Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 72 [BAD END 1, 5, 11] (Part 4/4)


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*Note: The events of BADEND 11 was merged with the loop in Ep 23 of the Anime*


The next moment, a wall of ice of incredible density and height emerged in front of Emilia.
Dividing the space between her and Petelgeuse, the wall continued to expand, bursting from the ground.
In the matter of an instant, even Petelgeuse, with his Unseen Hands outspread, was forced to leap backwards.

[Petelgeuse: That’s――!]

[Puck: I’ve finally remembered the most important thing of all…… In order to protect it, contracts and constraints can go to hell for all I care. What a worthless thing I’ve been bound to… now, I finally remember]

Hearing this rare sign of hesitation in Petelgeuse’ voice, the little cat floating in space quietly proclaimed.
The aura of bewilderment had vanished, as the spirit glared at the madman with a liberated air.

[Puck: I remember now, why I’ve become like this. It was to protect my daughter, at last―― if the price to do so was such a constraint… that vile wretch…]

[Emilia: Puck――a]

Emilia extended her fingers towards the rueful Puck, when her throat froze.
At her breast, was a crystal glowing with green light. It was Puck’s spiritual residence, the vital stone tying him and Emilia together.
But suddenly, without the slightest touch, the stone shattered into dust.

[Emilia: What…… wh-why……!?]

[Puck: I…… I have broken the constraint, and the consequences have begun. Perhaps even this was foreseen from the start…… but still]

Turning around, Puck floated down to the level of Emilia’s eyes.
A flicker of doubt flashed through Emilia’s pupils at Puck’s gesture. But, gazing into her, Puck’s expression was that of someone gazing at something precious and beloved.

[Puck: Lia, this is goodbye――]

[Emilia: wh……]

[Puck: The constraint has been broken. I cannot be tied to this body anymore. As much as I wish to stay by your side, that too is part of the price. ――I’m sorry]

[Emilia: No, don’t, Puck…… everyone… everyone’s gone…… Subaru is… he’s…… everyone’s… gone! Puck… if you leave me too…… I… I’ll be all alone…… I don’t… want…to…]

Like a whimpering child, Emilia pleaded as tears poured from her eyes.
Puck used his long tail to wipe away her tears, and gently touched his lips to the tip of the crying girl’s nose.

[Puck: Don’t say such things, and listen well. There’s still Ram in the Mansion. Betty is also around. If you ever need to, you can rely on Betty. That child… would never refuse you. Though, knowing this, it is rather mean of me to ask this of her]

[Emilia: I…! Puck, other than you, I have no one……]

[Puck: ――Go now. My most cherished in this world, my loveliest, most beloved Emilia]

[Emilia: Wai――]

Before Emilia could say a thing, Puck’s little body pushed hard against her forehead.
Unable to withstand the unexpected force, Emilia’s body was sent swimming backwards―― when instantly, a tear in space swallowed up her slender frame,

[Emilia: Wh――]

In a blink, Emilia’s figure vanished from the village.

――Watching this to the end, Puck spilled a long, drawn out sigh.

[Puck: Sorry for forcing you to do this, Beatrice]

Puck thanked his accomplice in the abrupt disappearance.
Then, he turned around, and looked to Petelgeuse, who had been staring at him,

[Puck: You just sat there quietly watching…… pretty good manners for a religious fanatic]

[Petelgeuse: It looked like if I did anything, you’d have crushed me in an instant, desu. Either way, it’ll be all the same once I make my way to the Mansion, desu. No point stepping on the tiger’s tail… desu]

[Puck: I see. You may look deranged, but you’re surprisingly thoughtful. ――Scum]

Spitting this out, Puck flew over the wall of ice into Petelgeuse’ side.
Not even Petelgeuse did anything as foolish as using his Unseen Hands to stall the approach.
Then, they faced each other with a certain distance between them,

[Puck: There is no time. ――Hurry up and start, so we can get this over with. The rest… I will leave to my trusty little sister]

[Petelgeuse: Something’s changed about you, desu. For a spirit, you stink of human]

[Puck: ――Yeah, I guess I do]

Puck rubbed his little hand against his pink nose with a cynical smile.

