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In the loops after the slaying of the White Whale, Subaru had only spoken to Beatrice once in the Forbidden Library.

The purpose of that conversation was to convince her to escape from the Witch Cult, but she refused, and in the end, the girl was left in the mansion all alone.

While he could no longer remember everything they had discussed, looking back, there was one fact that he could not miss.

Beatrice, at that point in time, had asked him about Rem, who was supposed to have returned with him.

By that time, the handwritten letter had already turned blank when it reached the Mansion.

In other words, the conversation took place after Rem had been attacked by the Sin Archbishops, and Beatrice, who had never seemed to care much about Rem up to that point, had suddenly asked about her——

[Subaru: Answer me. Do you remember Rem who used to live in this mansion?]

He wanted her to remember, she must remember, thinking this, Subaru’s voice distorted toward the end.

The depths of his memories confirmed this, and his ever weakening heart, so close to sinking, to drowning, yearning to be revived, would not deny this…

Beatrice silently stared at Subaru.

Within her pupils, there was neither feeling nor emotion. What she was thinking was impossible to read.

Normally, she was a girl whose emotions are easy to understand, but at this moment, Subaru could not pick up anything at all. His teeth itched, it was as if time stood still, and Subaru’s heart was burning down to ashes.

[Subaru: Hey……]

Why don’t you say anything.

You either remember, or you don’t, it’s not a difficult question to answer…

…Of course, there was only one answer he wanted to hear. That Beatrice remembers Rem, and that she would laugh at the sheer stupidity of his question.

Memories eaten, name swallowed, removed from the world, what a stupid notion that is.

Let her feel as he feels, let her feel that same indignation at the cruel outrageousness of this World. Or, even if they could just share the common reality of her existence, perhaps they would find the solution together, and that would be enough.

So, tell me you know her.

Like Emilia, like Crusch, like Wilhelm, like all the others, Rem—— don’t tell me you have forgotten her.

Wanting to hear her answer. Dreading to hear her answer. Agitation, contradiction, his emotions wrenched and twisted.

Then, to Subaru’s faltering, convulsing heart, Beatrice spoke

[Beatrice: ——I don’t want to answer]

She turned her gaze away from Subaru, answering neither yes or no.

Losing his breath with a “Ha”, for an instant, Subaru’s mind stopped. Then bewilderedly flinging his arms in the air

[Subaru: Wa, wait. What do you mean you don’t want to answer? Doesn’t that question only have the answers YES or NO?]

[Beatrice: I don’t know what you mean by ‘/yes/’or ‘/nō/’ I suppose. And my answer will never change. I don’t want to answer]


Swinging his arms down, Subaru stepped forward furiously.

The girl sitting on the stepladder did not even glance at his intense gesture, and only firmly closed her lips. Seeing her obstinate attitude, flames engulfed his chest, impossible to stop.

[Subaru: Those are not the words I want to hear from you!]

[Beatrice: Why does Betty have to answer in words you want to hear I suppose? ……Stop making a fuss. The Library will get disordered I suppose]

[Subaru: You……!]

Subaru stormed toward Beatrice.

The face that did not even want to look at him, Subaru wanted to force it around and ask her face to face how could she say something so heartless. But,


The moment he was about to touch her, Beatrice looked at Subaru.

And then, in that instant, her eyes filled with waves of emotion, Subaru’s hand stopped. Because it was as if she——

[Beatrice: That question of yours, are words querying about someone eaten by ‘Gluttony’]

[Subaru: ——! So, you……]

[Beatrice: This sort of thing, if one is familiar with the Authority of Gluttony, is not difficult to deduce I suppose. Roswaal too, and Nii-cha, and Shaula would all know this as well]

[Subaru: Ros…!?]

An unexpected name flying out, Subaru’s throat clogged up.

Roswaal knowing the Authority of Gluttony —— does that mean there might be a chance that he remembers Rem? No but before that,

[Subaru: How much do you guys know about the Witch’s Cult? Even Roswaal should have known, that once Emilia’s identity as a Half-Elf was known to the public, the Witch Cult would start taking action. Yet, if I didn’t do anything, the Mansion and the village would all have been destroyed. What is going on?]

