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Chapter 101 [Theta Pt.1]


One of Lewes’ representative personalities, whom Subaru called Theta――
――Had entered the Tomb and touched the past of her progenitor, Lewes Meyer, but the memories were incredibly fragmented, and even the chronology was indefinite.

Theta figured this must be because her existence was created from various fragments severed from the original Lewes Meyer’s soul.
In which case, the other Leweses: Alpha, Beta, Sigma, and perhaps even the replicants that never developed a personality, would all see different glimpses of the past.

But even if that hypothesis was correct, Theta would not want them to enter the Tomb.
――Because for Theta, just the thought of the other Leweses witnessing the past that she saw was accompanied by unbearable and intolerable agony.

[???: ――What do you want, I suppose? Staring at me isn’t going to make me give you anything]

The memory began with a girl with softly-hued hair, glaring at her.

A girl with a lovely face.
Her hair was so fair that it seemed to meld into the light, and her skin was so white that it was nearly transparent. With light-blue eyes that were big and round, her appearance could be described simply with the word “Sweet”.
Her hair was tied into two long, swirling pigtails, the mere sight of which revealed their smooth, silky texture and springy softness.

She wore a dress of a subdued hue that made the young girl look almost adult-like, but, matched with the splendour of the girl herself, the color of the dress perfectly served to harmonize her appearance.

[Lewes: ――――]

Pierced by the adorable girl’s perilous gaze, Lewes recoiled a little.
Compared to this girl, her own clothes and appearance were utterly wretched. And the fact that they were about the same age made her wretchedness so conspicuous that she felt ashamed to even be standing there.

[Girl: Hmpf. A coward, I suppose]

In front of the speechless Lewes, the girl let out a snort of displeasure.
Although her adorable appearance made even that gesture come off as cute, for Lewes, the feeling tugging at her heart pained her even more than being rebuked.
But before she could realize that it was something akin to the fear of upsetting this girl――

[????: Beatrice. What’s with that attitude? I don’t remember teaching you to behave like that]

There came a mild voice that made the girl’s expression tense up.
The voice came from behind the girl, and in front of Lewes’ view.

Coming out of a small shed in the back of the village was a woman of “True White”.
Her hair flowed long and fair, and not even light could match the translucence of her skin. Only her irises and lips, and the long-sleeved gown she was wearing, adorned her with contrast and conveyed to those around her that she indeed existed in reality.

The person walking towards Lewes and the girl was the great benefactor of this village―― the revered Witch Echidona.
It was to Echidona’s voice that the girl named Beatrice reacted so dramatically. She turned around with her expression still tense, and,

[Beatrice: Aah, ehm…… it’s not what you think, mother! It wasn’t Betty who’s…… it’s just, this girl was……]

[Echidona: I don’t remember teaching you to make grovelling excuses, either. Be honest and speak the truth. If you’re confident that you’re not at fault, then you shouldn’t be tripping over yourself. Am I wrong?]

[Beatrice: You’re not… wrong, I suppose……]

Echidona’s voice harbored no sharp emotions, but was laden with a silent, pressuring strictness.
Beatrice slumped her shoulders and brought her hands together, looking timid,

[Beatrice: Betty was quietly waiting outside just as you told me to, and this girl came over, I suppose. Staring at me from way over there…… it was incredibly rude. So I called out to her and asked what she wanted, I suppose]

[Echidona: Hm. I see. You there, do you agree with that account?]

[Lewes: Ah……h. Y-Yes, I do. Please forgive me. I-it was very rude of me, and……]

Beatrice’s description was accurate.
Lewes had been standing in the village outskirts, vacantly staring at the small girl leaning against the fence. Beatrice was probably waiting there for Echidona to finish whatever she was doing. Her posture and her eyes seemed almost lonely, and Lewes felt a tug at her chest as she saw this.
But if she had said that out loud, they would probably snort and laugh at her. So Lewes only shrunk her little body even smaller, hoping to outlast the storm by keeping her head down.

[Echidona: You don’t deny it? Then it would seem that Beatrice was right, and you were a little rude, Lewes]

[Beatrice: That’s right, Mother. So Betty didn’t do anything wrong at……]

[Echidona: However, it is your fault that your imperious attitude frightened her so much, Beatrice. I’m sure I’m always telling you this. You are indeed special, but that doesn’t mean you can look down on others]

[Beatrice: Uu, mhuu……]

Beatrice’s gloating at Echidona’s affirmation was immediately met with her rebuke.
While listening to their exchange, Lewes suddenly realized that Echidona had remembered her name, a fact which moved her so much that her insides trembled all over.

