Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 44 [Forbidden] (Part 2/3)


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A refreshing wind reminiscent of summer blew across the small hill of lush, green grass.

The cool breeze caressed Subaru’s bangs, swaying the tall, green grass behind him, then, passing the hill and through the plains, it made its way towards the distant blue sky where white clouds were dancing.
Lightly touching his fingertips to his bangs that were being tickled by the invisible wind, Subaru squinted his eyes at the dazzling sunlight before slowly lowering his gaze to look directly in front of him.

Without knowing how or when, he found himself seated in a swaying armchair. And across a small white table, sitting with her legs crossed in the same type of chair, with an impression of pure white hair and pure white skin that was only overturned by her funerary dress, was a girl―― or not, for that might not have been the appropriate word.

[Subaru: After all, it’s a Witch-sama who’s been idling here for more than four hundred years……]

[Echidona: Well, that’s an awful thing to say to a girl. In my case, I died when I was nineteen, you know. Shouldn’t I look like a pretty young girl who’s quite a perfect match for you?]

[Subaru: That “Died when I was nineteen” part was pretty heavy-sobering… Also, please don’t use that kind of weird statement to try to get close to me. A perfect match for me… that’s gonna send snot flying out my nose, you know]

[Echidona: Aya, my, my…… have I just been dumped?]

[Subaru: Not at all. I’m just telling you not to say stuff that’ll make your value plummet, you know. I’m quite aware of what a lowlife bottomfeeder-scum I am. Calling yourself a perfect match for me is only gonna drag you down instead of pulling me up. I mean I… haven’t done anything to make me deserve anything like that]

His fists resting on his knees opened and clenched as Subaru spilled these words, looking up to the sky with a bitter expression.
Hearing this, the Witch―― Echidona rested her elbows on the white table and her cheeks in her hands, inspecting Subaru up and down with her gaze.

[Echidona: You sure seem to have a low opinion of yourself]

[Subaru: When you’re surrounded by epic characters all the time, it’s only natural you’d get into the habit of turning up your head every time you talk. Even though I thought I was supposed to have gotten over that inferiority complex already…]

Looking back on everything he had done up to this point, Subaru tightly clenched his fists.
The force of his grip sent his knuckles clicking as he took a single, deep breath,

[Subaru: So…… what made you send me this tea party invite?]

[Echidona: It’s nothing complicated. I am the “Witch of Greed”, the Incarnation of the Thirst for Knowledge. The thirst, and the desiring heart are pleasures to me, and to have something to yearn to know, to moan and sigh asking “Why” is indeed the greatest of all pleasures]

Saying this, Echidona brought her teacup to her lips.
With the sound of its contents passing down her throat, she lightly smiled,

[Echidona: If I must give a reason, I hope you can understand that it is because you yourself expressed the wish to enter my Citadel, in a location closely connected to this place]

[Subaru: Don’t give me that convoluted…… well, anyway, we can leave why you invited me here for now. More importantly, there’s something I want to ask]

Dismissing Echidona’s words by waving his hand, Subaru leaned forward. Locking his gaze onto her beautiful, white features,

[Subaru: What.. happened to me?]

[Echidona: Isn’t that something you should know yourself?]

[Subaru: Knowing and comprehending are different things. I can kind of objectively understand the situation I was in, but that understanding doesn’t fit my current situation at all]

[Echidona: How so?]

[Subaru: My head was going insane, and I was drowning on land in my own foam, but here, I’m presentable and my head is at least functioning well enough to carry on a conversation. So it’s pretty natural that I’d figure you had something to do with this]

Although he was carrying on the exchange somewhat mockingly, Subaru’s mind was in overdrive trying to come to some understanding of his present situation.
At the very least, being invited to this so-called tea party inside Echidona’s dream world had granted his heart a room to breathe.
Having been given the space to calm his thoughts and search his mind, Subaru remembered the dire circumstances his body was facing in the real world before entering this dream. He did feel a certain sense of unease about leaving behind a body that was going through a state of shock to come here with his spirit, but,

[Subaru: Last time I attended your tea party, I woke up in bed with no idea how I got there, so I don’t know how the passage of time works in this place. I mean, in the actual world outside……]

Thinking to this point, it suddenly occurred to him that this was no time to be relaxing and sipping tea.