[Puck: I may look like this now, but my limbs used to be a little longer, and my face would’ve been rather handsome, too. When my daughter is that cute, isn’t that only natural?]

[Petelgeuse: ……I’m having trouble understanding you, desu]

[Puck: Well, nevermind. I wasn’t expecting you to understand…… since you are about to die here, anyway]

Saying this, Puck pointed his arms towards Petelgeuse as his body began to turn white.
He was running out of mana, and losing his ability to keep hold of this body. Perhaps, this was partly because his bond with Emilia was severed, and partly because he had broken the constraint he had mentioned earlier.
Either way, the contours of his form began to fade――

[Puck: Before I am extinguished, I will extinguish you first. Who would’ve thought my companion in death would be a religious fanatic. Gross]

[Petelgeuse: Sorry to tell you this, desu, but even if you destroy this body, that won’t st――]

[Puck: I will freeze your soul alongside it. ――If I do that, what would happen, I wonder?]

The dauntless grin on Petelgeuse’ face up to now abruptly froze.
Watching the madman’s eyes widen, Puck smiled an utterly delighted smile,

[Puck: Aaah―― now there’s the face I wanted to see, fool]

In an instant, simultaneous with the unravelling of the spirit’s contours, a white radiance blasted forth, and――


※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※


――Forced to witness the endings of worlds one after another, Subaru lay collapsed upon the ground.

He could not tell where he was anymore.
Was this reality, or was he inside a dream? Could it be one of those cycling nightmares? And if it was a nightmare, would he be absolved so simply?
Were they really just possibilities? Or were they worlds that actually existed? Could they merely have been convenient fancies that Subaru’s mind had invented? If so, then how does he explain the previously unknown information contained within them?
Were they worlds born out of delusion? Were they alternate realities feeding on each other? Whichever it may be, the torment to Subaru’s heart was colossal.
So much so, that he could not stand, or raise his head, or do anything at all.
And so――

[Rem: Are you no longer able to stand? Subaru-kun?]

He heard someone at his side, gently uplifting his heart with those words.
He thought it was the voice of someone he loved.

[Subaru ――――]

The hot streaks of tears that should no longer be spilling drew their trails down Subaru’s cheeks.


-=Chapter 72 End=-



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It’ll take almost 24 hours before I get there, wish me luck ❤


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Next Part 1/3:

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      1. Good luck, btw. Also I finally understand the trial which petelgeuse mentioned in the last chapter and Anime. Just a theory tho: Emilia is a perfect vessel for the witch gene of envy. Your translations are the best ❤ The way your writing tgese chapters lets me read em with such heavy emotions every time. U have my sincerest applause ❤

        Liked by 1 person

        1. This has a lot of importance. The “witches” of Envy have similar features to Emilia. So I think it’s savlfe to say that the witches are indeed experiments for the resurrection of Satella.


  1. This is gonna sounds stupid but I think Subaru and Puck are somewhat related. The way it says that “I may look like this now, but my limbs used to be a little longer, and my face would’ve been rather handsome, too. When my daughter is that cute, isn’t that only natural?”, for me it’s something Subaru would say.
    This is so weird. Puck, which is probably the most broken spirit in this world, was a human before most likely. That reminds me of what Roswaal kept saying to Sub, that he can become like him. A powerful spirit. Like the human, I assume, who where Puck before.
    Also, I feel the way Puck is “cold” with Sub in the loops where Emi dies is… perplexing. I mean, yeah, Sub is the closest person to her, but still, Puck don’t have the slightest thought of mercy for Subaru, even if he struggled to avoid the bad finality, as if there was another motive behind that, as if Subaru particularly wasn’t supposed to let that happen.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I rewatch the anime, and there is some hints about it, I think Subaru is a Spirit.

