto the table.

Its fragrance spread throughout the room, and with the stimulation of his olfactory senses, Subaru only now realized how inconsiderate he had been. For just when he was about to pursue his questioning, he suddenly noticed just how severe Roswaal’s wounds actually appeared.

[Ram: Pressing Roswaal-sama so hard when he’s so severely injured, digging to the bottom of everything, are you satisfied? Look at Roswaal-sama suffering, almost crying, have some sympathy]

[Subaru: Just when you’ve made me reflect on my actions… don’t say something that ruins the mood! I mean, is this supposed to be him hurting and about to cry? Doesn’t look like it to me!]

[Roswaal: Uuuuh, it hu~~rts, I’m in pa~~in. Words lacking in kindness and concern hit me right in my wooounds…]

So Subaru responded to Ram’s words with a brash retort. As if mocking Subaru’s remarks, Roswaal started a little performance on the bed. As Subaru’s eyebrows started to twitch in annoyance, Emilia cleared her throat and pulled the room back from the turbulent atmosphere.

While drawing the eyes of all three people in the room to her, she started with an [In any case]

[Emilia: Anyone can tell that Roswaal isn’t well just by looking, so let’s finish this conversation quickly. You haven’t had healing magic cast on you?]

[Ram: Magic that heals is outside of Ram’s area of expertise, so……]

In response to Ram’s expressionless, yet somehow clearly regretful answer, Emilia looked at Roswaal with eyes which held only little expectation. Seeing this, Roswaal waved his raised hand from side to side,

[Roswaal: I too, am specialized in destruction magic yo~~u see. If it’s to do with destroying, harming or deceiving I can generally do pretty much anything, but I’m hopeless when it comes to spells related to healing]

[Subaru: That’s a sad way to put it. Rather than just offensive spells, you should make sure to practice with some defensive spells as well, jeez…]

That said, whenever Subaru played a game in which he had to decide on his character growth, he was the type of super offense-focused player who would only pick attack-oriented skills. So he couldn’t scold Roswaal too harshly.

At the same time as when Subaru reached this strange acceptance, Emilia sighed [it can’t be helped], and,

[Emilia: Puck isn’t here so I’m not at my best, but I’ll cast the healing magic. I have to concentrate while I do it though, so we’ll have to finish talking first]

[Roswaal: The Great Spirit-sama…?]

Shocked at the information Emilia had just spilled, Roswaal quickly raised his eyebrows, then narrowed his eyes. That somewhat cold expression, unlike the usually relaxed demeanor, was one which Subaru had rarely seen. He unwittingly contracted his shoulders and said [Oy oy]

[Subaru: It’s rare to see you with a serious expression. Is it so surprising that Puck isn’t here? I hadn’t realized that you were actually a closet mofumofu fur-enthusiast……]

[Roswaal: Unfortunately, the only time I have gotten close enough to Great Spirit-sama to be able to touch it was when I respectfully offered it ma~yonna~~ise. It was really scary. ――Anyway, I~ see]

Without even ignoring Subaru’s banter, Roswaal narrowed his brow in rumination. While doing this, he suddenly turned his yellow left pupil onto Emilia,

[Roswaal: Emilia-sama, you aren’t feeling ill, or different from normal in a~~ny way, right?]

[Emilia: ……? Other than Puck not showing his face, not really. Puck not coming out started a little while before we reached the Sanctuary too, so… Ah, but there is one thing]

Raising a finger as if asking a question, Emilia then proceeded to quickly whip her gaze around at their surroundings ――Not only inside of the room they were in, but seeming as if she was looking over the entirety of the Sanctuary outside of it, and after doing so, she said in a lowered voice,

[Emilia: Since entering the Sanctuary… No, maybe ever since entering the forest, I feel like the responses from spirits have become dull. And just now, when we were just outside, I…… felt a strange gaze on me]

[Subaru: A strange, gaze?]

Surprised at what he heard, Subaru inclined his head, to which Emilia responded [Yes] and pulled in her chin in confirmation. After explaining that this was the reason why her expression had darkened after they parted ways with Garfiel and the others earlier, she continued,

[Emilia: It felt like I was being stared at. It felt reeaaally unpleasant… I thought it might just be me, so I didn’t tell you]

[Roswaal: Neither of Emilia-sama’s fe~elings are mistaken. This is a place which is unpleasant for the spirits, and further, its inhabitants harbor nothing but unple~asant fe~elings towards you]


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  6. “[Ram: Pressing Roswaal-sama so hard when he’s so severely injured, digging to the bottom of everything, are you satisfied? Look at Roswaal-sama suffering, almost crying, have some sympathy]”

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