Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 50 [A Distant Roar] (Part 1/2)


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 Chapter 50 [A Distant Roar]


Billowing waves of shadows bearing pitch-black affection pressed towards Subaru.

Dangling against the trunk of a large tree, barely holding onto a branch, Subaru had no means of escape. He glanced over to Garfiel beside him, only to see that,

[Subaru: GARFIEL!?]

Garfiel let go of the branches, releasing himself into a freefall before landing on the ground. The shadow-infused surface rushed to pull at his feet, but Garfiel, not minding it, swung down his arms as if to pierce into the ground, placing all four limbs in contact with the earth,

[Garfiel: Like hell am I waitin’ around t’get swallowed! WwwwrraaAAHHH――!!]

Roaring, Garfiel flung up the arms he had stabbed into the ground.
And along with his motion, the shadowy surface of the earth heaved upwards like a table-flip of massive proportions―― rising to meet the dark, surging wave only inches away from engulfing them.

With clods of soil hurtling into the air alongside the sound of a violent crack, the upturned earth crashed into the shadow. But the impact against the supposedly massless shadow only lasted for an instant, before the storm of earth was swallowed just like the building before it.
The shadowy wave rose higher, its breadth widened, and its hue deepened. The more it swallowed the more vicious it grew―― but the maneuver had bought them just the smallest delay.

[Garfiel: If y’don’t get yer ass down I’m leavin’ ya behind!]

[Subaru: Uuuoowa――!]

While gazing, dumbstruck, at the unfolding sight before him, a sudden impact knocked Subaru off the branch, sending him plummeting to the ground. But just before he could crash into the earth, Garfiel struck out his arm and nabbed him by the waist, bringing him to an abrupt stop. With his eyes rolled back, beginning to understand what happened,

[Subaru: Y-you didn’t have to kick me down!?]

[Garfiel: Yer bein’ too slow decidin’. I think that thing’s got a crush on ya. Nevermind me, if y’get caught yer gettin’ swallowed up in a second]

Still holding Subaru in his grip, Garfiel nudged his chin at the ever enlarging shadow with a feral grin. Following his gaze to the root of the shadow―― Subaru could see the faint outline of a person, singlemindedly reaching out its hand to him.

{???: I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you――}

Despite the distance separating them, he could hear that murky voice as though it was being whispered into his ears.

Defying the laws of physics, as if their distance meant nothing, the abnormality of this voice sickened him to the core.
Watching that shadow directing its dark, immense passion towards him, unbearable disgust and revulsion surged up Subaru’s chest.

It was the reason he could Return by Death, and in a sense, he was in its debt.
But it was impossible. It was impossible to accept it. Biologically, and from his very soul, he was rejecting it.
In fact, he would rather jump into the mouth of the White Whale than be embraced by that shadow.

[Subaru: Garfiel, what do we do……!]

[Garfiel: Backin’ off’s all we got! Even that bastard Roswaal can’t be counted on here. Ram ‘n Granny…… and th’others didn’t stand a chance against that thing]

Garfiel gnawed his fangs and ruefully growled under his breath.
Unlike Subaru, he had seen that shadow swallow Ram and Lewes with his own eyes. So it wasn’t hard to imagine what he must be feeling.
But since Subaru still harbored such hateful memories of Garfiel, it only became all the more complicated to now see him in grief.

[Subaru: ――――!]

If the writhing shadow could be compared to a giant palm, then its fingers suddenly lunged out towards Subaru and Garfiel. At the last second, gripping Subaru tightly, Garfiel back-stepped out of the way. By treading on ground that was less saturated by shadow, if he could just widen their distance from the heart of the shade, they should at least be able to avoid plummeting into the bog.

[Subaru: Even if we keep running, things won’t get any better…… what happened to your attacks?]

[Garfiel: I can’t break through th’shadow’s dress. Might be a different story if I get a full-powered attack in, but can’t make th’opportunity t’do it]

Taking a large leap backwards, Subaru and Garfiel exchanged their thoughts while flying through the gaps between the trees. Their speed should have easily left the shadow on the other side of the forest, but somehow, they just couldn’t seem to shake the darkness, slowly inching closer.
Perhaps, this inescapable closeness was just the shadow’s Authority. But that was not the only abnormality.

[Garfiel: ……Shit]

Spitting, Garfiel grunted in irritation.
His shoulders were heaving with ragged breathing. Profuse amounts of sweat was emerging on his forehead, and every movement carried a sense of incongruity that Subaru had never seen from him before.

It didn’t appear to be fatigue from carrying Subaru’s weight.
Seeing this, Subaru furrowed his brows. And, noticing Subaru’s reaction, [Tch], Garfiel clicked his tongue,

[Garfiel: My body’s gettin’ unusually heavy. ――Th’fuckin’ shadow’s sucking all the lifeforce around it]

[Subaru: You mean the shadow beneath us!?]

Panicking at Garfiel’s answer, Subaru squirmed himself away from the shadow even though his feet weren’t actually touching the ground―― shivering at the endless darkness covering over all the grass.
And only then, did the true threat of the shadow finally dawn on him.

