Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 108 [A Man With Only Good Timing] (Part 1/2)


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Chapter 108 [A Man With Only Good Timing]


Through the mana congregating at the tip of the wand, the chant rewrote the world――

Whistling wind became blades, cycling towards the eye of the storm, dispensing destruction in its wake.

[Garfiel: ――――!!]

At the center of the maelstrom―― the target of the whirling blades, Garfiel roared into the sky.
The razors struck at Garfiel’s torso, shearing at his adamant flesh. Blood spilled from the gashes, but his timely leap saved him from being cut in two.

Presented with a choice between counter-attacking and evading, Garfiel immediately chose to flee. Even as hesitation flickered in his eyes, he shielded his head with his arms and slid out of the wind blades’ path.

But these ambushing blades had been launched with the intent to decide the fight.
The wind did not allow Garfiel an easy escape as it vigorously hounded his retreat. Kicking off the ground, he clicked his tongue at the invisible slashes,

[Garfiel: Fuckin’, damn it――!]

The moment he landed, Garfiel screamed as he met the incoming wind blades head on.
Driving his heels into the ground, with his foot as the axel, a rectangular section of the earth tilted upwards and sprung into the air. The wind blades crashed into the uprooted soil and took a layer off of its surface before dispersing.

Obeying gravity, the floating platform collapsed to the ground, sending up billows of dust.
Witnessing such a ludicrous scene, any average person would have fallen speechless and dumb.
But the attacker was no average person, and this wasn’t the first time she’d seen Garfiel do this.

[???: Sshi!]

[Garfiel: Tch!]

Bursting out of the plumes of dust was a girl with her short skirt fluttering.
Beneath her neat, peach colored hair, her light-red irises were gleaming with indomitable resolve. Mana exuded from the tip of her wand, warping the atmosphere and sending out blades of wind.

Effective for a far greater range than a first glance might suggest, this flawless control was only befitting an expert of Wind Magic.
Contrary to their fragile appearance, the wind blades’ slashes are more powerful than that of an average sword blade. Garfiel readied his claws at his hips, preparing to intercept, but even his claws would be at a disadvantage against those blades.

Keeping this pose, Garfiel lowered his stance in preparation for another backward leap. But his movement was interrupted by Ram’s off-hand strike.

[Ram: Fula!]

[Garfiel: Ghk!?]

A short chant. A strike from the lowest class of Wind Magic. The attack struck Garfiel from behind, staggering him before he could take a single step backwards. It dealt no damage. But it had stopped him.
Garfiel looked up just in time to see Ram swinging down her blade,

[Garfiel: ――――]

What’s the best course of action here? Before he could consider this question, Garfiel’s body moved.
His claws and fangs, his innate weapons, would not be enough to counter the wind blades. And, being caught off guard, it was too late to dodge now. Which left him only one option.

[Garfiel: Rrrrrrraaaaaaaaghhhh!!]

Roaring, Garfiel lunged forward, clamping his hands together to catch the invisible sword between his palms. The barehanded-swordcatch works against normal swords, but when facing an invisible and incorporeal blade, it’s not so clear whether it’ll do any good.
Nevertheless, although the blade was made of wind, it certainly physically “Existed”. Clamping the blade’s edge between his palms, Garfiel disrupted its course, and, instead of being sliced clean in half, he got away with only a few lacerations on his skin.

The attack has been foiled, Ram judged belatedly.

[Garfiel: Too… fuckin’ close!]

Garfiel shot out a front kick aimed straight for Ram’s torso as she landed.
His leg pierced through the air with force enough to shatter a mountainside, but it would not reach Ram, who bent back her body to dodge. Reclining so far that she might as well be lying on the ground, Ram whipped out another wind blade aimed at Garfiel’s foot.

[Garfiel: ――――Hhk!]

