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As Subaru’s long monologue came to an end, Kenichi, listening, closed his eyes as if lost in thought and fell completely silent. Seeing his father like this, Subaru tried desperately to seal in the weakness and cowardice from leaking from his throat.

Having been granted a chance to reflect, through that small change in his mental state, however little it may have been, he saw the grotesqueness of his own heart.
Whether it was now, or before, Subaru had always pushed the consequences of his actions onto others to clean up.
Because he lacked the courage to give up on himself, and because he wanted to be the tragic hero rather than the villain of his own world, without saying a word, he had silently waited for someone else to volunteer to be the villain.

He thought that if he stopped going to school, if he passed his days in slothfulness inside his room, if he continued on being his foolish self――one day Kenichi will kick down the door, and put an end to Subaru’s world.
Unconsciously, in the deepest depth of his heart, he looked forward to such an ending to his slothful days.
It was while his mind was trapped in this deadlock, that he came to the Parallel World. Then even there, Subaru continued to exhibit his complacency, until――

[Dad: ――Subaru]

Kenichi, who had been deep in thought, opened his eyes, and called to Subaru’s name.
The sound of that call pulled Subaru’s consciousness back from the sea of contemplation and tossed it back into the reality before him――his father’s face, directly in front of his eyes, and,


[Subaru: Adaghh!?]

His forehead struck by a terrible impact, Subaru yelped as sparks flew scattering all over. Holding his forehead under the devastating pain, he found Kenichi standing in front of the bench, looking down at him.

[Dad: See, Subaru. That was my love-filled FATHER HEADBUTT, a single-blow of fury]

[Subaru: You called a headbutt and then switched to an axe-kick! You even put your face up close for a masterful feint!!]

[Dad: That trick only worked ‘cause you were seated and I was standing! Eech, my body’s grown stiffer. Nothing like what it used to be. That’s what I get for slacking on my after-shower stretches]

With a weird look on his face, Kenichi started doing some stretching routines. Watching his father while giving the part of his head that took the impact a rub, half crying from the pain, Subaru wasn’t sure what to do with this completely unexpected reaction. Whatever Subaru did expect, at least it wasn’t this,

[Dad: But, Subaru. You know, you……you really are a blockhead]

[Subaru: Uuooghhh]

That unsugarcoated remark cracked him in two, and Subaru couldn’t help but make a gurgling sound with his throat.
Looking down at Subaru, Kenichi crossed his arms with a snort,

[Dad: Going all “nieh-nieh-nieh-nieh” and worried about everything…… Which part of me and mom did you get that kind of self-pity from? You’re totally taking after your mom’s younger brother, you know. The short, fat bald one with that face that looks like he’s always worried about something]

[Subaru: Well that’s just going too far……although yes, that uncle was definitely the reason I made it my life goal not to end up fat and bald when I grow up]

The father and son at least agreed on unreservedly burning that uncle who had absolutely anything to do with this.
While somewhere far away, under the same sky, their unsuspecting relation was given this scathing review, Kenichi continued with an aggravated look [To begin with,]

[Dad: There were all sorts of things that pissed me off, but there was one thing most of all. It just pisses me off that you thought by taking that passive attitude you can get me to stop loving you. With that shut-in-drop-out-apathy-syndrome, you think your own father is just going to go berserk and rip you a new one? ……What are you, stupid? You want me to scold you? Are you a little girl who didn’t get enough physical intimacy when you were little? Wasn’t all that wrestling I do with you every morning enough?]

[Subaru: The way you said that was misleading in a few places but the gist of it was right so I can’t really refute it……]

[Dad: No, if you want me to give up on you, you’ll have to do a lot better than that. Who’s going to give up on a child who’s shutting himself up in a cask? If you want me to hate you, you better go murder half of humanity or something. Then I’ll hate ya]

[Subaru: We don’t even see that kind of villain in Shounen Mangas anymore! Who’s gonna go and do something that absurd!?]