[Subaru: Oy, no way――]

――The forest was falling.

The trees of the forest surrounding the Sanctuary were tall, boasting a canopy thick enough to conceal the moon and stars. But now, the forest sky was filling clearly into his eyes.
It wasn’t because the trees were cut down, or that the leaves were burned away. The rows of green treetops were still there, their leaves rustling in the wind.

――But the forest had fallen so low that Subaru’s head would pop out if he jumped.

[Subaru: The forest is sinking――!?]

[Garfiel: Same’ll happen t’ us if we don’t keep movin’. I’m guessin’ that thing gets more powerful the more it eats――!]

Having spread to the ends of the Sanctuary, the shadow’s power grew, and was now swallowing the entire forest into darkness.
Front back left right, the shadow spanned as far as Subaru’s eyes could see. Even if they crossed the Barrier or left the forest, there would still be no end to this despair.

Subaru had been so distracted by the unprecedented development and the long-overdue appearance of the Witch of Envy that he had misjudged the threat his enemy posed.
This was the Witch of Envy――the one who once swallowed half the world, whose marks still gripped the present world in terror, the utmost of calamities.

[Subaru: That thing won’t actually end up covering half the world, will it……?]

[Garfiel: Story goes that it swallowed countries whole. Might wanna know that before shruggin’ it off]

Garfiel sneered, confirming Subaru’s fears.
The visible exhaustion on his face must be due to the Witch’s influence, and as the rate of the shadow’s encroachment accelerated, the sensation of sinking into the earth grew stronger.
Every step seemed to sink deeper than the last, and the effort behind each stride exponentially rose. The truth is, if Garfiel was alone, he could probably escape――

[Subaru: Garfiel, that thing is after me. So……]

[Garfiel: If yer fuckin’ tellin’ me t’drop ya, I’m gonna bite yer fingers off one by one, oy!]

Being turned down before he could even voice his proposal, Subaru fell silent. But, quickly shaking off his dejection, Subaru resumed glaring into the side of Garfiel’s sweat-drenched face,

[Subaru: This isn’t the time to be saying that! We’re both going to be eaten like this! If I face that thing, I should at least be able to buy us some time. Meanwhile you……]

[Garfiel: I should run? Or y’sayin’ I should go get that bastard Roswaal? First thing that shadow did was head for the center of th’village…… th’villagers and refugees, ‘n Roswaal…… they’re all eaten already]

[Subaru: ――gh. Y-you’re absolutely sure?]

[Garfiel: Y’didn’t see, but the whole Sanctuary was swallowed. Long as they didn’t all go on a spontaneous moon-watchin’ trip into th’forest, I’m sure]

Plainly conveying this, there was no emotion in Garfiel’s words. In contrast to his usual over-emotional attitude, it only showed that he was telling the truth.
Not just the defenseless refugees or the peaceful residents of the Sanctuary, but even Roswaal was eaten. If that was the case, then the situation was nothing short of hopeless.

For Garfiel, who specializes in close quarter combat, the long-reaching attacks of the Witch of Envy could be said to be his worst matchup.
If only they had Roswaal or Ram here, perhaps they would still have stood a chance with a coordination of close and long-range attacks.

[Subaru: But that just means without you, there’ll be no way left to oppose it……]

[Garfiel: Granny! Ram! And everyone else! They’ve all already been eaten……!]

[Subaru: ――――!]

[Garfiel: On top of that, y’want me t’abandon you too? Y’want me t’shame myself……? Never, never, never gonna do that. Fuckin’ “Pararagurara’s scars don’t fade!” I ain’t gonna be satisfied ‘till I bash that thing up!!]

Garfiel bared his fangs, barking. His expression was of boundless rage towards the shadow―― perhaps, there was something else as well, or was Subaru just overthinking it?
Having had everyone precious stolen from him, barks of rage couldn’t be the only thing dominating his heart―― if he, Garfiel, was that kind of person,

[Subaru: Then why did you do that to everyone……]

Why was he so cruel to tear the defiant villagers to pieces?
Garfiel should know the pain of having someone taken from him, and know the anguish of loss. If he did, then he should be capable of empathy.
Then why did he take his cruelty so far?

Garfiel probably had no idea what Subaru’s wrenched out question was asking.
He only wordlessly tightened his grip on Subaru, showing no intention of letting him go. He ran, same as before, or rather, as the encroaching shadow accelerated, Garfiel was putting more and more force into his steps to escape, leaping forward, and forward, flying out of the sinking forest.

Torn between Garfiel’s obstinance and the threat behind them, the sudden expansion of his visual field made Subaru lift his face in surprise.
Shooting out of the sinking forest, the two flew out into a clearing. At last, it was an area where the shadow’s influence was still weak. He could see naked earth, and short, stunted flowers, but, most shocking of all,

[Subaru: ――Eh!?]

