Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 54 [To Know Of Hell] (Part 1/2)


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 Chapter 54 [To Know Of Hell]


As the fatal question escaped his lips, Subaru realized exactly where he stood.

The words came out, landing safely in Garfiel’s ears―― and the golden-haired youth’s expression changed. Witnessing this, for a moment, Subaru’s thoughts froze still.
It was the same Garfiel who had always kept up his guard around Subaru, sustaining the tough facade with his razor-sharp leer, determined not to show any sign of weakness.
But now, that expression was being twisted into something else.

It was almost like the expression of a child on the verge of tears after his most precious secret had been revealed.

[Garfiel: You…… th’hell did y’just say?]

But that fleeting, transient expression only lasted for an instant.
As if eradicating that lapse of weakness, Garfiel squeezed shut his eyes, grit his teeth, and glared back at Subaru like a man possessed.

The silence that permeated the forest and the almost-lonely stillness was abruptly turned, as goosebumps crawled across Subaru’s skin on the receiving end of that stare.
It was his body reacting to the threat of impending danger. An exaggerated reflex to――

[Subaru: You look like you’re going to kill someone]

Touching on “that topic” must have been the last thing Garfiel wanted. His reaction made Subaru quite certain of that.

Without uttering a sound, the coldness of Garfiel’s glare only intensified with Subaru’s mutter.
The fleeting trace of weakness was gone, and, in its place, there was now only dagger-like malice directed at the target of his glare.
Pierced by that gaze, instincts warning of danger pulsed throughout Subaru’s body. But, consciously ignoring this, Subaru kept up his undaunted facade,

[Subaru: Do I have to say it again? I saw some kids who looked exactly like Lewes-san wandering around the Sanctuary. And I’m pretty sure they weren’t Lewes-san]

[Garfiel: ……I don’t know what y’mean. So y’saw Granny takin’ a walk? It’d be another question if she’s strollin’ around in th’middle of th’night, but that ain’t anythin…]

[Subaru: ――Two of them]

[Garfiel: Hah?]

Just as Garfiel tried to rationalize what Subaru described, his desperate excuses shattered as Subaru held up two fingers on his outstretched hand,

[Subaru: I saw two kids looking exactly like Lewes-san walking around at the same time. Maybe one of them was Lewes-san, but then……who would the other one be――]

――The moment he finished his sentence, all sense of up and down blurred into one.

[Subaru: ――Ghua!]

He felt his back slamming into something hard, wrenching all the air out of his lungs.
His spine had crashed into something large and uneven―― the trunk of a tree, and was being pinned there by an enormous force as he dangled sideways, unable to escape.
Suspending Subaru in mid-air with his hand pinning his stomach against the tree, Garfiel stared straight into Subaru’s eyes,

[Garfiel: ――And where th’hell did y’see that, oy]

[Subaru: Nowhere too weird…… just… in the forest……]

[Garfiel: No… that ain’t possible. We took too much fuckin’ care t’make sure that wouldn’t happen or it would’ve been found out by y’nosy bastards a long time ago]

Garfiel’s palm pressed harder as he spoke, sending stomach fluids spilling from Subaru’s lips. Regardless of Subaru’s struggling and kicking, the arm wouldn’t budge an inch.
Like an insect pinned up for display. He shuddered at the thought.

[Garfiel: Yer belly’s gonna touch yer back if we keep doin’ this? How ‘bout y’start tellin’ the truth before that happens?]

Twisting his lips into a sadistic grin, Garfiel amped up the pressure against Subaru’s body.
As if Garfiel was proving that he wasn’t joking, Subaru could feel his bones and organs beginning to creak. Gasping, heaving painful breaths,

[Subaru: Th……at’ll, depend on your atti……tude]

[Garfiel: Now ain’t that funny. Y’still think y’can negotiate with me on equal footin’? I thought I taught ya t’get rid of those conceited ideas?]

[Subaru: You could just…… finish me off here without getting any answers, but that won’t solve anything]

[Garfiel: …………]

Uttering those fragmented words, Subaru could sense that Garfiel was listening.

――Subaru had half-expected this furious reaction from Garfiel up to now.

