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※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※

He didn’t need any special procedures to get back into the tower.
Just like the way he entered the balcony, he only had to crawl down below waist-level to get through the hidden passage and come out inside the tower. While crawling on his knees, the pointless thought suddenly occurred to him that Julius must have crawled through here in the exact same way.

Unfortunately, since he had already crawled back earlier, Subaru lost his chance to record this into memory.
It was because he was so overwhelmed by Julius’ last words, that he remained there speechlessly for a while.

[Subaru: ――――]

If he didn’t say anything, then he wasn’t dishonest, he thought. ――Except, that wasn’t the case.
Most likely, Julius believed that even if he had shouted and sworn at Subaru who was plagued by guilt, it would not have brought him any comfort. And since his virtue would not allow it, he could not throw his rage and complaints, but only swallow them silently on the spot.

But, that was not the case.
The words Julius left behind in the end, had stuck into his heart like a thorn.

Perhaps, Subaru would have felt better if he had been yelled at. But since he did not want to feel better, perhaps it was best that Julius hadn’t said anything.
However, the reality was not like that. The thorn left by Julius insisted on pain, and blood continued to flow from its piercing wound. Deep enough to make him hesitate about pulling it out.

[Subaru: I can’t…… go back to the green room anymore]

Chances are, Julius had already escorted Echidona back to the green room by now. After that, it would be unlikely that he’d go search for a bed in the dragon carriage left in the lower levels.

This deep-rooted problem―― the sheer depth which was the fault of Subaru’s own poor judgment, was not something that can be cleared up overnight. At least, it would take time, and simply holding calm discussions will not be enough to resolve it.

Thinking about it that way, he felt a little embarrassed about going back to the dragon carriage. Even though he knew Julius would not go back there, he would still feel somewhat guilty about tugging himself into a warm futon right now.

However, at this late hour, there was no one Subaru could spill his heart to.
The sleeping Rem and Subaru’s best-buddy Patrasche were both in the green room, where he was too afraid to approach because of Julius and Echidona.
And he couldn’t exactly wake Emilia and Beatrice up to make them listen to his whining.
So, at this point, there was no one Subaru could――

[Ram: ――Barusu?]

Hearing that voice, Subaru made a quiet sound with his throat and halted his steps. Turning around, surprised, in the middle of the fourth-level passageway―― where footsteps struck on the stone floor, he saw the form of the pink-haired girl, Ram.
Ram’s light-red eyes were wide open, looking over Subaru from head to toe.

[Ram: It’s been a while since I’ve seen you make that face. Disreputable]

[Subaru: ……why’re you immediately saying that right after we meet. Come to think of it, what’re you doing here this late?]

[Ram: I could ask you the same thing…… although, what Barusu could be up to at this hour would be unimaginable]

In front of Ram, who crossed her arms as she approached him, Subaru tightened his cheeks at her words.
Just the thought of what she might actually be imagining pulled a shadow over Subaru’s face. Seeing Subaru do this, Ram shrugged her shoulders sadly,

[Ram: Anyway, you were bothering Rem with your whining again, weren’t you? Even though Ram’s little sister is cute and forgiving, don’t be too unreasonable]

[Subaru: ……Ah, yeah. Well, you’re right]

[Ram: ――?]

Seeing Ram’s eyes slightly widen as she heard this, Subaru let out a bitter smile.
He didn’t tell her his true feelings, but only what she might have guessed based on his daily activities. It was true, just as Ram said, that Subaru often spent his nights at Rem’s bedside.
In fact, he had already done so tonight. And it was only natural that Ram would think he had just left.
But today, it was not only that――

[Ram: Stop making that miserable face]

[Subaru: Oogh]

[Ram: With that pathetic, miserable expression, you look even lower than a base manservant. Looking like that, people will begin to suspect Emilia-sama’s character for taking a Barusu as her Knight. Please revise]

He felt Ram’s finger flicking his drooping forehead.
Subaru’s eyes teared up from the force, and just as he was about to protest, Ram disinterestedly humphed through her nose, shutting him back up. All the while, she herself seemed perfectly at ease.