――Since he was overtaken by convulsions in his state of shock, Subaru still had no idea what point in time he had returned to.

Much less was he able to confirm the location where he lay writhing and foaming at the mouth.
Burning with regret at this late reaction, Subaru stood up, toppling the chair he was sitting in,

[Subaru: Echidona! Let me out of here now!]

[Echidona: I am appalled, to think you’d leave a Witch’s tea party without drinking a single sip of tea. You really should stop to consider just what kind of an existence is sitting before you――]

[Subaru: I don’t have time to chat with you! Let me out now! While we’re dawdling here like this, outside……]

[Echidona: You have already failed before by taking nothing away, do you still wish to go empty-handed? ……Could it be that you actually want to relive that same loss and pain?]

Unable to hold back his anxiety, Subaru raised his voice at Echidona’s unhurried remarks. But, as if plunging that impatience into an icy bath, Echidona asked this in a voice that froze all emotions.

[Subaru: ……a]

[Echidona: To go on challenging in order to obtain the results is something worthy of my praises. Whether it is the result you most desired, or the one you least desired, I find there is a certain beauty in the process of trial and error on the road to that result. The fact that you continue to challenge without losing heart is most admirable, I feel. However,]

Raising a finger in front of the silenced Subaru, Echidona went on, narrowing her eyes,

[Echidona: If you do not heed the results of your previous attempts, and instead choose to follow the exact same paths to the exact same ends…… your actions are a desecration to the accumulation of knowledge, and for one who would commit such acts, I hold nothing but contempt, and could not wait to be rid of you]

[Subaru: You……]

[Echidona: Incidentally, to answer your question…… the current time outside is immediately after you passed the first Trial of the Tomb. Fortunately, the flow of time here is different from the outside world. I am sure you won’t lose too much time just by having a cup of tea with me]

What Subaru wanted to know, along with his every concern, Echidona checked off one by one.
If what she said could be believed, the time outside would be directly after the first Trial―― that is to say, the restart point of Return by Death hadn’t changed.
And, left out of the tea party, his physical body would be in the room inside the Tomb, abandoned at Emilia’s side as she continued to battle her Trial.

Although he couldn’t just swallow everything Echidona said, at least, having this fact confirmed by a third party injected relief into Subaru’s anxious veins.
With the leeway granted by his calming heart, at last, the question arose――

[Subaru: Echidona…… how much do you know?]

[Echidona: If you ask me how much I know, I only know as much as I know. But as for how much I want to know, I want to know everything in this world]

[Subaru: Stop joking around, this is important. For instance……yes, you just said this is immediately after the first Trial…]

The first Trial―― that phrase felt so distant now.
After saying farewell to his parents in the dream world, Subaru met Echidona in an empty school. And following a brief exchange of question and answers, Subaru returned to reality.
And after that, on the way up to this temporary calm, too much had happened to be put into mere words――

[Subaru: I mean, aside from that, this reunion would be right after we parted……]

[Echidona: Indeed. Certainly, in objective time, this would be true, and even in uncertain, subjective time, it has not been long since you and I parted. It must have only been a couple of minutes before we saw each other again]

“Just how much are you yearning for me?” Echidona seemed to suggest with her smile. But, seeing the joke wash off of an expressionless Subaru, she gave a disappointed shrug.

[Echidona: It seems you just never give me the reactions I want. Not getting what I expected is both some parts frustrating and some parts delightful, quite a complicated feeling, really]

[Subaru: I’ll be sure to arrange a nice leisurely date with that complicated girl’s heart of yours when I have the time. But for now……]

[Echidona: Oh, I was so eager to celebrate our early reunion that I seem to have let my mouth run. Well, I guess there’s no helping it that I’d feel a little flustered. After all―]

Here, Echidona paused.
In the void created by the catching of a breath, within that moment, her dark, black pupils cast Subaru an alluring glance. What was that glimpse of emotion flashing through her eyes in that instant? Even now, Subaru could not be certain.
Only, as if welcoming Subaru’s confusion, Echidona returned a lovely, enchanting smile,

[Echidona: Unlike me, who parted with you only minutes ago, to you, it must have seemed like hours, or rather days, since we last met―― isn’t that so?]