[Dad: ――Well what you said to me was just as absurd wasn’t it]

Hearing him say this out loud, Subaru was at a loss for words.
In front of him, Kenichi bent down his waist and met Subaru’s eyes, [We clear?] he asked,

[Dad: Even if you are slow as a snail, too dumb to remember the multiplication tables, or go bragging on self-harm blogs to get attention……]

[Subaru: I’m not that slow or dumb or stupid……]

[Dad: Even if you are that slow and dumb and stupid, I’m not going to hate you or give up on you. Isn’t that obvious? I am your dad, and you are my son]

With an exasperated sigh at the end of those words, Kenichi straightened up his back. Subaru looked up, at his father standing tall. Bathed in his son’s gaze, Kenichi said,

[Dad: Still, just what kind of superman did you take me for. From what you said, it’s as if I’m some SUPER transcendent-technology PERFECT-flawless-HITECH-superhero, you know]

[Subaru: That’s interpreting it too much]

[Dad: You just don’t know it, but I have all kinds of troubles, regrets, and failures too, I also cry and shout and get rejected……yeah, I’m nothing special at all. At least I got a nice-looking face, though. Not like you]

[Subaru: Overconfidence strike-two]

[Dad: When I was your age I wasn’t all that mature either. Sure I got a little famous, but it was nothing particularly special. I could stop time a little, kinda, but that was it]

[Subaru: Should’ve used that when you got hit by a car last year]

Three-part joke. (*Two mundane statements followed by a punchline. Or could also refer to three jokes told in succession. In Manzai comedy, the “straight-man” objects to the “funnyman”’s statements – TC)
The three straight-man rallies perfectly exchanged, Kenichi held out his palm for a high-five. But, just as their palms came into contact, one hand grabbed the other,

[Dad: Now let me twist the wrist of that dumbass blockhead pain-in-the-ass son of mine to straighten out his character a bit…..]

[Subaru: Ow! OwOW! Wa-wait, my wrist is gonna……Owwwhurts!]

[Dad: ――But I kinda get the feeling that won’t be necessary, you already look pretty beaten-up as it is]

His twisted wrist being released, Subaru stood up giving his hand a shake while whining about the pain. Staring at Subaru with one eye closed, Kenichi made a small snort with his nose,

[Dad: I got that feeling this morning, but just now it’s like something suddenly changed about you again. What’s with that]

[Subaru: I told you, didn’t I. It’s, because I have someone I like]

A silver brightness, was leading Natsuki Subaru by the hand.

[Subaru: And there’s also, someone who told me they loved me, even in spite of what I am]

A warm, sky-blue radiance, was tenderly pushing on Natsuki Subaru’s back.

[Subaru: They, don’t know I am Natsuki Kenichi’s son. When I am with them, I am only Natsuki Subaru……No,]

Shaking his head, he fixed his eyes on his father standing in front of him,

[Subaru: No matter who I am in front of, I am always Natsuki Subaru. I brought it on myself to carry that strange signboard on my back, when I was actually being crushed by a weight that was never there. I finally understand it, now]

[Dad: Well that was super late. I’m the big black pillar holding this family up, here. I never asked you to be the head of the family, who gave you the idea to carry a burden like that. I should smack ya]

[Subaru: You did plenty of stuff more painful than smacking already!]

Seeing Subaru stomping on the ground in protest of the previous attacks, Kenichi laughed [My bad my bad] like he was apologizing on someone else’s behalf. Then, squinting his eyes into thin lines, Kenichi continued [Compared to that,]

[Dad: You said there was someone you like, and then you said there’s someone who likes you, but, what? You… are you a two-timer? With only a Subaru-rank?]

[Subaru: Don’t call it a Subaru-rank! Although I totally realize it’s too luxurious for my level! But so what! There can be two stars in the highest place, what’s wrong with that!]

It was not just him being defiant, for those were Subaru’s honest feelings at that moment.
He loved Emilia. And he loved Rem. Those two made Subaru stand up and walk forward, whether it was to stand in front of Kenichi or to face the self of his past, they gave him the strength to not run away.

