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Subaru arrived at the stable just after the break of dawn.
Pushing open the creaking gate as quietly as he could, he searched for his partner inside, and found the jet-black figure blending into the darkness in the back of the stable, awaiting her master’s call.

[Subaru: Sorry for cooping you up in here, Patrasche]

Hearing Subaru’s voice, Patrasche reached out her head and nudged him with her nose. Her gesture was at once filled with affection and carrying a tinge of complaint at being left aside for so long, prompting a ticklish feeling inside Subaru’s heart.

[Subaru: I know you just woke up, but I need your help. Can you take me back to the Mansion?]

Holding her face up to Subaru’s palms, Patrasche snorted, as if to say “What ‘am I going to do with you, Subaru-kun……”.
Sighing with relief that at least his dragon was on board with his plan, Subaru untied Patrasche’s reins from the stable and prepared to bring her outside.
Without other encumbrances weighing her down, the usual half a day’s ride might be completed in even less.
If they set out in the morning like this, they should reach the Mansion just before dusk.

[Subaru: Just a messy plan assuming I’ll start over anyway……]

This time, Subaru was determined to return to the Mansion, and, unlike the loops before this, he wasn’t going to bring the villagers. Frankly, it was because he was convinced that he would be doing it all again, and had resolved to eliminate all unnecessary variables aside from the goal of gathering information.
The loss of the friendship he had struck up with Lewes would be regrettable, but,

[Subaru: My relationship with Garfiel is already as horrible as can be, and I’m just about to make it even worse…]

Having transferred the command authority to himself―― Subaru could just imagine Garfiel seething with bloodshot eyes, looking for whoever took it.
It probably wouldn’t take long before he finds him. After all, Subaru didn’t order Lewes to keep it a secret, and Lewes herself would tell the truth if she was asked.
All this was within Subaru’s considerations.

[Subaru: ――Still, can’t help but worry about leaving Emilia with just a note]

If this world was only a sacrifice to be erased as soon as it was rewound, then logically, his concerns for Emilia in this world shouldn’t even exist.
No matter how much she suffers, grieves, or otherwise rejoices, all of it will be lost along with the world itself. But, even though his mind understood this,

[Subaru: It’s still no excuse at all…]

Even knowing that this was a soon-to-be-abandoned world, Subaru still didn’t want to make Emilia cry.
Finding out that he had left without a word would likely bring her more pain than she could bear. Losing the only support she could lean on, she probably wouldn’t know what to do with herself. While a part of him was glad that Emilia relied on him like this, it still hurt all the same.
In order to make sure that doesn’t happen, or at least hoping that it wouldn’t last too long if it did, Subaru left her a note.
That said, there was nothing special written inside, only an assortment of run-of-the mill words of consolation. Since he couldn’t tell her the truth, it was all he could do to try to keep her from worrying.

[Subaru: It’s better than nothing…… wait, what if Emilia doesn’t actually need me that much?]

Ever since Puck went missing, Emilia had been relying on Subaru more than ever before.
So that thought was only wishful thinking, and he knew it couldn’t be as simple as that.
In any case, Subaru must leave the Sanctuary and leave Emilia behind. In order to rewrite the unsalvageable present with a future that could yet be saved, he would have to harden his heart and make the necessary sacrifices.

[Subaru: Before anyone notices, let’s…… oh?]

While leading Patrasche out of the stables, Subaru picked up the saddle he had stored away in the carriage. Giving it a light pat, he threw it over Patrasche, when he caught something in the corner of his vision. It was,

[Subaru: Petelgeuse’ Gospel……?]

A thick book in black binding, hidden away in the corner of the carriage.
Once belonging to Petelgeuse, honestly, Subaru had wanted to get rid of it, but he couldn’t exactly hand it off to other people. Besides, he figured it might reveal some useful information about the obscure Witch Cult, and so ended up keeping it.

[Subaru: Come to think of it, that view’s kinda changed after what Roswaal said]

After fitting on the saddle, Subaru casually picked up the Gospel.
Feeling its dense weight in his palm, the image of the blood-drenched madman surfaced in his mind.

A man with an overzealous devotion to the Gospel, believing that it was his only way to express his loyalty to the Witch.
Inside, like some poor parody, its pages hinted at its owner Petelgeuse’ future actions.

[Subaru: Roswaal, Beatrice, and Petelgeuse…… why’re they so convinced that only they could read this thing……?]

Grumbling, he casually flipped through its pages.
But suddenly, his fingers froze, as a strange, strangled noise escaped his throat――

[Subaru: I can, read it?]

――When he realized that he could read the words written on the Gospel’s white pages.
Although the letters were something like a child’s scrawling, they lined up to form words that carried meaning. What was more, those words were in the form of “Yi” glyphs that Subaru could understand.

[Subaru: How could…… unless, it’s recognized me as its owner? But I didn’t do anything to……]

At that thought, Subaru suddenly noticed something.
The last time he tried and failed to read this Gospel’s contents was before he came to the Sanctuary. It had been in the Capital, and after returning to Roswaal’s Mansion. Since then, he hadn’t had a chance to open the Gospel to check, but it could only be related to something that took place in the Sanctuary.

