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 Chapter 22 [Weakness]

――Subaru woke in the darkness and slowly sat himself up.

Pulling aside the thin blanket covering over his body, he did a light stretch while taking care not to make any noise. Pressing back a yawn and turning his neck about, he could hear a multitude of snoring around him.
Although he had been sleeping in a corner of a crowd of sleepers scattered all over the floor, Subaru appeared to be the only one who was awake. It was only natural―― the sky was still dark outside the great window of the Cathedral, and it was not yet the hour for the Sun to show its face.

Even though he couldn’t tell the time without the convenience of a clock, it was clearly still middle of the night, and not an hour suitable for human activity. Usually, he’d keep sleeping even after the sun came up, but,

[Subaru: I went to bed too early and now I couldn’t fall asleep, huh……. makes me miss the days when I get to slack off whenever I have time]

Roughly scratching his head, Subaru folded his blanket, and quietly pulled himself out of bed.
The masses of people sleeping around him――were the refugees from Arlam village, currently confined along with Roswaal within the Sanctuary.
Subaru had given up his place in the small residence allotted to him, and decided to pass the night here in their company. The reason, was not so complicated.

Inside the Cathedral, the people had given Subaru a spot in the corner behind the front wall. It was probably because they were looking out for him, that they gave him in such a comfortable spot. On the other hand, if there was just one downside, it would’ve probably been the fact that all the children were also bunched around him.
But then again, the children liked Subaru, so naturally they came snuggling next to him, and while the adults remained in a state of confinement, he thought it would be best to lighten the burden of the children as much as possible. So he had no complaints once he thought about it that way.

[Subaru: It really isn’t like me to be thinking about these kinds of things, is it]

He couldn’t help but smile at himself bitterly for becoming so considerate all of a sudden. After all, life’s no fun if you get too hung up about such complicated things.

Being careful not to wake the children, who were noisily sleeping in full-force, Subaru passed through the mire of sleeping villagers instead on his way out of the Cathedral―― A damp wind came greeting him as he went out; the lukewarm air was neither warm nor cold, and only managed to add to his discomfort-index.
Looking up, the thick clouds that had lined up in the sky had covered over the pleasing radiance of the previous night’s stars. The layers upon layers of clouds moved rapidly along with the wind. He wasn’t sure if the weather would turn, but it was unlikely that it would be a clear day ahead.

[Subaru: Come to think of it, I haven’t encountered a drop of rain since I got here. Going by what everyone said, I would imagine there’s something like seasons here]

He seemed to remember hearing at some point that the seasons here were split into “Red-Sun, Blue-Sun, Yellow-Sun, and Green-Sun”, each matching a magical element type.
If these were like the seasons of the original world, perhaps there would be a “rainy season” somewhere in there as well. The temperatures were neither too hot nor too cold right now, and the feeling of the wind precisely matched his impression of the days that preceded the summer rains.

[Subaru: During the rainy seasons, it’s always a headache that the laundry wouldn’t dry. The ten-thousand-year futon is in a precarious situation to begin with, if it doesn’t get dried in the sun on the occasional holiday we’ll be in trouble……but then again, every day was a holiday for me]

Basically, since he was always on the futon, there was no chance to actually dry the futon. Occasionally, his mother would run out of patience and roll Subaru off the futon and snatch it from him, and then offer it up to the fragrant rays of Mr.Sun-sama, as was the Natsuki-family way.

Reminiscing on those nostalgic days, Subaru loosened up the different parts of his body with the usual radio-calisthenics. The great Cathedral, true to its name, was an enormous building covering over a huge plot of land, and even with the sleepers all strewn about the floor, there was still enough room for each person to stretch their limbs. Blankets had been distributed to everyone as well, so there were no complaints in that regard.
If there was anything he was dissatisfied with, it would have been a question of luxury, as having to sleep on the hard floor had been putting pressure on several points in his body.