All the sea of stars that once covered over Subaru’s sky――all the glittering starlight he once saw gazing upwards.
Overhead now, blinding, brighter than the light of all those stars combined, was the star of those two’s radiance. And all around that brightest star, even the stars that should have vanished long ago now came to glow with a different light.

It was outside of his shut-in room, inadvertently summoned to the Parallel World, through desperation, suffering, sorrow, wailing as he cried, screaming in anger, charging in with a smile on his face, enthusiastically advancing forward, that Subaru won this starlit sky.

[Dad: Well, that’s alright. Do as you like. Long as you get a perfect ending out of it without breaking the law, I won’t have any objections. Looks like, you got some talent for duping girls too, huh]

[Subaru: If I had talents like that I wouldn’t have failed so miserably on my first day of highschool and ended up all alone. I can’t pull off miracles like you, dad]

[Dad: I don’t think that’s true, you know? You’re my son, after all. And although you got all sorts of things wrong, that’s the one thing you got most wrong]

[Subaru: That one?]

Tapping the fingers on his cross arms, Kenichi answered the confused looking Subaru with an [En], nodding,

[Dad: I may be hyperactive in front of you and mom, but dad knows how to sort out the TIME-PLACE-OCCASION for these thing, you know? I was always like this in front of you, so maybe you got the wrong idea, but if you act like dad in front of everyone, ofcourse things are gonna go pear-shaped, oy]

[Subaru: Wa, wai-wait……]

[Dad: It’s obvious, isn’t it? If you see a guy with this kind of TENSION on the first meeting, you’ll be scared to even come near him, right? From there until you become good friends, you still have to straighten up your collar. You only get to take off a button on your shirt when it’s hot out. Otherwise, it’s patience from April to June]

That was the shocking truth. In reality, even his father changes his attitude depending on the target, just like a normal person.
Without knowing this, he had believed that if he only acted like his father, he would be loved by those around him just like his father was. Such was the shallowness of his mind.

[Subaru: All that time I spent stagnant……]

[Dad: Well, it wasn’t all useless, I think. In fact, you got to become who you are now because of it. Those stars you found, aren’t they worth the time you spent looking for them?]

Subaru, hugging his head in regret, lifted up his face as he heard those words. He could answer that question without a moment’s hesitation, for he already knew the answer, beyond all doubt.

[Subaru: ――No, it was worth it. No matter how many chances I get, I would want to chase after the same stars as I am now. So, I think I like the way I am now]

[Dad: Is that so……Then, that was all great, wasn’t it?]

Relieved to see Subaru resolve this in his heart, Kenichi smiled.
And facing that smile, Subaru felt the heavy lump in his chest dropping with a thud. The darkness within him cleared, as if all the feelings of gloom had been washed away.

Although it was a selfish and conceited emotion, to Subaru right now, it was salvation.
After facing his past, saying goodbye to his old self while embracing and accepting all that he had been, he was proud of this present self that was now walking forward.
And so――

[Subaru: I’m sorry, for all the times I closed myself off. I’m sorry I made you worry with all the emotion I can’t sort out and refusing to go to school. I know I was wrong now. I’m really sorry]

[Dad: It’s ok, you don’t have to. It’s my fault for not realizing how amazingly awesome you imagined me to be. I should be the one to say sorry, for being way too awesome in your eyes!]

[Subaru: Even though it’s a fact, after you put it like that I totally don’t want to admit it now!]

[Dad: Hahaha, no need to be embarrassed. You’re my son, and you have my blood in your veins. You definitely have the potential to become someone half as awesome as me]

[Subaru: Only half? I thought new generations are supposed to overtake the old ones]

[Dad: Well you also got half of you from your mom. With my awesomeness and good looks, combined with the other part from your mom, they kinda canceled each other out, you know]

[Subaru: Sorry mom, I have no counter to that!]

