Re:Zero Arc 6 Chapter 34 [Coming Out Of The Convenience Store, There Was A Wondrous World] (Part 3/4)












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So, after all that, Subaru managed to complete his self-introduction to Emilia and Beatrice for the second time. But――

[*Everyone*: ――――]

Over the breakfast table, after explaining why everyone had to reintroduce themselves again, the general mood was like sitting on a mat full of needles.
Naturally, Emilia and Beatrice were present. And aside from those two and himself, there were five other ladies and gentlemen in attendance―― the ratio between gentlemen and ladies was a bit skewed, but at least both genders were represented.
Emilia explained that they had all followed Subaru to this Tower―― (which, from the inside, he didn’t even realize was a tower), and that they were his companions currently putting their heads together to capture this Tower.

If we were to describe each of these fabulous members in turn, it would be―― a glamorous busty young lady in a sexy outfit, a pretty little girl with a bewitching aura unbefitting of her age, a cute-faced girl with peach-colored hair and an enchanting gaze, an elegant girl with youthful features and a gentle air about her, and, lastly, a handsome young man with upright features surrounded by an air of nobility.
“Everyone is physically attractive,” was Subaru’s miserable realization about this Parallel World at this point.

[Subaru: Well… just from personal preference… I still think the beautiful silver-haired Emilia-chan takes first place…]

[*Everyone*: ――――]

He whispered that random unnutritious thought out loud and met an extremely cold reception in return.
Well obviously. After all, they’ve just been told that Subaru lost his memories―― and had forgotten every single one of them. It was inevitable they’d be as stumped as Emilia and Beatrice were.

[Emilia: So, I guess everyone is pretty shocked…… Subaru is in quite a situation right now. But, even in a situation like this…… no, precisely because the situation is like this, we should give him our support]

Saying this, Emilia pitched in to help Subaru sum up his situation.
Nonetheless, even in the short time that he’s gotten to know her, he could already tell that she wasn’t very good at public speaking. It was only when Beatrice spoke her piece that they able to take control of the conversation that was rolling all over the place.
Thanks to that, Subaru’s condition was just barely communicated to everyone present, when――

[*Peach-Colored-Haired Girl*: ――Emilia-sama, may I?]

Raising her hand, the girl with peach-colored hair asked Emilia for permission to speak. Emilia, who was addressed with the respectful “sama”, nodded [Mmhm] as a matter of course.

[Emilia: That girl is Ram. She’s a maid from the Mansion…… maid, do you know what that is?]

[Subaru: NO-PROBLEM…… but, a Mansion-Maid, you say. Mn, I think I got it]

The pretty peach-color-haired girl named Ram―― according to Emilia’s supplementary information, was apparently a Maid. Judging from the fact that she had a maid with her, Subaru could more or less imagine what Emilia’s identity might be, while Ram, who couldn’t care less about that train of thought right now, shot a pale-red, piercing glare at Subaru,

[Ram: Is this some kind of prank, Barusu?]

[Subaru: I know I can’t help but come off as suspicious here, but that’s the truth. Also, what’s with turning my name into a Blinding-Curse, oy. ……And, the sleeping girl back there, are you her older sister?]

[Ram: ――――]

Being called by that blockhead name, Subaru frowned up his face and objected. Hearing this, Ram narrowed her eyes.
His question was about the girl in the green-colored room he had woken up in―― who was not among those present here.
With bright, light-blue hair, and facial features identical to Ram’s―― she was sleeping, and no matter what kind of commotion was being thrown up around her, she went on sleeping as though it had anything to do with her. After introducing himself for the second time, she was the first person Subaru asked Emilia and Beatrice about.

According to them, finding a way to wake her from her unwaking slumber was one of the primary reasons they came to capture this Tower.

[Subaru: Sorry I caused all this trouble when you’re trying to wake up your sister. But I honestly have no idea what’s going on with a lot of things right now. So please insult me all you want once I get my memories back]

[Ram: ……The way you said that… you really don’t remember? That frivolous attitude and tone doesn’t seem any different from regular Barusu]

[Subaru: When you put it like that, it almost sounds like I still got all my good qualities from before. That’s good news, right? Well, like they say, “a man’s nature doesn’t change so easily”, so please treat the new me the same way you treated me before!]

Subaru puffed himself up with spirit, and Ram only stared at this irresponsible attitude in disbelief.
Like nothing changed at all. Subaru was so much like his usual self that she couldn’t help but have such doubts. Apart from the memory loss, it was true that it didn’t seem all that bad.
At least, in terms of interactions, there was no need to worry about anything feeling off.