      -During the White whale fight, there was a sound, and he was not really in pain, like others humans.Rem was “okay” because she’s an Orc.
      – Reinhard said to him “You have a great affinity with spirits”. And I bet that man know his stuff.

      Puck is related to Echidona, perhaps he got a contract with her, he can only exist for protecting Emilia (but the contract is broken if he attacks Witch of Envy’s Minion), but WHY he is not present during problems of Subaru?

      If Puck is futur Subaru, I guess he let him to pass the Trials. Because he knows the RBD. That’s why he was so brutal with a “fail” loop of Subaru.
      It’s like Puck has “forgotten” the “uselessness” of a contract in dire situation. Pretty weird, no? Because he is very old I guess?
      What about the tendencies of Puck for killing everyone, the World? Is it grief and pain?
      Why he is so obsessed to Emilia like Subaru? Coincidence?
      Too many questions >_<

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I also rewatch re zero. In episode 3 when Elsa want attack Emilia from behind , Subaru called Puck and Puck protect Emilia. After that Subaru said something like “Nice Puck! Glad it’s still not 5pm yet.”

        In this loop, it’s supposed to be the first time Subaru and Puck met each other, yet Puck didn’t say anything. it’s like Puck already know Subaru.

        If Puck = Future Subaru, then it’s make sense

        btw sorry for bad english.


        1. Sorry but i just cannot hold myself to interupt lol.

          Spirits cannot become human, and human cannot become spirits. When a spirit dies, their body dispersed into particles of mana. Puck is a spirit. He is not future subaru. Subaru will never acknowledge emilia as his own daughter because he wants her as his waifu, not daughter.

          Puck remembering his arm used to be long; his real great spirit large body which brings disaster to his surrounding.

          Subaru has good affinity with spirits doesn’t mean subaru himself is a spirit. It just mean that subaru has a potential to form a contract with spirit, just like julius. Julius is also someone with good affinity with spirits.

          Liked by 2 people

          1. So, Puck also said he was handsome. Did he mean his hideous grey lion form? I think there’s still more to him, then just a spirit. Like Pelteguese – I heard that huge spider-thing Subaru killed, was actually his true spirit form. That said, he wasn’t a human to begin with.

            In the ONA to Re:zero anime Puck and Emilia were talking about Subaru’s strange behavior, but Puck said it was nothing important, because he felt Subaru was genuinely kind to them and didn’t bear ill intent at all.


          2. What assumption??
            When subaru died, he bleed and his body remains. When beatrice died, she poofed into nothingness. Subaru is human, beatrice is spirit.


          3. Also explaining the origin of petelgeuse would contain heavy spoilers, so i will refrain from doing that. You will know how petelgeuse turned into a sin arc bishop in this arc 4. It was a really tragic story. ;-;


          4. I did not say that Subaru was a spirit. I said that you shouldn’t make assumptions by saying that a human can’t become a spirit.

            And I know about how he became what he is. Just like you, I know much more than is being shown presently, just because I am here right now doesn’t mean I haven’t read ahead or don’t know about the spoilers.


    2. interesting theory. Albeit I don’t think humans transform into spirits. If they do than how and why? Puck could have been talking about one of his forms. Either way Puck destroys the world if Emilia dies. So it’s hard to say he has a bias with Subaru at all. But at the moment I’m not doubting anything. Seeing Beatrice in human form but knowing she’s a spirit makes your theory sound good but than how would Puck get his giant fur body. Sounds like he’s always been that way to me.


  2. Who asked you to spoil anything ?

    Why am I still reading comments btw.. there are always stupid people like this..


    1. I get the sense Puck is Emilia’s father (she’s obviously the “adorable daughter” he mentioned), and since he left her in the care of “his sister” when sending her to Beatrice… that makes her Emilia’s aunt too?