Unable to say anything to exonerate his mom who wasn’t there, Subaru clapped his hands together and apologized to thin air. Amused to see this gesture from him, Kenichi shook his head,

[Dad: Well then, that’s a load off your shoulders, right? All the walking-in-place from before is already done, there’s no point dwelling on them anymore, all that matters now is what you do from now on]

[Subaru: Yeah, en. I’m, sorry I made you worry……]

[Dad: If you want to apologize for something like that, you should take the time to properly repay our kindness. One day, you’ll have to take good care of me and mom you know, my eldest son]

――As he heard those words, Subaru grew still.

[Subaru: ――――]

He had made up his mind to apologize for everything that had happened before, and he was determined to confess all the feelings of his present self.
He had accomplished it well, the years of accumulated barriers between them had melted, and he could now face his parents with a clear heart.
Everything he had wanted to say up to now――

[Subaru: ――Fr]

Then ―― the moment he was about to say “From now on”, what surged up instead through Subaru’s entire body was,

[Subaru: ……Ple… please forgive me]

[Dad: Subaru?]

[Subaru: I’m so……I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…… I’m, I’m sorry I’m sorry……I’m so sorry……]

The confused Kenichi’s voice came from in front of him. Yet Subaru could no longer make out his face.
The flood of overflowing tears had blocked up Subaru’s vision, and the shapes of the world grew blurred. Covering his face with his palms, he desperately tried to wipe away the stream of tears. But even wiping, and wiping, he could not stop the tears from flowing. They cannot be stopped, and would not be stopped.

[Subaru: Forgive me please forgive me……I, I’m……There’s only, you two……I’m sorry, I’m so sorry……]

――He had realized it.
Somewhere within his heart, Subaru had realized it long ago.

From the moment he was summoned to this Parallel World, bathed under the light of the sun, when he squinted his eyes within the blinding flash of that instant, as if it were a revelation, Subaru knew.
――That he would never return to his original world again.

Having spilled his heart to his father, having confessed the dark emotions that had accumulated inside his chest, having been granted forgiveness, having been lent the strength to walk forward, having been taught and brought up to know how,

[Subaru: Despite all of that, I…… I can’t repay you anything…… I will, never get to see you again…… I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I’m sorry……I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry]

The tears would not stop. He was about to fall to his knees.
But even so, Subaru remained standing, because stopping him from collapsing, was a hug from in front that wrapped the crying Subaru’s body within its arms.

The palms were strong and broad, they pressed his son, who was almost as tall as he was, tightly into him, yet, like consoling a weeping child, they patted and caressed his back.

[Dad: ――No matter where or when, you’re still a pain-in-the-ass son. Geez]

As he said this, he continued holding onto the sobbing Subaru, soothingly, and lovingly, and did not let go.

※※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※

[Dad: Have you calmed down?]

[Subaru: ――Yeah. Sorry. That must be, really annoying]

[Dad: No kidding. Just look at my shirt. I’ve got dried out tears and snot all over my chest now. I’m too embarrassed to even wander around the neighborhood like this]

“Haha”, using his fingers to give Subaru, who had stopped crying, a flick to the forehead, Kenichi let out a vulgar laugh.
With a grin, he stared at Subaru’s face, that was now swollen from the tears. Seeing those eyes filled with sadness and apology, Kenichi sighed,

[Dad: I don’t know why you cried so hard, but that must have been kinda embarrassing for ya, so I’ll keep it a secret. Try to thank me as best you can, ok?]

[Subaru: ……Aah. Thank you. Truly, from the bottom of my heart, more than anyone else in the world]

[Dad: Well I’m gonna blush if you put it like that]

Scratching his face looking embarrassed, Kenichi chuckled. Unable to stare at his father’s face directly for too long, Subaru averted his eyes.
Kenichi shrugged his shoulders, and flapped his hands around like he was trying to drive away insects,

[Dad: Gees, now get yourself back home, you crybaby. Dad’s in the mood for walking around a bit more, so I’ll take the long way back. If I’m seen with ya while you’re sobbing, people are gonna think something strange]

[Subaru: ……They’ll wonder what on earth a pair of father and son our age could be doing together, huh]

[Dad: Yeah no kidding. If I go back with you like this, my friends are gonna hear about it and embarrass me with it, you know]

[Subaru: That line could be fatal depending on who you say it to, so be careful how you use it!]