[Subaru: So that’s basi…… Uuoouuhh!?]

[*Busty Girl*: Teacher-sama~?]

Just as he was about to take a breath after Ram’s questioning, Subaru almost flipped upside down when he felt a sweet breath blowing into his ear. Completing his emergency sideways-trajectory, he looked back and saw the glamorous black-haired girl standing in a position close enough to lick his left ear.
Wearing a black bikini, hot-pants, and a cloak―― the girl seemed to be aiming for a rather specific fetishism. But, what freaked Subaru out wasn’t her clothing, but her movement.
Only a moment ago, she was sitting cross-legged across from him on the floor. How did she manage to get up and sneak beside him?

[Subaru: Uh, the uhhh……]

[Shaula: It’s Shaula! Teacher-sama’s favorite disciple, and the Stars-Keeper of this Pleiades Watchtowerrrr!]

[Subaru: Stars Keeper……? Also, by Teacher-sama… you mean me……?]

[Shaula: Yessu!]

Beaming a smile that could outshine the sun at Subaru, who was pointing a finger at himself, the beautiful girl――Shaula nodded. The sight of that carefree smile completely turned Subaru’s impression on its head.
In terms of outer appearance, she seemed to be the girl closest to marriageable age in the group, and, combined with that fashion choice, he originally thought there was an especially mature attractiveness about her. But her attitude was like a ten-year-old. Or rather, like a puppy that’s overjoyed to be noticed by its master, or something like that.

In fact, not too far from Subaru’s impression, Shaula was wagging her black ponytail behind her like a dog wagging its tail.

[Shaula: Say, Teacher-sama… you’re still not tired of playing around like thisuu? Just how many times do you have to forget me before you cut that outtt?]

[Subaru: It’s not like it’s a matter of having had enough or not! Actually, are you telling me my memories get blown away very often!? Did crossing dimensions make my memories easy to blow away or something!?]

Hearing Shaula’s air-headed comment, Subaru looked around at the others to make sure.
Although Subaru had been barely able to accept the reality of his memory loss, having it happen frequently was a whole other story. That’s not just acute anymore, that’d be a chronic condition. If he’s constantly losing his memories because of some endemic Parallel World disease, that’s quite a bit more serious than just making daily life inconvenient.

[Subaru: What is it? Do I really lose my memories that often?]

[Beatrice: No, of course not. Calm down, I suppose. Shaula, don’t make Subaru more confused than he already is. He’s just finally settled down too……]

Holding Subaru’s left hand, Beatrice, who was sitting beside him all along, sighed. She shot Shaula a piercing stare, and in return, Shaula stuck out her tongue with [Wleh~],

[Shaula: I wasn’t trying to trouble Teacher-sama, you knowww. Ah, but then, if that makes Teacher-sama’s head filled with Shaula, then that’s ok too isn’t itttt. Oooh I’m such a fiendish girllll. Teacher-sama, do you like fiendish girlsuu?]

[Subaru: At this point in time, fiendish just means confusing, so no thank you. Right now I only want help from Angel/Goddess/Fairy-types, so I’ll leave half-naked older-sister-types for another time]

[Shaula: Tchiiiii, that’s so meannnn! Even though my boobs are so big, Teacher-sama’s so meannnn~]

In front of Shaula’s ever-escalating affection towards him, Subaru declined her offer with an awkward smile. Honestly, he didn’t dislike her at all, but he could tell that her affection was not directed at the Subaru of this moment, but at the “Teacher-sama” Subaru of her devotions.
In fact, Emilia and Beatrice’s fondness of him must have been the same as well――

[*Little Girl With Indigo-Blue Hair*: Really, Onii-san is such a headache-san]

Regardless of Subaru’s inner thoughts, the little girl commented in her sweet voice.
She was a little girl who appeared to be about the same age as Beatrice, but unlike Beatrice’s fairy-like features, her face was still within the realm of human cuteness. Her indigo blue hair was tied in a French braid, and a rather unbecoming seductive gaze was being sent out from her eyes.

[Subaru: I should like to have a word with your parents, bei-bee~]

[*Little Girl With Indigo-Blue Hair*: ――. It’d be better if you don’t. Onii-san and mommy won’t get along, you know. Also, aren’t we talking about Onii-san’s memories right now?]

[Subaru: Even if you say that, there’s no way to get them back right away…… For now, let’s just start with your name. Tell me that, and we’ll have taken the first step in our friendship, you know!]