It was a small village, but she was just an insignificant child.
Yet the revered Witch, their great benefactor, remembered her name nonetheless. This was an indescribable honor for a resident of the Sanctuary who idolized the Witch of Greed with their utmost gratitude and respect.

[Echidona: I’ll have Geuse straighten you up when we get back to the Mansion. I expect he’ll be very enthusiastic]

[Beatrice: ……I don’t like Geuse very much, I suppose]

[Echidona: He says it himself that it’s his duty to be disliked, so that’s exactly what he’s going for, I’d say]

Giving the grimacing Beatrice a light smile, Echidona turned her face towards Lewes.
Lewes’ heart unwittingly jolted. Figuring that she’d missed the timing to join the conversation, Lewes was just about to slip away when Echidona’s attention caught her completely by surprise.
And just like this, Echidona walked up to Lewes, whose shoulders remained hitched and rigid,

[Echidona: Sorry for startling you, Lewes. Her name is Beatrice…… she’s something like a daughter to me. As you can see, her discipline isn’t quite up to par, which is a little embarrassing]

[Beatrice: I’m not “something like” your daughter, I am your daughter]

[Echidona: Well, I guess. She’ll be accompanying me on my visits to the Sanctuary rather often now. You’ll have more chances to interact with each other from now on, so I would like you two to get along]

[Lewes: U-Understood. You can leave it to me, Echidona-sama]

With Echidona’s hand on her shoulder, Lewes’ heart fluttered with joy as she nodded.
Receiving Lewes’ promise, Echidona nodded back in satisfaction, while behind her, Beatrice muttered [……Hmpf, Betty’s just fine on her own, I suppose] under her breath.


※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※


[?????: You there, excuse me. I’m certain that Echidona-sama should be somewhere around here, have you seen her?]

Stopped by that call, Lewes turned around with a basket of laundry in her arms.
And, realizing who it was that called her, she just about yelped. She was just on the verge of fumbling the basket of laundry in her arms when an outstretched arm reached out and propped it back in place.

[?????: Ah, hup――]

[Lewes: Uu, uwaah, I am so sorry!]

Facing the youth who practically skated up to her to stop her basket from dropping, Lewes quickly bowed her head.
And seeing this, the youth with long blue hair said, [No, don’t worry about it],

[Youth: I’m the one who should apologize, for failing to notice that you were carrying something. That was very inconsiderate of me]

[Lewes: N-no, not at all…… I don’t deserve your apology, Mathers-sama]

[Youth: Whoever it may be, no one should forget to be considerate towards a lady. ……Just one correction, though, I don’t especially like being called by my surname. You can just call me Roswaal]

Saying this to the flustered Lewes, the youth―― Roswaal, winked.
He was about four or five years older than Lewes, and one head taller. His limbs still had some room to grow, and his sonorous voice hadn’t fully become an adult’s.
He was possessed of the sensual appeal only attainable in the short interlude between boy and man―― and his bearing was so abounding in natural dignity that even the young Lewes was feeling his charms.

And who could blame her? Roswaal, despite his youth, was the head of the House of Mathers, the lord of multiple domains, an associate of the Witch Echidona, and the governor of the Sanctuary, all combined into one remarkable man.

He was contributing to the Sanctuary’s preservation in a different way than Echidona’s, and everyone had always told Lewes not to be rude to him.
Feeling her cheeks reddening from Roswaal’s wink, Lewes frantically grappled for the topic he had stopped her for,

[Lewes: Well, um, so, Echidona-sama…… I’ve not yet seen her today. Beatrice-sama wasn’t at the usual place, either]

[Roswaal: I, see. Then she might be delayed. But Echidona-sama aside, it’s inconceivable that Beatrice would fail to immediately come to see you]

[Lewes: Ermm, um…… I think… it’s really just a coincidence that Beatrice-sama and I run into each other so often……]

[Roswaal: You’re saying it’s a coincidence because that’s what Beatrice calls it, yes?]

At Roswaal’s question, Lewes only wordlessly nodded.
She had interacted with Echidona’s daughter Beatrice countless times since they were introduced. Beatrice would come alongside Echidona on her visits to the Sanctuary which she worked into her busy schedule, and Beatrice would often loiter about the place while Echidona tended to her business. In the meantime, she and Lewes would meet with surprising frequency.
Time and time again, they’d run into each other while Lewes was gathering the laundry or out picking wild vegetables,

Seeing Lewes’ reaction, Roswaal laughed, unable to hold it in.

