Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 81 [Light] (Part 2/2)


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But then, what would he have to do to clear the Second Trial? Unlike the First Trial, he couldn’t figure it out at all.

[Subaru: Just thinking about it won’t get me anywhere. ……I just have to do the things that I can do]

Shaking his head and clenching his indecisive heart, Subaru stood up. He pressed his hand against the mossy wall behind him and peered into the dark entrance of the Tomb.
He had been pondering here alone, with neither Patrasche or Otto at his side.

Embarrassed by the sheer stupidity of their last exchange, he had asked Otto to bring Patrasche back to the stables. In the end, although it consoled him to see Patrasche’s concerned gaze as she left, Subaru needed some time alone to sort over the various thoughts on his mind.

[Subaru: The primary problems that need addressing are the Sanctuary and the Mansion. In the Sanctuary are the Trials, Garfiel, and the Great Rabbit. In the Mansion are Beatrice and Elsa…… I’m fighting on too many fronts here]

With not a single solution in sight, he was just about falling into despair. But this was no time to be despairing. He must steadily eliminate his problems, one at a time―― while no longer treating his life as if it were disposable.

[Subaru: First is to confirm the status of the Trials. If the Second Trial has just started then all’s well, but if it’s completed and the Third Trial has started, that’s even better]

At least, if he could remove the Barrier sooner, that would help the situation greatly. He should start thinking about how to move Garfiel as well. In the worst case, when the Great Rabbit attacks, they’ll be able to escape outside. Even Garfiel wouldn’t be so stubborn when he is faced with the Great Rabbit.
Removing the Barrier would move the problems of the Sanctuary closer to resolution.

Thinking to this point, a faint glimmer of hope opened before Subaru’s eyes, bringing with it relief.

He had been racking his brain over the endless problems, but now he finally saw something that could be leading to the answer.

[Subaru: ――――]

Standing at the entrance of the Tomb, Subaru held his breath as he gazed into the darkness of the stone corridor.
If he enters, the Trial would start, and he may be faced with another present that was not to be. Subaru could never get used to those scenes, no matter how many times he saw them.
But he knew that he was not allowed to ignore or forget them.

If he cannot escape, then he must face that challenge.

Subaru inhaled a deep breath, held it inside, and stepped forward.
Venturing into the Tomb, he would challenge the Trials and release the Sanct――

[Subaru: ――――!?]

The moment he stepped inside, a sensation swept over him like a punch to the skull.
The pain was like needles stabbing directly into his brain as light scattered before his vision while his legs gave way. His upper body toppled, and, unable to stand, Subaru collapsed on the spot.
Intense nausea surged up, wrenching out the contents of his stomach as he choked on its bile. He coughed, but no matter how much he did so his body would not be appeased.

Alarms, alarms, the alarm bells were ringing.

Caught in this cycle of discord and dissonance, Subaru panted as he tumbled towards the Tomb’s exterior. Instinctively, he knew. If he takes one step deeper inside, the torment racking his body would explode in ferocity.

[Subaru: U, gh…… hha, ph, ua]

Tumbling out of the Tomb and throwing his hands onto the grass, Subaru puked over and over.
The moment his body completely exited the Tomb, the agony tormenting his body fell away. The headache, the nausea, the numbness of his limbs all faded as Subaru looked up with his teary eyes,

[Subaru: A… ugh…… what was… that……?]

He looked to the entrance, but just as he reached out his hand to crawl towards it, a primordial rejection rose inside him.
It wasn’t in fear of the trauma from the Trial or anything of the sort. ――It was simply that he understood that the Tomb had rejected him.

[Subaru: What, is……]

It rejected him. Understanding this, Subaru immediately realized what had happened to him.
Patrasche was injured when she went inside to bring him out. Roswaal was severely wounded when he went in to challenge the Trials. The Tomb rejects those who lack the qualifications to challenge the Trials. And it had just done so to Subaru.

[Subaru: That can’t be…… I mean, that would……]

Standing up, tottering, Subaru mustered the courage to face the Tomb once more.
But, in just one step, the moment his foot entered the headache and nausea returned as the overwhelming malaise crushed him so that he couldn’t even stand.