On one foot, Garfiel leapt up, avoiding the strike that would’ve severed his limb from the ankle down. He successfully dodged Ram’s blade, but,

[Ram: Your feet are off the ground]

The instant her whisper grazed his ears, a heel struck Garfiel’s body from above, knocking him back to the ground.
This unexpected attack came from Ram, who rebounded from her stance after launching her wind blade and cartwheeled back with a kick.
Unable to avoid the strike mid-air, all Garfiel could do was hold up his arms to shield himself. The bones in his arm creaked as he was sent shooting back, bouncing off the earth and crashing to a stop against a tree trunk.

With the air knocked out of his lungs, Garfiel glared at Ram, his golden pupils burning with rage.

[Ram: Ul-Fula]

An overwhelming windstorm capable of crushing a whole region of the forest swept up―― with Garfiel at its center, lashing him and the woodlands alike with its invisible fury.

[Garfiel: Gh, gha―― hk!]

The raging wind stuck at Garfiel’s body, cutting him, tossing him, smashing him against the ravaged trees.
Tossed to the point that he could no longer tell up from down and left from right, being separated from the ground left Garfiel no means to defend himself, and no option but to be helplessly trounced by Ram’s magic.

When the wind had stopped and the violence of the storm had passed, Garfiel was left barely able to stand.
Covered in blood, his head tilted back as he fell to his knees, his consciousness halfway gone.





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    1. It’s kinda sad, considering that Ram can do this even without her horn, pretty much the equivalent of removing your arms and just working with your legs. I’ve heard that the author stated that if Ram had her horn, she would be the second strongest character in the entire series, just barely behind Reinhardt and Satella who are tied for first.


    1. Bro I think its because of the excess mana Otto left out during his attack, I think she gathered most of those to cast her storm kind of ability. Yah know, just like when Reinhard waited for Emilia to heal Mr. Rom in the anime

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I just reread that and I guess I missed the part where it said
          “All the mana drifting around him had been siphoned into his spell.” Damn I should’ve reread before commenting


  1. Ty for yet another amazing translation!!!

    Btw, does anyone else get sad when Ram is mentioned? I mean she reminds me so much of Rem I get sad at just the mention of the Ram’s name.


  2. Ram giving a helping hand? I’m still waiting for more of the mischievousness that Roswaall said he will do.
    Thanks for the almost back-to-back chapters you’ve been releasing recently, Chicken…


      1. Bruh from all Z fighters he’s the mastermind at coming up with a battle strategy on the spot. That’s the reason he was recruited for tournament of power due to his quick thinking.


  3. yeah i was a little shocked the first reading of ram helping but considering she already helped in other dead end loops maybe not too surprising. her reasons will be explained in a bit the background stories do a good job in revealing way ram likes roshit. still her ecstasy of being stab-punch by roshit that loop still sickens the f…ck out of me.


  4. Sooo why is it that its translated randomly? I don’t see a point here. Like.. Arc4,5,6 at once… Why not go one by one.. It would make more sense than waiting pointlessly


    1. This is just rude. Be thankful that someone is working hard to bring you these translations on their own accord.

      It’s explained elsewhere on the site why there are concurrent translations. You’re not the only reader that Chicken-sama is trying to cater to, so stop being such a prick. Be patient.


      1. still… you could of said that in a nicer way lol Obviously he’s just frustrated he’s caught up and is now waiting for each chapter to be translated by Mr Chicken 🙂

        ^^he’s looking at the other translated chapters in later arcs as things that have slowed the translation down i imagine.

        It’s better to foster a nice community here to support Chicken and his great translation of the story we’re all enjoying 🙂 I’m personally ignoring those future chapters and reading as an when Chicken finds the time! Keep up the good work!


