Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 73 [Where Weakness Resides] (Part 3/3)


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Editor: TranslationChicken

(Thank you Soriosh, HX, Kam for helping me with proofreading on the Livedraft!)




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In front of Subaru’s pronouncement, the listener was at a loss for words. Keeping her face downcast, softly, and quietly, she stood up,

[???: B-but that’s, not……what, she, told…… me?]

[Subaru: ah……?]

Slanting her head and swaying her blue-hair, the impostor stuttered out her words.
Hearing this, Subaru let out a voice of doubt――

[Subaru: ――――]

Before his eyes, the girl’s image seemed to blur as Rem’s figure turned vague.
A storm of midnight-television-haze drowned out his vision, and, following the momentary hijacking of the world, there was now another person standing in that same spot.

――Someone he had never seen before.

Her pink hair stretching halfway down her back, her bearing was gentle―― or rather, timid. The girl’s features were attractive, but nothing about it came across as outstandingly beautiful. It was more of an ordinary, commonplace kind of cuteness.

Wearing a white, long-sleeved robe, her hands were hiding inside her sleeves as she held them against her cheeks, watching Subaru nervously.

[Subaru: Who are…… you?]

[Camilla: I-I’m the Witch of Lust…… Camilla… you know? N-nice to meet…… you]

Hearing the girl―― Camilla’s reply, Subaru inadvertently swallowed his breath.
She just called herself the “Witch of Lust”. Which means,

[Subaru: So this strange, inexplicable space…… is inside Echidona’s dream?]

[Camilla: Yes… and no…… I guess. Echidona-chan is, watching, the Trial…… and the Trial itself is, kind of, like, a dream…mm…… yeah]

[Subaru: That’s kind of missing the point, but no, even before that……]

Camilla’s manner of speech was getting on Subaru’s nerves. Naturally, seeing Subaru’s gaze grow harsh, Camilla immediately started shivering and hugging her head.

[Camilla: P-please don’t hi…… hit me……]

[Subaru: I won’t do anything like that. I won’t, but…… what were you trying to do earlier?]

[Camilla: Earlie……r?]

[Subaru: Appearing in front of me, pretending to be Rem! Is that what your power is supposed to be!?]

All the Witches bearing the name of a sin seem to possess some sort of special Authority.
Assuming the Witch of Lust was no exception, she should have an Authority as well. If her transformation earlier was her Authority, then――

[Subaru: Well, I guess compared to what the other Witches can do, transformation is a pretty orthodox ability…]

[Camilla: I-I didn’t, tr-transform…… though? I-I, just, looked, to you, like someone, else…… b-because…… that’s, who, you wanted, to see… that’s all?]

[Subaru: what?]

[Camilla: I, mean…… I, didn’t, even, want to, meet you……. E-Echidona-chan, asked me, to…… and lied, to me, too……]

Camilla’s mutters were exacerbating Subaru’s annoyance.
The way she spoke, the way she shifted her glances, and the way she looked down whenever she sensed his gaze, all irritated him to no end. That whimpering tone, and those sulking complaints, the hell is her problem?
Not only was nothing she tried to say getting through, she didn’t even appear to realize how cherish a thing to Subaru she had just trampled over.

Irritated. Aggravated. He wanted to scream at her just so she’d understand.

[Subaru: You…… do you even know what you just did……?]

[Camilla: Echidona-chan, she…… s-said, I just had to spoil, you…… a little, and it’ll all be, fine…… even, though…… I-I didn’t want to, I told her]

[Subaru: Listen to me……!!]

[Camilla: E-everyone…… is ganging up, on, me, pick, picking on me…… like, this. Echidona-chan is, d-doing it, too. You’re all, so…… so mean]


Screaming, Subaru felt all the air being wrenched from his lungs as he expelled that scraping shout. He felt it, but the incinerating rage burning through his body erased that thought from his mind.
Suffocation was nothing compared to this irritation clawing at his chest.
He wanted to jam her snivelling, stuttering, whimpering mouth shut, and blast her with all the rage and agony inside him so she’d understand what she had j――

[????: ――Any more of that, your life would be in danger]

[Subaru: ――――gh!?]