Inadvertently blurting out another straight-man counter to his father’s words, Subaru’s heart was stabbed with the pain of nostalgia. Clenching his teeth and forcing himself to turn his face away, Subaru managed to spit out the words [So uh],
[Subaru: I’ll be going on ahead, then. Try not to get questioned by the police or anything]

[Dad: Sorry to disappoint ya, but all the police officers around here know me. If they come and say hello I can’t really ignore them, can I]

[Subaru: Just please don’t do anything except say hello back]

That attitude from Kenichi hadn’t changed at all. Once again feeling saved by it, Subaru felt disgusted by how his own powerlessness was still no better than before. No matter where he was, he still had to rely on others to protect him. He was so hopeless that way.

But more than anything, he didn’t want to show his weakness in front of Kenichi anymore.
So after exhaling a sharp breath, as if he had made up his mind, Subaru turned his back to his father and swung out his step. And with hurried steps, he tried to disappear from that place as quickly as he could.

[Dad: ――Hey, Subaru]

From behind, Kenichi’s voice called to him, and his legs inadvertently stopped moving.

[Dad: You’re, going through all sorts of things too, huh. So, I just say this one thing]

[Subaru: ――――]

[Dad: Give it your best. I’m counting on you, son]

The fear of being counted on, the fear of disappointing.
The worry that he would betray his father’s expectations had grasped Subaru for so long, refusing to let go. It was because of it, that to Subaru, his father’s expectations had turned into a symbol of fear――

[Subaru: ――Yeah, leave it to me. Dad]

Still with his back turned, Subaru stuck a finger toward the sky, and,

[Subaru: My name is Natsuki Subaru. Son of Natsuki Kenichi. ――Therefore I can accomplish anything, and will do anything it takes. Your son is really awesome, you know]

[Dad: Yeah, I know. Half of you came from me, after all!]

“HAHAHA”, at the end of those words Kenichi showered a volley of laughter upon Subaru’s back.
Listening to its sound, a smile came onto Subaru’s lips.

With his back to his father, he swung out his strides.
His knees were no longer shaking. His heart no longer wavered. He only stared straight ahead as he walked.

――The one whose back he had always watched from behind, will be watching him from behind from now on.

Amazed, by how much strength he could draw from a fact as simple as this.
Subaru continued walking, without stopping.

-=Chapter 18 End=-


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      He is certainly currently in a dreamworld. But in a sense, I think his father is “real”, in that it is a real manifestation of Subaru’s genuine lifelong-accumulated understanding of his father, and not a puppet of the dreamworld. Their interactions are built upon real memories and impressions, and fragments of it may really have happened in the real world, or, at least, could potentially happen in the real world.

      Like how when Subaru respawns, no one knows what happened in the previous world, whether or not all this happened could be thought of that way. His father in the real world would not remember this conversation, but Subaru would, and Subaru will treat it as a conversation he really did have with his father.

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  11. Maybe her mom is Satella. And when she died in the parallel world, she was transported to our world. That could be the reason why subaru was sent to the parallel world with the Witch inside him to save him feom death or you can call it “Mother’s Love”. If that was the case then go fix your mother’s name Subaru!….

    This is pure imagination.

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  12. “Are you a little girl who didn’t get enough physical intimacy when you were little?” FUCK MY DIRTY MIND BACKWARDS WITH A TELEGRAPH POLE, GEEZ. And as always, amazing work Chicken-sama! Thank you so much!

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    1. I wondered about the same thing!
      That could be the reason why everyone likes Kenichi so much. Like how everyone in the Parallel World grew to like Subaru after the things he did with his powers.


      1. You think too much into it .
        It was a sarcasm . As he was saying I am not that special he added , just to remove the tension and don’t just say I am bad .
        That is why Subaru said ”you could usu that in your car accident last year ” , as if you had such power you should usu it more often of when you need it . He doesn’t have any power at all . Just normal humans and a sarcasm .