[*Indigo-Blue-Haired Little Girl*: Pffu…… friendship]

Not sure what was funny, but the little girl covered her mouth and quietly snickered. It was like a snicker somewhere in between mocking and speechlessness, and yet, it was neither of the two.
Subaru couldn’t understand why she was laughing like that, but,

[Meili: I’m Meili, Onii-san. If you haven’t forgotten your sewing skills along with your memories, I still hope you could make me stuffed animals again]

[Subaru: OooOh, my hidden power has already been revealed? Sounds like I’m pretty fond of Meili, huh. Are you also my little-sister-protegee like Beatrice?]

[Beatrice: That girl was an assassin sent to murder Subaru and Betty in our house, I suppose]

[Subaru: What kind of joke is that!?]

Beatrice dumped a rather heavy-weight joke on him, but, for some reason, no one else was denying it. Unless… Subaru looked at Meili, and she gave him a little smile and waved her hand.
Subaru had no idea what actually happened, but this little girl being an assassin―― still sounded a bit unrealistic. Although, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to stay on the safe side.

[Subaru: So then, Ram and Shaula and Meili have all introduced themselves. Then the next would be……]

Setting his various questions about Meili aside for now, Subaru turned his sights on the remaining two people―― to the light-purple-haired girl in a scarf, and the handsome-featured youth.
Of all those present, only these two hadn’t uttered a single word since they explained Subaru’s situation. And, to Subaru, with the gender ratio excessively tilted towards females, that youth was the only person of the same gender as him. So he was quite looking forward to what he had to say, but,

[*Handsome Youth*: ――――]

The silent youth’s yellow pupils were trembling, and a ghastly aura was emanating from him as he sat there. It was an atmosphere that made one hesitate to speak to him, and Subaru couldn’t say a word.
Even for Subaru, who was universally recognized for his inability to read the mood, seeing the youth like this made him reluctant to set foot into his world.
Perhaps, out of all the people in this room, he was the one whom this had hit the hardest.

[*Light-Purple-Haired Girl*: Just……]

[*Handsome Youth*: …Gh]

[*Light-Purple-Haired Girl*: Just, give him a little time. That’s fine, right?]

In that youth’s stead, the pretty girl in a scarf lightly raised her hand and said this. Her clothing seemed to be quite a bit warmer than the others, and, contrary to her cute appearance, her tone was a tad tomboyish―― somewhat reminiscent of what they call a Boku-ko back home. And just like this, she sliced through the congealing atmosphere.
Either way, her words salvaged the conversation. Although, for some reason, Emilia and everyone else seemed terribly confused about something just now.

[Subaru: Aah, yeah, of course. It’s my bad for suddenly shocking everyone with this……]

[*Light-Purple-Haired Girl*: The way I* see it, it’s not only that……] (*’Boku’, the masculine ‘I’)

[Subaru: Ooooh, it is a Boku-ko?]

So this girl who gave off the impression of a Boku-ko, actually did refer to herself with “Boku”.
With a thoughtful expression, the girl played with her scarf and wryly smiled at Subaru’s words,

[“Anastasia”: For now, you may call me Anastasia. In fact, if it weren’t for your shocking revelation, it would have been me in your place, making a shocking revelation of my own. But it seems, there’s been a mixup]


(These incredible fan arts are by @HaruSabin)


(From @Rezero_official)


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  1. You know, skipping a head like this has an unintended side effect that adds to the read. Subaru doesn’t know who those people are or what he’s doing there. We readers don’t know who some of those people are or what they are doing there either. It really lets us connect with Subaru.

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  2. i wonder if we are going to get to see where subarus memories in the next couple chapters, or maybe could this be a plan subaru came up with to get past their challenge or trial that they are doing in the tower, i only have a general idea of what happened in arc 6 before this so thats my two cents.

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  3. [Shaula: Say, Teacher-sama… you’re still not tired of playing around like thisuu? Just how many times do you have to forget me before you cut that outtt?]

    Whaaaaat . What should I hypothesize about this ?

    There are 2 possibilities . He lost them on purpose on he didn’t . If he did it would be annoying to see him losing them every now and then and it wouldn’t really help the story progress in any way so this can’t be trye . So he did lost them on purpose . With that in mind we can say that with losing his memories he can accomplice more things than just winning a brawl with the First Swordsman in the other floor . It isn’t physical power and it doesn’t really make you smarter . Rem hasn’t waken up yet ( just saying , since some people said it would have sth to do with her ) . Your past self is less wise than your current self so overall it doesn’t seem like sth someone would do on purpose .

