Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 63 [An Empathy Towards Death] (Part 1/3)


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 Chapter 63 [An Empathy Towards Death]


The sounds of amethyst shards piercing into flesh rang out in quick succession, as a mist of glittering fragments dispersing from the impact drowned out the hall.
Countless spears shot towards Elsa’s body from every direction, and she would have been punctured with a million pores.
“Victory is assured”. But even as he watched the murderer being crushed under the overwhelming power of Beatrice’s magic, he couldn’t stifle the ominous feeling exploding inside his chest.

――What was it, what was it that he had forgotten? There was something that he mustn’t forget.

What could it be? Even as he tried to pry it from his memories, the cascade of emotions turned him away.
Just what was Elsa’s goal in coming to the Mansion? After finding Frederica’s body, his shame of having suspected her had thrown his heart into disarray. He had never quite accepted Petra’s death, nor could he suppress his anxiousness to confirm Rem’s safety behind the door. All these emotions screamed from the depths of his being. And Beatrice―― what was it that he needed to tell Beatrice?
What was it? Subaru couldn’t find the answer to the question confounding his heart.

[Subaru: ――――]

And so, he missed the opportunity to prevent what he should have prevented.

[Subaru: ――egh, ah?]

An object flew out of the glistening radiance, and dug deep into Subaru’s right shoulder.
Looking towards the source of the pain, his thoughts turned red hot as he saw the blood pouring from the gash. His throat shrieked as if he was being strangled as the projectile’s momentum pushed him off his feet, flat onto the floor.

[Beatrice: How……!? That was a direct hit I suppose!?]

Seeing the wounded Subaru, Beatrice cried out in shock.
Hearing Beatrice’s cry beneath his scorching thoughts, it was only then that he remembered. He remembered it. Yes. It was a direct hit. There was no doubt about it. But,

[Subaru: ELSAAAAAA!!]

[Elsa: No need to cry out so passionately, I can hear you just fine]

From his hatred, inflamed by the pain, it was a rupturing scream unlike the shriek from before. And, in reply, amidst the falling crystals at the other end of the hallway―― an alluring, unhurried voice answered, with no indication of the life or death exchange that had just transpired.

[Beatrice: She’s uninjured… how’s that possible]

[Elsa: If I was naked, I’d have probably died from that]

Watching Beatrice shake her head in disbelief, Elsa replied with her french braid swaying. Nothing about her looked like she had just taken a direct hit from Beatrice’s magic. In fact, she appeared exactly as she did before.
Except, there was just one difference. She had cast off her feathered cloak, and was now only wearing the black outfit underneath.

[Subaru: Her magic-nullifying cloak!]

[Elsa: It’s already the second time you got to see it. Too bad you’re a bit late to tell that girl about it]

[Subaru: Shit……!]

No single word could sufficiently express his regret as rage boiled beneath his pain.
Elsa’s cloak had the ability to cancel one magical strike. ――That was something he had personally witnessed during their showdown inside the Capital.
The fact that Beatrice’s strike came so suddenly, combined with their lack of coordination beforehand, had all led to this unforgivable blunder.

[Beatrice: Now that I know your trick, it’s not so surprising anymore]

[Elsa: ――Wonderful. Oh just wonderful. Such strength, and so adorable. Unlike some girl who only knows how to whimper and cry, I am very much looking forward to the warmth of your bowels]

Beatrice’s aura intensified once more as Elsa twirled the Kukri-knife in her hand and smiled. From her words, accompanied by her bloodied smile―― it was obvious who “the whimpering girl” was referring to. And the instant he realized it, Subaru’s rage erupted.

[Subaru: What gives you the right to talk about Petra like that――!!]

The throwing knife jutting out of his right shoulder―― was hooked at the tip to hinder its removal. Yet, gritting his teeth at the object buried in his flesh, Subaru tore it out in a single stroke.
Intense pain dyed his vision true-red, and he could feel his right arm being crippled of its functionality. And then, ignoring his injury, Subaru hurled the dislodged knife back at Elsa.

Though he had thrown it with all his strength, it was still a haphazard throw with no prior training.
The fact that it flew straight towards Elsa was already half a miracle, and the same went for its speed. But it was obvious that such an attack would have no effect on a murderer with agility beyond human comprehension.

[Elsa: I admire your spirit, but if this is all y――]

[Subaru: I’ll wring out every drop! SHAMAC――!!]