[Beatrice: ……]

[Subaru: There is no way he didn’t plan anything, that was what Rem and Crusch-san told me. Yet, it looks to me like he didn’t prepare for anything at all, because if he did, how could it have end up so catastrophically…]

[Beatrice: Betty doesn’t know how much Roswaal has thought about it I suppose. But…… I don’t think Roswaal would have thought nothing on it]

Listening to Beatrice’s statement, Subaru narrowed his brows, trying to pick out some indication of Roswaal’s preparations at work during the battle against Betelgeuse. Yet, no matter how much Subaru searched through his memories, he couldn’t find anything of the sort.

[Subaru: Is it a misconception? Or are we overestimating his capabilities? If Roswaal did something, then why was I faced with so much trouble……]

[Beatrice: If you don’t know, then no one could possibly know]

Her sigh carried a color of disappointment, Beatrice seemed to have given up on his lack of understanding. Even though he was displeased by her attitude, Subaru noticed the conversation had strayed off the topic.

[Subaru: Wait, compared to that, if you know something about the Witch Cult, tell me everything. About the Sin Archbishops, about ‘Gluttony’, there’s a mountain of things I want to ask you…… and this too]

One after another, Subaru wanted to ask Beatrice everything.

Subaru put his hand into his jacket, and took out a book with black binding.

The book, dirtied with black-ish blood on the cover and partially on the inside, was the loot he received after a fierce battle against a formidable opponent, several days ago.

[Subaru: I know this thing is a really important and deep part of the Witch Cult… I can’t read what’s inside, but as the guardian of the Forbidden Library you might know something……]

[Beatrice: ——A Gospel]

Looking at the book in Subaru’s hands, Beatrice’s eyes opened wide.

Her peach-colored lips trembled, staring at the Gospel with a frozen gaze.

The illegible words written on the cover — she skimmed over them, and with an incredulous expression,

[Beatrice: Why do you, of all people, have……]

[Subaru: I plundered it, but it’s not that I actually wanted it, you know. Like I said, the Witch Cult had the mansion surrounded. So I took it off of their leader. The owner……. doesn’t exist in this world anymore]

[Beatrice: Took it…….but, that]

Beatrice’s voice quivered, as she reached out her hands for the Gospel held by Subaru.

Though he hesitated, seeing Beatrice’s small fingers trembling, Subaru slowly placed the Gospel in her hands. Receiving the book, as if checking, she traced her finger over the mysterious letters on the front cover, and

[Beatrice: Its owner…… died, you said, I suppose?]

[Subaru: ……Yeah. He’s dead. He got engulfed by the carriage wheels and …… I killed him]

All things considered, Betelgeuse wasn’t directly killed by Subaru.

But still, everything from the reason, the circumstances, to the events leading up to the reality of his demise, were all inevitable extensions of Subaru’s actions.

Subaru wanted to kill Betelgeuse, for if he didn’t take that man’s life in a duel to the death, in his Soul, he would never be able to forgive himself.

Therefore, Subaru had no reservations about his intention to murder Betelgeuse.

But even without reservations, it could not be said that dirtying his hands did not leave him with any regrets. He could not pretend it didn’t affect him, nor would his heart lie for him on this matter.

The fact that he killed Betelgeuse, and had once been killed by Betelgeuse as well, he will never be able to forget.

For as long as he lives, he will be carrying the life he took from that man——but these sentiments did not come out of Subaru’s mouth.

Betelgeuse was an existence that deserved to die, and Subaru, believing this, murdered him.

That’s all.

But, to all these thoughts carried within his words, Beatrice did not show any reaction.

She only quietly murmured [I see……], keeping her eyes dropped down at the Gospel in her hands,

[Beatrice: So even you went leaving Betty, huh, Juice……]

[Subaru: ——? Who is that?]