[Subaru: Hha…… hha, hhah……h]

Stumbling back drawing ragged breaths, Subaru pulled away from the entrance of the Tomb. This attempt only confirmed what he had already realized.

[Subaru: That… vile……]

Floating into his mind was the white-haired Witch in her funerary dress.
At their parting, surely, she was asking Subaru,

“Will you take my hand, or will you take Satella’s?”
And Subaru turned down her hand to choose Satella’s.

If this was her revenge for his choice, then that’s just far too――

[Subaru: And just when I thought……!]

In the very, very end, that apparent gesture of goodwill that had made him almost think fondly of her,

{Echidona: ――You’re not wrong in the least?}

Hearing the mischievous voice of the Witch he should not be hearing, he turned his head to the sky,

[Subaru: Revoking my qualifications…… you said nothing about this, ECHIDONAAA!!!]


――Natsuki Subaru had lost the qualifications to challenge the Trials to liberate the Sanctuary.



-=Chapter 81 End=-



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    1. I don’t think its that bad, afterall the best ending is having Emilia clear the trials. I am not sure if Echidona is thinking about that aspect though

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    2. I was actually relieved that it wasn’t something horrible that Dona had taken as compensation, like his emotions or soup or something.


      1. However, she did take away his chance for him to take the trials, leaving him without a chance to free the sanctuary. Even though Emilia can qualify, who knows if her mental health will be sound enough to last through the first one, let alone all three. This was shown a few chapters back.


        1. Yes, but it was a given that his qualifications would be taken once he refused her hand. And yet, she still gave him a piece of advice on what to do with that hint on Garfiel.


    1. Subaru has too many immediate threats to deal with. I think he just thought he’d have a chance to ask once it’s all fixed.
      The LN added this little detail where he asked her about Rem in their first meeting, but Dona answered the same way, saying that, being dead, she doesn’t know about recent events.

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      1. she can read his mind and can predict the future well ‘what if’ futures to write orders in her books. i seriously doubt the cultist books are automatic considering how the cultist treat the books. esp beakos that order to choose ‘they’ i just assumed a lot just from learning that rosswall has one.


    2. Also, can’t be sure if they would know about the Archbishop Authority of Gluttony. Authorities will actually be different for different users. Carmilla and Cappella’s Authorities of Lust are vastly different, as are Minerva and Sirius’ Authorities of Wrath. Sloth doesn’t seem to change, but that makes sense since Sloth follows its nature and can’t make the effort to change what it does, so it should always be some version of Unseen Hand. Daphne’s Authority has a lot going on (creation of Witchbeasts, gaze of hunger, consuming on skin contact), but hasn’t so far shown Consuming Name and Memory, so we can’t be sure they would be able to answer how the current Authority works.


  1. “If he enters, the Trial would start, and he may be faced another present that was not to be.”
    “he may be faced (with) another present”
    “he may face another present”

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  2. (Daisuke) Hi. I don’t think I helped you with this part, perhaps it was previous part? Just didn’t want unwarranted credit.


    1. Yes especially the breathtaking passages. ❤
      Sometimes it can overload the brain if I do it continuously and then I'll need a day or so before I can enjoy it again. I try to do it in a way that I always enjoy it when I read it in the end.

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    1. Nah. If you think about it, Subaru was kinda mean to Dona first. Dona helped him sooooo much in the previous chaps, and Subaru was like “Wow ur just an evil witch I like Satella better cause she said what I wanted to hear, even though she’s literally done nothing else.”
      I think Satella might be the real evil here.
      Subaru literally rejected Dona, why shouldn’t Dona do the same?


      1. just cause the end result is good does not mean she did that stuff on purpose. she was mostly just messing with him just for kicks tricking him into dying repeatedly when she could have just explained things better adjust the trial to show him useful things. dona is more a sadist then anything


          1. true after all she is keeping the sanctuary pl their like hostages. so far she only ‘helps’ pl when she has something to gain from it not entirely a bad thing but she always has the mindset of ‘you have to pay me back’. everyone is better off with emelia taking the trails the problem is no one is expecting emelia to be able to pass the trails and honestly for how they are avoiding her i would not help them. i do not know how it would help her win the election if she does not have true followers its like the whole thing is riding on their respect for subarus accomplishments.