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        1. Actually, the accident could totally be a part of him doing something with his power. Look at how much Subaru gets injured even with his RBD. Kenichi may have been preventing something worse from happening, and ended up getting hurt in the process.


      2. It is a common thing , at least i do it some times , when you are trying to say something bad about yourself or look humble to add some things like ”even if I can lift 3 tons” or fly or stop time or whatever .
        This attitude seems to be more in line with the way Subaru’s Dad talks and also is more believable than adding some super power to a family that we will probably not see even again , plus the fact that Subaru or the anime hasn’t mention anything about out of the ordinary from the home world of Subaru .
        As for his accident it was something that could happen to everyone . Subaru pointed it out to say that you don’t have these powers since you had a car accident last year ( and also make it obvious to the audience that Subaru’s Dad is just kidding ) .

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        1. I got the idea yesterday that maybe Kenichi could be Flugel in the Parallel World, when he was Subaru’s age. That would make more sense than having time-stopping powers in the real world.
          That line felt suspiciously like it was hinting at something, I think.

          Re:Zero is a series about having special powers, after all, and mentioning the specific power of “stopping time a little” is really suspicious.


      3. Ok that is a very good theory . I didn’t think about that and i am impressed . But my theory is probably more likely to be the case .

        My theory is that , since this series has a lot to do with going past in time and stuff , Subaru somehow later in the series go back in time somehow ( maybe with the help of a specific character that I have in mind , an accident or maybe someone that can travel in time gets him or Emilia I don’t know . Doesn’t matter ), he becomes Flugel ( I think it was mentioned somewhere but don’t call me on that that Flugel can usu witch power ) , Emilia becomes witch of Envy and then Satella ( explaining the love and the reason Subaru was picked from his world to this one as Pride . I should mention that Al from Princila is also from Japan and it was mentioned somewhere in the first 2 Arcs ) and Subaru helps to seal her ( and maybe unseal her after the current Subaru goes back in time after all those years ) .
        This will also explain the reason Re:Zero author picked the phrase that Subaru said when he met the Big Tree ”…if only the Sage would guess ( or something like that ) that the world tree will be used to defeat the whale … ” . What I mean ofc by that is Subaru knowing the fight with the whale planted this tree long time ago to help his past self .
        Lastly even if it is possible that Kenji looked like Subaru when he was young it isn’t mentioned anywhere and it would be cooler to have the protagonist to do all this ( and have one more reason to tell the story ) .
        My theory is also based on some spoilers in arc 7 and basically confirm it , in my mind at least . I could tell you if you want .

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      4. It isn’t said by the author or confirmed ofc . But if you ask me it is 99,9% the case . I could still be wrong . After all Re:Zero is only in half way ( or 40% ) based on the author and it is on arc 7 currently .

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  13. Loving your translations! It translates the feeling of the original text so well.

    (There’s a tiny typo with this sentence “They cannot not be stoped(stopped), and would not be stopped.” I think its where Subaru started crying. That’s all that I saw. So thank you for the high quality translations!)

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  14. Hey Chicken, I noticed one typo. In the part “[Dad: Even if you are that slow and dumb and stupid, I not going to hate you or give up on you. Isn’t that obvious? I am your dad, and you are my son]”, the “I not” should be “I’m not”. Also thanks for the great work!

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  15. I feel like this is still the beginning for Subaru or the start of his character development . And for us those last few chapters showed what kind of person Subaru really is or actually was.

    Thank you for the hard work Chicken-dono!

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  18. i bet this conversation did happen in real world, only through dreams, coz, there’s a possibility Kenichi’s unconsciously dreaming too. i do wonder what has happened to his mom and his dad irw.
    well, thanks for this chapter chicken sama!!! love ya!

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  19. [Dad: Hahaha, no need to be embarrassed. You’re my son, and you have my blood in your veins. You definitely have the potential to become someone half as awesome as me].Kenichi the guy standing in front of you is the hero who defeated the white whale and defeated the sin of archbishop sloth.he saved one of the candidates to become the future king and he saved a whole village from a mabeast attack.and you say he has potential to become someone half as awesome as you.

