Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 3 [Reunion and Passing] (Part 1/2)


Translator: Nicholas Ipsen


Editor: TranslationChicken




First, read the Prelude if you haven’t already:



 Chapter 3 [Reunion and Passing]


——Slowly, focusing only on turning the doorknob in his hand, Subaru held his breath.

He had a feeling this was the one.

Quietly wandering through the mansion like this, he’d all of a sudden notice a door that particularly draws his attention.

Leaving Emilia and the others behind in the living room, having been granted a little bit of time, Subaru wandered through the mansion alone, and found it just as he set foot into the hallway on the second floor.

The moment he touched the doorknob, his suspicion turned into conviction, and as he started to push it open, there was not a single doubt in his mind.

And, taking in the existence of “that room”, in that place, at that very moment, he stepped inside,

[Subaru: Hey, it’s been a while]

The Forbidden Library, just as he remembered it, stretched out in front of his eyes.

The little girl, who is the master of that dimly lit room, hadn’t changed a bit either—— Sitting on a stepladder like it’s a makeshift chair, she was in the middle of leafing through a book.

[Beatrice: ——The mansion was noisy today, I figured you returned I suppose]

Her eyes lifted for a moment to take Subaru into her gaze.  ——However, after muttering as if she was bored, she immediately lost interest, and dropped her eyes back into her book.

[Beatrice: If you’re back, that means Nii-cha must be back as well. I sense that girl, and a few other annoying insects as well I suppose]

[Subaru: Puck hasn’t shown up yet, he’s recharging his batteries I think. Ah, I don’t like how you talk about Emilia-tan like she’s in the same category you know! Though I don’t mind the part about Otto]

[Beatrice: You’re really noisy]

Beatrice huffed her nose at Subaru’s smalltalk, and rearranged her legs under her extravagant dress. Seeing that, Subaru continued to walk closer, stringing words together as he did so.

[Subaru: But it sure has been a long time since I saw you. Since that time with Bete… Ah, wait, that didn’t happen… the last time was before I left for the Capital wasn’t it? It’s about ten days now…]

[Beatrice: Not long at all I suppose. While Betty is in this room, the flow of time outside really doesn’t matter that much]

[Subaru: And there you are saying strange things again, geez. Also, when you’re talking with someone, you really shouldn’t have your nose buried in a book you know! Seeing me again after ten days, I’d understand if you’re so happy that you want to hide your blush but still…]

[Beatrice: I can make your mouth spit blood instead of noise until you turn pale in the face, you know]

At the girl’s unhidden annoyance, Subaru loosened the tension in his face.

Whenever he comes to talk with the girl guarding the Forbidden Library, Subaru couldn’t help but want to do things to poke at her stubborn attitude and mess up that deadpan expression of hers.

Cracking jokes and clowning around, annoying her until she gets really pissed off, then keep prodding her until she finally couldn’t stand it anymore and throws him out.

There is a part of himself that thoroughly enjoys these exchanges. But just why does he always have this feeling towards her, he isn’t quite sure if he knows.

[Beatrice: I take the fact that you’ve returned as a sign that the recent disturbances around here have settled, I suppose]

[Subaru: You noticed…… Well that’s only natural I guess. Emilia and Ram ran around all over the mansion looking for you, you know? It would be nice to apologize to them later]

[Beatrice: Betty? Apologize? To whom, and for what, I can’t imagine why I should do such a thing]

Huffing with her perfectly formed nose, Beatrice closed her book with a loud clap, and rose from her seat on the stepladder. Then, putting the thickly bound book back onto its shelf, on tip-toes, she stretched as hard as she could to reach for the one right next to it.

Seeing she was having trouble getting it out, Subaru walked up beside her.

[Subaru: This one? Here]

[Beatrice: ……No, it’s the one next to it I suppose. If you’re trying to give help that people haven’t asked for, at least try to help them correctly]

[Subaru: Such a thankful loli… Oy, careful not to drop it. You will get hurt if this brick falls on your toes]

As Subaru was pulling out the book with one hand, he found it surprisingly heavy. Once he had carefully handed it over to her, Beatrice accepted it, hugging it to her chest. Subaru briefly tried to read the title, but as someone who could barely understand anything beyond the “Yi” alphabets, it was too far beyond Subaru’s ability to comprehend.

[Beatrice: I don’t think I will thank you I suppose]

[Subaru: I know you’re trying to follow the tsundere path and all, but frankly, you saying that and you just straight up saying “Thank you” pretty much carry the same meaning at this point]

At least, the fact that she’d acknowledge that his actions would be generally considered worthy of thanks, was in itself a testament to her good will.