[Subaru: ……Gees, really, ane-sama is ane-sama, after all]

[Ram: Hah. Please don’t disgust me with your thoughts]

Subaru commented while stroking his forehead, and Ram put on an expression as if disgusted from the bottom of her heart. To be consoled by such an attitude, he really must be pathetic.
No part of what she said had carried any expression of warmth or sympathy, but, somehow, that was what it meant to him.

[Subaru: Ram, what were you doing at this hour anyway?]

[Ram: Disgusting]

[Subaru: Don’t just suddenly end the conversation like that! We only just started……]

Hopelessly shrugging his shoulder, Subaru let out a quiet sigh, and turned his eyes to the passageway behind Ram―― where she had come from.
Although the fourth floor was very wide, there was nothing particularly remarkable here. There was a green room, and the luggage they brought up from the dragon carriage. And――

[Subaru: ……The staircase to the second floor?]

[Ram: ――――]

[Subaru: Unless, you went up there. Alone?]

[Ram: Don’t worry. I’m not as reckless as him. It doesn’t seem like it, but I’m not conceited enough to think I can do anything with Reid Astrea alone]

Imagining something he’d rather not think about, Subaru twisted his lips, and Ram laughed through her nose as she denied his suspicions.
Hearing her subtle reference to Julius’ stubbornness hidden within her words, the mere thought of it twisted at the thorn in Subaru’s chest.

[Ram: It seems, something happened between you and Julius. Had a fight?]

[Subaru: Am I that easy to read?]

[Ram: Barusu is as easy to read as Ram is intelligent. The latter has more to do with it, but it’s nothing to worry about. ……No, of course the former has plenty to do with as well. It won’t take long to get everything out of you under torture]

[Subaru: The fact that you’re assuming I’d be placed under torture is kind of frightening, you know]

Watching Subaru pick at his own cheek, Ram just squinted her eyes. Seeing that she wasn’t kidding, Subaru shuddered a little.
It’s true, that considering Subaru’s position, it was not entirely unlikely that Emilia’s enemies in the Royal Selection might resort to this kind of barbaric measures. Maybe it would be a good idea to watch out for that, after all.

[Subaru: In that case, what were you doing here……]

[Ram: ――I didn’t go up to the second floor. I only tried to go up]

[Subaru: ……I thought you just said you weren’t that reckless. Unless… were you thinking of attacking him while he’s asleep?]

Subaru had no qualms about using any means necessary to win. It might be understandable if Ram thought the same and planned to stealth attack Reid in his sleep.
The question was whether this Reid, which appeared to have been reproduced from the records of the past, really slept. And, even if he did sleep, could she really manage it?

[Ram: Unfortunately, it’s impossible to attack him while he’s sleeping. I turned back halfway up the stairs. He really is an abnormal monster. He’d almost make Garf look cute]

[Subaru: Although, after getting to know Garfiel, he is pretty cute……]

[Ram: Not his antics, I meant the level of danger he poses]

The way she put it, she didn’t actually deny that Garfiel’s antics were cute, but since they were in the middle of something more important, Subaru squeezed his brows and forgot about it.

[Ram: I am convinced now. If one side has no qualms about using any means necessary, then the other side would use any means necessary as well. Like we’ve discussed, in order to beat him, we must not let him take it too seriously, and only then satisfy his conditions]

[Subaru: ……Just to make sure of that, you went up to the second level alone?]

[Ram: Do I have to say it again. I didn’t go up to the second level. It’s too difficult for Ram at this moment]

Confirming that they simply weren’t strong enough, Ram warned of the need for preparations before challenging the second level again. Speaking of needing more time, the thought of his argument with Echidona and Julius resurfaced once more, and Subaru couldn’t help but take on a difficult expression.

[Ram: Barusu?]

[Subaru: N, no, it’s nothing…… Well, it’s not totally nothing, but it doesn’t matter right now. Most likely, we’ll have a proper talk tomorrow]

[Ram: A remarkably ambiguous statement]

[Subaru: That’s kinda what I was going for, but, it’s not what you think. As expected, even here, I’ve done something ungrateful, and it’s a bit hard to recover from it this time]

He’s done enough for now. It was a strange crack that he wasn’t sure if he could completely mend, and he wouldn’t want to complicate it any more and spread the crack even wider.
Watching Subaru go limp, Ram still wasn’t convinced, but decided to let it go.