      If so, at least we know where some of Emilia’s family went. And why she’s got such a powerful fear of abandonment.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think “sister” more as too nee-san, which in japan is someone really close, but I agree. I believe puck is emilias father and that something happened, when emilia froze the elven forest .-.


      2. Your thinking in the wrong way, you did not read the hints clearly and missed the, actuall important points. To make you relieve, your wrong.


    2. He is Puck, powerful spirit in form of giant…. wolf? But at the moment he is in form of small cat. He has a sister, Beatrice, who is a spirit too. Both are in some way are tied to Echidona, the witch.
      Some kind of contract.
      He has daughter, Emilia. And his sister, Beatrice for some reason is not in animal form.
      Logical conclusion – he is a ceased immortal(?) elf. Beatrice is a ceased elf.
      His wife was a mortal woman, thats why she is not with us.

      Probably not ceased but eternally frozen in his homeland


      1. If puck was the real biological father of emilia, it wouldn’t make sense. Both puck and beatrice are like the children of echidona. And by your logic, it would make emilia the granddaughter of echidona. Yet echidona hates emilia, she literally scorn her.


        1. It’s not uncommon for grandparents to dislike their grandchildren.

          I’m probably wrong but we could be seeing an ‘Evil’ stepmother and Cinderella type of situation here.
          However, I ain’t got no proof. I doubt any explanation was released as to how Echidna is associated to Emilia’s family.
          I know she’s associated with Emilia’s mom but, how? Why, for what reason?


        2. Or might be Echidona is their mother in a sense that it was she who transformed them from eternally frozen enteties into spirits/gave them new bodies.
          Otherwise why would Emilia call this small cat spirit her father


          1. It contains spoiler to explain it here. The timeline itself has large gap. Echidona died 400 years prior subaru’s arrival. Elior forest, the homeland of emilia, got frozen 100 years prior subaru’s arrival. And beatrice already created during echidona’s life time. Not spoiler because beatrice herself said she knows the first roswaal, and that first roswaal was echidona’s disciple.


      2. Remember that Beatrice refer to enchidona as mother. Enchidona created both puck and Beatrice that’s why they are so fund of each other And that why he called her sister.


  3. This chapter make me remember of all controversial theory about Puck = Future Subaru. But then again, don’t forget that Aldebaran and Flugel also the possible ‘candidate’ for another future Subaru.
    Ohh and safe flight Chicken~!


    1. Just a random thought. I don’t believe that any other character is a pretense Subaru. From my understanding, the only way for subaru to go back in any sense is his “soul” enters his body from a future in which he dies and enters his previous body, creating an alternate timeline in which his most current memories alter the timeline into its new guidance, causing there to be only one subaru once again within the timeline.

      On that same note, even if the witch goes back prior to her sealing, wouldn’t that mean only her soul would rbd, not subaru’s soul or body? Maybe I’m mistaken and this is entirely theories, but from everything so far it seems impossible to have multiple subarus to be on a single timeline from my understanding, though multiple timelines are entirely possible.


      1. Don’t you think it could be possible to summon Subaru at different time axis. For example, the tim he got summoned, then 1 second before he was summoned, then 1 second before he was summoned, then once again 1 second before he was summoned etc etc. This way, you could summon several Subaru-s into a single timeline.

        I am not saying that there’s another Subaru running around in this world, only that it makes sense if you think about it this way.


        1. While interesting. If you summon the subaru from 1 second earlier the present subaru would not exist in the timeline to have been pulled. It’s all based on how timelines truly work in this and nobody has a clear idea. Possible? Certainly. Likely? Personal opinion is no sadly. I do believe though Al is from Japan but I don’t know.

          Liked by 1 person

  4. OMG finally, I’ve been waiting sick for this chapter
    Thank you a lot chicken 🙏🏻Your the best, and yeah have a safe flight ❤️


    and finally Rem…or is she???? i mean, he’s still in the trial, right?