That instant, Subaru heard a voice whispering into his ear, pulling him back to his senses.

The very same moment, the pain of being deprived of oxygen up to the point of asphyxiation struck him, along with the dry soreness of his continually wide-open eyes.

[Subaru: Aa―― a, aah?]

[????: They were drastic measures, but I’m glad to see you back. ――When facing Camilla, the “Faceless Goddess” of Lust, people tend to forget to breathe. Ultimately, even their hearts stop beating]

[Subaru: Egha, ghpt…… hha, hhaa]

Spitting out the choking saliva, having fallen to his hands and knees, Subaru’s consciousness was strobing.
But the voice had entered his ears, and its meaning delivered to his brain.
And so, Subaru wiped off his lips with his sleeve as he looked up at the most probable culprit behind this prank, and, baring his teeth,

[Subaru: Just what, what were you plotting―― Echidona]

At the receiving end of Subaru’s hateful gaze, the white-haired Witch softly stroked her hair, and all-so-naturally rested her elbows on the table,

[Echidona: Isn’t it obvious? ――I am a Witch. I’m plotting something nefarious, of course]

She said, smiling.



-=Chapter 73 End=-




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  1. Hey Chicken,
    I spotted a mistake at
    “…–When facing Camilla, the “Faceless Godess” of Lust…” – ‘Godess’ should be ‘Goddess’, I think.
    Good luck with your jetlag, by the way!

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  2. Funny, I was going to ask when you typically start editing your drafts but then I saw your comment at the end. I feel your pain Chicken. I just changed job assignments and am currently trying to adjust to the new work hours. I want to take a nap so bad right now but can’t.


  3. Rage rightfully so you stepped on some toes with that move Dona.
    The trust is gone….thank GOD, never trusted her
    But she is interesting as funk


    1. Wait until you witness her love confession. She comes in 4th place. Right behind Rem, Patrasche and Satella.


          1. Petra almost said Subaru she loves him. Definitely she asked him for a date. So it is like this: she is in that list. Sry for typos


  4. Echidona really is pretty nice, saving Subaru from failing the trial.
    If lust is a faceless goddess then is it that the pink haired girl is her real appearance or the appearance that would infuriate Subaru the most.

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  5. Bad Subaru! Bad! Don’t bully Camilla!
    Okay, even though that way of helping was a bit bad, trampling on Subaru’s feelings for Rem, but is sure was effective. Echidona is really nefarious ^^ and really a great girl.

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    1. Next time: Echidona kills off all the people Subaru cares about, rem gets torn into little pieces, all just so subaru realizes he’s going into the wrong direction.
      “Aww Echidona-CHAN is such a nice girl for helping subaru… <3333"
      I already see it in the comments :'D


      1. WTF are you talking about lol. I’m not even sure what your point was. It’s not like she can do anything like that, or would, since she’s not even trying to push him in any direction. Even if she turned out evil, she’s the most helpful character she’s encountered so far, except maybe for Reinhardt, but the dude only showed up once.


        1. dude WTF are you talking about..its obvious echi set this entire thing up using rosswalls book the reason they are trapped in sanctuary being forced to take the trails dying from the rabbits etc she is in charge of the trails in charge of keeping the barrier going telling roshit to pretend to be hurt, to let garf bully everyone make it snow if sub tries to save the mansion. echi is a sadistic manipulative bitch. all she had to do to save rem was to tell sub not to let her go back to the capital/actually that whole whale/cult thing could have been done better with alot less misery. idk predicting the future this may have been the best path.


          1. God my eyes hurt reading this. You are confusing so much shit together dude. Subaru only met Echidona well after Rem got erased by Gluttony, so I don’t know how she could’ve warned him, not why for that matter. Sure she’s got her own agenda and she certainly isn’t doing this out of generosity, but she’s still pushing him forward nonetheless.


          2. ok first of all since rosswall went to sanctuary gave them money etc its obvious he knew what was going on and he himself a bit later on in this ln admits it himself that he is the one that hired elsa. not even gonnna say this this is spoiler since sub already figured it out. that and beatrice said that she was waiting for orders from echid through the book. the suffering is for a reason and that will be revealed soon enough


        2. I wouldn’t call Reinhardt useful.
          He’s like a billion dollar bill you can’t cash until something big comes along.