      1. idk i did not trust dona from the get go she is obviously a manipulative sadistic bitch but yeah gives a little advice and she is best girl just gives me a headache.


        1. i forget she is so manipulative just constantly its not that she cant lie outright its just that pl assume she is always telling the truth or leaving things out. super childish


  3. I think it makes sense in terms of narrative. Subaru returning to the tomb again would be quite redundant. I can imagine Dona thinking of another visit as boring .

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  4. Hehehe that Echidona.. Truly a witch indeed.. But just wondering though, what if Subaru dies and turns back time to after the 1st trial was over, will that undo Echidona’s revocation to his Qualifications for the Tomb?


    1. the problem is he be waking up in the tomb and she can read his mind also the changes done would be to his soul not his body so it would effect him. ie if puck froze his soul he would die permanently like petel actually probably be saved going back in time idk on that one


      1. Oh so it affects his soul and plus with the mind reading..then there’s probably no more Trial times for him. Thanks for the explanation ^^


        1. she also has her book. be emelia thats gonna pass the trials if barely in time. all the problems get wrapped up. including elsa dying and subjugating the hare wont say how but it is awesome. kinda foreshadowed on elsa


  5. So,

    Echidona is actually being kind to him here. Remember the chat the witches had after he and Satella left the dream world? Echidona was playing him from the start, true. But she also does have emotions. She’s really being kind to him, by not putting him through the second trail again.


    1. Because her selfish greed is after endless different results and considering he would technically beat the trial or fail it are not really entertaining enough for her. She is nice to the degree of her getting something on return. She never did something out of sheer “good-will“, you have to remember they are personifications of the sins so they wont follow any “instinct“ other than what they are. They even tell you that, their behaviour is just like that! LoL


    2. sigh…she was being ‘nice’ to him because she was going to get something out of him in return more deaths to satiate her curiosity and when he refused she took what she gave him back. giving someone some advice should not be considered that big of a thing how low are our standards gotten is rather sad.


      1. Your ability to give advice is a product of all your life experiences. Of your unique strengths.

        It’s not such a small thing – depending on the person.


  6. Well … Dona is nothing if not a vindictive little minx ; P

    But, I think in the long run, this is for the best Emilia really needs a chance to brave the trials on her own. Meanwhile, Subaru can focus on taking care of all these other problems. Who knows maybe they might get a chance to team up with everyone and defeat those rascally rabbits.

    Thanks Chicken! Your work is suburb as always ; )


  7. This is sad.. echidona revoked his qualification.. after all he gone through and when he finally have a lead.. he must find another way.. *sigh* don’t you think you’re being mean echidona?

    Thank you as always chicken sama..


    1. overall on this she is being ‘nice’ the thing is emelia needs to pass the trails for her own good. one of the things that happen in the what if on contracting is that emelia becomes meek n dependent on subaru. she overcomes her past and gets stronger emotionally its a good thing


  8. One of the interesting possibilities here is that Emilia take control of the clones.

    Although I believe Echidona doesn’t like Emilia so Emilia may not be the one who needs to succeed.

    I think it might be tiger kid’s job to save the sanctuary.


  9. JOTAROOOOO!!! mpfh
    Does losing quaifications mean that he’s not a greed apostle and can’t take command of Lewes clones anymore? Or maybe the Dona tea’s still in effect?
    Thanks for the chapter, Chicken…


    1. Dona tea only made the sloth witch genes Subaru took from Juice settle down within his body, that has nothing to do with the qualification to take the trials. In other words it only accelerated the process.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Remember what echidona said about Garfiel and his fisrt trial being the key to get out of this mess. What if he is the one to clear the trials.


  11. So now all of you guys and even subaru himself know… know… know why our best girl patrasche-tan dragged subaru out of the tomb. If left alone, who knows what would happen to subaru’s body that his qualification been revoked and in the state of unconscious.


  12. Oh damn, too bad! Right after he has come up with a solution, he is facing his brand new failure.
    What will he do with this time?
    Thanks for the chapter!


  13. Ah, so now he must convince Garfiel to NOT be afraid of the outside world anymore and take the fucken trials so Emilia won’t be pushed to insanity.


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