Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 59 [Sweet Pastries And Unsweet Stories] (Part 1/3)


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 Chapter 59 [Sweet Pastries And Unsweet Stories]


[Frederica: ……It seems you’ve returned earlier than I thought]

Standing in the opened doorway with keen, widened eyes, the tall maid welcomed Subaru’s return in a soft whisper.

[Subaru: Yeah, we ran into a situation so I had to come back. It’s only been two…… no, three days, right? Sorry I couldn’t give you a heads up about coming back so soon, but can I come in now?]

Panting heavily on Patrasche’s back, Subaru answered with the fatigue of half a day’s travel behind him. Seeing Subaru still joking around in spite of his disheveled appearance, the maid―― Frederica placed a hand over her lips to cover the fangs showing through her smile,

[Frederica: Certainly. It would be an affront to my duty as the Master’s servant to fail to provide a guest with the utmost hospitality. I will take the ground dragon to the stable, Subaru-sama, please come in. Petra will attend to your needs]

[Subaru: Oh you don’t have to…… no I mean, thanks please]

Hopping down from Patrasche, his knees gave way at the landing. Though he managed to stave off falling by hanging onto the reins, it seems that he was more exhausted than he thought.
It was only natural―― having rushed all the way from the Sanctuary without rest, after being awake all night, no less.
Despite the Divine Protection of Wind Evasion and Patrasche’s care not to add to the burden of her rider, the six hours’ journey had taken its toll on Subaru.

Noticing that his body had endured more than he realized, Subaru quickly took Frederica up on her offer. Handing the reins to Frederica, he patted the worried Patrasche on the back,

[Subaru: It’s alright, I’ll be fine. You’re the one I should thank for putting up with me all this way. It’s time to head to the stable and get a nice brushing, ok?]

Unlike horses, ground dragons’ bodies aren’t coated in fur, but they still seem to enjoy having their rigid scales cleaned with a brush. Patrasche was no exception, and excitedly nudged Subaru with her snout at his promise. Being frontally assaulted like this, Subaru let out an [Uwa!] and slinked back.

[Frederica: My my, you sure are enthusiastic about this. Come with me, Patrasche-chan. I’ll make you a brand new bed of straw]

[Subaru: I’ll leave her with you, then. ――Hey, Frederica]

[Frederica: Yes?]

Leading Patrasche by her reins, Frederica was walking her to the stable when Subaru called from behind. Stopping in her steps, Frederica looked back.
With her long, golden hair swaying, her vicious-looking features nonetheless carried a certain tenderness about them. Subaru gave the bones in his neck a crack, and,

[Subaru: ――Do you have any plans to head to the cabin in the mountains today?]

[Frederica: ……? No, I don’t, is something the matter?]

Hearing Subaru’s quiet question, Frederica replied in an incredulous tone. Taking note of the way she answered, of her expression, and her gaze, Subaru shook his head with [No],

[Subaru: If not, then nevermind. Also, sorry to ask this, but, once you’re done with Patrasche, can you head back inside as soon as possible? There’re quite a few things about the Sanctuary I need to talk to you about]

[Frederica: I understand. I will come back right away]

Leaving him with an impeccable bow, Frederica led Patrasche away.
Watching her from the steps of the Mansion, Subaru stretched his body on the spot and lifted his gaze―― at the Mansion in its unchanged majesty. This was the earliest he had ever returned to it.

The latest was the sixth night, and the earliest was the fourth.
One way or another, the blade that heralds the end would come.
But before that――

[Subaru: Before that end comes, I’ll find the way to stop it]

There had been too many sacrifices in this loop.
But even as he grieves for the world that will be lost, Subaru must strive to acquire something of equal value in return.

For Garfiel’s wails, and for Emilia’s unseen sorrow,
Natsuki Subaru had been granted the resolve to continue the fight, and turn his eyes away from the pain.


※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※


[Petra: Waa! You’re back so soon!]

The first words that welcomed Subaru as he entered the Mansion was Petra’s adorably beaming greeting.
Though the literal content of her words were more or less the same as Frederica’s, the amount of affection instilled within them were of an entirely different weight-class.

[Petra: You look tired, are you alright? I mean, would you be feeling alright? I can prepare the bath right away, if you would like to…… what’s wrong?]

[Subaru: No no, I just felt totally healed when I saw Petra. Come to think of it, you’re the only one I could say exactly what comes to mind to without having to worry about anything]

Getting her polite and casual forms all mixed up, Petra excitedly circled around Subaru.
Subaru reached out his hand and patted her on her chestnut-colored hair, and she made a delighted squeal that was just way too adorable. Indeed, it was healing in the truest sense of the word.
Yet, almost simultaneously, the events of his last visit to the Mansion flashed across his mind, along with Petra’s gruesome fate in the end.

