Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 53 [Mounting Questions] (Part 3/3)


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The breeze sweeping through the Sanctuary brushed against Subaru’s hair as he came out of the building. Breathing in the scent of grass carried in the night’s wind, Subaru stepped out into the night-befallen Sanctuary and headed for his bed in the Cathedral.

Walking across the grass, and following along the trail by the light of the moon, Subaru began to think on how he should make use of his time in this loop.
Having been assured that there is no limit to Return by Death, Subaru was now able to do something he had never done before―― that is, to sacrifice an entire loop solely for the purpose of gathering information.
Since he was already determined to throw in his life, there would be no other, more efficient way to take advantage of Return by Death.

[Subaru: If I just try something different each loop, the solutions to all the obstacles are bound to start appearing one by one……]

And then, all he would need to do would be to link them together and fulfill them all in a single loop.
To break through the obstacles that stand in his way, and beautifully hold onto everyone’s futures: that, would be his perfect victory.
Although, just who would be included in that perfect victory was something to consider in and of itself.

[Subaru: ――――]

Suddenly, Subaru stopped――
――when he smelled something in the wind other than the grass beneath his feet.

Subaru looked up. And in front of his field of vision, was a youth standing in the middle of the star-lit path.
With his arms crossed and his spiky golden hair fluttering in the wind, Garfiel gave his fangs a click.

[Subaru: You sure are a timely bastard]

[Garfiel: What’s that, y’don’t seem surprised t’see me. Well, that’s kinda odd, but does help move th’conversation along]

Just after he was talking about him with Ram, Garfiel showed up here. Subaru couldn’t help but scratch his cheeks and remark on the timing.
Then, Garfiel gestured with his head, as if signalling something to Subaru.

The small figure took a few steps, went off the path, and headed towards the forest.
Watching the figure go further and further away, venturing into the thick undergrowth of the forest, Subaru did a light stretch and turned to the Cathedral――

[Garfiel: Wasn’t I tellin ya t’follow me with that nudge just now!? Oy!!]

Garfiel came running over shouting abuse at Subaru, who was trying to walk away, and Subaru held up his arms and shrugged,

[Subaru: Just a little joke. I didn’t miss the point, don’t worry]

[Garfiel: Kinda pissin’ me off here. Y’keep up or I eat ya]

[Subaru: Normally, wouldn’t saying something like “I won’t eat ya” have a more calming effect here?]

Roughly swinging out his strides again, Garfiel didn’t respond to Subaru’s comment. Subaru had a bad feeling about how Garfiel sounded like he wanted to say something but didn’t, but all there was to do now was to follow in small quick steps behind him.

Leaving the main road and entering the forest, after walking a short distance, Garfiel snorted.
They’ve arrived in a small clearing amidst the rows of trees, about the size of a round table enough to seat 4 or 5 people. There, Garfiel turned around,

[Garfiel: So…… th’hell did y’bastard see in th’Tomb?]

[Subaru: ……you too?]

After Emilia and Ram, he was the third person to ask him that.
Unlike with the previous two, Subaru would have to be cautious what answer he gives to Garfiel, since he probably wouldn’t give up asking until he’s gotten to the bottom of it.

Not minding the thoughts going through Subaru’s head, Garfiel spat out [Me too, huh?], and clicked his fangs, as his golden irises narrowed into slits,

[Garfiel: I don’t know who said what t’ya where, but I ain’t gettin’ ignored so easily. “Suspicious Berube extends th’same t’his family”, as they say]

[Subaru: Sorry, I took a bit of time trying to wake Emilia in the Tomb. Whatever you think I saw in there is just your imagination, you know]

[Garfiel: Y’got some nerve givin’ me that. Yer whole body’s reekin’ of the Witch’s stench, y’think y’can fool me with that? Ah?]

[Subaru: ――――]

Wrinkling his nose as he said this, Garfiel’s words were full of hostility.
Hearing this, Subaru couldn’t say a thing. Yet, at the same time, he also sensed that something was out of place.

The reason for Garfiel’s hostility――was the Witch’s lingering scent.
That had been Subaru’s conclusion in all the loops so far, and what Garfiel just said also verified this. The problem was, the timing of when he brought this up in this loop was strange.