[Roswaal: Beatrice isn’t honest with her feelings at all. I hope she isn’t too much for you to handle]

[Lewes: But she is too much for me. She’s being so kind to someone like me. And I’m the one who’s always making Beatrice-sama upset…… I even worry if she might hate me]

[Roswaal: You’re fine. Beatrice’s complaints aren’t credible at all. If she truly hated you, she wouldn’t be finding all sorts of excuses to come along]

She was? Lewes tilted her head when she heard this.
Whenever Beatrice was with Lewes, she’d always be complaining, and she’d always have something to say about everything Lewes did. That was all Lewes saw of her, so even when someone told her that Beatrice didn’t actually hate her, she had trouble believing it.
Lewes and most of the residents of the Sanctuary were often chosen as the targets of the hatred and malice of the outside world. Beatrice’s attitude was overwhelmingly tender compared to what Lewes knew, and it was even laced with a certain warmth, but mean was still mean.

[Roswaal: ……I hope someday, you two would understand that as well]

Seeing Lewes fall silent, Roswaal muttered sadly.
At the sight of the sad smile rising onto Roswaal’s lips, Lewes shuddered, wondering if she had upset him.
But before she could say anything to salvage the situation, Roswaal blinked his yellow eyes as if having spotted something.

[Roswaal: Ah! Sensei! I heard you were here and came flying over in a heartbeat!]

Flinging up his hands and utterly discarding his previously mature attitude, Roswaal started running with an expression of childish glee. Lewes only watched as he ran right past her and towards a woman standing in the distance―― Echidona.
Seeing Roswaal dashing towards her with his face beaming with glee, Echidona slightly raised her brows.

[Echidona: Roswaal, huh? I don’t remember ever allowing you to call me Sensei]

[Roswaal: Today I’ll definitely change your mind about that. I can now confidently perform the assignment you gave me last time, balancing four types of mana at equal concentration and producing rainbow-colored mana. ――And by my own efforts, I’ve reached the point where I can add the remaining two as well. What do you think?]

[Echidona: You self-studied to the point where you can bind all six? My my…… I guess you can call that a foreboding rate of progression and nothing short of obsession. I’m sure in a bind now]

It was a rare sight to see Echidona surprised.
At least, this was the first time Lewes had ever seen it. Roswaal pumped up his chest in pride as he waited for Echidona’s response. Even Lewes, who was younger than him, found this adorable. His attitude and gaze, no matter how you looked at it, was overflowing with unreserved admiration for Echidona―― and even sentiments that went beyond admiration.

[Beatrice: Why’re you just standing there doing nothing, I suppose?]

[Lewes: Aa…… Beatrice-sama]

While watching those two from a distance, Lewes suddenly found Beatrice next to her, staring at the side of her face. Unwittingly taking a step back, she saw Beatrice with her arms folded as usual, giving her a snort.

[Beatrice: You’re gawking again. Just as rude as ever, aren’t you]

[Lewes: P-please forgive me. I apologize for my insolence]

Berated like this, Lewes shrank up, ashamed of her own shameless behavior. But seeing Lewes’ apology, Beatrice’s brows furrowed even further.
If only she smiled, or relaxed her lips, Beatrice’s face would give off a gentle impression. And so the fact that her callous behavior was putting such an expression on Beatrice’s face was truly inexcusable.

[Beatrice: How long do you intend to keep sulking like that, I suppose? It’s dismal. If you have time to space out toting that laundry basket, you ought to hurry up and get to your next chore]

[Lewes: Y-yes. That’s what I’ll do. Please excuse me]

Giving the unsparing Beatrice a bow, Lewes scrambled to leave the scene. But just as she began to speedily walk off, she noticed Beatrice picking up her dress, following behind her.

[Lewes: Beatrice-sama..….?]

[Beatrice: It’s nothing, I suppose. I have nothing to do, anyway]

Seeing Lewes turn around, Beatrice gave a nonchalant reply. But just as Lewes was about to turn away, she remembered her conversation with Roswaal.
That youth had insisted that Beatrice didn’t dislike talking with her at all, but――

[Lewes: Beatrice-sama… Would you like to help me fold the laundry?]

[Beatrice: ……Hha?]

At Lewes’ abrupt request for her to help with her chores, Beatrice let out a displeased groan.
Seeing Beatrice’s eyes open wide and her expression shift into shock and even indignation, Lewes immediately regretted trusting Roswaal.