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    1. I just thought of something… what if Kenichi is Flugel? Flugel was supposed to have done awesome things 400 years ago, exactly like what Subaru is doing in the current age.


  20. hey chicken bro i was thinking this for a while now how come when Subaru can’t read or write the parallel world language and they cant read and write Japanese,Subaru can understand what they are saying and how the people of the parallel world understand what Subaru is saying.i think the witch has put a translator in Subaru’s ear and mouth.

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    1. The way I understand it, if you’re multilingual, when you try to remember what language you dreamed in last night, sometimes it’s impossible to remember.
      I might reorganize the memory into English when I recall the dream, but inside the actual dream there might not have been any language at all, and the conversations could have been carried out using pure mental concepts instead. At least mental concepts are at the beginning and end of any communication.
      Considering how Satella is kind of living inside Subaru or has become a part of Subaru, Subaru could be receiving the meaning of all the words from Satella as if he is “dreaming” Satella without having to know the language.

      It could be something like the mind-linking magic with Julius.


      1. Literally a fish you stick in your ear that translates speech. Can’t remember the exact mechanism. It’s in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy: a Douglas Adams classic.

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  21. wow

    So all the words subaru said to rem in arc 2 about inferiority complex….dammit there should have been some one who recorded them and let subaru hear them again! he’s the one that needs them the most!

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  22. (this is not related to the chapter but it concerns about your website)
    chicken sama may i ask if you know your work is being copied by some other sites? idk if all of it(the whole arcs 3 and 4) tho, i just checked the latest release which was this arc 4 ch. 18 p. 3+4/4 and it’s the same content as your own work but cmon it’s not fair, this is yours (and the others guys behind this website too i love you guys) and they’re plagiarizing it without giving you credits. no no no. i can’t even
    ヘ( ´Д`)ノ it’s uhh kissnovel’s novelplanet(dot)com

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    1. Hey Justice, I don’t put any ads on my site, so I’m not really losing anything when they copy and re-post it. People will find this website eventually and join the fold :3
      At least they put “TranlationChicken” under the translator slot, which links to google search, haha.


  23. So let me get this straight…

    Subaru looks up to his dad as the most incredible person, so much so that he wants to be exactly like him, and believed he could do it until he started getting a little older. Then as he realized he couldn’t he stopped trying because he didn’t want to see himself fail, though his lack of giving up was causing him to just seclude himself. Then this interaction with his dad he is realizing that even his dad isn’t as awesome as he always is in front of everyone and subaru’s expectations to be awesome right when he meets someone deteriorated. So now with this new knowledge and his dad egging him on to only be as half as cool as him and his dad saying he believes in subaru, he realizes he had too much expectation for himself and now is willing to put himself out there.

    However, I don’t understand the whole forgive me gambit and the “why didn’t you scold me” or the “why do you still love me a failure”. If i were to guess its because he didn’t meet the expectations so he should have his dad scold him.

    I may be wrong in this whole thing but if I’m on the right track it means everything plays out with other peoples plan perfectly as subaru forsees it even when he doesn’t want it that way. Like when he swallowed his pride and accepted mathers plan, and here when he accepts his dad’s plan to get scolded. Can anyone please explain it better?

    I just finished reading this chapter and will read the next probably tonight so I may get my answers soon, or I may have to reread the last two chapters.

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    1. rereading it I also see that he wanted his parents to beat him because he didn’t realize by shutting himself he couldn’t hide his weaknesses from his parents and he’s ashamed.

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  24. I don’t really like the way Subaru “loves” Rem. It’s not like he loves her strenght, her nice character or how lovely she is. He simply loves her because she believes in him and loves him. It’s like he doesn’t admire her in person.


  25. A perfect climax for a perfect chapter. This is an awesome print work. My heartstrings have been really touched and my eyes wet at each line!
    I really do appreciate your work, Chicken, thank you very much for letting us be involved in this fantastic adventure and especially in these intimate moments.


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