Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 92 [Lie] (Part 3/3)


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{Puck: ――――}

Receiving Subaru’s thought-waves, Puck’s reaction was neither rejection nor laughter, but silence.
If that unseen cat-spirit was here in form, he’d probably be floating there with his leisurely air and carefree expression, swaying his long tail to and fro.

{Puck: Amazing, Subaru. That’s a better answer than I expected}

Puck said after a moment of silence with an impressed tone in his voice.
At this, Subaru exhaled a sigh through his nostrils.

{Subaru: Seriously, your compliments don’t make me happy at all, you know}

{Puck: It’s honest praise. You didn’t have much information to go on, so the fact that you’ve deduced this far really is surprising. You know Lia’s heart well}

Saying so with an air of deep compassion, Puck’s consciousness was probably watching the sleeping Emilia. As if lured by that voice, Subaru turned his gaze to her pale, sleeping face as well.
Lying there, sound asleep, it was impossible to tell whether she was having a good dream or a nightmare.

The Trial and its accompanying past whittling at her heart―― Subaru had his doubts as to how accurate that recreated past was to the past that actually took place.

The past that Subaru saw in his Trial was about him parting with his parents, who were the symbols of his past regrets. It was only natural. The past Subaru needed to overcome was not a single great event, but the environment in which he had languished throughout the time he had spent in sloth.

And so, for Subaru, the Trial created a time and space that never truly existed, and gave him a pleasant reprieve to be with his parents while urging him to make his farewells.

{Subaru: Those pasts aren’t necessarily faithful to what happened in the real world. They’re just mental images drawn from the challenger’s mind assembled into a form suited for the Trials}

At the end of the Trial, Echidona had told Subaru the rough outlines of how the Trial worked. Having collected pieces of memories that even Subaru didn’t know he remembered, the Trial had used them to craft “An Elaborately Fabricated World”.
In other words, none of Subaru’s parting from his parents was real, and it had been no more than self-satisfaction.

――“But so what?”, were Subaru’s present thoughts.

{Subaru: The past you see in the Tomb is a forgery disguised as the real thing. And the asshole who set up the Trials did it so that the challenger’ll reach whatever answer satisfies her the most}

Echidona hadn’t stated as much, but, from what he had seen of that Witch’s deviousness first-hand, Subaru was sure it was just the kind of thing she would do.
And so,

{Subaru: The past that Emilia saw would be part reality and part fabrication. And you…… must know something that would be decisive in correcting that discrepancy. That’s why Emilia’s subconscious is blocking her attempts to summon you}

{Puck: ……Which begs the question. If I’m with her, Lia would see the past as it really was. So why would Lia’s heart reject me, knowing this?}

{Subaru: That’s s……}

“Simple”, Subaru was about to say when he hesitated.
The reason for his hesitation was just as simple. If the next words came out of his mouth, it would mean exposing the reality of Emilia’s past―― as well as the fact that the cruel and aversive scene she had described was only a cover for the truth buried in her heart.

{Puck: …….because the truth that Lia has forgotten is far more unforgiving than the false memories she had spoken of}

Puck finished Subaru’s sentence for him.
Recognizing what he had failed to recognize until the words came out, Subaru’s face twisted in grief as he looked towards Emilia.

The people she had spent those days with in tenderness and warmth―― to have those same people turn on her with all their hate and malice, showering her with their spite inside the ice as she bade her long, long farewell:
That past which tore at Subaru’s body and soul just thinking about was, in fact, a gentle cradle to shield her from an even crueler truth.

{Subaru: Do you… know what Emilia actually saw?}

{Puck: ……Unfortunately, I don’t. When I first met Lia, it was already after she had been frozen alongside the forest. So I don’t know why Lia would be afraid of my presence. And I have no idea how I play into Lia’s past}

Listening to Puck’s mutters of genuine regret, Subaru bit down on his lip.
Emilia’s real past―― was the reason she couldn’t pass the Trial. Grasping this, he was now one step closer to the answer.

Each time Emilia was inside the Trial, she saw both her real and her fabricated past. And she herself wanted that fabricated past to be her real one.
As long as she fails to reach an answer to her actual past, she will not pass the Trial. And so long as Emilia continues lying to her own heart, those sweet knives of her past would continue shredding away at her mind.

{Subaru: What should I do?}

{Puck: I don’t know}

{Subaru: I want to help Emilia… and become her strength}

{Puck: It is the same for me. I exist only for her sake. If I cannot be her strength, then there is no reason for me to exist}

{Subaru: I want to support her in everything she wishes to do… and I want to be at her side}

{Puck: ――――}

Faced with Subaru’s appeals, Puck fell silent as he sank into thought. All the while, Subaru intently waited for the spirit’s reply. Then, with a voice laced with determination,

{Puck: Subaru. ――There is only one possibility}

{Subaru: Possibility……?}

{Puck: It is a solution that would’ve been absolutely unthinkable if I were on my own, and, even now, I am strongly averse to it. This is something I never imagined I would suggest, even if I did consider it}

Listening to Puck’s consternation, Subaru braced himself for the words to come. At least, this was the first time Subaru had heard Puck speak in a voice this serious in his normal form.

{Subaru: What do you need me to do?}

{Puck: It is something that I will have to do. Though you will be the one left with all the cleanup afterwards}

{Subaru: ……You sound like you’re gonna say something insane next, I’m kinda scared}

{Puck: I never thought I’d end up leaving it all in someone else’s hands, either. But, well…… I believe you are the only person who’d be willing to stake your life for Lia’s sake, if need be}

Sensing that Puck was repressing some great emotion as he spoke, Subaru sucked in a small breath.
No doubt――Puck’s assessment was correct. For Emilia, Natsuki Subaru would gladly lay down his life.