[Beatrice: ――But well, if you absolutely can’t handle it by yourself… then Betty has no choice but to help you, I suppose]

[Lewes: Huh?]

[Beatrice: I’m not saying it again. Come on, get going, I suppose]

Saying this, Beatrice scuttled past Lewes, who had unwittingly stopped in her tracks. The moment Beatrice passed her, Lewes saw that her lips were half softened in astonishment, and half by some other emotion.
Suddenly feeling a gush of warmth inside, Lewes caught up to Beatrice who had purposefully slowed her steps. Then, taking a peek at Beatrice’s face,

[Lewes: Would you… like to hold a small amount of the laundry?]

[Beatrice: Don’t push your luck. ――But since I’ve no choice… just a small amount, I suppose]

Saying this with a somewhat unwilling expression, Beatrice offered Lewes her hand.



-=Chapter 101 End=-



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  1. [Beatrice: Don’t push your luck. ――But since I’ve no choice… is it not ‘got’ no choice.. always enjoy more beako just wish someone will perma stab roshit to death. i know from the ‘what ifs’ that sub does not really need him to make emelia king tho that is a dark dark route to take. actually would be fine if any of the other candidates became king probably better off since emelia has no skills in that whatsoever or at this point the ‘toughness’. can not even handle anyone lying or take charge and be a leader. character growth is strong. still thanks to subaru which is amazing. loving this

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    1. True, right now even Felt has better power than emilia which is told off screen during arc 4 but revealed briefly on arc 5. Royal selection lasts for three years which give enough time for every candidates to grow and appeal to their people. The end game for rezero would has something to do with eliminating witch of envy. I dunno maybe subaru will kill her, or will fulfill his promise to satella that he would save her. At that point, whoever becomes the king might not be significant anymore.

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      1. did not know that on felt. no there is a point otherwise roshit would not care. n the only thing he cares about is dona so probably has to do with reviving her. just like to point out its not just racism why pl wouldnt /vote/ for her thats a weak excuse considering sub changed rems mind and she wanted to kill him that and that one failed loop where emelia gained respect after defeating sloth nvm she could have helped on that or with the mabeast incident >again already would have gained some respect< esp after we learn that she can 'silence' puck. i know she will grow into a much better character i just love getting the waifu tards mad. i just feel they are more in denial on how they really are (*-*) claps to Tappie for making characters well rounded and not 2 dimensional


        1. Only roshit would care, yes. After all, the winner of royal selection will meet volcanica directly, he who sealed echidona’s soul.

          Now we still don’t know whether satella will break free first, or royal selection will be the one concluded first.

          Or maybe the final boss isn’t satella? Will there be another stronger villain?


          1. kinda makes you wander what dona did to have her soul sealed as far as i know its has not been revealed at all. there was so many hints that she was scummy. tho it is kinda obvious those 2 witches talked to each other i doubt dona would have so much faith in his ability being ‘infinite’ otherwise. i do hope there is other villains then the cult and we only have one big bad mabeast to go /snake/. never know she might have made a deal with the dragon. satella is /world ender/ i doubt anyone could be worse then that.


        2. >. just like to point out its not just racism why pl wouldnt /vote/ for her thats a weak excuse considering sub changed rems mind

          It’s entirely because of racism, that’s point in the story. Literally nobody is judging her on abilities but because they she kill them all or bring unending bad luck. What Subaru did with Rem has nothing to do with it, so how the world would it help Emilia?

          > nvm she could have helped on that or with the mabeast incident

          She did in both. The just didn’t need her fight because it was they job. The villagers wouldn’t have cared if she beat Sloth anyway as shown the last loop becasue they blame for happening the first place because she is a “half-elf”. Even then she still warned them, strengthen the villages defenses and gave the evacuation order. Wheres Ros who actually supposed to defend the his lands did nothing.

          > just love getting the waifu tards mad. i just feel they are more in denial on how they really are (*-*) claps to Tappie for making characters well rounded and not 2 dimensional

          Thanks reveal your true aimed and that amkes a lot more sense, because straight up lying. You just don’t like Emilia because she not some edgelord who can somewho do everything thing.The only one who denial anything is you with your blunt trolling.Emilia is well round becasue she has agency with not making her perfect.

          The Emilia in your head is caricature without nuance.


      2. Nothing about Felt makes her better candidate than Emilia, be it fighting or smarts. She’s just a poor kid who didn’t want be dragged into this mess and was entirely out for herself.