In response to Subaru’s retort, Beatrice frowned and turned her face to the side. Seeing her obstinate attitude, Subaru scratched his head,

[Subaru: I don’t mind if you never thank me until the end of time, but make sure to at least thank those two, ok? They were really worried, leaving you behind in the mansion]

[Beatrice: It’s not like I ever asked them to…]

[Subaru: Don’t say something lame like that. Most people never asked to be born but are born anyway, and even if you don’t want people to worry about you they will still worry. ……And that second part is only true when you have kind hearted people around you]

There was no need to specify that Emilia and Ram were that kind of people. Emilia’s everyday way of life pretty much gives her a good-person score of 100 out of 100, although Ram’s score would probably go into negative numbers, how she is on the inside is a different matter.

Regardless, Beatrice didn’t show any sign of agreeing with him. Instead, turning away, she bit her lip slightly and said,

[Beatrice: But in the end, they still left the mansion I suppose…… without Betty]

[Subaru: What do you mean? Are you trying to say you didn’t want to be left behind? You cut yourself off with that Hikikomori Door spell, far away, would it have been too troublesome to come out yourself?]

[Beatrice: It’s “Door Crossing”. Don’t change it to a ridiculous name like that I suppose. Besides, such a suggestion is insulting to Betty]

Without acknowledging Subaru’s words, Beatrice continued facing to the side, her obstinate attitude unbroken. He sensed this time there was something different, and dangerous, beyond her usual act. Subaru furrowed his brows and didn’t know what to do.

With her acting like this even before they’d started talking about what he had actually come here to ask her, he wondered how he could bring it up now. Even so, perhaps he still had one more trick up his sleeve to lift up her mood……

[Subaru: Oh well. If you’re going to be that stubborn, I’ll just tell Emilia-tan that you wouldn’t stop repeating “thank you” with tears of gratitude streaming from your eyes]

[Beatrice: You shouldn’t make up lies?! It’s been a very long time since I last shed a tear I suppose]

[Subaru: What, you’re saying you’re too embarrassed to cry? If you say that kind of thing while you’re still a kid, you’re gonna find it hard to express your emotions when you grow up you know? Kids shouldn’t worry about what other people think and just cry when they’re sad]

[Beatrice: I have some reservations listening to this coming from a man who cried his heart out on the lap of the woman he likes]

[Subaru: Can’t you please forget about that!?]

Perhaps Emilia herself knew not to remind Subaru of this embarrassing history.

He was acting like an idiot to distract himself from the dread he carried deep inside his heart, unconsciously building up an increasingly unsustainable dam.

Lying on Emilia’s lap, all this collapsed, and all the emotions he had been bottling up ever since first being summoned to this world came rushing out in a flood of tears.

Reminded of that time again, his face felt like it was about to burst into flame. Although, along with that heat, deep within his heart he also felt a radiant light shining from that memory.

Scratching at his cheek, while trying to redo the seal on that particular memory, Subaru snuck a quick glance at Beatrice. Looking bored as always, she had sat back down on the stepladder with the book Subaru had retrieved for her. She had just slowly started letting her eyes run over its contents.

She was clearly trying to shut off any further conversation, but if he were to let her do that, there would be no meaning in him coming here in the first place.

[Subaru: Anyway, putting crying or not aside…… I have something I want to ask you, is that ok?]

[Beatrice: You’re free to ask I suppose]

Within her reply, accompanied by the sound of a page turning over in her book, there was the unspoken message “whether I answer or not is another story”. There was no indication of cooperation from her, but at least she gave him permission to ask. Subaru quietly mumbled [alright then] under his breath and, intending to breach the subject of his visit——.

[Subaru: ——Come to think of it, considering all that commotion was going on outside, wasn’t your reaction kind of lacking?]

However, what came out of his mouth didn’t carry the meaning he had intended, and instead only served to reignite the conversation he had just tried to close off.

Hearing Subaru’s words, Beatrice raised her eyes from her book. Sensing his reflection within her clear, immaculate gaze, Subaru sucked in a small breath,

[Subaru: Wh… while you were sitting in here acting like nothing was happening, it was getting pretty crazy outside you know? This strange group of guys had the mansion surrounded, and……]

[Beatrice: Stop it]

[Subaru: If I hadn’t somehow managed to bring back reinforcements with me from the Capital, you have no idea what would have happened. And, it’s not like it was easy for me to make my way back here……]

[Beatrice: I really want you to stop now I suppose]

[Subaru: It was actually a journey so rough, if I were to tell it to you, both you and I would be in tears by the end, but having finally cleared that hurdle……!]

With a loud, cracking noise, Subaru’s rant was forcibly cut off.

Looking around, the source of the sound was the book Beatrice had been holding in her hands which she had slammed shut with all her strength. Subaru tried to understand Beatrice’s expression, and her intentions, but she turned to face him with a sharp and merciless glare, and said,

[Beatrice: How about you say what you actually came here to say, you spineless coward]

[Subaru: ……yeah]

He couldn’t deny it.