[Subaru: Petra, it’s a bit sudden, but…… can you listen to a request of mine?]

[Petra: ……? Mn. Okay. I’ll do anything Subaru-sama asks of me, no matter what]

[Subaru: T’haha, that’s reassuring. Alright. It’s something important. Frederica will be back soon as well, so let’s talk in the lounge. Can you get some tea ready?]

[Petra: Big sister Frederica will be there too?]

[Subaru: Yeah. It’ll be determining what happens from here on, and it’s not unrelated to Petra, either. So I want you there as well]

[Petra: Not unrelated, to me……?]

Covering her lips, Petra looked like she was sinking into thought. Then, as if suddenly realizing something, her face jumped up, blushing,

[Petra: So, it’s about something super important involving me and Subaru-sama?]

[Subaru: Ummm, I guess you could say that? It’s definitely important for both Petra and for me. Either way, it’s not something we can decide just between ourselves]

[Petra: But, the feelings of the people involved are really important, right?]

[Subaru: Feelings? The feelings? Feelings are…… well, also pretty important? It’s true that it won’t work if everyone’s on different frequencies, so…… yeah that too, I guess?]

Seeing Subaru nodding to her questions, Petra’s face lit up as she did a spin on the spot. Then, running into the Mansion almost dancing,

[Petra: Right away! I’ll be back right away! Don’t you run away!]

[Subaru: I’m not running anywhere… Petra, if you go too fast you’ll trip]

Watching Petra fly up the stairs, aiming straight for the maid’s room, Subaru suddenly remembered something and called out to her from behind, [Petra!],

[Subaru: Petra, thanks for the handkerchief. It was probably not in the way you intended, but, it really helped]

[Petra: Really? I helped Subaru?]

[Subaru: Yeah, saved my life…… well, not exactly, but feels like that]

Subaru pulled out the white embroidered handkerchief that Petra had given him as a gift.
It was the weapon he used to kill himself in the previous loop at the end of his showdown with the Witch of Envy, moments before he could be swallowed. That particular functionality was no doubt Echidona’s doing, but it still began with Petra’s feelings for him.

Come to think of it, if Echidona’s will had stayed in effect, the handkerchief might still be a weapon even now. Maybe it could activate when the same conditions are met, when Subaru’s life is in danger, or when some magical incantation injects it with mana. Granted, the last one would be a bit too hard for Subaru.

[Subaru: Still, it’s all thanks to you. I have to repay you for this gift somehow]

[Petra: Then, a dayt! One dayt!]

[Subaru: Um, did you hear that from Emilia?]

A first date with Emilia in Arlam village was Subaru’s reward for quelling the Wolgarms in the forest.
Back then, the perceptive villagers and children had decided to leave Subaru and Emilia to themselves, and it seems Petra still remembered it.

[Subaru: Understood. Then allow me to be your escort. It would be my honor and privilege to be the partner of Petra’s first date]

[Petra: You promise!]

[Subaru: Yeah, promise]

Happily holding up her hand with a blooming smile, Petra bounded into the hallway.
Watching the back of her tiny figure disappear into the hall, Subaru’s thoughts drifted to what her future might hold. A lovely girl with a bright future ahead of her. In five, no, three years time, she would have grown into a beautiful girl.
By that time, she would have probably forgotten about her feelings for him. But the fact that such a girl chose him as her first date still filled Subaru with a sinful sense of satisfaction. So,

[Subaru: I’ll be sure to make good on that promise, Petra]

She won’t remember the promise they exchanged in this collapsing world.
But Subaru will always carry the fact of its passing.

When he has finally chosen the perfect future, he will make that promise to her again.
With the lingering thought of Petra’s smile in his mind, Subaru directed his steps to the lounge.


※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※



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    Petra is swift af
    I wonder if it’s frederica or the leweses that can smell the stench


    1. What if it was petra that can smell subaru’s stench which is why she can tell it was subaru even when wearing emilia’s cloak and why she was hired in the mansion


        1. She’s still a kid and wasn’t following the hatred like her parents, she liked emilia even when everyone in the village didn’t


        2. How do people know that it’s the witch’s smell in the first place btw? Since happened hundreds of years ago so no one who was alive then is not around subaru atleast


  2. Covering her lips, Petra looked like she was sinking into thought. Then, as if suddenly realizing something, her face jumped up, blushing,

    [Petra: So, it’s about something super important involving me and Subaru-sama?]