  6. Have a good flight.

    So Puck was a mortal once? I didn’t expect that!

    One mistake: “cycling nightmare” sounds wrong. I should be cyclic nightmare or maybe looping nightmare.


    1. Nah. Puck was just forgetting something due to contract. Subaru also made to not remembering echidona due to contract. When roswaal asked him, “Subaru-kun dooooo you finally remeeeeember?” And subaru answered, “Remember… What?”


  7. Rem? Is it that time of the year already?! Though I doubt it’s the real one. The trial by Present is ongoing, this must be another imitation by Echidona’s authority, summoned to tempt Subaru. Kicking the dog, eh?
    Or maybe that’s witch of Lust. But she had this strange speech pattern, no?

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Finally some REM:ZERO

    hahahaha just came up with this 😀

    thanks Chicken! ❤

    Only question: how come you have a girlfriend when you were supposed to be stuck in god knows where and you live almost the other side of the world (regarding 24hrs of air travelling)
    These kind of relationships are really hard to keep up. Only if its your little imouto-chan 😀 😀 and she loves her onii-san 😀 jk jk 😀


  9. Hi chicken-sama first time commenting :3

    Just curious but what about your girlfriend? I thought u met her 20000km from home and now you are leaving? xD


  10. After reading this chapter i think i understand…Puck was the real biological father of emilia but Echidna turned him into a cat spirit and sealed his memory? Am i wrong? O_o

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well we can’t tell you that. And also, we don’t know. It’s possible, but Puck has been around a long time, he is known as a great spirit. So he might be ancient. More ancient than the kingdom.


        1. If Puck knew Echidona and was turned into a cat, that must’ve been over 400 years ago. Emilia did spend some time frozen in that forest. But was she 300y.o. by the time the forest froze? I somehow doubt it. Or Puck can breed even being a spirit.


          1. There is still no info about who biological parents of emilia were. But i still believe puck was a great spirit from the start, one of the masterpiece along with beatrice being created by echidona, like how daphene created the 3 great witch beasts.

            As for emilia’s real age, you will know soon enough. 😉


          2. idk for sure but i think i read somewhere in the earlier chapters she was ~80. The freezing forest incident happened around the time of the great demihuman war or so? thats when she was a kid. And roswal said that elves/halfelves dont have a slow maturing time…


  11. Guys I just realized something. The reason why Puck have forgotten something was because he somehow made it to the tea party and just like Subaru, the price for the tea party was him not being able to remember Echidona.


    1. So the question is, will Subaru take the bait?

      Oh crap, I already can see his face when she goes like “oh, you thought I was your Rem? Too bad, this is just me, Echidona”


      1. Then Subaru looks her dead in the eyes and says:” I don’t care. Do it again. ”
        Echidna: but it’s not Truly Rem.
        Subaru: I said, do it again!


  12. I’ve been reading the whole arc at once after finding this website, thank you so much for the translation! I was left wondering what would happen next after the anime 😉
    Can’t wait for next chapter now 😀

    Btw, you confirm I should wait before reading arc 6 right?


  13. Oh dude I totally missed the part where you said you got a girlfriend!

    Nice, Chicken!

    Even if the date was a train wreck, at least it was an adorable train wreck!


  14. It’s been quite a while since I read through that part, but can anyone remind me why does Roswall have the Gospel? Or was it not fully revealed yet? Can’t remember…


    1. Not sure, though it likely has something to do with his relationship with Echidona, considering Beako has one as well, and both seem to have deep connections with Dona-Dona. Perhaps she formed a contract with him in which he recieved the Gospel in exchange for something. That’d be my best guess.


    2. It was given to beatrice and the first roswaal during echidona’s lifetime. Only two copies existed. The current roswaal of course still have it. It would be dumb enough if he or the previous roswaal got rid of it carelessly.