[Elsa: ――!?]

As Elsa readied for the incoming attack, the third Shamac escaped Subaru’s trembling throat.
Drawing out the last of his body’s exhausted mana after his first and second casts, Subaru expelled his life force through his inexperienced gate as payment for his chant.
Blood shot through his eyes and leaked from his nose. And then, the scream of his soul was answered.

Darkness spread through the center of the hallway, filling the space between him and Elsa. The knife that Subaru had thrown flew into the jet of smoke. Shooting through the obscuring darkness, it stayed its course towards Elsa―― its trajectory shielded from view.

[Subaru: Please hit――!]

[Elsa: You startled me there, but it’s not hard to just step out of the way]

Elsa threw in a complaint as she lowered her body to dodge out of its path.
Subaru’s Shamac fell short of reaching her, and thus allowed her to evade at the last moment.
Flying out of the smokescreen, the small knife missed its original owner’s body and continued down towards the end of the hall. And, just like that, Subaru’s attack ended in vain――or so it seemed, when,

[Subaru: Beako!!]

[Beatrice: Don’t just call me that all of a sudden, I suppose――!]

If Subaru had been the only one present, the attack would have ended there.
But there were two people standing against Elsa――and the other girl had already used the time Subaru managed to buy to complete her next chant.

[Beatrice: Now allow me to show you. ――What Dark Magic truly is]


Was it Subaru or Elsa who tried to say this?
Even that was impossible to tell after Beatrice’s next action.
Clasping her small hands in front of her chest, Beatrice mouthed something under her breath. And, with a single phrase, the world was painted over.

[Beatrice: ――Ul Shamac]

――In a scale completely unlike Subaru’s imitation Dark Magic, genuine “Darkness” enveloped the Mansion.


※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※


When he came to his senses, Subaru was surrounded by pitch blackness.

[Subaru: ――――?]

Actually, even whether he was conscious was uncertain.
Where was he? Was he standing or was he seated? He couldn’t tell at all.
Up, down, left, right, even front or back was vague. Was he inhaling or was he exhaling? Was his blood still flowing? Was his heart still beating? Was he alive? Or was he already dead?
He couldn’t understand a thing. He couldn’t answer any of it. If he was inside his own Shamac, there would still be the sensations at the soles of his feet, and he could at least feel the movements inside his body. Even if he was denied all sensory input, there would still be his sharpened inner awareness to take its place.

But not in this darkness.
Here, it was as if he had dissolved into the shadow, and he couldn’t find himself if he tried.
Was he still in the form of a human? He could no longer be sure. He couldn’t sense the whereabouts of his hands, and so he couldn’t even touch himself to verify. Even if he wanted to check where he was, he wouldn’t know how to tell his legs to walk. What does it mean to walk? What does it mean to check?
――Most of all, just who was he supposed to be?

The line where he stopped and where others began was blurring.
The line where he stopped and where the world began was blurring.

Even the strength to think had melted away. Faded. Vanished.
And just like this, and just like this, and just like this――

The end had come.
The end had.
The end.

※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※





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  1. Oh, Elsa The Troll just spells Subaru’s mistakes for him. Guess this will bite her in the ass at the very end.
    Anyway, Elsa is done for this loop. Betty’s Shamak is pretty much on ‘Oh, shi~’ level even for this crazy bitch.

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  2. Thanks for the chapter as always Mr. Chicken, love your work.

    [Elsa: You started me there, but it’s not hard to just step out of the way]

    I think that on that line Elsa should say “You startled me there”



  3. This part was so great! I love that they use magic sparingly in this LN so that whenever it comes out it has that much more of an impact. Subaru will learn Ul Shamac one day and I will be a happy man.


    1. I love that even though he has used shamac quite a few times now he doesn’t go from sucky to master but instead he starts to show how he has improved bit by bit.


  4. Thanks again for the new chapter Chicken-shi
    Just letting you know that the previous chapter doesn’t have a link to this one yet
    (Yes this is the person who brought it up last time as well)

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  5. Re:Zero does a few things I haven’t seen before and it does them well, one example is the really good writing for a character temporarily going crazy which has happened a couple of times to Subaru by now.


    1. And what’s even better, he is permanently insane from other’s perspective – disregards personal safety to a suicidal degree, suddenly changes his attitude, even mid-conversation, talks of thing that never happened or he couldn’t know about, wakes up screaming in agony, and so on.

