Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 10 [The Incarnation Of The Thirst For Knowledge] (Part 2/3)


Translator: Safin


Editor: TranslationChicken


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[Garfiel: I think it’s better if ya don’t? Subaru ain’t got the qualifications. If ya go in without bein invited by the Witch’s Tomb, you’ll end up just like Roswaal]

[Subaru: Like Roswaal…… You mean that guy’s injuries, are because he went in there?]

As the image of Roswaal’s bandage-covered body resurfaced in his mind, Subaru tried to press back his astonishment as he looked up at Garfiel, who crossed his arms and nodded in confirmation,

[Garfiel: Well it won’t be like that for any unqualified dumbass that wanders in there at night. It’s only cus it was that guy, tha you got somethn like that. I wouldn’t be surprised if a normal guy without qualifications went in there and got ripped in half]

[Subaru: Those injuries weren’t inflicted by anyone, so that’s what he meant……]

Roswaal’s roundabout statement finally made sense. When he said earlier that he wasn’t wounded by anyone in particular, he had been referring to something like that.

But then, another question arose. Why did Roswaal enter the Tomb?

――That he himself was unqualified, he must have known that.

[Subaru: ……I better go check inside first after all]

Leaving the doubts about Roswaal for later, Subaru lowered his head as he made this conclusion.

Hearing his answer, for an instant Emilia and Garfiel looked stunned, before,

[Garfiel: Oy oy, were you listenin to me? It’d be dangerous if a dumbass without qualification goes in. Roswaal got like that at night time, but even if it’s noon ya won’t be much safer]

[Emilia: Yeah, it’s dangerous, don’t do it Subaru? If I go, it’d be alright. I was never thankful for it, but being a Half-Elf has its uses too, I guess, so……]

[Subaru: I’m glad you’re worried about me, but]

Casting a gentle gaze on Emilia, who was tugging on the end of his sleeve, Subaru softly picked off the fingers which were holding onto him,

[Subaru: If we calm down and divide up our roles, isn’t this the natural conclusion? Going inside is dangerous, that’s the same for both of us. What we know so far just means that I might be in slightly more danger. So next we be should be looking at what each of us can do]

[Emilia: What we can do?]

[Subaru: If something bad happens inside, I won’t be able to heal Emilia-tan. Unless Garfiel turns out to be that kind of insanely surprisingly guy, and happens to be an amazing healing magic user, then it’d be a different story]

[Garfiel: Wounds, mostly you can just rub spit on ’em and it’ll be good, right?]

[Subaru: Judging from the suspect’s testimony…… it’s pretty much like that. Since either of us have the possibility of getting injured, I’d want to keep the healer Emilia-tan safe as an insurance]

Taking a sidelong glance at Garfiel, who had said those words proudly, Subaru tried to persuade Emilia.

Emilia seemed somewhat shaken by Subaru’s argument, but, deciding that she could not give ground on the important part, continued with [But], shaking her head from side to side,

[Emilia: Major injuries…… or if it’s a life-threatening wound, I won’t be able to treat it. Puck isn’t responding either, so there’s a limit to what I can do. Roswaal has settled down now, but……]

[Subaru: Well, those wounds were pretty dangerous ones, huh. ……But still, try to believe in the slipperiness of my survival skills. I think I rank pretty high on the resilience index of this world, you know?]

He smiled at Emilia, who was not letting go; only, this time, his reply did not sound like he was joking.

In fact, it’s rare to find someone as bad at giving up as Subaru. If he were given an infinite number of chances to keep trying, no matter how many times it takes, he would probably keep trying.

No matter how many times his heart is broken, and crushed, he will keep struggling in search of the answer he was seeking.

Because that, is Natsuki Subaru’s –––.

