Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 21 [A Renewed Resolve] (Part 1/3)


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 Chapter 21 [A Renewed Resolve]


When he opened his eyes, the first thing Subaru felt was that something dusty had gotten into his mouth.
Mingling with the saliva that had accumulated in his mouth, he unconsciously touched it with the tip of his tongue―― tasting the flavor of soil and gravel, he spat it out as quickly as he could. And then, jumping up,

[Subaru: Ueggh! Pftephtoo! Weird little pebbles got in my mouth……ooueeghh]

Spitting while dusting himself off, Subaru turned his head all around, straining his eyes trying to see in the darkness.
The space that had lost its source of light was filled with frigid air――there, he remembered he was inside a Tomb which tested those who entered. And at the same time,

[Subaru: Right, I took the Trial……]

After he dashed into the Tomb, he lost consciousness and was brought into a dream world. In the past known as the first Trial――although he wasn’t sure if “past” would be the right word, Subaru faced his immutable origins, and said his final farewells to those he left behind, and, at last, finding out that all of it had been wrapped within a Witch’s palms, he was brought back here.

One by one, recalling all that had happened after he lost consciousness, Subaru confirmed that his memories were clear. To his parents inside the dream, whom he will never meet again, he had said all his apologies, his thanks, and his goodbyes.
And, in place of his tremendous nostalgia and sorrow, they had granted him courage and resolve.

[Subaru: Don’t worry. I didn’t forget. I still remember everything we said to each other]

He had worried that in the worst case his memories might have been damaged from being broken into, so it was fortunate that he still remembered everything.
Having finished checking his own body, the next thing that came to Subaru’s mind was,

[Subaru: Right……! The reason I came in here was, ―Emilia!]

Scolding himself for being so slow to come to his senses, Subaru turned back into the room――and found Emilia lying sideways on the floor, the same way as he had been.
Rushing over, her white skin and silver hair shone all the more prominently in the darkness, sensing that she was still breathing, he was washed with a wave of relief. But, it was only until he saw her expression.

[Emilia: …….h…….ah, no……stop……]

[Subaru: ――――]

Emilia’s face was twisted in agony, and sweat was emerging on her forehead.
But no matter how painful her expression had become, her body couldn’t seem to move. Her limbs remained rigid as if frozen still, and only her face revealed the colors of her suffering.
If she was going through the same type of Trial as Subaru, then,

[Subaru: It must be a past you don’t want to see……or no, it should be a past that you need to resolve, no matter what……?]

He didn’t know how much time had passed, but Emilia had entered the Tomb 30 minutes before he did. Yet even so, Subaru returned before her, which meant he could only imagine how difficult her Trial must be.
True to the literal sense of the phrase, her expression was groaning in pain.
Originally, he thought he should have faith in her, and wait for her to return safely from the Trials, but――

[Subaru: Looking at this expression, what kind of guy could say something pretty like that]

Watching the side of Emilia’s face that looked like she was about to cry, Subaru extended out a finger, hoping to ease even a small fraction of her pain. But, the moment his finger touched her cheek,

[Emilia: ――――!]

Emilia’s previously frozen limbs began to spasm out of control. Seeing her face that was contorted by pain turning stiff, Subaru hurriedly held out his arm to support her head, and embraced the trembling Emilia tightly into his chest, without letting go.

[Subaru: Emilia!? Hey, hold on……Emilia!]

Rubbing her back as he held her close, he desperately called the trembling Emilia’s name.
The sight of her severe convulsions made his heart shrivel with horror, but, gradually, her trembling body calmed,

[Emilia: ――huu, baru?]

[Subaru: ――! Ah, aahah, yeah. Are you alright? You remember me, right? I’m the person you vowed your future life to, Natsuki Subaru]

[Emilia: I don’t, remember going that far……]

Giving her memory a jolt as she woke up, Subaru confirmed that she was conscious and that her memories weren’t muddled. As he let go of her body, Emilia’s violet eyes slowly focused onto him.

[Emilia: Um……huh? Why, am I……]

[Subaru: Take it slow, Emilia-tan. Just put the little confusing things in the back of your mind for now and take a deep breath. Then move your arms and legs a bit, see if they’re numb, and try to stand up if you think you can stand]

[Emilia: Ah, e-enn alright……]

Sensing the worry in his words as she woke, Emilia took a large deep breath as Subaru said. Then, moving her arms from her fingertips to her shoulders, she stood up with the help of Subaru’s hand, and curiously looked around in the darkness,

[Emilia: In a dark place……alone with Subaru and……]

[Subaru: When you say it like that, it does kind of sound like a tantalizing situation, although the crap location’s totally killing the mood here]

Seeing Emilia rushing to grasp the situation, Subaru scratched his face with a wry smile. In any case, the fact that it was the Tomb of a Witch pretty much ruined the mood for any lovers planning to sneak in.
But, hearing Subaru’s words, Emilia suddenly hugged her own shoulders. Seeing this reaction, Subaru shuddered to himself [Crap I might’ve overdone it……!]