[Ram: In any case, conquering the second floor…… defeating Reid will require more time and effort. At least, it would be nice if we could count on Shaula’s support]

[Subaru: Well, it wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that she couldn’t exactly be counted on. Although, if she didn’t help us earlier, we’d all be charred black under the sand right now]

Without Shaula, they would never have been able to reach the exam on the second level in the first place. But even with that in mind, she had been a disappointing Sage ever since they entered the tower.
Of course, if they could borrow the examiner’s own hand to pass the exam, it would be quite exceptional indeed.

[Ram: If we only ever take the high road, we’re bound to get stuck in a deadlock here]

[Subaru: It’s not like I think it’d be better to take a more innocent approach. But, purely on a case by case basis…… it just wouldn’t work this time]

[Ram: You say that so effortlessly…… Ram, doesn’t have that kind of leisure]

Dissatisfied with Subaru’s answer, Ram shrugged her shoulders. And, while slowly turning her back,

[Ram: If you don’t go to bed soon it’ll hurt your performance tomorrow. I’ll head back to the dragon carriage as well]

[Subaru: Aahh, yeah. I, uh……]

He wanted to explain why he couldn’t go back, but it was too difficult. On the other hand, looking back and seeing Subaru mumbling this way, Ram spilled a small sigh.

[Ram: As you like. But if you drag us down because you didn’t get enough sleep, I’ll twist it off]

[Subaru: Aah, no…… twist what off!?]

[Ram: I’ll leave that to your imagination]

With a wave of her hand, Ram headed in the direction of the stairs to the lower levels. Without touching on what he didn’t want to touch on, leaving him to stand up by his own efforts, could that have been her consideration?
Watching the thin back walking into the distance, even know that she won’t see it, Subaru raised up his hand.

[Subaru: Good night, ne-sama. See you tomorrow]

[Ram: ……Ram is not Barusu’s ane-sama. Stop calling me that]

Her last denial carried no strength within it, as if she had already accepted, and only resisted for the sake of it.
Watching Ram’s figure disappear after leaving those words behind, Subaru clicked the bones in his neck and whispered [Ah, what am I gonna do now].

He can’t go to the dragon carriage anymore. And it’s too difficult to return to the green room. In that case, he could either find some other place to rest until the morning, or find a place where he could do something meaningful with his time.

[Subaru: If I just want a place to sleep, I could find a suitable room……]

The top candidate would be the room where they stored their luggage.
The dragon carriage’s cargo and food supplies have all been moved into that room, though it’ll be hard to find something he could use as a pillow. The bottleneck was just how to find some way to reduce the pain on his body while sleeping on the floor, aside from sleeping in the dragon carriage.

[Subaru: Think about how to conquer the second floor, how to defeat Reid]

Honestly, that would be the most constructive choice.
Most of the problems surrounding their current situation were about capturing this Watchtower. Though it can’t be said with certainty, it would nevertheless play a huge role in improving their situation.
That evening, the consensus they reached on how to defeat Reid was to make him not take something seriously and then seriously satisfy his conditions, or something vague along those lines.
At the very least, if there was a chance he could reduce some of that vagueness――

[Subaru: ――That’s it]

And, coming to this point, Subaru snapped his fingers.
As the idea flashed through his mind like a lightning strike, Subaru changed the direction of his steps with a bash.

[Subaru: If this goes well……]

Though he cannot say for sure, it should be a move that could greatly advance the situation.
Setting his heart on that thought, Subaru sprinted toward his goal.

――In the Watchtower in the night, loud, spirited echoes of Subaru’s footsteps rang out.
――Only the lonely echoes of a single person’s footsteps.


※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※

――The sensation of waking, was like the moment of emerging out of the water’s surface.

Pulling the dreaming, unconscious body upwards, using a breath to restore the entire body to reality, the consciousness slowly reawakened, and, breaking through the water’s surface, he was born.
If sleep was death, and wakefulness was life―― then that description would not have been far off.