    So what does he need to gain in order for this to be worth it ? I say knowledge after you manage to get your memories back . Maybe this is the only or best way to get some knowledge from the library . And having a discipline back to help you take your memories back . So i guess Saula can help them with that , but she probably will not and Flugel should have left some commands for when this happens

    I wonder what information he can get from this . I was thinking about information for Flugel but he will not since he isn’t Flugel yet . Maybe information for the tower . Or the entire life of Sword Saint . Maybe his weaknesses .
    I would guess on Sword Saints memories .


  4. This part was really funny . The interactions between the characters . Subaru saying ”Are you her older sister??” , reminding Ram how obvious this is , Shaula overall ( didn’t think she had black hair . Now that i think about it which girl has black hair in this universe lol . Black hair are so rare . ) , the other little girl with the blue hair saying she is an assassin ( didn’t she had a pretty good relationship with Subaru ? Why she laughed when he said ”friendship” ? ) . Don’t know , everything was perfect .

    Also can someone explain to me why Subaru said this ”[Subaru: I should like to have a word with your parents, bei-bee~]”


    1. I guess the assassin girl is the one with all the evil dogs who infiltrate Arlam village in the 2nd Arc.

      Subaru used to play with children in Arlam village, including her. (and that’s when he was bitten with the evil dog and died multiple times)

      and apparently she came back again in Arc 4 together with Elsa, the bowel hunter. I see her but not Elsa in this chapter, so I guess Elsa died/escaped but this girl was captured.


    2. Mother is the term Meili and Elsa used when describing the head of the assassin’s organization. Y’know the lady who ordered the deaths of Subaru, Petra, Emilia, the Arlam villagers and is extremely unhappy that it hasn’t been carried out. That kind of person will probably soon take matters into her own hands AND kill those who failed her.


      1. I remembered that they were parts of an assassin group but I ignored that fact and wrote it off as not relevant . But they could appear again now that you say it .
        Although they take any job they find and independently it seems so I don’t know if they even care that much . But since one of the assassins is on the group it must be for more reasons than ”she is a little girl so we couldn’t just kill her”


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  7. I can only imagine how hard it must be for Julius. The only person in this world who could still remember about him and recognize his knight identity suddenly, in just a span of one night, lost all his memories about everything…


  8. It’s just like that the author is giving some hints how Flugel disappeared during the successful sealing of Witch of Envy.

    1. [Shaula: Say, Teacher-sama… you’re still not tired of playing around like thisuu? Just how many times do you have to forget me before you cut that outtt?]
    2. [Subaru: What is it? Do I really lose my memories that often?]
    3. Same room used by Subaru, maybe it is the official room of Flugel. (chapter 31-33)


  9. [???: ——- I’m very fond of reading this interesting light novel., thanks to your amazing effort chicken-sama…]

    While I was curious and wondering what happened after the Arc III, that encourages me to find materials I can find over the internet.
    Although it is easy finding that for sure, being fallen into spoiler traps made my mind quite not right.. That made me realized we should be very careful to choose highly-relavant sites to put our trust.

    From what I have estimated it took me fiivvve long days and fiivvve long nights just to read this light novel from the Interlude II to begin with and up to this very point..,
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    [???: —— Biting traps a little might not be a bother at all… Moreover Subaru hasn’t cleared Stage 4…

    Raging in that hunger was in fact similar to that seeing Daphne’s left eye for some reasons…
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      Mentioning the most interesting part of whole story that is ranging throughout Arc I to Arc VI., If my guess was right at the middle story in Arc VI. Which highly probable to attract A Thousand dead bodies of Natsuki Subaru willing to be revive from their death and making even… Even The Current Natsuki Subaru Drooling! possibly Repeating that Loop Infinitely! if it was not for the sake of a good ending.
      Believing this was indeed part of the story, estimated waiting-time will be for a year or two-three maybe, for this the Anime is the most-awaited Version of it preferably in Blu-Ray quality.
      Not making this as a priority maybe for some reasons. But this infact the most interesting part acknowledging everyone that everyone reading is matured enough to understand… […That is——— Bbh-..]

      [EchidonaBeloved: —–Emilia……Em– …milla… —- Sama—–


      ——Emilia-Sama’s Bre@s$$t!!………………….]

      [Ram:—— Disgusting–..,]

      [Reid Astrea: ————]

      [Subaru: —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–]


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