※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※



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Next Part 3/3:

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  1. I always enjoy echidona’s tea parties, it’s just so relaxed and carefree like nothing else is going on.

    The way subaru forgets about her though when he’s outside is kinda sad. Btw, this is the start of his loop meaning he will remember echidona throughout the loop not like anything will change much knowing about echidona’s existence since he retains all the other knowledge he gains from her except her. Or will subaru forget about her as soon as he leaves echidona’s domain because of the contract that she struck with him?

    Why would he drink your tea? Knowing that its her fluids, i mean cmon echidona. Only a true man of culture will do that. Though i’ll give her a bit of credit for moving up the ranks for best girl, she’s actually trying unlike the others

    Thanks again chicken! You’re probably wondering how i typed all of this when you just posted this. I’ll tell you a secret, i knew what time you were gonna post this via return by death lol

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  2. So that clearly means Echidna knows about Subaru’s RBD. And then boom, we get hit by cliff hangers T^T MY BRAIN TREMBLES

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  3. As much as I LOVE Rem and Emilia, Echidnona is becoming one of my favorites. There is just something about her. Echidnona’s mysterious but dangerous aura just makes you want to hang on her every word, just to figure out what she is thinking. It make sense if you think about because Echidnona is the witch of greed. Her passion for knowlege kind of infectious, making the Subaru and in turn the reader want to know more and more about what she knows, at least to me but maybe I’m just going to far down the rabbit hole.

    Thanks for your wonderful translations as usual. They always make my day ; )

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  4. The time that Subaru and Echidona spend together just makes me really happy. Especially that, in her tea party world Subaru can relax and have some peace of mind, saving him from his tormenting painful moments. And the way Echidona talks, with her carefree and somewhat objective self regarding knowledge and other things, accompanied by her somewhat devilish side of teasings Subaru, is really very amusing, sweet and exciting to read about :’) Even re-reading it still sends me great enjoyment ^^

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    Thank you again Chicken! What a wonderful chapter ^^

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  5. Thanks for the Chapter chicken sensei and the rest who help you in the translation Ok Finally no suffering in this chapter and another tea party with Echidna I wonder what topic are they gonna discuss I think its about the Return by Death that Echidna invited Subaru again in her dreamworld keep up the good work..

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    1. On a side note, I wonder if Echidona is going to teach Subaru how to use that “thing” he used against Garfiel. By the description of what happened there, it looked awfully familiar to the “Autorithy of Greed” from back when Rem was attacked.

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  6. So Echidona is either aware of RBD or is aware of Stella’s powers and senses/smells/sees/whatevers the scent of Satella on him? The plot KEEPS THICKENING

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  7. Lord chicken dono. I have been a long time fan of yours, and I just wanted to let you know how amazing not only your translations are, but also how much fun I’ve had with this. And none of it would have been possible without you, it helped me get through some rough patches and was always a joy to read. So super sincerely, THANK YOU!

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  8. Hey Chicken, Dor here, just wanted to ask, since the conversation is marked as resolved, but I don’t see a reponse from you. When Subaru says “you…” is it omae or kisama?


  9. Guys she definitely knows about RBD. Remember when satella came to the class room after Subaru faced his past? Also when she was describing how he keeps trying regardless of how much he suffers. Subaru is just dumb. If anyone else was confronted with “the witch of greed” there would be an endless amount of questions that would be asked.


    1. She actually didn’t know about then. This why she is mentioning it now.

      And what are there endless questions? How he even know what to ask? Even if he did he’s not be able magically understand and retain her answers? That’s not even get into the point fact her knowledge is is actually finite and all of it wont’ help him in the present because it is outdated.

      Echidna isn’t that convenient of a character.


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  11. 1st trial??? Whoa and that ending where she said it might be days or weeks for Subaru since he last saw her means she’s aware of his Return by Death??? Whoaaaaa

    Thanks for the chapter’s translation chicken sama ♥ as always luv ya (●´з`)♡


  12. Echidona is like the pause menu on videogames. Jeez take a breath Subaru, my friend.
    I like her, she seems so tender for a Witch… I don’t know what plans she has, but I feel relieved that he can finally meet her again.
    Hope this will help in resolving the mess out there.
    Thanks for the translations, Chicken-sama.


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