  5. i still think Frederica should have been the one beating the shit out of garf but alas the worst sister left garf for others to deal with. also bear in mind she is the one that told Emilia to come to sanctuary knowing she would probably be trapped there forever. too bad she could have helped with garfs emotional issues /taken the test/ and none of this would have happen…..why does it have to be sub to solve everyone’s problems? but man if i was being beaten by the one i like for being a jackass id reflect on things mighty hard. btw rem/ram also thought Frederica was insane. enjoying this thanks again chicken


    1. Seems “right” for the sister to set him straight but I can’t help but feel she’d totally get REKD by Garfiel lol I mean, how often has she been getting killed recently :S


      1. well we have not really seen her fight and elsa is a monster. i mean you can chop her body up and she will still fight just from the shock of seeing that you will freeze even a moment hesitation will get you killed. plus no one really attacks their own family back not only that you take their advice to heart a lot more then anyone else. at-least i have never seen in manga or irl of an older sibling taking 0 responsibility esp when their parents die/ (go missing). this is truly bizarre to me to have no one family or friend to set you straight. everyone besides emelia/sub in roshits company just thinks about themselves. I cant help but feel that the witch of greed is having an effect on them mentally (assuming its the miasma coming from the tomb/probably book). i dont really mean to rant but coming from a younger brother this really bothers me.


        1. True we haven’t seen her fight to her fullest capabilities, that’s possible. You reckon she has the same transformation ability like Garf? I’m not so sure; she put those ninja claw things on to fight Elsa each time whereas Garf just uses his own body without weapons. He also has a divine protection as well which I doubt she has. Otto’s backstory kinda confirmed divine protection is really rare and not a family trait thing since none of Otto’s siblings had one.

          I don’t think everybody is being selfish. I think it’s the Master/Servant relationship that’s been built up so far. Frederica was more talkative to Subaru on the 2nd “trip” but wouldn’t divulge on things she has been forbidden to talk about from her master Roswaal. If it’s forbidden they just can’t, I cannot really remember if there is a real constraint in place or if it’s a honour system thing? She left Sanctuary and still has a home because of her master Roswaal, so that’s her reason for honouring her role as his servant. Ram who has forgotten Rem must only remember being saved from the witch cultists by Roswaal and has pledged her life to him. She helps Subaru as long as it’s not contradictory to a direct order from her master. Thats what I’ve taken these last few surprise appearances of Ram to mean.

          I do like the notion of Echidona’s miasma having an affect throughout Sanctuary, but i’m not sure if greed and selfishness are synonymous. So I think right now, Frederica and Ram’s actions are in line with orders from Roswaal but they do care evidenced by Ram’s second interference against Garfiel (1-1 in battles :D) and Frederica answering more questions after Subarus return by death when he knew what to ask and talk about the 2nd time around.

          I still don’t fully understand Garf this time, might need to reread. Sorry if i rambled lol


          1. nah i ramble more then anyone here.. but roshit did not really ‘save’ rem/ram not gonna spoil it. if he actually did help ram probably would not have lost her horn n considering she is stronger then him with it it makes sense on why he spoiler >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>fing waited >>>>asssHole<<>>ASSHOLE<<< the thing is sub also saved ottos life but otto is not following his orders like an idiot so their 'devotion' makes o sense. its pretty much a lot of brainwashing that they think hes a good guy. i get the whole master/servant thing but their level of following goes way further then normal. they literally do not give a shit if its nonsensical or even self destructive. garf even just mentioned that he was following orders which makes sense on why on some loops he let sub do whatever he wanted but not on others. Frederica did not even mention her brother to sub she knew he was going to be in the way probably going to fight him and she knew sub would must likely die we also know she doesnt think very highly of emelia either so she thought the chances of her liberating sanctuary to be low i mean think about that she LET someone be trapped forever just cause her master told her it would be ok thats a huge leap in logic and faith. she knew emelia was not ok when sub came back and afford him candy?? just a stupid bitch in my opinion. why didnt anyone else bother taking the trails? yeah you can get hurt but thats it they were fine being there if they are not trying everything to get out. the sanctuary pl wont even talk to Emilia but expect her to help them fuck them. they dont deserve to be saved if they wont even be nice to pl trying to help them. see this here is a rant LOL.