[Beatrice: There is no need for you to know. What happened to the ‘Witch Gene’, if you have killed ‘Sloth’ I suppose?]

[Subaru: Witch, gene……?]

At Beatrice’s question, Subaru wrinkled his brows and tilted his head.

Seeing this gesture from Subaru, Beatrice’s expression was one of bafflement, and she narrowed her eyes as if trying to read Subaru’s emotions from his expression. But, searching, her gaze could not find what it was looking for.

Subaru clicked his tongue in agitation,

[Subaru: Tch, don’t use professional terminologies on a guy who doesn’t know anything about the situation, come on. What is that, ‘Witch Gene’? Ugh sounds wonderful already]

[Beatrice: You don’t know……? Wait, seriously? Then, for what reason did you kill ‘Sloth’ I suppose? I don’t understand]

[Subaru: I was just getting rid of falling sparks! What are you trying to tell me!]

The conversation that just doesn’t seem to mesh is straining Subaru’s patience, but unlike Subaru, who was trying to force the pace, Beatrice is getting closer and closer to a complete silence. Placing the back of her hand against her lips, as if in deep thought, she only continued gazing at the front cover of the book,

[Beatrice: I, don’t know. ……This is beyond Betty’s ability to decide]

[Subaru: What are you trying to decide alone ——hey]

Shaking her head, Beatrice threw the Gospel at Subaru.

Quickly catching the thrown book, Subaru breathed a small sigh of relief and,

[Subaru: What are you doing all of a sudden. I’m not saying it’s dangerous, but it is still an eerie book. Handle it more carefully!]

[Beatrice: ——You should hold onto it, I suppose. What would the Witch Gene choose, or not choose… Either way, a decision will be forced. When that time comes, if it helps you in your decision, Juice would be able to pass on peacefully too, I suppose]

[Subaru: What do you mean a beverage passing on! You’re……!]

Nothing at all, Subaru understood none of it as he clung to the incomprehensible words. But, before Subaru could say anything, there was a strange feeling forming behind him.

——There was the sound of space being bent by an unnatural force. Subaru instinctively understood, though he didn’t know why he knew this,

[Subaru: Are you going to kick me out? I haven’t been able ask you anything yet…… You want me to leave with just this, seriously!?]

[Beatrice: The answers you want to hear, and the words you want to hear — why must Betty say them I suppose? Selfish…… Stop being Prideful]

[Subaru: Pri……!  ——Just tell me, I want to know! I won’t ask for any more! So, please…]

[Beatrice: ——Betty is…]

All the hair of his back stood on end —— for they were being physically drawn backwards by a force pulling Subaru’s entire body back.

Space was distorting —— only when he turned his head to look behind him, he saw that the door which was supposed to be shut, had been opened, and he knew that the space of absolute darkness shall soon engulf him.

No wind was blowing, nor were his legs or arms being grabbed by anything.

Only, there was an indescribable pressure all over his body from the front, and a gravitational force invisible to naked eyes from the rear, as if embracing him, pulling him away.

—Absolute and forceful, it was the true form of Door Crossing.

[Subaru: Beako…… Beatrice!]

[Beatrice: What is trying to get out is your body, and your soul]

[Subaru: What are you—]

[Beatrice: Your heart doesn’t want to hear the true answers, because of your weakness your gaze avoids reality, and your selfish mind does not want to look at your own Sins. All this, distances your body further from this Forbidden Library]


[Subaru: I——]

[Beatrice: Betty is not… a convenient tool for you]

[Subaru: ——!?]

[Beatrice: What you want to hear, when you want to hear it, in words you want to hear, in the way you want to hear it…… I am not a convenient existence, like that]

As these words wrenched through Beatrice’s lips, Subaru could not pronounce another syllable.

They penetrated deep, and pierced the mark, and completely unprepared, Subaru was mauled by those word into speechless astonishment.

Then, as void emerged, Subaru’s body’s resistance collapsed, and

[Subaru: Cra——]

This way, as if being sucked into the door behind him, Subaru’s body was pulled toward the Door Crossing.

