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Its wavy color faintly resembled something along the lines of “Autumn Leaves”, and even having noticed this from a distance, Subaru couldn’t stop himself from… well, recommending it.

[Garfiel: Hey, you’re pretty sensible after all, aren’t ya. You get that just one cup isn’t enough…… Pfft! Haah!? Ooy, you… isn’t this one just leaf water……?]

[Ram: If it wets your throat, whether it’s water, tea or leaf water it’s all the same, correct? Since you’ve already put it on your lips, go ahead and drink the whole thing. If you leave anything… I will twist it off]

Without saying what exactly she would be twisting off, she shot a sharp glare at Garfiel’s crotch. Just from that, Subaru realized that her target was the vitals, and unconsciously closed up his legs at the sense of danger. Garfiel reluctantly emptied the cup of its contents, wringing at the bitterness. And on the side, Roswaal, who had so far only been observing their conversation, suddenly spouted,

[Roswaal: Aaa~~ha. Are a~ll of you even worried about my condition and have any intention of allowing me to rest? Or is it your actual plan to make me laugh and o~pen up my wounds? If that’s the case, you’re certainly succee~ding]

Saying so, Roswaal lightly touched the bandage wrapped around the upper part of his head while grinning bitterly. In fact, one could see a faint red color beginning to spread across the white of the fabric. Just then, the mood of the room, which had been relaxed up until now, turned, and Ram, whose face had changed colour, approached Roswaal. She then covered his hand, which was pressing down on the wound, with her own, and

[Ram: I’m very sorry, Roswaal-sama. Even though Ram was by your side……]

[Subaru: Wasn’t it your tea-jokes that made sure he would laugh?]

His disruption was silenced by a rock-shattering glare from Ram, and Subaru zipped it, and took a quick look at Roswaal’s condition. At least, the bleeding didn’t seem to be connected to anything serious. The wounds must have only stopped bleeding recently ――in other words, now was probably the most important time for his recovery.

[Emilia: Roswaal, I think it’d be best if I treat you after all…]

[Roswaal: No~~, that would not be necessary, Emilia-sama]

Reaching the same conclusion as Subaru, spirits emerged in the air surrounding Emilia as she stepped toward Roswaal. But, she was stopped by Roswaal himself shaking his head. The spirits, which were shining with a blue-white phosphorescence, wavered, as if affected by their mistress’ uncertainty.

Watching the side of Emilia’s fair cheeks, Subaru noticed.

――As the emerging spirits floated around Emilia, for reasons Subaru could not understand, Garfiel stared at her with eyes of frozen emotion.

[Roswaal: After all, right now, there’s something much more important than my trifling i~njuries. It’s not like my li~fe is in any danger, so please prioritize the other matter first]

[Emilia: Even if you say that, there’s no way I can do that. When there is a person who’s injured, to set that aside for something else would be…]

[Roswaal: Even if I tell you this is necessary in order for you to sit upon the throne?]

Emilia’s usual rhythm shattered, and the scene of her about to heal him by force if necessary, froze up. Listening to Roswaal’s statement, Emilia’s cheeks grew stiff, and her violet eyes opened wide. The yellow left eye watching this in front sharpened as if peering into her, gleamed enigmatically,

[Roswaal: To the house of Mathers, this “Sanctuary” is just a piece of land which had been passed down through the generations, but to Emilia-sama’s future, it is of profound… yes, of profou~nd significance. Therefore no matter what, I certainly intended to eventually invite you here. ――It’s just, you showed up a little earlier than I had pla~nned… no?]

[Emilia: Necessary for me……? Hey, what is that supposed to mean……]

[Roswaal: The problem with this “Sanctuary”, and Emilia-sama’s problem are intimately tied. So perhaps, in this place, you would find it. Emilia-sama’s support, that is]


Frozen in place, Subaru watched as Emilia’s expression changed. Having prompted this change, Roswaal observed her expression, and seemed to take it in as if all was according to plan. On the other hand, Subaru, still unable to pick up the exchange of emotions between the two, was left with an itch in his teeth.

However, before that agitation could be turned into words, Roswaal pointed to the silent Garfiel.

[Roswaal: Your designation, Garfiel. Guide these two to the “Sanctuary.” ――Rather, the tomb]

[Garfiel: ――Heh, that a good idea?]

Swinging his emptied porcelain cup from side to side on his finger, Garfiel let out a low laugh. In response to being questioned, Roswaal drew in his chin and gently caressed Ram’s peach-colored hair as she changed the bandages around his wounds.

[Roswaal: First and foremost it is crucial to understand the situation, a~fter all. Explaining the circumstances and the other matters can come a~fter the Sun has set, but that is not the case for the tomb]

[Garfiel: Ah, that’so, the Sun’s going down soon. Won’t be so simple once that happens. Alright, I’ll take up guiding for ya]

Standing up, Garfiel placed his cup onto the chair he’d been sitting on, and turned to face Subaru and Emilia. Looking at the two whom the talk revolved around, but had been left out entirely, he slanted his head and opened his mouth to bare his fangs,

[Garfiel: Don’t look so dumb. If you don’t wanna become “like the rampaging Hoikoro from yesterday” or something stupid like that, we better get going]

[Subaru: Wait, wait, wait! We’re not following the conversation at all. I wasn’t even done talking to Roswaal in the first place, you know. At least let me finish that before……]

[Ram: His wounds have opened. Changing his bandages and letting him rest is the priority now. Barusu should do as Roswaal-sama instructed, and head to the tomb up ahead]

Subaru tried to put up a fight against Garfiel’s forcefulness, but that was intercepted by Ram’s commanding voice. She faced him with her usual cold gaze, and placed a hand on the bed,

[Ram: Calm down, let us talk once night comes. Roswaal-sama isn’t going to run away or anything like that. But if you don’t visit the grave before sun-down, that is going to run away.]

[Subaru: I’ve never heard of such an energetic grave in my life!]

While scratching his head in resignation, Subaru felt Emilia’s gaze piercing into the side of his face. Her eyes were flickering with feeble emotions, and she seemed to be leaving it up to Subaru to decide what they should do.

To stay here and finish their conversation with Roswaal, or to be swept along by his will and be led to the gravesite by Garfiel. ――The answer has been decided.


[Subaru: I understand. We’ll go to that grave place. It’s necessary, isn’t it? We’ll certainly have you properly answer our questions once we get back]

[Roswaal: So~rry, that the situation has become like this. O~nce night falls, we can discuss all sorts of things, mu~~ch more thoroughly]

Hearing Subaru’s opinion, Emilia relaxed her shoulders, and Roswaal nodded with satisfaction. Garfiel and Ram also seemed to accept it, and the two of them began to move onto their respective tasks. However, before that, Subaru said [Just one thing], raising a single finger.

[Subaru: Before heading to the grave, there’s something I want to ask you.]

[Roswaal: Mmm~~? I don’t really mind? If it’s something I can answer simply, you can go ahead and ask me a~nything]

[Subaru: Well then, I’ll take you on your word. ――“Rem”, have you heard that name before?]

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(she will twist it off)

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