[Subaru: I miss my old flattened futon, or the fluffy bed in the mansion. But it’s only my fourth or fifth day, just imagine what the other people must feel about having to sleep like this all this time]

Even though everyone acted like they were in high spirits in front of Subaru, it was undeniable that their faces were growing more burdened with each passing day. At mealtimes and the likes, Subaru would fool around and rouse up their smiling faces, but other than that, everyone rarely spoke, most likely because of the stress.
After an evacuation they didn’t wish for, they had become imprisoned in their place of refuge. The
Lord to whom they had originally directed their discontent was already wounded on their behalf, and so, more than discontent about their present situation, the sentiment among the villagers’ was closer to anxiety regarding their future.
Since Subaru was technically a part of the Lord’s faction, it wouldn’t have come as a surprise if the villagers blamed him for their plight, but――

[Subaru: They didn’t even blame me like I expected. It’s really a failure on the leadership’s part to have to depend on the good sensibility of its people like this]

The truth is, the main reason the villagers didn’t turn on Subaru was because they still felt a strong sense of gratitude and indebtedness toward him.
It’s just that Subaru himself didn’t think so highly of his own achievements, so he was still under the impression that the refugees were just simple-minded.

[Subaru: I can’t get used to living off of everyone’s good graces like this]

――Subaru and the others have already entered their sixth day since they arrived at the Sanctuary.

The refugees had arrived almost a week before Subaru did, so they have actually already spent nearly two weeks in captivity.
They have already heard from Subaru how the people who evacuated to the Capital had returned safely, so there wasn’t too much worry about their separated family members, but having nothing to do for two weeks was beginning to take a mental toll.
Moreover, it was only a matter of time before the sympathy generated by Roswaal’s yolo-self-destruct-battle-plan wore off.
When that time comes, the villagers and the locals would be on a course set to collide, and that was something he mustn’t allow, if he wished to obtain the support of both sides.

[Subaru: In fact, I’m stuck. What should I do……]

[???: ――That’s far’nough right there, not another step, yeah?]

While he was shaking his head worrying, he was stopped mid-step by a shout.
Subaru froze in his posture with one foot off the ground, and looked around by turning his eyes with his head still halfway through a headshake. Within his field of vision, there was nothing but trees in the vast darkness that shrouded over the forest.
Wandering not far from the vicinity of the Cathedral, the one Subaru found was,

[Garfiel: Takin’ a stroll so early in th’morning? Can’t tell if y’got a nice hobby or if you’re just in a laid-back mood. Feels like “Mujigemujige gettin’ lost between the red and green berries” here]

Muttering another one of his usual idioms that didn’t sound familiar at all, above Subaru’s head――the golden haired youth leapt off of a branch, and flew down.
All short hair standing on end, Garfiel landed on all four limbs upon the grass without making a sound, and closed one of his eyes as he looked up at Subaru,

[Garfiel: You don’t look too surprised. Then where’s the fun in scaring ya?]

[Subaru: I might have been scared if I didn’t think I’d run into you, but I had a feeling I’d find you if I wandered around here. Didn’t expect you to come from up in the trees though]

[Garfiel: You were lookin’ for me?]

Looking skeptical, Garfiel stood up, facing against Subaru who was a half a head taller than he was. Subaru straightened up his chest rather pointlessly, and replied [Uh-huh],

[Subaru: I thought it was too early and the chances wouldn’t be very good, but I’m glad I bumped into you…… Just curious though, why did you want to scare me?]

[Garfiel: It’s no big deal. Ahead from here, that side of the forest’s my huntin’ ground. If you get y’rself lost in there I might end up crunchin’ on your neck, that’s all]

[Subaru: Don’t just say that like it’s no big deal! That was totally a big deal!]

Shocked by how casually Garfiel let that frightening information slip, Subaru’s indignant protest resounded outwards…
…ripping through the silence of the forest in between the dawn and the dark of night, sending the sleeping birds and beasts scurrying in retreat.

[Garfiel: ……Tch. Oy, you just scared’em all away, what’m I gonna eat now?]

[Subaru: They’re a bunch cowards. If you eat wimpy guys like that you’ll only absorb their weakness anyway. ――is one way to think about it, so how about we just magnanimously let that slide this time]

[Garfiel: Or how ‘bout I make all the meat disappear from your plate from this day onwards to make up for it]

[Subaru: I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to! Please forgive me! Today I’ll go fishing with Otto down by the river and make it up to you!]