She was right, and had clearly seen through his attempt to run away. To run away from the answer to the question he knew he had to ask.

[Subaru: Do you…]

Gulping down his breath, he squeezed shut his eyes, listening to the beating of his heart.

Beyond his closed eyelids, he saw her sweet smile, smiling back at him.


[Subaru: Do you… remember Rem?]

——His question became sound and, having exploded into reality, could no longer be taken back.



I hope you enjoyed reading, I’ll get started on the next segment :3

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  1. amazing chapter

    i wonder why, but it really feels like there are fewer typos in this chapter.
    did you get someone new to proof read or something? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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      1. from Prelude to Arc 4 Chapter 3: Excerpt from [The Girl in the Forbidden Library]

        [Subaru: Ah, well it’s no big deal. For now, since we decided to move I’ll leave the preparations to you. Don’t bring anything too big, but two or three important books shouldn’t be a problem. Maybe two or three sets of clothes as well…]

        [Beatrice: ……The library will follow Betty wherever I go. More importantly, you have convinced the other two already I suppose?]

        [Subaru: I just heard something really convenient! Yeah, I convinced them alright. You’re the only one left. We’re all going to evacuate to the Sanctuary, where Roswaal is]

        [Beatrice: Roswaal, I suppose… Subaru, what happened to the maid’s younger sister that went with you?]

        Unexpectedly, Beatrice changed the topic to Rem.

        Hearing her suddenly talk about Rem was surprising, and Subaru couldn’t help lifting his brows, looking slightly astonished. Realizing this probably wasn’t the best response, he tried to relax his expression, saying,

        [Subaru: If you’re talking about Rem, she’s taking care of things in the capital at the moment. We caught this giant fish on the way here, kind of. It was so big, that she had to go back to prepare a really luxurious feast. Once this is all settled, let’s all go over there and stuff ourselves]

        [Beatrice: You look really happy when you talk about her you know. —Did anything happen?]

        [Subaru: Erm]

        Hearing Rem’s name, Subaru overreacted a little. He couldn’t deny that he was talking faster than usual. Beatrice’s remark had hit the nail on the head, and Subaru turned his gaze away, whistling nonchalantly.

        [Subaru: No, n-nothing happened really]

        [Beatrice: Being attended to so tenderly, it would be more strange if no feelings emerged I suppose. Betty won’t say anything about it, so you can do as you like]

        [Subaru: I, I’m not trying to hide anything you know? Only, it’s gonna take a lot of courage to face Emilia-tan and her sister about this so soon……so I guess I’m in kind of a tactical retreat]

        Fumbling for words, Subaru pressed his index fingers together and, embarrassed, turned his back to Beatrice with his head sunk down.

        that means she remembers her.

        i more intrigue when betty said ”Mother… just…… how much more…… must Betty……” line

        i think beatrice knows subaru can reset checkpoint. from that episode that emilia died she said something that got me intrigue cause of her facial expression

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  2. Thanks alot chicken and Nicholas once again really appreciate the work you guys are putting into translating the wb.
    Cant wait to see Beakos response (even tho we already know the answer), thank you guys once again, keep it up.

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  3. oh shit a cliffhanger! u mastered the cliffhanger skill :O
    i still dont understand why subaru didnt see the unseen hands at start and then saw them, what changed? why would he and others from the cult (or related) would remember rem and not others – only subaru’s ability is flawless coz if he goes back in time , no1 remembers i guess (at least for now) but he is weak so it is somehow balanced

    great translation as always guys , thank you

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    1. Subaru can see the unseen hands from the very beginning, but in the first scene he doesn’t even look until Rem is already almost dead. Those scenes are shown from a normal person’s perspective while next scenes are sometimes (*) shown from Subaru’s perspective.

      ((*) – sometimes we can see them and other times not)

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  4. Found 2 typos:

    1. An extra ‘was’ in “… wasn’t your reaction was kind of lacking?]”

    2. “She was right, and had clearly saw through Subaru’s attempt”
    Should be ‘had clearly seen’.

    Thanks for the translation!


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    Sincerely, your Global Owl Tiger,

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    1. It’s Nii-cha(にーちゃ), this is actually a new usage unique to Beatrice in Re-Zero.
      It’s her nickname for Puck. Kind of like a play on “Brother”.
      Some subtitle translations used “Bubby” but I doubt it’s official.

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      1. i like where you leave the “japanese-esque” as it should be, something like rem-rin, and the the above. i can’t comprehend the part where in the original japanese; someone is called as ‘azunyan/azu-nyan’ and when in english; its ‘azusa’ or even worse ‘nakano’

        thanks for your hard work~ keep up the good work~

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        1. I do wonder whether the Light Novel will be using that though. Nii-cha is close to ‘brother’ and carries a lot of meaning.
          It also sounds bit like Nietzsche ニーチェ
          Nii-cha にーちゃ
          Like how Juice is like Geuse.
          Not sure if I’m overthinking it!!!