    Let’s guess, Petra. You are thinking about something called engagement, Ain’t you?

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  3. [Subaru: Yeah, we ran into a situation so I had to come back. It’s only been two…… no, three days, right? Sorry I couldn’t send give you a heads up about coming back so soon, but can I come in now?]

    Hmm shouldn’t it be: Sorry I couldn’t GIVE you a heads up.

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  4. Last time I was roasted for my grammar mistakes so I’ll be more careful this time…

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  5. It’s now that my Theory will be proven or disproved.

    Elsa, her appearance has changed between loops… but I believe that her appearance is controlled by the simple variable of..


    She had always made her attack on the same exact day that Subaru arrived. And thus, if she attacks during this loop.. Then I will know that was the case.


      1. It’s zygarde2_2

        Yes that’s the main point. my second theory that it’s Roswall who is the client of Elsa as Roswall has a Gospel. Also the other proof that Roswall has a Gospel is that during the ulgarm incident he went to a mysterious meeting only in the final loop and not in all the previous loops. Also he was the one who caused the ulgarm incident as he appointed the blue braided loli named meili.

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        1. Would it be funny if Meili was Subaru’s long lost sister?
          Wait! 0_0
          My brain just had an erection.
          Maybe Subaru’s entire family have been summoned.
          Of course there’s no proof but Satella could be Subaru’s mom.


        2. you are correct about rosswall being the client with elsa but he says later on this ark that he did not higher meili. the fact elsa knows of the secret passage way and about beatrice proves it was him. someone else highers meili. the ending is great with everyone getting to punch him. >beatrice tells him to sit on his knees and she slaps with with her shoe >lolz<


      2. I don’t think that she needs the gospel to know when Subaru arrives or not.. I believe that it’s the very fact that Subaru arrives that leads her to kill that day.
        I’m thinking that while Subaru is on the half-day roadtrip to the mansion, his appearance on the road is what triggers the event. Perhaps a potential stalker is involved.


    1. It could be possible that, Elsa was just hiding in that place waiting for the right time to attack and by going there prematurely, Subaru kinda forced her hand and she had to prematurely kill her.
      Just saying, after discovering Subaru or Emilia weren’t there, she decided to wait there in hiding.


  6. Hi its ZyGarde2_2
    Even though I said I’d come after may 2018, but it’s just that when I’m too bored by’only study’ I come back to read, you know chicken your work makes me more refreshed than any thing.

    So moving further, we know that elsa had her appearance at the perfect moment in all previous loops, this time too I deduce that she’ll appear at the right moment.
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    My theory is that if we consider that both the clients were one person who knew Emilia closely and then who knew the time when Subaru would leave sanctuary also who has well how important that insignia is, also he had to be inside the sanctuary himself for perfect timing., then from my points the only person that fits is ‘Rowsswal’ he must be her client.
    Also I’ve one another theory that it had to be Rosewall but if there proof itself is not revealed then it would be a great spoiler for others, I’ll re check that thing and will report it in next part of this chapter.

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    1. It was the price he had to pay for attending the 2nd Tea party.

      Echidona wanted the handkerchief. It was then revealed the real reason (her “will”) was to see Subaru used it to take his life before Envy can swallow him.


    1. Thanks exactly why I bet it WILL move w/ this loop. Things’d be too easy otherwise and Subaru’s heart would grow cold. I think that in order to keep on caring about the others in each and every loop, he has to succeed with this one (and fail with his bonds w/ others)


  7. Thanks for the surprise, Chicken.
    Aww~~ reading about Petra and her adorable presence and smile for Subaru really makes me happy.

    Also, advance Happy New Year!


  8. “There had been too many sacrifices in this loop.
    But even as he grieves for the world that will be lost, Subaru must strive to acquire something of equal value in return.”

    The sudden change from past to present tense is jolting here.

    May I suggest “But even as he grieved for the world that would be lost, Subaru determined to strive to acquire something of equal value in return.”


    Also want to let you know that I really appreciate the hard work you’re putting into translating this. Keep up the good work! You’re doing an excellent job.


  9. Subaru is turning into a high functioning sociopath.

    Not to be mistaken as a psychopath.

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      1. Have the reasons for her feelings been explained?? Her liking him could be somewhat influenced by that along with all the other shenanigans he does. Courage wouldn’t take anything away from his appeal.


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    Thanks for the translation!


  13. Yo, someone needs to snap Subaru out of this apathetic attitude…it just isn’t like him to give up from the very beginning


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