Although, the direct cause might be something that didn’t exactly happen in the Sanctuary.

[Subaru: What the hell did Echidona do to me……?]

Just like the Trials inside the Tomb, there was a good chance that Echidona had tampered with his physical body in some way. He had a feeling that it had something to do with the tea Echidona gave him at her so-called tea party.
Echidona was joking about it being her bodily fluids, but what if it was something else?

Something that drastically changed Subaru’s body from before.

[Subaru: Actually, I don’t know if that’s the reason, considering all that’s happened last loop]

It could have just as easily been caused by the Witch of Envy’s wrath after he revealed Return by Death to Echidona.
Subaru hated the fact that he couldn’t go there and ask her this very moment.

[Subaru: ……Then again, it might not have accepted me as its owner after all]

Being recognized by a Gospel belonging to the Witch Cult doesn’t exactly put one’s mind at ease, but, after quickly scanning over its contents, Subaru determined that all the messages were meant for Petelgeuse.

Since it was undated, Subaru couldn’t tell when the events of the first entry took place. But from the Gospel’s page after page of scribbled accounts, a picture of Petelgeuse’ activities began to take shape.
The entries were basically “where to go” and “what to do”, but contained no description of what would happen as a result. Perhaps Petelgeuse had no interest in the outcomes, and merely improvised the rest by doing whatever he thought benefited the Witch Cult.

Reading on like this, he came to the final entry.
Though there were more pages after it, they were all blank after this point. On the final page, there were still the crimson words “THE END” which Subaru had scrawled in blood.
Before that, was the Gospel’s last original entry:

[Subaru: “Go to Mathers Domain, put silver-haired Half-Witch to Trial”……huh. What’s that supposed to mean?]

Without knowing what the “Trial” would entail, Subaru could gather no information aside from that Petelgeuse was to attack Emilia.
Nonetheless, Subaru had managed to confirm that Petelgeuse’ atrocities were indeed committed in accordance to the Gospel’s instructions.

[Subaru: ……Right, my bad my bad. Let’s get going]

Watching Subaru lean against the carriage, Patrasche gave him a few impatient nudges with her snout. Giving her a wry smile, Subaru placed the Gospel back in its original spot in the carriage.
Consigning what he had just witnessed into memory, his mind began drifting onto other concerns.
Specifically, escaping the Sanctuary and returning to the Mansion.

[Subaru: Hopefully we can get out without causing a stir in the Sanctuary. So take it nice and quiet, ok?]

[Patrasce: ――――NGHH!!]

As Subaru climbed onto her saddle, Patrasche let out a high-spirited neigh in response to her master’s request.
Getting the feeling that his partner didn’t understand his request at all, Subaru calmed the overexcited Patrasche and set the course straight for the edge of the Sanctuary.

He could already begin to see the sun’s true form in the distant, eastern sky, showering its light upon the tops of the forest canopy. If he doesn’t hurry, the early risers will soon be up, making his flight far more difficult without the cover of night.

Just as Subaru tried to carefully give Patrasche a signal to accelerate, Patrasche broke into a sprint. The Divine Protection of Wind Evasion activated around the ground dragon’s body, shielding Subaru from the turbulence and the wind.
Shooting out of the Sanctuary, they entered the forest. Following paths no wider than animal trails, Patrasche unhesitatingly galloped in the direction of the Mansion. Same as always, though Subaru was holding the reins, Patrasche navigated by her own volition, choosing the paths she believed to be best for her master.
Though it made him feel a tinge of loneliness, there was nothing else to do except to leave it to Patrasche’s discretion. Grasping tightly onto the reins, contracting the muscles of his body, they merged into a single shadow speeding through the forest. If nothing stands in the way, they should come out of the forest within an hour, leaving the bounds of the Sanctuary behind them. But,




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Chapter 58 Live Draft:


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  1. LOL I love Garfield. It’s amazing how Subaru can read the Gospel now but sadly the contents didn’t really reveal anything new for him. Thanks for the chapter Chicken! Much appreciated 🙂


    1. Well, the Gospel explicitly stated “Half-Witch”, which might be important, though it could also be to fit Petelgeuse’s views.
      And the Gospel told Petelgeuse to put her to trial, which might mean the trials in the Sanctuary.


  2. “If this world was only a sacrifice to be erased as soon as it was rewound, then logically, his concerns for Emilia in this world shouldn’t even exist.
    No matter how much she suffers, grieves, or otherwise rejoices, all of it will be lost along with the world itself.”

    I already had the suspicion back when the discussion between Emilia and Subaru happened at the beginning of this loop, but now I’m 99% certain that he’ll survive this time around, he’s just triggered too many flags for it not to happen. I’m already bracing for Subaru receiving yet another scolding.