  7. Thanks again for this part of chapter 3, this cliffhanger is real as hell. I’m betting on a yes, theoretically. I mean in the anime she said “I’m fed up with this spiral of hate, despair and sadness” so I thought she’s herself experiencing the discrepancies of time leaps done by Subaru. I might be wrong but well… next part will tell !

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    1. i dont think she knows anything about the loops, she would already mention it, i mean he did die alot of times at the mansion. there are conditions to those powers: sloth hands,as he says, shouldnt be seen by any1 (cult included), gluttony unknown but if beatrice remember then there is some condition to that too. the spiral of hate and so on is probably related to the cult and the witch and emilia and so on.

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    2. You’re most probably right (80-90 %). In the prelude she does remember Rem although the the letter turned blank before (which mean Rem has been erased)

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    1. Glad to hear the quality is getting better!

      Unlike when I was alone, now I could choose to preserve and improve good lines in the drafts while rewriting the rest, so everything would be good in the end. And now I can discuss passages that are difficult to translate with everyone and get second opinions which helps tremendously and is a lot more fun.

      The first few times editing was quite difficult and I was getting worried, but I’m really glad it’s improving.

      For myself, before I started translating a few weeks ago I actually hadn’t written anything other than software code for years, and was relying mostly on trial and error. As I write more and more, though, I feel the grammar and vocabulary are starting to come more naturally. Every time you guys catches something I learn a bit from it 🙂

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  16. Huh, hadn’t thought of that… that spell behaves like she’s in another dimension, does the timeline rewrite have less effect on her? Bring on the next part! ^_^

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    Glory to the Chicken&Co!

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      1. That’s correct. The First volume of the novel goes up to the end of the First Episode. The second volume comes out at the end of the month and will probably contain a Part of the rem arc.


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  31. “Gulping down his breath, he squeezed shut his eyes, listening to the beating of his heart.

    Beyond his closed eyelids, he saw her sweet smile, smiling back at him.”

    Oh my god he’s on edge.
    oh rem, if you knew this, subaru is thinking about you all the time.

    anyway, I have a really interesting theory about rem’s memories.
    rem’s existence is still real in the library, I think if rem goes inside that might change something

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    1. When she said:

      Beatrice: Not long at all I suppose. While Betty is in this room, the flow of time outside really doesn’t matter that much

      I think it has something to do with that. When the show was airing there was a few times she mentioned things that happened in one of subarus past lives. I think either that room or Beatrice herself are isolated from time in some sort of separate bubble. If it’s the room that’s isolated from time it would explain why Beatrice is a loli. If she’s in the library all the time she won’t age.

      Then again this is just a theory of mine and I could be way off.

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      1. That room is in another time space / dimension. The episode you’re referring to is where Subaru ask Betty to protect him by forming a contract. That’s when the first time Betty saw him commit suicide and died in front of her. She later ask him not to do it again in front of her, thus asking him to die where she cannot see. So she sends him off to another place where he can die again (that episode where he killed Emilia by accident). So Betty is aware of his ability to come back to life, but she doesn’t bring it up, because she probably knows it’s a taboo. Afterall, she probably knows more about Stella than anybody else, as she was explaining who and what is the White Witch.


      2. Or, Betty didn’t care about Subaru because in the timeline you are referring to all hope was already lost with the death of Emilia and Pucks eventual rampage. She didn’t want to see him die, and in that timeline she saw that his death was going to happen no matter what, thus sending him off to his doom in the forest. She never really knew about his Return By Death ability.


      3. And, to respond to the end of your comment, Betty probably doesn’t know more about Satella then you can learn in her library. Puck is the one you should be questioning, hes a Greater Spirit, meaning that hes been around for probably thousands of years. Which is why it was so surprising that Emilia didn’t know much about the witch, shes best friends with someone who lived through the rise of the witch.


      4. funny how puck accuse subaru for committing sins about how emilia dies tho, i think the writer slacked abit coz there is no logic in that statement. if emilia ordered him to do something and he decides not to, its not a even sin, and when he meets subaru at that time it looked like betelgeuse killed her or does he know subaru somehow killed her unintentionally? anyway fuk puck 🙂

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    1. If she does know then we know that to some degree shes immune to a Sin Archbishops Authority. Take that any why you want.


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    1. In this loop in the WN, Subaru left for the Sanctuary with the refugees and a captured Petelgeuse in tow, thinking that if Petelgeuse was incapacitated and alive, he can’t take another body. But on the way there, they were ambushed by a remaining group of the Witch Cultists, and Subaru was killed in the battle while watching Emilia defeat Petelgeuse in the distance.

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