  6. Try to stay awake for 1 night and 1 day, Tori-san. Then sleep at your normal sleeping time on the evening after the day you stayed awake for about 24hrs. It’s not a healthy way, but it fixed mine.

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    Goodluck, Tori-san.

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  7. hey chicken, you might try some app to help you fix the sleep time, I’ve been using “Sleep as Android”, wish you the best of luck with that, and also thanks for translating Re:Zero again it’s great and inspiring


  8. Honestly, I feel bad for Camilla. Dona-Dona coerces her into helping Subaru against her will, then Subaru goes ballistic on her for something she has no control over. Also, I’m reluctantly starting to rethink Dona’s position as Second Best Girl…

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  9. Why i did’nt get any notification from thos site,even though i already subcribing.
    Someone please enlightment me😭


  10. Um… still no link on the table of contents page… but!
    Thanks, Chicken! That was an amazing chapter. I won’t be having nuggets for a week!

    I’m still not sure how this trick makes Dona the best girl. Thanks for not sending Daphne to ‘spoil’ him, I guess…


  11. It’s not forget to breath because captivated.
    But forget to breath because irritated.

    Damn. Her authority…
    Blessing from Carmilla


  12. I’ve got a guess on echidona’s reasoning for this incident. She knows who is important to him (rem) and so she helps him defeat the trial by making him deny those “futures that could have been” or whatever. Because I remember somewhere at trial #1, she mentions that you can either pass the trial by accepting or denying the past. The first one, he chose to accept it. This one he just denied it. Wonder how the 3rd will go? 🤔


    1. Not sure if he passed this 2nd trial, and subaru will not do the trial anymore, either repeating or even continue to the 3rd because of spoiler.


      1. Well, I’m not sure. We havent seen any evidence to that, but these “completed” gospels are somewhat connected to dona. But yeah, I wonder how are those contents change from loop to loop. But it rly seems like she keeps her memories from previous loops and sending some info to ros and garf. but I’m not sure what does bobby was meant to say about the whale part since she had no influance over that other than keeping ros at the sanctuary.


  13. Get better soon Chicken ❤ What is about Arc 6 btw? Isnt there more yet? Also thank you as always. You are saving my days so often, thank you very much!


  14. Hey just a heads up, I’ve had to deal with jet lag many a time myself, best way that works for me is to stay up all night and not eat anything that night, and force yourself to stay awake the entire next day as well eating as you normally would starting at whenever you would’ve had breakfast normally. You shouldn’t have any problem falling asleep at your planned bedtime, just make sure you have an alarm set for that morning and do not snooze

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  15. I love how every time Echidona appears it feels like she just rolled out a red carpit for herself. How can Echidona be so evil yet so AWESOME at the same time.

    Also, I understand how Subaru feels but he shouldn’t take it out on Camilla (who is adorable by the way) because it sounds like she never intended to impersonate someone soly to torture him.

    Best wishes Chicken! I know jet lag is tough but you can get through it. We believe in you


  16. Tiny bit of melatonin before my desired bedtime is how I combat chronobiological issues… Then wake up to a glass of water, sunlight, and some radio calisthenics!

    It’s fun we get your story along with re:zero … Does TAPPEI NAGATSUKI do that too?


  17. Carmilla and daphene. Both still a child and young, both have the authority related to being gazed upon, with one being extreme hunger and the other being forget how to breath.

    Kids these days are dangerous…yet lolicons are feared more than lolis.

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  18. Should be carmilla, but now is not the time for that. Chicken is in bad condition, so i hope you can tolerate it.


  19. “she didn’t even appear to realize how cherish a thing to Subaru she had just trampled over.” Shouldn’t it be “how cherished”? Also, as far as I know, her name is actually Carmilla, it’s what almost everyone (including the Wiki) uses. I could be wrong though.


  20. He is actually spending a lot of time proofreading it so it is accurately translated. Anon did a good job but he was not explaining everything fully.


  21. Did Echidona see through this? Was she expecting this behaviour from Subaru or was she plotting to help him, through fooling him? I don’t think she did this out of the blue just for no reasons at all
    Thanks for the chapter!


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