If he goes through, he would be kicked out of the Library. At the last moment, Subaru grabbed the edge of the door, and as his other half was about to swing out, he stomped onto the other end.

Panting, clenching his teeth tightly, he looked up—— in front, there was a girl with an expression full of sorrow.

[Beatrice: If you have something you want to know, ask Roswaal. ——Nii-cha or Betty, won’t say anything to you]

[Subaru: ……Why are you, almost crying]

At Subaru’s final query, Beatrice cast down her eyes, and did not respond.

At last, the girl extended her fingertips and wrapped them around Subaru’s fingers on the door——and took them off.

Sucked in. Thrown off. Locked out.

To the door, from the Forbidden Library —— by the heart of a girl named Beatrice.

[Subaru: ————]

Sliding through, the door vomited him out and sent him flying into the hallway.

In front of his eyes, the door that threw him out closed up violently, seeing this Subaru extended out his hand to the flap, but it was too late.

[Subaru: That Drill Loli……]

The other side of the door was not the Forbidden Library, only another unused guest room.

He looked around at the Mansion, but couldn’t feel the sixth-sense which connects him to the Forbidden Library.

——Today, he can’t meet her anymore.

This realization fell on Subaru’s heart.

What he wanted to hear, what he wanted to know, rather than that, he was only turned round and round by the girl’s mystifying words, and kicked out before gaining anything.

[Subaru: What the hell! If you know something, then cough it up, you stingy brat! You mopey shut-in-hikikomori! Which son of the Natsuki-family do you think you are?]

Subaru kicked at the door which up until a few moments ago had been connected to the Forbidden Library, and let out a long sigh.

Shaking his head, he tried to forget the image in his mind — The last thing he saw at the time of their parting, Beatrice’s expression, would not leave him.

But, surely she was…

[Subaru: With a face almost crying like that, stop shutting yourself in all alone, stupid]

Thinking it was his fault that she had that expression on her face, and having accomplished nothing, he could not blame her at all.


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  30. Subaru needs to get his shit together and tame that wild Drill Loly. Petting on the head would be super effective, I suppose.

    By the way, is it really Pride again? Guess Subaru is in a state he will try and hand a knuckle sandwich to the next person who talks about Pride to him.

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  31. I was waiting for this *-*/, great chapter c:
    – Thank you Safin & chicken !
    Poor subaru he just wanted to know ’bout rem… i’ll be annoyed too.
    But after seeing beako cry i’ll not be able to continue being annoyed.
    Too much things going on, too much that he dont know.
    I know what beako means by the witch-gene ;D
    ~ Waiting hype for more chapter & Son’s Reaction.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dunno, seems more than tryin’ to find about Rem’s actual situation, he was just lookin’ forward to Beako tellin’ him “she’s gonna be alright” or so.

      would have been tryin’ to find stuff out, would probably have payed attention to how Gluttony’s authority seems not to be absolute and might not work in others too, not just him. might have payed attention to Roswaal possibly bein’ linked to the Witch Cult and be little more careful about Emilia’s overall situation, probably could have been careful about Roswaal since some maids were ordered to actually kill him out of just some suspicions just to keep Emilia’s position ‘safe’

      seems kinda back a little to tryin’ to impose his will to the world, instead of payin’ attention to what’s goin’ on

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  32. There is one intresting point in Beako words :[Beatrice: ——I don’t want to answer]
    That’s exatly mean? I have two versions
    First: She doesn’t know who is Rem, but she know that Subaru question meaning that somebody was eaten by Gulltony
    Second: She know who is Rem but didn’t say that to Subaru because….this will give him useless hope?….. Logic…
    In second way i can’t exatly understand why she didn’t say that to him.So i think First one have more chances to be a real way of things.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. My understanding is that Beatrice couldn’t answer or is not allowed to answer.
      She tried to justify that she has no responsibility to answer him, but when she sees the impact this has on Subaru, she wants to answer, but couldn’t, and tries to give him hints instead. But Subaru’s fear of the truth makes him unable to pick up those hints.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Yeah, first two were the theories I came up up with I came up with earlier to explain her behaviour on that point, to expand…
      – She doesn’t know but knows what it means and thus doesn’t want to think about it or gain more information that would cause her to mourn
      – She does know but doesn’t want to give him information that might lead him down the wrong path