Subaru had been terribly nervous as he came out of the Tomb, expecting some sort of attack from Garfiel.
Subaru had just Returned by Death, after dying right in front of the Witch, no less. So the Witch’s lingering scent must have been far thicker back then than now.

But, unexpectedly, Garfiel did not take any actions to attack him. Instead, he even seemed to be expressing genuine relief for Subaru and Emilia’s return.
All throughout their meeting in Lewes’ house, and as he watched Garfiel leave the room, this very point had been bothering him.

Up until their parting, everything had been normal, and yet when they met again after only 10 or so minutes, Garfiel’s attitude had drastically changed, and Subaru couldn’t imagine why.
Could it be that the stench was so pungent that his nose lost all sense of smell, and it only managed to recover after some time had passed?

Subaru lifted his arm to smell himself, but could only smell the fatigue that had accumulated over the course of the day. Resolving to wash himself as soon as he gets the chance, he turned to Garfiel.

[Subaru: About that Witch’s lingering scent… I’ve had quite a few people point that out to me before]

[Garfiel: ……Heh, that so? Those guys must have been pretty accommodatin’ t’not do anythin’ about it, oy. Such a revolting smell too, why would they, I wonder]

[Subaru: They probably decided to overlook how I smelled and judge me based on my actions instead. It’d be a great help if you could do that too. At least, you let me go when I just came out of the Tomb, right?]

[Garfiel: ――――]

[Subaru: My loyalty to Emilia is beyond question, and I don’t intend to do anything to harm the Sanctuary. I hope you can believe that much. So, if you could just quietly let me off that’d be a huge help]

From a conveniently optimistic standpoint, the fact that Garfiel didn’t attack the moment Subaru opened his mouth at least showed that he was still rational. So it should be possible to reach a compromise through words.
In fact, Subaru could almost see a slight waver in Garfiel’s eyes. After all, Garfiel wasn’t the kind of person who would thoughtlessly eliminate Subaru just because he could sense the Witch’s scent on him. It was only when that stench was combined with some other condition that he began to take action.
Whatever it may be, in this loop, it didn’t seem to have triggered yet. So it was up to Subaru to find out just what that trigger is in the meantime.

[Garfiel: ……Y’haven’t answered my first question]

[Subaru: Mm?]

[Garfiel: What did y’bastard see. In the Tomb. Whether I let y’go or not will depend on th’answer y’give me]

Glaring at Subaru, Garfiel asked again, though the force in his voice had somewhat diminished from before.
There were only two kinds of answers Subaru could give him――the truth, or the same lies he told to Emilia. Which one was the right solution? There was a need to make sure of that,

[Subaru: In that case, let me ask you a question as well]

[Garfiel: Don’t get yer situation wrong here. I ask, y’answer. Y’want me t’eat ya?]

[Subaru: Don’t be mad. Allow your shoulders to relax, and just take it easy and answer]

Garfiel bared his fangs, while Subaru slightly wiggled his shoulders and drew in a deep breath.
Keeping the question lodged in his throat, he locked his eyes onto Garfiel, and,

――Here’s the moment of truth.

He encouraged himself with that thought,

[Subaru: ――I saw a bunch of kids who looked exactly like Lewes-san, you know anything about that?]


-=Chapter 53 End=-



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          1. Overlord is AWESOME! Can’t wait for Season 2. Speaking of which 2018 is looking STACKED for sequels and other exciting series. I thought 2017 was pretty stacked, itself. Us manga and anime fans have been blessed with so many good series as of late!


        1. Make sure you find the “fanfiction” for volumes 10 through 12 since the translator stopped releasing them on his main blog when the official LN started posting ^_^

          I just finished Volume 12 myself, while there are a few slow volumes here and there, it stays pretty good all the way through.

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  1. My boy Subaru asking all the right ! Here’s a typo I noticed: “Since he was already determined to throw AWAY”. Have some rest, thanks for the translation 😀

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  2. Wow, I’d like to thank Chicken-sama and everyone else who usually fights over 1st comment. I’m not interested in that type of stuff but I am known to be quite petty and competitive. Since I have the floor I’d like to introduce myself and welcome myself. I’m Paul, pleasure to be here in the comments section with Chicken-sama and all of you wonderful readers / commenters / lurkers (I see you!) 😉 Last part of my introduction is dedicated to Chicken: I really do appreciate the hard work you’ve put in to provide us with this most excellent English translation. It’s a great series but you’ve taken it a step further by taking time out of your life to provide us with that much more entertainment quicker than any official publication can / will.