[Subaru: Then what if I make you a promise? Then you won’t have to worry anymore. I promise, I will return to Emilia-tan’s side, and I will never leave you]

[Emilia: –––ok]

Holding out his pinky finger, saying it almost teasingly, he received an unexpectedly favorable reply. Like the stunned Subaru, Emilia held out her pinky as well, and slightly tilted her head,

[Emilia: Um, what do you do with this finger?]

[Subaru: Eh? Uh, we tangle up each other’s pinky fingers like…… Uuuoooouu, Emilia-tan’s fingers are super thin and white and cute……!]

Their fingers tangling up, Subaru was moved by the unexpected contact. Then, following the violet pupils waiting for the next prompt, he quietly cleared his throat, and

[Subaru: Pin-ky-pro-mise. Liar-turns-into-a-pin-cushion]

[Emilia: Pinky promise!]

Their pinky fingers separating at the same time, in this way, the promise between Subaru and Emilia was sealed.

This time, it was a promise made upon an understanding of how heavy promises were to Emilia. It was no longer possible to treat them like he did before, when he had taken them so carelessly.

[Subaru: So, I’ll just take a quick look inside. Basically, I’ll keep calling out while I’m looking around, so make sure to keep calling back to me from the outside so I don’t get too lonely]

[Garfiel: Son of’a… sometimes I can’t tell if yer a badass or a wimp]

[Subaru: I’m a rather careful person. But in the end, I’m breaking Ram’s advice after all……]

Muttering the second half of that sentence in his mouth, Subaru apologised to the girl with peach-colored hair in his heart.

The deranged will of a Witch –– what she had said was a disturbing term, and one he did not want Emilia to hear. Because surely, she would insist on going in by herself, with an even firmer attitude.

[Emilia: Subaru. If you feel there’s something dangerous, you have to come back right away]

Emilia held her hands in front of her chest, and saw Subaru off with a worried gaze.

And in return, Subaru shot her an original thumbs-up with his pinky finger raised, sparkled his teeth in a smile, and took his step forward –– turning toward the Tomb.

Crossing over the ivy under his legs, he concentrated his sight on the absolute darkness that lay several meters beyond the entrance. The Grave was filled with silence, and for now, there seemed to be no sign of begrudging voices, or atrocious creatures lying in ambush.

Still, on the other side of that darkness, what could be awaiting him, was truly, in every sense, unknown.

[Subaru: Ee~h, screw it. “If you don’t venture into the tiger’s den, you won’t get the tiger’s cub”, right? Not that I need a baby tiger or anything!]

As a mofumofu fur-enthusiast, he did have the desire to pet a baby tiger one day, but it was not something he would take any risks over.

Anyways, Subaru, apparently influenced by Garfiel, cheered himself up with an idiom, and making up his mind, he stepped inside the Tomb.

And, the moment he stepped onto the cold surface inside–––,

[Subaru: –––eh?]

There was a mysterious feeling under his foot.

Astounded, Subaru looked down and lost his words. –––The floor, had disappeared.

[Subaru: Wa, wait…… That’s just way too……]

–––early for the FLAG to be recalled.

The footing he had expected to step on did not exist, and there was not a single thing to support his body as he tilted forward. The hand which he quickly extended out could touch neither the wall nor the floor, and so, Subaru’s body was sucked into the darkness beneath his eyes –––.

[Subaru: aaaaaaaaaAAAAAH–––!?]

Deeper and deeper, he fell through the endless abyss.

※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※

––– Then, it was around 10 minutes after waking up at the bottom of the abyss.

Walking around in the middle of a seemingly neverending darkness, at the end of his path, Subaru found himself in front of a lonely girl.


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I’ll be really busy over the next few days, but once the semester is done I’ll have more time to translate again, so you can expect faster releases coming up soon! :3


Chapter 10 Live Draft:


Next Part 3/3:

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  1. woohoo!! ekidona is coming!! with subaru being a chicken as always lol
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    1. I didn’t use another idiom on Patreon though. Safin’s draft used an English idiom(nothing risked nothing gained), but the tiger cubs one is the real idiom from the Japanese text.
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