      It’s just occurred to me, expanding on Chicken’s theory… Subaru’s restriction on what he can reveal about RtD is very specific, he’s not been blocked from revealing information like the location of the whale or about the cult, just blocked from revealing the mechanism.
      I wonder if Betty is worried about triggering something similar she’s been made subject to, since we now know she’s had relatively close interactions with the cult members before. If you were to ask Subaru such a direct question about RtD his reaction might well be the same, right down to the odd hesitation and visible emotions contradicting his vocal response.

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    3. I agree with the swcond one. she remembers Rem but knows exactly there is no way to bring her back. She is [ see spoilers somewhere else pls ] so maybe she just knows. Actually, who knows WHAT knowledge on the subject is written in the Library itself ?

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  33. Damn it … so lovely Betty
    There is any chance that roswal (that even his name elso totally low say in comments) know about Subaru power and his relation between Satella?
    Puck and Betty too … ?
    Who is Shaula that Betty use name ?

    I really waiting for CONTINUE … 🙂

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    1. Wow… brilliant, I never thought of making this comparison.
      No wonder Beatrice said Subaru doesn’t look at his own sins.
      Like how Subaru couldn’t tell Emilia, Beatrice couldn’t tell Subaru and yet Subaru is getting angry with her.


  34. I’m guessing the Witch gene has something to do with the Archbishops reincarnating or something, I mean The White Whale had been around for 400 years and yet Gluttony, the creator of the White Whale is still alive 400 years later. Unless the Archbishops have extraordinary life spans or posses other bodies like Betelgeuse.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. From what I understand, based mainly on the particular phrasing Betty uses narrowed using a small spoiler I ran in to, you’re on the right track but not there yet… I’m still kinda shooting in the dark though on this bit though, so it’s not really a spoiler and could be wrong. I’ll include the bits of this part that I’m basing things on…

      [Beatrice: There is no need for you to know. What happened to the ‘Witch Gene’, if you have killed ‘Sloth’ I suppose?]
      The one thing I’m reasonably sure on is that the thing referred to here as the “Witch Gene” appears to be some how connected to the Authority, rather than the longevity, of the Archbishops. But I don’t know if it applies to a literal gene or if this is an oddity of linguistics and the author is using “gene” in the sense that we might normally use “trait”.

      [Beatrice: You don’t know……? Wait, seriously? Then, for what reason did you kill ‘Sloth’ I suppose? I don’t understand]
      This, coupled with the previous dialogue, seems to be implying that the Witch Gene is gained by whoever killed it’s owner, since the “for what reason” colours the “where did it go” with a more personal implication than just the jumping around of personalities.
      Having said that… is the subtext here that pronouns, such as “owner” and “Sloth”, are referring to whatever it is of Betelgeuse that’s jumping between people rather than the physical entity that he was inhabiting.

      I also don’t know if it’s something that a person has to possess to start with or if it can be transferred. I don’t know if it gets a better name later on, but Betty calls it a gene suggesting that it’s something that has to be inherent to your biology, but says it can be passed on which suggests something more akin to the magic that was letting him jump between bodies.

      [Beatrice: ——You should hold onto it, I suppose. What would the Witch Gene choose, or not choose… Either way, a decision will be forced. When that time comes, if it helps you in your decision, Juice would be able to pass on peacefully too, I suppose]

      Actually, from the anime I had assumed that the Authority went where Betelgeuse’s mind went, what she said in this part suggests that maybe the two aren’t connected at all, and that possibly he could give the Authority to someone without dying or at the very least without someone killing him

      We’ve not yet had enough information to determine if him passing the Authority to someone else would actually result in his death… Peacefully doesn’t exactly mean the same thing as non-fatal.