There wasn’t much for a merchant to do in these last few days, so Otto took up fishing, and had been heading to the river every day. Unfortunately, all his customers were about 5 centimeters long, so he had pretty much been giving away free bait for nothing, which seemed just like something Otto would do.
Hearing Otto’s name come up, Garfiel smirked up the corner of his mouth and bared his fangs,

[Garfiel: Hah, that lil’bro’s got such abysmal luck it doesn’t even make sense. Not like his head’s dumb or anything. But he’s just like how “Even the sky bewails how sensitive Denzen’s to the rain”, yeah?]

[Subaru: Well I say he’s a UNIQUE-CHARACTER that’s here to liven up the mood, something that should be a part of every household, and pretty good for bouncing jokes off of. He’s also saved my ass quite a few times…… but he’s mostly for livening up the mood, though]

If Otto was around to hear that, he would probably be protesting with tears in his eyes about the merciless review he got.
Listening to these not-exactly-flattering compliments, Garfiel scratched his ear with a finger, muttering [Livenin’ up the mood huh……],

[Garfiel: Then, how’s the livenin’ up workin’ out for ya?]

[Subaru: What d’you mean?]

[Garfiel: Don’t play dumb. It’s pretty obvious th’fellas in Cathedral’re almost at their limits. Don’t need me to tell ya this, but you and the lil’bro can’t keep’em distracted forever]

[Subaru: You got me where it hurts there…you know, you’re surprisingly observant sometimes]

Garfiel had caught on to Subaru’s concerns precisely. Receiving this unexpected compliment from Subaru, Garfiel crunched up his nose,

[Garfiel: Caus’of all kinds of reasons, I got to be the one who gets to see those Cathedral guys the most. After all, the other guys includin’ the granny barely would even show their face. Naturally, this’s how it turned out]

[Subaru: To think you’re actually the guy preparing the meals for us. The first time I saw that I thought there was something wrong with my eyes for a second]

[Garfiel: If you want the food to taste the way you want it, you gotta have t’do it yourself. Anyway, I’m not talkin’ about that]

Taking a step forward, Garfiel raised up a single finger in front of Subaru’s face,

[Garfiel: The hostage fellas’re close to their limit. ――How long are you gonna keep up this pointless struggle for?]

[Subaru: Pointless struggle… I don’t know what you mean……]

[Garfiel: Hah. Y’got some guts t’say that. What else you gonna call it besides pointless strugglin’? ――You’ve already been stuck in the same place for three goddamn days]


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  1. Just a thought stuck on my head when i was rewatching rezero for like the 100th time.
    What if aldebaran (al) is subaru, he does have scratches similar to what subaru have when he fought the mabeasts, he doesn’t show his face, they have the same attitude and he helped subaru to get in the royal palace and asked the elders to continue the history about royal selection so that subaru can understand and saves him from his priestess and stuff. Would be a big plot twist right?!

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        1. It could be interesting if Subaru went back 400 years and lived as Flugel. If in the end, Emilia became Envy, went back 400 years, and Subaru followed her back 400 years to find her, but realized he couldn’t save her and had to seal her instead.
          And maybe the current story is actually Subaru’s second large-loop, since Flugel-Subaru summoned himself into the world again to do things differently.

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      1. That theory seems familiar holychicken guh guh ( good to note that I didn’t read it from somewhere )

        As for the Al theory Princila knows Al’s face and she would recognize him for sure .


    1. I know that Al knows Subaru is from Earth(also I heard in manga, during arc 3 he says he is from Earth or been there or something). Its announced that arc 7 will be about Al. Also; according to the author, Al is involved with one of the three mysteries of Re:Zero, and revealing his circumstances would answer it. I wonder who he is… According to wikia info, he has the same height etc. with Subaru but I dont think Its that easy.

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        1. The Manga had an extra scene in the Capital inside Priscilla’s carriage on their way to the Royal Selection.
          Subaru made a real-world reference (If I remembered it correctly I think it was about the “red strings” or “red-ties of destiny” which was an Asian folk belief similar to “soul mates” in western cultures)
          Al recognized the reference and told Subaru he knew he’s from another world.
          But that’s based entirely off of my memories, I’ll have to go back and check.


      1. Yeah, he mentions it (the red string of fate thing) when they’re in the alleyway after Princila gets “attacked” by the people and Subaru tries to rescue here. Later, in the carriage, he mentions that he recognized it. This is in the manga, but not the anime though.