  15. That moment when your little sibling is watching Nickelodeon and you realize Planet Sheen is an Isekai show…😱


  16. Excuse me, I’ve been following every chicken post and see the conversation is very interesting 😀 , so i decided to show up XD, Hello All. Ok that’s all for the introduction. I have a question :
    “whether betelgeuse is a good person before becoming one of the Bishop of sins? then did he ever fight Regulus(one of the bishop of sins that attacked Rem and Crusch in the Arc 3 Interlude II) before he become like them(bishop of sins)”.
    I really need an answer from anyone to solve the confusion about who actually betelgeuse is.I have no problem with “spoiler”, because sooner or later it will surely come up.
    Send the answer (send the answer as long as possible, i mean long answer) #waiting #please 🙂
    Thank you very much Chicken-sama for all your post 😀
    #bye #waiting_the_answer


    1. Betelgues is a bright red Star, bruh.
      And, no spoilers for you. Not from me.
      If you want to know so badly, either buy a Japanese dictionary or wait.


    2. Let me remind you again. Petelgeuse can hijack other people’s body with one of his authority as sin archbishop. So that ugly bob haired juice (from geuse) u saw in anime is just another body he hijacked. This is his way of staying alive until now.

      The only spoiler i can tell you without ruining the fun ride in reading further chapters is… Before juice became sin archbishop, juice and emilia knows each other.


  17. Keep on imagine guys..i kinda hate all.your fact about puck..but its will be answered, just like the stupid fact about world keep continue when subaru die even tho everyone already said its the 2nd trial..geez


    1. yes but the 2nd trial is based off the possibility the worlds might continue, just because he saw it in the trial dosent mean its guaranteed not to be true


      1. The mechanism this trial uses that can reach into different realities, or timelines, is just too weird and overpowered. Even Nagatsuki has Subaru asking questions. It specifically asks about to accuracy of these visions because he has no concious knowledge of what’s being shown to him.

        What I’m getting at is that I think that the “guarantee” is irrelevant. There can’t be and most likely will never be any proof to these visions.


        1. At the very least it is guaranteed, that these trial worlds are just simulation, based on information from the overpowered Book of Wisdom. 2nd, we were told, that Envy had the power of the dark magic to “rewind” time, to manipulate with time in general, that was called a peak of the dark magic mastery, but not to create or switch worldline. 3rd every person, who knows about RBD is using term “rewind”. Based on these little pieces of information, there are no prerequisite for thinking, that parallel worlds exist. Or at the very-very least, that RBD implies rewind of the world line.


          1. so even if parallel worlds exist, it have nothing to do with RBD. And if they have nothing to do with RBD, then such developments couldn’t happen in the first place.


    2. Yeah…people kept on theorizing this and that and even some even said they were exactly sure of it. I can understand if these were the latest released chapter officially, but then again in reality there are already one and a half arcs released beyond this.


      1. Death by snu-snu? Death by snu-snu snu.
        I can see it now. Subaru and Emilia sitting in a tree.
        First comes love then comes a kiss. Later comes Puck ready to phuq.

        Remember Goosh Goosh? I remember Goosh Goosh.


  18. I’ve been reading your translations for a couple months now and kept up ever since, just wanted to say you’re amazing! Lol I love this light novel, please keep up the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

  19. seems like Translationchicken is our last source for Re Zero web translations..ill be waiting at chapter 39 arc 5 goodluck and thank you!


  20. Rem ❤ Oh Gosh how Subaru needs you right now. ❤
    So this "Rem" is actually Carmilla that in some ways is projecting Subaru's beloved one into his sight?
    Thanks for the chapter!


  21. Man give Subaru a break… he doesn’t deserve this. Compared to Subaru’s Suffering, Emilia’s suffering is nothing


  22. I guess, it is time for Lust? And finally this little gray kitty is starting to rehabilitate himself in my eyes, even tho these worlds are nothing more, than simulation.


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