Anyways, such poetic sentiments aside, he gradually began to wake――

[???: ――Subaru! Hey, Subaru, are you alright?]

[Subaru: Th-the wha!?]

The moment he opened his eyes, immediately stricken by the beautiful face in front of him, Subaru rolled to the side.
And, not rolling very far before running out of surface, he dropped a short distance and landed on his shoulder.

[Subaru: Ngya!]

[???: Eek! Subaru, you alright!? Why did you start rolling all of a sudden!?]

[Subaru: N, no, it’s not like I willing decided to roll or anything……]

Squeezing his banged-up shoulder and lightly shaking his head, he pushed himself up. And then, in the blink of an eye, Subaru was confused.

It was a green room.
The entire interior of the room was covered by sprawling ivy that completely hid the walls behind them. If he was told that the whole outlandish-looking room was made of ivy, he probably would’ve believed it.

And apparently, Subaru was lying on the floor beside a bed woven from ivy at the very center of the room. That was probably what he rolled off of… would be his analysis of the situation.
It was funny that Subaru could make such judgment so calmly, but there was reason for that.

[???: Hmm, it looks like you didn’t hit anything too hard. That’s good. But I got reeeaaaally worried, you know, you shouldn’t scare me like that]

[????: Emilia, if you say it like that, Subaru won’t reflect on it, I suppose. If you don’t say it more severely, Betty’s worries won’t get through to him]

[???: I guess you’re right. But I’m surprised Beatrice would be saying that. After going into such a panic when you couldn’t find Subaru, you were almost in tears when you found him lying there……]

[????: You don’t have to mention that part can you not mention that part, I suppose!]

In front of his eyes, the conversation started going out of control.
Nodding stupidly to the rhythm of the bickering that made him want to smile, Subaru turned around. Sitting on the floor and breathing behind him, was some kind of huge animal.

[Subaru: ――――]

There was, a giant lizard. With black scales covering all over its skin, it was a huge lizard the size of a horse. The strangest part was that it was gently snuggling up to Subaru’s neck with its nose.
Seeing that it was friendly, Subaru gently petted the lizard on its head.
And then, he let out a sigh.

[Subaru: In other words, this is it]

Calm, and collected, slowly, he breathed out these words.
Seeing Subaru like this, the two girls in front of him tilted their heads.

[??? + ????: ――Subaru?]

And, like two sisters speaking with the same breath, they simultaneously called Subaru’s name.
A silver-haired girl who was so beautiful that his eyes wanted to explode, and a fairy-like little girl in a pretty dress.

A beautiful silver-haired girl, a Drill-Loli, a giant lizard, and a room made of ivy――
Subaru opened his mouth wide, and shouted it out.

――Because this is, this is, this is.




-=Arc 6 Chapter 33 End=-

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We are finally here.
Arc 6 “The Corridor of Memories”, STARTS with this chapter.


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  15. I think most of the theories are wrong, it seems Subaru just went to the cunning so that Julius did not tell about Echidna, or something like that, the last phrase can be misleading. SorForMyEng


  16. So… What if* Subaru was Flugel and also lost his memories and go back to his original world? Maybe Subaru’s original world time not connected / as same to the Re:Zero world? Maybe 400 years timeline in Re:Zero is like 1 month before the he got teleported 2nd time in his original world? It’s like maybe he’s been this world before? Just my opinion tho 😀


  17. Thanks a lot Chicken-sama for translating! Going out of the way of arc 4 to translate arc 6 because it hints Rem’s rescue… Are you a member of Team Rem too?

    Liked by 1 person

  18. there was a part in arc 6 that might be a hint to all these memory loss theories in the comments

    [Ram: Is that so. I guess that’s fine then. But even if you were to finally find a way to try and wake her up, if you were to meet again with her without remembering who she was, Rem’s feelings would not be at peace. It would be surprising if she were to not hold any detest for you, if your depictions of her during our idle conversations were not just wild fantasies that is.]


  19. Hey Chicken, thank you for all your efforts in translating the WNs. As I am reading this without any context of what happened in the rest of Arc 4, 5 and 6 before these events, I’m a bit lost to who the giant lizard may be. Could that have been Patrasche, or some other character?


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