      2. guys i didn’t read manga so I don’t know about this.can anyone explain? i didn’t read manga because i thought it was different from original and i would be confused,so i started reading your translation bro.but if manga has more information than LN and WN,should i watch that.


    2. there is a huge hole in your argument after crush kicked him out al called rem ram and got confused when she corrected him and he got mad because he thought it was some kind of joke or something. So if what you say is true then al would have known and would not have asked that question


  2. Thanks Chicken-sama. Cant wair for the next part. Anyway, can you tell mr what the meaning of “mujigemujige”? The way Garfiel speaks makes my brain trembles. Sorry, bad english

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    1. “Mujigemujige” is the name of a character out of a fable in the alternate world that Garfiel was familiar with. It’s possible that no one else except Lewes knows about them.
      Almost all of Garfiel’s idioms are referring to some kind of fictional folklore character.


  3. Ahh because english is not my native language, i always get dizzy everytime i read Garfield’s conversation haha (but you’ve done a great job translating it Chicken-sama!). Btw i was wondering, if Anastasia Hoshin and all the citizen of Kararagi has Kansai-dialect on the original version, then what dialect/accent does Garfield speaks with?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not sure what it’s called or if it’s a real dialect. His speech is vulgar and unrefined, I’m just imagining a street punk who speaks with his teeth clenched all the time.


  4. “Looking skeptical, Garfiel stood up, facing against Subaru who was a half a head taller than he was.”

    is this right? it seems to say that subaru is half a head taller than garfiel…when i would think garfiel is half a head taller than subaru.


  5. hablo español pero entiendo un poco el idioma y digo very thanks!! por esto me encanta el anime y obvio me gustaria leer la novela e.e
    you are awesome!

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  6. my favorite part of this chapter was Roswaal’s yolo-self-destruct-battle-plan, gonna use that irl but replace Roswaal’s name to mine.

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  7. I see all these theories of people making out what or who Subaru is and why he is so important.

    I’m sitting here thinking how Subaru is gonna explain all the stuff he is doing to Rem when she wakes up…

    Am I missing something or am I just out of the loop?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m imagining Rem might forget about Subaru as a price for Subaru waking her up.
      If I were to write this, Subaru will meet her eaten memories where it’s being trapped, and they would say their final goodbye knowing once she wakes she would have forgotten him. And then they both woke up but he’ll have to introduce himself to her again as if they are meeting for the first time. Kind of like how Subaru had already met every single character in his past lives before actually meeting them in the main continuation, but on another level.

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      1. Or maybe that Rem wakes up and every single time Subaru leaves from the field few of Rem , or maybe every day or something like that , she forgets about his existence . And the cycle will repeat itself over and over .
        Just thought about it after your comment . Omg this is sad .


  8. Being careful not wake the children […]
    Forgot the “to”
    Glad to hear you’re getting better !
    And about the email thingy i sent you, to make it short, I am a french fan that is actually beginning to translate your work into french, and i was hoping you’d be kind enough to let me host my translations on your site, if you’re interested of course :p
    Have a nice day and thanks for the time you put in translating !

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    1. Thank you! Fixed it now!
      A German reader asked the same thing about hosting other languages here too, I’m planning to set up something soon. You can send me an email with your Skype name and I could add you there.

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  9. Guys I’m just wondering how many articles that are fit in season 2 because on season 1 the article is only 1-3 sorry for a bad english I’m fron the Philippines btw XD


    1. Well the pace might feel slow but you have to consider that this is quite a time consuming thing to do . I haven’t done anything similar myself to know how fast can someone really do it , but for the amount of the pages that are translated and plus that this is totally free it is really just fine .

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    1. I was about to answer the question now that it is censored and if someone haven’t seen it before that he wouldn’t get it , but then I thought that you ( chicken ) wouldn’t want to see it yourself too right .

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  10. “The ten-thousand-year futon is in a precarious situation to begin with,”<- this one makes more sense in japanese: "ten thousand years" also means "eternity", and when it precedes a substantive, it draws from that alternate meaning; for example "ten thousand year brush" means "fountain pen", "ten thousand year candidate" means "someone who's always a candidate but never succeeds", "ten thousand years young unmarried woman" means "woman that seemingly doesn't age" and, closely related to the word at hand, "ten thousand years bed" means "bed left unmade". Ergo, Subaru is saying he doesn't make his bed.

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