Seeing Subaru give his silent assent, Puck must’ve nodded inside the crystal as well.
And then, in a quiet voice,


{Puck: Tomorrow morning, I will break my contract with Lia. ――And once the relationship between Lia and me is severed, I’m sure that when she cries, you will do what you can to comfort her}



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  1. Daaaamn I was not expecting that.

    I was expecting Puck to say that he was going to form a contract with Subaru…

    But it seems like every time I think I know what’s going to happen next, things go in another direction entirely. This is why I love re zero.

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  2. Puck, that’s… really forceful, yeah. That’s mindbreak you’re about to do.
    Thanks for the chapter, Chicken…
    That’s some iron will you have. Still dishing out chapters even after recovering from an illness.


    1. It’s the same old story- author accidentally makes a girl other than the main heroine more popular than the main heroine and then kills her off to get the fans back on track. It’s nothing new.

      Give it a few years and Rem diehards will be mostly gone, and the few still hanging on looked at as fringe nutters. You see this a lot in series with some sort of love triangle going on- who the author puts the main character with seems at odds with a large portion of the fanbase.

      Though typically it’s because the main heroine has the personality of a doormat.


      1. Rem’s popularity or any other character is irrelevant to their role in the story itself. Unless Tappei doesn’t plan his stories it wouldn’t change what was going to happen.


    2. You know… a long story needs at least an entire arc to develop a character. In Subaru’s case there are 4 arcs to grow. In the 3rd arc ust happens that Rem and Crusch had the worst luck possible. It’s not going to kill off Rem.. She’s in a fucking limbo cause fucking Witch Cult are savages as shit


  3. Daaaamn! This was unexpected! Plus, once the contract is broken, what will Puck do? And what will Lia will think about Puck?
    Thanks for the translations!


  4. Thanks again for the chapter Chicken! I hope your still having fun on your trip.

    Since we have gotten to this chapter I want post a bit of trivia and won’t really be spoilers now that we have gotten to this aprt.

    Now here is a bit of fun fact, this part changed slightly in the LN. This was mainly to fix a plot hole in the WN which being why Emilia couldn’t contract Puck before she even stepped into the Sanctuary. WN tries to blame on trials but this contradicted by being it a problem ever since Subaru and Emilia returned to Roswaal’s mansion. So instead of Emilia’s subconscious suddenly randomly blocking Puck it ties this into Roswaal’s plan of continuing to isolating Emilia like he was doing in both versions make and her more emotionally dependent on Subaru by using a spell to interfere with her contract as soon as they returned home to his place.

    This effectively changes nothing becasue Emilia as stated in both versions is not consciously running from the trials and makes things more consistent withing the narrative.

    The real reason why her memories are fragmented will be witnessed in the next couple chapters once the contract is broken as it did more just make Emilia and Puck Contractor and Spirit.

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    1. i thought it was because sub said he loved her also roshit doesnt have to be the one to do that puck could easily interfere. roshit would probably have to wait for both of them to be ‘asleep’ to do that. makes more sense to me if it was part of the contract to force emelia into accepting someone else’s love.


      1. Except Puck still appeared even after Subaru’s confession to Emilia. When they got back to the mansion he just stop showing up without real explanation. Basically there nothing in the story specific triggers Emilia rejection of him before they enter the Sanctuary. This pretty crucial because had Puck been around things wouldn’t gotten this bad. The subconscious explanation might have made more sense had it started after the first trial.

        And what you said is exactly what Rsowaal is doing, he’s trying to isolate her from everyone but Subaru while continuously making Subaru run into dead ends until he wears out and comes to Echidna fro help. It’s in his best interest to keep Puck away so he doesn’t do what he”s about to do now. He set this whole trap up in the first place as means to end of his true goal.


        1. nvm a few days before the trail pucks whole existence is a plot hole. consider he is supposed to have been around with beako 400 years ago or is that even how it is. never really explained…if so what did he do all those years? wiki says he is one of the most troubling spirits /beast of the eternally frozen lands/ remember how the geezers at the city were afraid of him? so he has history of going on rampages /apparently/ then one day goes searching for his ‘daughter’ that he was ‘originally’ created to care for. why the love is he her adopted dad or somehow the real deal. how did the ‘true form’ get smaller for emelia???


    2. I see… So the “LN version makes emilia less annoying than WN version” means this? This sure will change readers opinion about emilia when comparing both version.


      1. THANK YOU.. i thought i was the only sane one that can really talk about a female character’s flaws. the waifu maniacs are annoying. rest assured she will get REALLY annoying in a few. although in the end she makes up for it so meh.


  5. “Tomorrow morning, I will break my contract with Lia” … WAIT WHAT! cue spit take

    Considering how much the story has hammered in just how importent contracts are this is a surprising answer but just might be the only answer. I’m worried what the consequenses we be for puck, considering how extreme the fufillment of that contract is.

    Thanks Chicken


    1. Risky yeah, but this is the only way for emilia to see her real trial. And i guess clearing the trial is far more important than the contract.


    1. More like when the scary father decided to leave his daugther without telling her and you are asked to calm her once she realized that.


  6. this might seem out of context of the story but re:zero is literally the only show that someone could literally have their but handed to them ,like cut off and on a silver platter. corpse party might do that now that I’m thinking about it


  7. chapter-88 1/2
    “Subaru would just use the power of his ability to rewind to utterly annihilate him heart and mind until he relented.”
    *his heart

    Well well, took me almost a month to read all the chapters. Thanks for translating!

    In case you need some good pictures, I uploaded some of my gud stuff, although some of it I have already seen before:

    Already compressed down to beautifulness 😉
    Don’t let it fool you, for some fucked up reason, the PREVIEW images are pixelated.

    See ya!


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