    Onto more serious matters:

    I’m sticking strong and firm to my theory that Garfiel has not yet and will probably never attack Subaru in front of Emilia and/or possibly Ram. Subaru states some conditions and circumstances that paint this picture pretty clearly, to me at least. I’m surprised that he hasn’t happened upon that possibility unless I’m overlooking something from a past loop?

    I like Subaru’s mindset for the coming loops. It sounds good on paper but I’m not sure it’s going to work out so swiftly in practice. That said, I think that Subaru’s strategy for dealing with Garfiel right now is his best bet, the question becomes how he’ll leverage whatever knowledge he has about Garfiel / Ram / Lewes / Roswaal / Emilia / The Sanctuary against Garfiel to help him deal with the threats inside and outside of The Sanctuary. This is of course considering Garfiel’s insane strength will be needed to deal with Elsa at The Mansion and The Rabbits inside The Sanctuary, if the condition is met for them to appear again. Throw in helping Emilia conquer The Trials, negotiating the safe release of the villagers, and making sure everyone else in the party is safe and Subaru sure looks to have a full plate ahead of him. Let’s just say I don’t envy his position much regardless of his harem.

    Side Note / Unrelated: Chicken-sama is there a preferred official method to contact you? Sorry if this isn’t the place to ask but I just wanted to double check since your contact page says you are inundated. It’s nothing earth shattering or emergency-like but it could benefit you and lighten your load? Thank you in advance, Paul.

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    1. I feel like the best way to handle Garfiel is reverse psychology.. Subaru has the advantage knowing that Garfiel wont trust anything he says.. So Subaru just needs to suggest the opposite of what he wants Garfiel to do.

      As for the great rabbit, I have a feeling that the weird building Subaru was teleported into by Beatrice will come into play. Especially that giant endless hole.

      But I feel like the key to getting the perfect ending has to do with whatever Emilia isn’t telling him, and Puck reappearing.

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      1. I definitely agree with you about Emilia for some reason. Was the most f’d up loop so far the one where she actually told Subaru about her time in the trial?


        1. Roswaal told Subaru something about her past. Emilia never talked to Subaru about her past or about what exactly she had to face in her trail. i m not sure but in the first or second loop, emilia was so afraid of her trail, she needed subaru at her side to sleep.

          i had say the worst loop was when he was attacked by elsa the second time, thrown out by Beatric and eaten by the rabbit at the end.

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          1. For now I say the loop where he was eaten by the rabbits after seeing the villagers killed by the tiger was the worst.


          2. >> Roswaal told Subaru something about her past. Emilia never talked to Subaru about her past or about what exactly she had to face in her trail.

            Ah, that’s right! Thank you. All of the similar loops tend to confuse me at times and it’s definitely hard to go back through the Chapters by remembering what happened in which loop.

            The realization that stuff was going down at The Mansion and realizing some truth about Beatrice and how she factors into everything was a definite low moment for Subaru and myself while reading. It was really shocking and crushing considering Subaru had just found out about Roswaal’s book and Subaru realizing that he truly didn’t understand even half of the truth for his situaton — not to mention the realization that he truly has no idea who to trust or what anyone in Roswaal’s circle are really thinking / doing, including Roswaal, which causes so much trouble and friction when Subaru understanding is his main avenue for being able to complete the things in “failed loops” that Return By Death allows him to redo.


      2. I’m not sure about the whereabouts of the rabbits prior to them arriving at the Sanctuary, but I don’t think they’ll come from that room.
        I think that room is linked to Echidona’s cloning experiments, and therefore linked to Lewes as well.

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      1. It most definitely added good stress to the mix. Also, it has me on the edge of my seat awaiting the next Chapter. This story is top notch. I cannot get enough!


  3. “But, unexpectedly, Garfiel and did not take any actions to attack him. Instead, he even seemed to be expressing genuine relief for Subaru and Emilia’s return.” an “and” after Garfiel …typo? idk. Thanks for the chapter, WP!

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    1. I have a feeling we’ll get some of the answers we’ve been waiting for but I’m even more confident that we’ll walk away from the next chapter with more new questions than when we started it.