The moment it entered his eyes, Subaru’s body was tossed onto the turf.
Grunting in shock as he rolled on the ground, he clutched the soil to stop himself, then shook his head. But, more than the desire to express his indignation at being thrown, was the need to ask about what he was seeing. That is,

[Subaru: Why is Lewes-san here――?]

Standing in front of Subaru’s trembling voice was a little girl with long, pink hair―― or so she appeared, despite the ancient person inside. Lewes.



(The fan art for the thumbnail is by the amazing @HaruSabin!)


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  1. Hmmm… I wonder if this whole scene is actually the result of the second trial?

    First of all… Subaru only assumes that Emilia couldn’t pass the trial… But she’s been interrupted every time during her first attempt.. What would have happened if Subaru simply left her alone?

    And what if she passed the first trial and entered into the second.. And Subaru is currently in the second trial as well?

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  2. I really wanna see Roswaal’s POV of Subaru’s failed loops, or just when Roswaal was just about to die in the Sanctuary in Subaru’s failed loops.

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  3. Thanks for all the work you’ve done Chicken! I finished the anime about a week and a half ago and I’ve finally caught up to your translations!



    I think I know what’s going to happen next because I’ve read spoilers, but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone else! Whatever happens, shit’s about to get real…

    Thanks for the translations Chicken, made my day when I saw the e-mail!


  5. Wait I thought Garfield confirmed seeing Lewes swallowed by the shadow along with Ram and the villagers?

    And secondly, Garfield and Joker should have known about the shadow from reading the Gospel. I don’t get why they didn’t evacuate.

    Hope we find out in the second part.

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    1. About their gospel, it might have something to do with how op the witch is. Even if they did find out, they’d get rekt nonetheless. Also, since they have a complete version, they have follow everything that it tells them to do if I’m not mistaken (from the accounts of Betty).


  6. I can’t wait to see Lewes in action : D soon we will get to see what she can really do. I did get spoiled on her mystery a little bit but I have no idea how she is going to fight off or at least dispel Satella.

    Great work as always chicken. See you next time ; )


  7. What!! It’s Lewes?? But I thought she got swallowed as Garfiel said so… What a twist. I don’t have the patience to wait for the next chapter 😦 It cannot be helped however.

    Thanks for the chapter Chicken-Sama!


  8. Ooohhh this is shts.. Just her shadow form can swallow up the entire forests and sanctuary and still pursue a fast being like Garfiel, all while sucking life force from everything….wow that is some crazy fearful way of showing her love for Subaru… Fuck…
    Well, I hope Lewes has a plan to stop a Satella and her ominous shadow..
    And btw just noticed, we’ve seen the witches: Greed <3, Wrath, Sloth, Pride, Gluttony, and Envy..well Envy's shadow form, but where's Lust?? She's not in Echidona's dream world, so is she still somehow alive?

    Thanks for the work Chicken! Great chase parts


  9. Hey chicken sama i finaly got katakana and hiragana into my head!!!! How do you translate those endless kanjis?? Can i be of any help? Also ty for the translations


    1. Tip to learning kanji: Use the website/app called Wanikani, it’s great.
      You have to sign up on the website before you can use the app though, and you have to pay to use it after level 3 (which is after you’ve learned about 100 kanji), but it’s absolutely worth it.


  10. Strider*
    Lust is the LoLi which cut of subarus arm in their first meeting, after that the witch of wrath healed him by punching him.


  11. Damn after the frist 10-13 comments, spoilers and stuff got so real that I feel like, I was so close to some spoilers that I actually screamed “Noooooooo”

    Thanks Chicken! I’m your nigga. ❤️

    Also as I wrote in last part’s comments. Great work coming up with your own re:zero, but I wanna know how happy is Subaru with Remilia, so pls translate the original novel. Thanks ❤️


    1. Wait… You’ve read all this, thinking it’s a fanfic?

      Chicken is translating the original novel. There’s even a link to the original novel in Japanese in the Table of Contents.


      1. @Vaientus
        @That guy

        Nope 😀 I’m just making this up, sorry to disapoint guy. Since last chapter I’ve been shitposting here, that Chicken is fanfic-ing his own Re:Zero and the original is actually about love and happiness 😀 😀


  12. So Envy can control shadows? Seems a bit op, next Subaru should bring a solar powered flashlight into a fantasy world.


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    It’s all good either way just curious


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  15. Phew! Nevermind, only now saw the comments actually addressing what happened to the site. Sorry about the panic, when I saw no mention of it at first I flipped out and thought shit had JUST hit the fan. Hopefully things get sorted out soon, glad you’re still alright Chicken.

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  16. It’s just a theory and I am really late in replying, but I think the purpose of the barrier is to keep Envy out or maybe more logically “contained.” Maybe that’s what everyone means by the Witch of Greed’s experiments.


  17. Garfiel speed is unmatchable even by Envy… all while carrying Subaru! He’s a monster!
    And Lewes teleports probably hahaha… that can’t be other explainations. But wasn’t she dead?
    Thanks for the translations!


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