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[Garfiel: Impressive, out runnin’ so late at night. Born a man aft’r all, we’re obliged t’make an effort n’get strong. “Th’Winbrook’s the warrior’s qualifications”, yeah?]

Garfiel spread out his arms standing in middle of the night’s path, gradually baring his fangs as he spoke, barring Subaru’s way ahead. Seeing him do this, all the hairs on Subaru’s skin stood on end.

[Subaru: Ohh, sorry but I really wasn’t pretending to be jogging or anything like that. Too bad I can’t stay and chat. It’s not that I have a deadline, but, it doesn’t hurt to do it early……]

[Garfiel: Yer’not gettin’ it, oy]

A sharp noise―― it was the cracking-sound of Garfiel’s foot stomping into the ground faster than the eyes could see.
Soil flew up in all directions, and stamped into the hard surface of the path was a boot-shaped impression. Seeing Subaru’s eyes widen, Garfiel clacked his teeth,

[Garfiel: If I see ya comin’ back here again with this late night runnin’ bullshit, can’t guarantee what I’ll do]

[Subaru: It’s only been a short amount of time, but why does it already sound like we can’t understand each other…… am I left out of the loop about something here?]

[Garfiel: Who knows. But you’re blind to what’s happenin’ around ya, think least that’s for sure]

Subaru said this, trying to relax the tension in the atmosphere, but it didn’t seem to reach Garfiel, whose gleaming eyes continued to harbor the same hostility.
Garfiel, touching the white scar on his forehead,

[Garfiel: All that’s ahead from here’s the Tomb. You ain’t gonna go all the way there t’take a piss, are ya?]

[Subaru: What, you wanna go together? Peeing on a Witch’s grave or whatever, I actually never thought of this kind of revenge tactic before]

From what Subaru knows about Echidona, maybe she won’t even be angry about it, and might even find it amusing. But anyways, without lowering his guard about Subaru, Garfiel seemed to want to continue the conversation,

[Garfiel: It couldn’t be that yer tryin’ to challenge another Trial on the same night y’passed the first one, could it? That’d be a bit greedy, ain’t it?]

[Subaru: No way I’m considering something that crazy. I was just, planning another approach]

[Garfiel: Conniving, aren’t ya]

[Subaru: Conniving?]

Tricks, forbidden hands, data-disk of inconceivable tactics or whatever you want to call it.
Faced with absolute darkness, blind within that pitch-black world where he could only feel his way forward, he must clench tight onto any small hope of light, suck out its marrows, and swallow it to the last drop.

[Subaru: So get out of the way, Garfiel. I need to go into the Tomb. Perhaps there’ll be a way to solve all of our problems……]

[Garfiel: S’rry, but absolutely not. Yer absolutely. Not. Gettin’ into this Tomb]

Against Subaru’s determination, Garfiel had no intention of backing down.
Met with Garfiel’s stubborn refusal, Subaru’s confusion was giving way to anger.
Just why, why, of all people, must this man be the one standing in his way.

[Subaru: You probably feel the same way about me, don’t you. That’s why you’re standing here in front of me like this. But even so…….]

[Garfiel: Didn’t I tell ya not to give me that bullshit? Once I decided, I ain’t gonna bend. You ain’t gettin’ through, for the Sanctuary or not]

[Subaru: Why do you hate me so much all of a sudden…… Just what the hell do you have against me!!]

Compared to the first day, and the last iteration, Garfiel’s attitude could not have been more different. Faced with this unreasonable treatment, Subaru screamed, demanding Garfiel’s true intentions.
Hearing that question, Garfiel scrunched up his nose, twisting his face into an expression not unlike a wild beast, and spoke.

[Garfiel: ――Yer stench]

[Subaru: ――Huh?]

Without meaning to, Subaru groaned stupidly.
In front of him, Garfiel covered his own nose with his palm,

[Garfiel: Ever since y’came outta the Tomb, the stench of the Witch’s Miasma’s just been fumin’ out’a yer body. ――Y’expect me t’trust a guy stinkin’ of the Witch rollin’ with a Half-Witch!? The fuck y’take me for!?]

Jolting up his arms, exposing his fangs, Garfiel laid bare his rage,

[Garfiel: THIS IS THE SANCTUARY! The Experimental Grounds of the Witch of Greed! The cesspool of half-wits who have no place to go, a fuckin’ PILE OF IMPACTED SHIT!!]

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