      I’ve also been pondering that Gospel since it was first introduced. He said that Subaru wasn’t in it… does that imply that the book contains everything that happens… or the future?
      There’s blank pages, which makes me think it isn’t complete and definitely magical. Subaru’s remark about it changing between loops also implies that. The missing pages is peculiar though, are they connected to his RtD? Like when he dies the pages relating to the loop he was just in have to be removed by the magic that’s writing in it rather than just becoming unwritten? Or was there something in there that caused Betelgeuse to remove the pages himself, say information he didn’t like or didn’t want to risk becoming known? Very puzzling.

      “Which son of the Natsuki-family do you think you are?”

      Ah, Subaru at his self-deprecating best.

      On the subject of his longevity though… is he greenish skinned in the text versions? Urg, and in checking to see if he was I’ve run in to yet another bunch of untagged spoiler that explains a lot of this. I’ll keep that to myself and not confirm anything from it or correct anything I was wrong on, and I have made some mistakes in my guessing above. I’ve left it as is because it’s my thoughts prior to this new information. Ok, Chicken? :p
      I’ll will say, very clearly, to avoid the Re: Zero wikia site if you don’t want spoilers. They apparently don’t tag anything as spoilers or have much warnings that I can see about it, regardless of the arc it appears in.

      Apparently we’ll be getting answers to at least some of this soon.

      There are a couple of very interesting bits of phrasing that I was going to comment on but now won’t because I’ve realised they might be a bit too close to being a spoiler.

      I’ve also now realised that we’ve had it spelled out to us in the anime as to the probably reason of why he’s able to find Betty’s library door with reasonable reliability, and that it’s related to another unanswered question… but I can’t actually point out the logic without confirming a theory.

      To answer another question, I don’t think we’re supposed to know who Shaula is but the name is definitely correct and we’ll meet her at some point later on. She’s apparently interesting and knowledgeable.

      Another wild theory I’ve come across that I’ll share, since I’m pretty sure it’s as wrong as it sounds: Maybe Subaru was given his death cheating powers to keep Emilia alive in order to prevent Puck from going nuclear.
      I highly doubt it’s true, far too contrived compared even with simply keeping her alive by other means, but it’s a really funny idea still.


    2. But i thougt the original creator of the whale was the witch who represented the gluttony sin and not the actual person who goes by the name “gluttony

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    1. It’s generally implied that the sin archbishops aren’t quite that simple in relating to their titles.
      What we’ve seen of Sloth seems to indicate he dislikes people who are slothful, Greed made remarks suggested he’s renounced worldly possessions and dislikes greedy people, but Gluttony demonstrated considerable gluttony and has an authority involving eating people’s entire existences.

      That would suggest that simply being prideful or disliking pride isn’t really an easy assumption of how Pride would behave, Betelgeuse brought it up because Subaru smells like an Archbishop and Pride is the only one missing.

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  35. I’m getting more and more suspicious about Roswaal every time he’s mentioned. He’s either
    A) A member of the Witch’s Cult, which is fairly reasonable given how absurd he is, as well as his powers;
    B) Trying to use Emilia as a tool and a puppet to the throne; or
    C) Trying to usurp Emilia’s claim to the throne directly.

    Otherwise, it makes no sense for him to conveniently disappear right before a Witch’s Cult assault, right when they were MOST LIKELY to assault, and not have a plan to deal with said assault. Adding to the fishiness is the fact that hasn’t returned or been seen AFTER the assault in any of the loops.

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  36. return by death is the authority of pride or just some curse for ppl brought to this world (almost sure subaru isnt the only 1 but i may be wrong)
    roswall killed the cultists who attacked the demons village so he doesnt love the cult, or the cult is divided and are enemies to each other , but i dont think this is the case as gluttony and greed are together and the gospel guide them.
    and last puck saw the sloth authority and said he needs thousand more to defeat him, means the witch can use all authorities (maybe)
    just some nice points to think about when u wait for the new chapters 🙂

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    1. Return by death is not exactly pride’s ability, he hasn’t received the gospel or anything, it’s still unexplained but Satella wants this ability. As for Roswaal, I don’t know if you’ve read Arc 4 or not but you will be surprised when his past is revealed.