      Even now the way he behaves is subtly not normal. It’s like he stops caring. With each restart his reaction get more dull, as he gets used to things that never should become trivial.


      1. Yeah, the way he’s both really apathetic towards death but simultaneously more afraid of it than anybody else is quite something to read, and the fact that he can either put up a facade of cheerfulness or genuinely be cheerful after dying countless times (I don’t even know by now because it seems the anime skipped some loops) with people who he cares about dying in probably over half of those loops… I haven’t seen any other story that has done that, and Re:Zero does it well

        On top of that he cares so much more about these people because he’s been able to see how they react to slightly different versions of the same situation over and over again, basically learning everything about their personalities. The best part to me about Re:Zero is that it takes these really interesting concepts that I haven’t seen before and executes them so well, without feeling like you’re just reading the same things over and over again, and it has a great story to boot

        Thanks again for translating this everyone involved, and especially Chicken for all the work put in

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        1. This is one of the more tragic parts since these small changes that make him care less about what is happening around him are the changes that are harder to realize and probably the hardest to change back after you start thinking this way .

          Also sth I just thought . Most of the time Subaru would be more optimistic when he finally managed to win some fight right ( and as a result the checkpoint will change ) . But these moments are the ones that are less likely to remain since as we all know he will surely die sooner than later after that . So these moments that he is really happy and engaged are the moments that no one will remember .


      2. I wonder if Juice’s insanity is what will also happen to Subo.

        Interestingly, the first person to notice Subo losing his mind was Beako. She was surprise he didn’t have any reaction after finding out he might die from all the curses bitten onto him.


  6. Elsa putting skill pts into tailoring. Magic cloak OP.

    Interesting to find out using magic without mana causes blood to spill out. I was hoping Subo would activate Juice sloth’s hands power.

    Cliffhanger is killing me!


  7. The only thing I want to know is… Will Subaru EVER get strong? I mean this is pretty pathetic.. At least in the beginning of the series, he was able to block one attack made by Elsa. And he’s got an affinity with great spirits.. Plus he’s an apostle of greed now.. Plus there’s that unexplained event when Garfiel was attacking the villagers during their escape, and Subaru flipped Garfiel into the air. There’s gotta be way for him to stop being so damn weak.

    Please tell me he gets strong eventually 😥

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    1. Like having a groundhog power doesn’t make him OP as it is. Once he accumulates enough experience in a loop, he turns into his opponent’s worst nightmare. Always a step ahead, knowing all the weak spots, having traps all over the field.


      1. That’s true… That’s what I love about Subaru and this series…

        But at the same time… Him having to rely on people who aren’t always reliable gets old.. I wish there were some things that Subaru could do on his own, besides move chess pieces.


  8. Oh nice chapter chicken. So Beako used Shamac but on a next level of power, damn Subaru even lost all sensory. But what does it mean “The end”? It’s as if Subaru lost his life.


  9. This was intense! I loved it when Subaru pulled out that knife in his sholder like a BOSS! Its also interesting that Betty can use Shamac but it make perfect sense.

    Awesome translation Chicken! Sleep tight.


  10. Also,
    “The line where he stopped and where others began was blurring.”
    Is repeated twice in the third paragraph from the bottom. Wasn’t sure if that was intentional, or just a typo.🤔

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  11. I dare you not sleeping enough, chickensama! Great chapter, like always cx I cant really try to be first at the moment but I wont let myself getting stopped by that. Gotta do it to annoy roanz xd C u in the next chapter ❤


  12. “But it was obvious that such an attack would have no effect on a murder with agility beyond human comprehension.”
    I think that is supposed to be murderER no?

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  13. But it was obvious that such an attack would have no effect on a murder with agility beyond human comprehension.

    it’s ‘murderer’ right?


  14. Hey Chicken!!!
    Kindly revisit the paragraph:

    Elsa threw in a complaint as she slid her lowered her body to dodge out of its path.

    As she slid her lowered her body kinda seems fishy XD. I might be wrong tho.

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  15. “What gave you” – should be “gives”
    “allowed her evade” – missing a “to”
    “that, was” – extra comma here
    “imitation Dark Magic” – missing an “of”?

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  16. “Ok Subaru, enough kids’ play, get out of the way and look at this awesomeness of mine”.
    Thanks for the chapter!


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