  4. “Subaru would have to be cautious what answer he gives to Garfiel” …this line may be just fine as it is but I felt like an “as to”, “about” or “of” could be placed after “cautious”.

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  5. I think i spotted a typo:

    Wrinkling his nose as he said this, Garfiel’s words were full of hostility.
    Hearing his, Subaru couldn’t say a thing.

    I think it should be “hearing this” not “his”

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      1. While I totally agree with you I think Subaru has realized his hands are tied in terms of how many options he has for moving Garfiel the way he needs to / wants to move him in order to have him serve Subaru’s intended purpose for him.

        Subaru has a titantic task in front of him to get Garfiel to do his bidding while smelling so strongly like a witch. Subaru has barely had any success being able to sway Garfiel but doing so is absolutely the most integral part of solving the issues that have cropped up in the loops since The Trails in The Sanctuary.

        Desperate times call for desperate measures and I strongly feel that Subaru taking this approach with Garfiel might be the first time we actually see him succeed with swaying him toward his intended goals (to fight the way Subaru wants / needs and to be able to use Garfiel’s inhuman strength to his advantage). Fingers crossed, for sure!


  6. That is an exallent question! I’m REALLY curious

    Garfiel is goona be difficult to deal with because he’s stubborn but not stupid. So a bit of reverse psychology might be the only thing Subaru could do right now.

    Thanks chicken ; ) The next chapter is gonna have one hell of a conversation and I can’t wait to read it.

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    1. My take / belief is that Subaru understands that dealing with Garfiel and getting Garfiel to do what he needs him to do is always going to be extremely difficult. I think Subaru has resigned to trying anything and everything to sway Garfiel to do his bidding (Subaru’s bidding). I think when he said that he was dedicated and resolved to do whatever it takes in the future loops to make everything right has clued me in to thinking this way.

      Subaru knows he has to crack the nut that is Garfiel’s ego in order to save everyone in The Sanctury and The Mansion. It’s a gargantuan task and there is so much at stake in Subaru’s heart. He’s already lost so much he loves and he seems, finally, resolved to do whatever it takes in order to get the loop done perfectly.


  7. “So the Witch’s lingering scent must have been far thicker back then than now” should it be the other way around, the scent being thicker now than before if going by logic


    1. Probably meaning that it was thicker while he was leaving the tomb , than it is right now several hours later .
      So it doesn’t make sense to be hostile now and not be hostile while he was leaving the tomb .


  8. Garf, “Don’t get yer situation wrong here. I ask, y’answer. Y’want me t’eat ya?”
    Subaru in reply, “Don’t get yer situation wrong here. I ask, y’answer. Y’want me t’eat ya?”
    I’m paraphrasing of course (^o^ )


    1. That’s a goddamn hilarious suggestion, I’d love to see a fan fiction where he does that kind of thing. Just cheating the fuck out of all the systems.


  9. How to summon the witch of envy? Take a permanent marker, write “I can return by death” on your forehead, return to the appa old man loop… done!


  10. I have to say that you’re doing amazing work translating re:zero from Japanese.
    You should obviously receive more support as you provide the franchise’s english fans a glimpse of what Re:zero is like beyond those discontinued Anime and Manga.

    You provided me with an awesome reading experience and for that I’m grateful.

    Keep up the good work!


    1. In your case I would think about a way to integrate the pictures from the Light Novel into the translation post to enhance immersion .

      The Re:zero Wiki has all the pictures shown throughout each volume of the Light Novel if you ever think this is a good idea.




  12. Hi has anyone read Re zero ex volume 1 yet i loved it getting to find out about Crusch and Ferris backstory was great and how the whole ruler candidate came to be about. Makes for a good prequel looking forward to vol 2 next year. Good chapter you do great work, thx, and Re Zero is in my top 5 LN/WN so it’s always nice to see new stuff.


  13. Thank you again for another great release. I wonder how this new outlook on death will affect the story-telling. Will the author skip multiple loops and do flashbacks? Because let’s be honest: nobody wants to read “100 ways for Subaru to commit suicide”


  14. Yeah. Brave hearted Subaru is the best Subaru, get the crap out of him quickly cause he is a big pain in the… Ok I am going astray a little bit, sorry Chicken.
    And thanks for the chapter btw!


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