          1. Oh, I was kinda aware that Roswaal’s idea of helping is stepping in whenever it best suits him (according to his gospel)… With Ram, the fact that her home was destroyed and she had nowhere to go until Roswaal took her in was her reason for swearing her loyalty for him; not sure if it’s been made clear when she found out about the gospel but considering she knows I think she’s aware of her past and has accepted Roswaal’s reasons already?

            Maybe because she’s a demon she receives the same kind of prejudice as the half-breeds in the Sanctuary and that’s why they all honour Roswaal’s position as their “master”? That would explain why Frederica obeys Roswaal’s orders too. She’s been ordered to nudge Sub and co. to go to the Sanctuary whereas Garf is told varying orders (mostly defend the Sanctuary [though im really not sure if i misread that as Roswaal giving orders on some loops which ultimately get sub killed lol])

            Otto and Subaru’s relationship began as Otto wanting to repay the debt of Subaru saving his life from the witch cultists > then he saw saw how much Subaru was struggling against himself and could relate > they became friends instead of master/servant > I think this was a great turning point for Subaru, as up until that point he was losing his mind over how crazy Roswaal is and how the others follow him (which is annoying you too obv :P)> All the craziness up til now with Ram, Frederica etc is explained by inane orders they abide(as servants) to push Roswaal’s will > which as we know is just him insanely following the gospel of the witch of greed :S

            ^^I think it’s pretty strong character building tbh. Isn’t the resolution going to be Roswaal abandoning the gospel and being honest about his desires with subaru and emilia? Ram is still intervening (without orders from Roswaal) when she feels it will help Roswaal achieve his goal(s) [whatever they ultimately are at this point].

            Hmmm not sure if it’s been fully explained why nobody else has taken the trials. The barrier stops half-breeds from leaving but in one loop we seen most of the Sanctuary’s inhabitants were at least “content” living safe somewhere. Trapping Emilia there and forcing her through the trials is what the gospel instructs Roswaal to do. That’s all the is to it. The inhabitants don’t seem to fussed about staying there or leaving as far as i gathered – though maybe i missed something?


          2. spoiler::::::::::::::::::::::::spoilers:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ram finds out basically because some things happen that would only make sense if roshit knew so she asked. saw his resolve and fell in love. it will be explain in a bit that ram is going against roswal when things veer off course from the gospel basically she has a ‘contract’/bet with roshit where she has to follow his orders but if things change she can do whatever she wants with roshit. >i took this to mean sexuallyyou gotta read the back ground stories to fully understand how absurd some orders wheresub didnt know at firsteven the fact he somehow was the one that triggered the att>>>seriously<<<<<even more asinine he did not help but sat back until they were all died except ram/rem. Frederica never really asked but seems to like the fact that roshit knows stuff and is an manipulative person. Cline doesnt care. i take it that it is under roshits orders if garf is helping or hindering sub. probably just telling him if sub is gonna succeed or not. yeah it is good for sub. pretty sure the sanctuary pl are just scared of taking the trails or dont really care enough. i mean they have no responsibilities its an easy life so why give a shit. yes at the near end of this ark the book gets burned along with the mansion.:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: massive spoilers of the end:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: elsa dies, rabbits are taken care of. beako contracts sub. everyone finds out about roshits book. roshit gets punched a lot. everyone still goes along with everything since roshit pretty much cant do crazy shit no more. emelia passes the trails and gains a lot of respect. look forward to it.


          3. sigh some things auto erased again. oni look like humans. so i doubt any prejudice there. some other things missing… doesnt matter. this site hates me. its going to be explain soon anyway


  6. When Ram dodged Garfiel’s kick it almost sounded like they were going in for a session of capoeira. That would’ve been awesome!

    I wonder if Ram’s attacks break the sound barrier, because it sounds like they travel like over 9000mph or something. If they did, tho, wouldn’t there be constant booms? Nagatsuki, as far as I’m concerned, is a writer who does consider these kinds of things.


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