        1. You wouldn’t say that if you read early part of arc 5. Don’t wanna spoil you though as those interactions will be interesting for you.


          1. I’ve already read it. She doesn’t do or saying that makes her better candidate. However Otto does mention she camp has had her own achievements too. Besides she treats Emilia as an older sister anyway.


        2. i disagree. she may have been stealing but that was only a means to an end which was to get out of poverty. she probably could not find work so other then selling her body what else could she do? semi the same with emelia no one was giving her a chance. maybe not physically but she does have a strong will. no she was not all in it for herself. she would not have went back to the hideout with help nor accept to participate in the election to save rom. yes bad start but she had more guts and determination then emelia who ran off crying cus sub sad something stupid and got hurt. both mentally are about the same age yet one has a tantrum way more often then the other. (*.*)


          1. It’s not even about stealing. Felt has no political experience or tutelage. Just guts and practically starting from the bottom. The Astreas are currently educating her to her up to speed. I’m sure she can become a fine ruler in time, but so can the others.

            Emilia didn’t run of crying at point before Arc 4. In fact one biggest problems with Emilia is that she holds in all of things that are bothering her and never lets in. She toughs out everything on hoer own even to unhealthy levels never asks anyone for help or has no idea how to because she has lived her life afoot to protect herself.


    2. i know from the ‘what ifs’ that sub does not really need him to make emelia king tho that is a dark dark route to take

      Subaru has nothing to do with it. It’s not his choice or whether she becomes King or not. It’s her ambition and up to people to decide and her willingness to make it happen.

      You arbitrary definition of what makes a is not irrelvant. She’s plenty tough and has survived this long without him. You fact she dealing with trauma as stupidly childish reason to atttack and think rulers should have no feelings and lie all the time. That’s stone cold tyrant not a king and none characters are like.

      I also no what having “no skills here means”. Rulership is something you learn and are taught not what you are.


      1. felt according to rom has royal blood. wasnt really focusing on her. i know she will grow. i mean when suburbanites boss you around its not saying much on your leadership skills. i mentioned rem because she was someone that hated sub but he changed her mind about him and that failed loop of emelia defeating sloth and GAINING respect would have happen again if she stood up and actually did something other then holding the kids hands. no one likes a weak leader yes learning ‘how to’ helps but if you break down every time someone lies to you…. there’s not much helping that. i do like emelia after this ark. a lot of characters here have horrid child traumas including felix >seriously his is fked up< so they are all equal on that. her ambition/will is atm weak and in a bit even sub says a lot on that matter


      2. Interestingly enough, that dark route ended at emilia as the only candidate left to win the selection with subaru finally died for real. I consider that route to be just another bad end. The conclusion of re zero might lie beyond just winning the selection. I bet even Tappei still hasn’t figured out how to explain subaru’s summoning mechanism to that world, let aside how subaru will save satella in the end.


        1. In dark lord route it is implied that after meeting Subaru and hearing his confession. Emilia lost her mind.

          The kingdom was in ashes.

          The Saint hands were drenched in blood

          And the girl that was supposed rule it was still a naive 14yr old.

          It is my belief that Emilia does need Subaru. He IS her savior.

          She may be one of the strongest mage in the country. But she has a psyche of a 14yr old child who’s only companion uptill now was Puck. She needs him because he’s her emotional support system. In greed route she is basically a living doll with no one by her side ( with Puck gone and Subaru distancing himself more and more because of Echidona). It was so pitiful that I almost cried.

          Emilia is an interesting character in being similar to Subaru but completely different at the same time.

          She is as kind and generous and forgiving as he is. She is also a bit naive and has shut off by the world.

          She is different from Subaru in the fact that none of it was her fault and yet she resent no one.

          She is virtuous and can make a great ruler one day. However because of the fact that she’s never had such exposure that Subaru is giving her. She never developed good social skills.

          That’s my favourite thing about Subaru and Emilia.

          They both are flawed characters that are gentle at heart and both are helping each other to develop better.