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  3. Chicken! Admiral’s Room looks pretty cool so far! I got some Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu (LoGH / Legend of the Galactic Heroes) vibes from it, for sure! I’ll check back periodically on your Ludum Dare page for updates!

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    1. Petelgeuse has his own “Trial”

      When Petelgeuse fought Emilia at the end of arc 3, he talked about beginning the Trial. It sounded like their fight was the Trial and Petelgeuse expected to win the Trial, ending in Emilia’s death as an unsuitable vessel… I think.


      1. Oh that makes more sense. So it means is just a new skill given to him by Dona…

        or perhaps his resent encounter with the Witch of envy plays a role on this.


  5. bodily fluids, but what if it was something else?

    Something that drastic changed Subaru’s body form before.”

    I feel like “drastically” would work a bit better? That or I’d italicize “that”

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      1. I’m not sure since I didn’t read the original text but is it “form before” or “from before”? Both seem to be correct but the latter makes a bit more sense?


    1. It’s the same word as the Sanctuary’s Trial, but it doesn’t seem to be the same thing.

      At the end of Arc 3, when Petelgeuse was fighting Emilia, the fight itself seemed to be the “Trial” from the way he was talking about it.
      Petelgeuse thought he was meant to win and Emilia was supposed to fail it as an insufficient vessel.


  6. Just about to leave the Sancturary and Garfiel jumps outta nowhere xD I imagine Garfiel’s wrath is similar to Natsu Dragneel’s wrath… Well that’s how I imagine Garfiel to behave but more pissed.

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  7. Hey Guys
    I wanna ask something,

    How does Wilhelm van astrea know of Subaru’s RBD?
    “He have the eyes of someone who has experienced death many times…”

    *No Spoilers please*


    1. Hi, I think its only because Wilhelm is a veteran warrior and he could see in anyone’s eyes if they have seen many deaths. Something like an instinct that you get with experience.


  8. I am really glad to have found you this summer, and I have to say I am impressed with the speed of your translations, and the quality is also really good! I keep finding myself wanting to continue after catching up with your live drafts even. Once I get the disposable income I’ll make sure to send some of it your way, sorry I can’t get it in time for your birthday or christmas haha! Please keep up the great work!


  9. Something that drastically changed Subaru’s body form before.
    Should be “from before” i guess

    Thanks as always for The translation 🙂


  10. Sorry I can’t leave a more specific comment but as usual I’m throwing it on pocket to read later when I have time.

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    And wow.. He can read the black gospel! Hmm… does this mean he can also read other gospels besides Betelguise?


  12. Oh oh oh, garfiel found them, that’s interesting in itself, I’m thinking the activation of witch gene by echidona would be responsible for Subaru being able to read the gospel now. And merry Christmas btw, where I’m from, we don’t celebrate it and I have exams these days anyways, so well, enjoy the day(s).


    1. It seems he wanted to give Subo pointers on how to write farewell cards.
      Bad things tend to happen with letters in this series.
      Just look at Rem.


  13. [Subaru: Hopefully we can get out without causing a stir in the Sanctuary. So take it nice and quiet, ok?]

    [Patrasce: ――――NGHH!!]

    You forgot a letter in Patrasche’s name.

    And thank you for this chapter.


  14. So, my personal theory, I remember when beatleguese had asked him if he was pride. The one missing archbishop. What if subaru is the archbishop of pride and he has had a seal or something, which dona broke by making him drink dona tea. (also remember something about witch genes with both dona and ms drill loli.) It would also explain the whole relationship with envy, considering how involved the other archbishops are. Does this. Ake sense to anyone else?
    Also, glad you enjoyed your bday chickensama. Have a merry christmas.


  15. I think i found two typos:

    Nonetheless, Subaru had managed to confirm that Petelgeuse’[s] atrocities were indeed committed in accordance to the Gospel’s instructions.

    [Patrasc[h]e: ――――NGHH!!]

    Happy (late) birthday Chicken!!


  16. else to do except – delete “else,” saying “else” and “except” in the same sentence is redundant


  17. [Subaru: I can, read it?]

    We’re already far into the novel, but I have yet to ask, so when Subaru first came into this fantasy world, was he already communicating using the language of that world like a sudden understanding or Japanese but real time magical translation happening of unknown magical force?


    1. Plus I have to say that Echidona did a huge bunch of useful things back there! She is too wonderful.


  18. Hm, it’s awfully suspicious that the author reveals the content of the last pages of the Gospel that awfully aligns with Subaru’s. That is to put Emilia through Trials. Did the Gospel oversaw this future and wrote that for Subaru? Or does it sort of branches out depend on whoever it recognizes as its master? We know Petelgeuse wanted to put her through a Trial/Ordeal as well, perhaps it was up to its owners’ interpretation instead of taking it for 100% face value which will determine the outcome? After all, the Witches seemed to have noble intentions with mostly the wrong ideas, such as Glutonny. Maybe the Witch Cult was originally supposed to be something noble but over time its members twisted its original ideals due to the Gospel’s vagueness? Aaaah


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