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      1. Also some more info since you can’t edit post as anon. Satella having the unseen hand (sloth) could hint towards her having all the abilities, but then if she has Pride’s and Subaru is pride then she wouldn’t need an ability that she already has, and there is another person if you’ve read the side story, who came from Japan as well and has a special ability.

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  37. I have two questions firstly why are the chapters always small secondly I keep seeing don’t post spoilers isn’t this the latest light novel and thanks for the translation


    1. the web novel is the free version of this and free for all but just in japanese, so ppl who read that spoil every1, chicken and co. translate it for fans from where the has anime ended. we in arc 4 now and the WN is somewhere around arc 8 or 9.from what i heard every arc is around 100 chapters or so.
      there is official english version but it translates very slowly, the anime passed it at some point (probably not by now)

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    2. The posted sections are parts of chapters. The current consensus is to keep the translations coming as steadily as possible, and this means smaller updates more frequently. We are still trying new things to increase efficiency, but it is too hard to post a chapter every 3 or 4 days.


  38. Did anyone noticed the name Shaula I wonder who is she and what is her connection with Beako. I don’t remember her ever being mention in the anime so maybe it will be explained in this new arc.

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  39. I believe Roswaal’s preparation for battle with Beetlejuice that Subaru didn’t seem to understand, it’s Subaru himself.

    Roswaal’s might not know about ‘Return by death’, but he might have some clue that Subaru has some hidden ability and he knew that Subaru will work hard for Emilia’s sake.

    Sry for my bad English

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  40. Not complaining because I know you want it to be good quality before you release it but do you have an estimated time for the new parts release? @TheHolyChicken

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    1. I wasn’t satisfied with the edit last night so I had everyone look it over and this morning I finished editing it… The gap between good and not good is pretty delicate and I didn’t want to release it until it’s accurate and good.


  41. Beako sure is causing more suspicion towards her, AND is rising up even MORE questions than ever.

    Although there were several ppl on the internet that spoilt some of the important info in this Chapter like the Witch gene and Beako’s memory of Rem, the process to those spoilers weren’t, which makes reading this so much more interesting and worth it.

    I’m also quite pleased with how the build up and suspense was executed in this chapter, it really makes u want to know why Betty did the things she did, and makes u wonder what Roswaal’s motives are.

    Thanks as always for the Chapter release Chicken! Really looking forward to the next one :3 release.


      1. But why? We don’t even know the connection between him and Beako in the first place, besides the Library. Also there’s just too much mystery as to why he didn’t help Subaru during the fight with Betelguise too.Why wouldn’t he help? I mean considering Emilia is his candidate to the throne, and harm to her would further him from his own goal, that’s just detrimental.Right now, there’s just too many question and not enough answers.

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    1. That still doesn’t explain anything. Sure Beako crying is painful in it’s own way, but we still don’t understand why she’s trying to distance herself so much, and to top it off,she then plays the victim saying ” You left me too, I suppose”.That’s just dirty dude, Subaru has been trying to win her over, but even after all that he has been through, we still don’t understand why Beako does this. We’re only given clues, not answers, examples are like the book she she holds close to her, or her relation to Juice,the Witch Cult, even Rem possibly. There so much more room for speculation here.


  42. I feel like the “Witch’s Gene” is a form of curse that struck all the other 5 sins. It would make sense as Beako refers to Betelgeuse as “Juice”, almost as Subaru calls Beatrice “Beako”. This makes me think that Satella and the other 5 sins were once sane and all normal people until some forms of events lead her to becoming evil. If I were Beako I wouldn’t call a man as crazy as Betelgeuse a name that is playful. I feel like Beako is either one of the sins, or she is Satella’s daughter and used to think very highly of all of the other sins/archbishops until they all became evil. She even sounds a little relieved when she says “Juice can finally sleep now” pointing towards the possibility that she actually cared for Betelgeuse and is glad he is out of her misery. Also, whenever Betelgeuse went inside of Subaru (this may sound stupid, but just speculation), he looked at Satella with love as if he just wanted to see his friend, and tears came out. Maybe he is just crazy or maybe a glimpse of him before the Witch’s Gene affected him came out as he finally saw his friend again.