          Without Subaru Emilia is just Rosewall’s puppet

          Without Emilia Subaru is just archbishop of pride


          1. agreed. dark lord route would make sense if emelias purpose is to be echidonas/satellas vessel sounds like what a greedy witch would do.

            greed route: yeah that was depressing. ‘solving’ the rabbit problem by moving people around right? i did not get that at all /bad translate/ i bet they just left early and since lewes was controlled probably just made to keep her mouth shut…i still hate her for that so much bullshit.. getting elsa to help so unlikely its insane, felt to fun off.. really ridiculous. like i know he can keep on trying and trying and with dona’s ‘ability’ even the smallest possibilities can be realized but what if it was impossible to begin with?

            yep without sub emelia is dependent on everyone else. her contract with puck is just like a father and a 14 year old. poor social skills. no leadership skills, i can go on. its just a little fun trolling some when all the characters, themselves and the AUTHOR says how a character really is and the readers dont want to believe it. i have no idea how emelia thinks she can become king at all i really really dont. naive just does not explain it.

            it is also at the end of this ark where emelia finally starts overcoming some of her faults. which feels like an eternity and i kinda feel should have happen after the mabeast incident or some development.

            on petra/rem route sub does not become an archbishop. its because of his obsession with emelia that its even a possibility. other then being immature sub is one of the best protagonist. well the ram route he does become rather evil to me. again bad translate.


          2. on racism i feel its even more important for emelia to speak to others albeit with subs, maids, roshit and i bet the villagers kids would help out. esp with the ‘mathers’ territory if she cant gain support from them she should just give up altogether. unless i am missing dialogue /event/ seems to me like she just auto assumes she will get stoned. you cant change peoples minds if you avoid them and solving their problems alone /trails/witch cult etc. is still only a part of it esp when they consider she is the CAUSE of their suffering. she has to come up with ways to gain support yknow like sub doing that ‘winter festival’, morning exercises, reinventing mayonnaise. its not just solving the mabeast/sloth incident that the villagers and petra like him. guys bear in mind before sub they could not get another maid NO ONE wanted to other then fred which they had to rehire from retirement kinda sad. n thats before emelia even showed up. roshits not really liked lol. welp i said all i wanted too. even tho its pointless. i do like emelia just not the ‘sheltered princess’ version of her.


        2. I mean yeah, the Royal Selection is mostly a subplot, but a lot of story revolves around it. It’s how Subaru got involved with Emilia to begin with.


          1. yep if emelia didnt help him out which could have not happen if felt ran in a different direction…ima gonna laugh if tappei makes another ‘what if’ on that. probably not that be dumb. cant wait for more beako and ‘awaken’ emelia. loving this


  2. Ha Ha! Its actually rather comforting seeing everyone so young and getting along. Echidona was still as awesome as she ever was and its cute seeing how much Rosswal, Bety, and og Lewes looked up to her.

    Thank you Chicken. This chapter was a nice surprise. I was not expecting all four of them to not only be connected but also have this tight little friendship going on.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. great chapter!, loving the flashback
    just wanna say…
    tbh i don’t mind the wait too much….I’ve seen other translations of arc 4 and I’m not just saying this to make you look good or anything but, you’re translations of Re:Zero…..are the best out there!
    I couldn’t get to read other translations, too many mistakes in grammar, and some lines that makes no sense, like it was translated by google, trying to use big and complicated words in the wrong places, that makes the chapters hard to read, unlike yours which makes me feel like I’m reading an actual novel…
    keep it up chicken! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. thank you, i really loves these flashback chapters, are nice getting a insight into the world and characters from the past.


  5. Happy your all well ❤ kinda worried already but then saw the draft near finish, so I just stayed low. Thanks Chicken for this nostalgic Beatrice flashback ❤ I would like to wish more chapter 6 though, but I know how your plans are. And dw, its totally fine 🙂 we will get there anyway ❤


  6. Echidona says: “(…)I’m sure in a bind now]”
    I think it should be “(…) I sure am in a bind now]”
    I know it sound weird but i dont think “i’m sure in a bind now” makes much gramatical sense


  7. Sorry, I’m late in commenting on this and reading. Great job again Chicken., Through I’m a bit surprised that Betty was a tsundere even back then. Though Ros and Echidna are quite bit different.


  8. Thanks for the translation!

    I think there is a typo in “He was possessed of the sensual appeal only attainable”.

    I think it should be “He possessed the sensual appeal only attainable…”


  9. So it’s taken me quite a while, but this is the point where I caught up with your translation. Thank you, Chicken-sama, for doing all this work so we can enjoy it too. I look forward to seeing where else this story will take us.


  10. Amei o anime e estou acompanhando a Novel é super legal. Muito obrigado pelo empenho e dedicação de transmitir essa linda história. Lógico torcendo sempre para o Subaru conquistar de vez o coração de Emília. Quanto amor ele transmiti e espero que a alcance de forma surpreendente.
    Quando sai as traduções dos capítulos restantes?
    Mais uma vez meu muito obrigada.


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