[Emilia: That’s, right……I took the Trials, and then……]

[Subaru: Oh, aah, that’s right. This is inside the Witch’s Tomb. I mean, I was worried to death there. A bit after Emilia-tan went in, the lights in the Tomb suddenly went out. So I panicked and ran in after you but……]

[Emilia: a……but…, that, I, didn’t……I didn’t mean to, I didn’t……]

[Subaru: Emilia?]

There didn’t seem to be anything wrong with her body―― but just as Subaru wanted to continue, he noticed that Emilia’s voice was trembling, and her attitude was strange.
Hugging her own shoulders as if she was cold, her teeth were clattering as she faintly shook her head.

[Emilia: I……I didn’t……it’s not like that… kind of……I didn’t……I really didn’t……I told you it’s not like that……it’s]

[Subaru: Emilia. Wait, Emilia? Calm down, what……]

[Emilia: ……don’t…at me……with that kind of eyes……don’t, don’t don’t……don’t it’s not like that……why are… leaving me all alone……please no……]

Without hearing Subaru’s calls, Emilia covered her palms over her face and fell to the ground. Her voice carried tears, and her trembling sobs, clear as silver chimes, would drown its listeners in heartache and sorrow.
The sight of her collapsed upon the floor stunned Subaru into silence, unable to utter a single word. Except,

[Subaru: It’s alright. It’s alright. I’m here. I’m here with you. I won’t leave you alone]

Only, comforting the trembling, crying girl, protecting her, cherishing her, holding her entire body in his embrace, he kept on gently caressing her back.
All the while, as if not hearing Subaru’s voice at all, Emilia hid her face behind her palms.

[Emilia: ……help, daddy. Help, me…… Puck, Puck…….pu…ck……]

The name she kept on calling was not the boy at her side worrying over her, but the name of the Spirit who refused to show his face even while she was breaking down in tears.


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  1. 😮is this a girl with dad issues!!!!! She must be traumatized, on another note i laughed so hard with the part “in a dark place … alone with subaru” lol but poor emilia I don’t want to see her like this

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  2. Wait. . .
    “help, daddy. Help, me…… Puck,”

    Is she calling Puck her dad? Now that I think about it, Puck sometimes refers to her as his ‘daughter’. . . Is Puck actually her dad?
    Hope we get an answer soon ;-;

    Also, great job Chicken-sama!

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    1. no she says “f*ck” coz she angry but chicken misspelled it with the spirit, amateur mistake.
      joking aside maybe he is her father but why would her father be a furry? damn furries
      thanks alot for the chapter and hope u feel better soon!

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  3. sucks to be subaru, she means so much for him, saved him from his past, but when he is just near her, she thinks about puck and daddy, and ignore poor subaru, i would leave for rem 🙂

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    1. To be precise, earlier i got the impression that it was Satella, not Emilia, who helped Subaru accept his past. Also, it seems that Emilia did not succeed in passing the first Trial and is now struggling with her trauma.

      By the way. great job in translating this fragment. I didn’t notice any big mistakes 🙂

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  4. That stuttering tho I thought Emilia’s been possessed by the witch of envy but nah it’s still Emilia having difficulty with her past… Puck puck fck it puck where the hell are you. Ugh see Subaru, Emilia treats you like that but Rem prioritize you. Just look at that lol anyway i hope you’re getting better chicken sama

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    1. idk, i always thought hinata is better than sakura, that tsunedere and total bitch mode, she got better just when they got older but was too late anyway

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  5. Glad to know I’m not the only one sick as a dog. Hope you feel better lord chicken. Dispite how short this section was I was still surprised by it. I’m sad for poor Emilia, I can only image what she’s been through. Can’t wait to read more but take it essey and try some CHICKEN soup. ; D

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  6. [Subaru: Don’t worry. I didn’t forget. I still remember everything we said to eachother]

    There is no space between “each” and “other”.

    Thank you for your hard work, chicken lord. It is highly appreciated and get well soon

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  7. I dont know..but for some reason, I kinda enjoyed reading when Emilia having some that bad trauma time, while she was embarrassed by Subaru…

    Now I do hope that there’s a scene where Puck shows up and wants to smite Subaru, but is instead stop by Echidona, hehe, now what would Puck’s reaction be if that happens?… Hehhe.

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  8. Hello! Good work as always, I have checked out the live draft and one question came to me. How did you manage not to only understand, but also make something very enjoyable out of “that” translation? Anyways I realy love this translation, and good luck with the translator you use for the rest of the novel! Ps: Grammar nazis keep out!!!! Foreigner here!

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    1. Google Translate was human readable but it’s sometimes distracting when it makes something look right when it isn’t. The gibberish was Weblio, which has better word choices to pull from.


  9. Hmm, the hell? Poor Emilia and poor left behind Subaru. Straight to the next one.
    Thanks for the translation.


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