  43. Wow… Amazing chapter. So many questions, so many mysteries, so much Betty time!
    Whose Juice? What kind of juice?! (haha) Whose Witch Gene?! What’s her sin title??
    And is Subaru an archbishop as well for being chosen by Satella herself? Also, I noticed that Betty said “Stop being Pridelful” to Subaru, and the letter P was capitalized, so Subaru is Pride??! O_O
    Ahhh~ I so like this chapter. My brain is trembling~ Hhahah xD


  44. Thanks for the translation man, I really appreciate it. One question though, who is Beatrice referring to when she says “nii-cha”?


  45. I saw the word “prideful” right there. I may have some guesses from it. Is it foreshadowing? Hmmm.. Anyway. Geez. Beako is really hard to please. But she’s right. She ain’t a tool subaru! You get what you deserve. #sorrynotsorry

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  46. Wow… Amazing chapter. So many questions, so many mysteries, so much Betty time!
    Whose Juice? What kind of juice?! Hahha. Whose Witch Gene?! What’s her sin title??
    And is Subaru an archbishop as well for being chosen by Satella herself? Also, I noticed that Betty said “Stop being Pridelful” to Subaru, and it has letter P was capitalized, so Subaru is Pride??!
    Ahhh~ I so like this chapter. My brain is trembling~ Hhahah xD

    Liked by 2 people

    1. That was my first thought.
      Juice is definitely Betelgeuse and I thought it interesting that she mention pride, since Subaru is likely the Witch’s candidate for Pride.


  47. witch gene is it? i wonder if it can give power to subaru if it choose him..and i also got the feeling that beatie have some connection with the witch cultist ..thanks for the chapter!

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  48. they always called subaru as pride and now since he got witch gene of sloth does that mean he had 2 witch gene? if he can get abilities from this witch gene doesnt that mean he could get power..and if he kill another witch gene holder he can get more power and finally become op!im really curious! aahh..holychicken-sama thanks for translating this! btw i just finished watching the anime after seeing many rem cosplayer at anime convention in my country and it made me want to watch the anime.

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  49. Omg just reading the first few sentence put all the puzzle together!!! I had to jump down to comment before finishing, thank you for the read!!!!!!!!!!!


  50. god damn my screen name on every game and every website has always been “Juice” it felt sooo weird suddenly reading it in here, feeling as it refers to me


  51. If you’ve read this far you should know that Subaru is pride. I’m guessing Beatrice’s mother is either the witch of envy or was wrath or lust. And now I’m thinking Roswaal is a finger too.


  52. I know it’s bit too late and the chapter where is it all explained is probably already translated, but to me it feels like Betty is closely connected to witch cult. Maybe she could possible even be a Wrath (just my guess). Betelgius already mentioned that Subaru is Pride. Betty just only confirmed it by telling him:”Stop being so prideful”. I also wonder if the return from the death is just Prides ability like gluttony can eat your memories and name. Also I just wonder if the reincarnation stuff is something every arcbishop can do, or if it was just something sloth could do. Also Puck seems to be closely connected to witch cult. In one of the loops he mentioned that the fog is coming and the gluttony with it. So he probably knows a lot about it. Making me think if he isn’t the last arcbishop “lust”. It’s wery likely all of my guesses are wrong, but it feels somehow reasonable to me.


    1. I think that Puck knows of the witch cult because he’s old af. I do not think he’s connected or he wouldn’t of killed sloth.


  53. Just what the hell! It is good to speculate a bit on all this… but I do not really know. So many things all of sudden and no further explanations, just more mystery and misleading words.
    I guess this translation was a pain in the… really tough! 🙂 Thanks for the read!


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