The only time Subaru actually saw the Lewes-clones was during their final showdown with the Witch in the previous loop.
Before that, he had never even imagined their existence, much less spotted any of them in the Sanctuary. But, thinking back on it now, there were actually quite a few peculiarities that hinted at their existence, though there’s no need to get into that here.
Regardless, that was just how well the clones were hidden in the Sanctuary.
It’s hard to imagine Garfiel keeping the existence of more than 20 replicants a secret, so it was probably something known among the residents of the Sanctuary.
If anyone on this side knew about it, it would be Roswaal, and possibly Ram.

Either way, just mentioning it was enough to put Garfiel on edge, that much was the expected half.
As for the unexpected half――

[Garfiel: ……Y’re fucked up]

Spitting this out, Garfiel released Subaru’s body.
Without any warning, Subaru dropped to the ground with a surprised [Uwa]. Rolling, tasting grass and soil in his mouth, he spat out the dirt and stood himself up. Then, looking back at Garfiel,

[Subaru: D-don’t just let go all of a sudden, scared me there]

[Garfiel: Shut up, freak. Quit fuckin’ around. Y’fuckin’ testin me?]

[Subaru: Testing?]

Seeing Subaru tilt his head, playing dumb, Garfiel clicked his tongue, leering,

[Garfiel: Y’thought I was gonna kill ya when y’said that, didn’t ya]

[Subaru: …………]

――The half that Subaru didn’t expect was that Garfiel chose not to immediately kill him.
Even when provoked like this, Garfiel was still giving him a chance to explain himself.
Realizing that Subaru had said those words knowing they might result in his death, Garfiel violently kicked his foot into the ground,

[Garfiel: Quit fuckin’ around… Y’think yer gonna stake yer fuckin’ life and act like nothin’s happenin’? Y’fuckin nutcase. Y’make me sick]

[Subaru: Kinda hurts when you put it like that…… and it’s not like I don’t care or anything]

Subaru smiled weakly at Garfiel and scratched his own head.
While doing so, he noticed that his fingers were actually shaking.

Although Garfiel had stopped inflicting pain on Subaru, his hostility did not seem to diminish in the slightest.
And even now, Subaru’s physical body was screaming with primal terror as though his organs were being wrenched and twisted.

It was only natural, considering the intentionally-provoked Garfiel was standing right in front of him.
That is to say, Subaru more or less understood that he was facing down the same giant golden tiger who rampaged through the forest in the night, slaughtering the villagers.

Just the memory of its ravaging fangs and claws froze his heart with terror.
But still――

[Subaru: If just my life is enough to fix everything, then that’s a pretty fair trade]

If whittling down at Subaru’s heart was the only price to pay, then it’d be quite a bargain.
It’s not every day that you can get a HAPPY END so cheaply.

Even though Subaru’s resolve could break at any moment――the meager foundation supporting it was firm and unbreakable.
Garfiel must have understood this as well. Crunching up his nose into a disgusted grimace,

[Garfiel: I got no good impressions of a bastard with eyes like that. Normally, I’d crush ya on th’spot, but……]

[Subaru: I’d be pretty bummed out if you did that… I’d still prefer if you could magnanimously overlook this. And it really sounds like we’re speaking the same language here……so]

[Garfiel: …………]

[Subaru: Any chance you feel like answering my question?]

Patting off the dirt on his body, Subaru asked once again.
Garfiel’s face soured at the return of the forcefully interrupted topic, and, turning his eyes away,

[Garfiel: Don’t wanna]

[Subaru: Is that right. Oh well, no helping it]

Getting a reply that sounded like something from a stubborn child, Subaru shrugged and casually dropped the topic.
In return, an expression of complete bafflement came onto Garfiel’s face.

[Garfiel: Y’…… aren’t y’gonna……]

[Subaru: But you don’t want to talk, right? And I don’t have the power or the persuasive skills to make you. Well I mean, I could keep bugging you to tell me, but the rewards aren’t really worth the risk, so maybe another time]

[Garfiel: ……what]

[Subaru: Oh don’t make that confounded face, Garfiel. No matter how much you want to keep your secrets hidden, I’ll be sure to expose it. I kind of have to, you know]

Garfiel’s head sprang back up at those words, and Subaru returned his gaze head on.
Their eyes met, but there was no longer the same tension as before. The spirit in Garfiel’s pupils seem to have faded, while Subaru’s steeled their resolve.

[Subaru: Garfiel. I’ll be sure…… to expose all the Sanctuary’s secrets you people are trying to hide. I know I have no other choice, so I’ll absolutely make sure of it]

[Garfiel: ……Shut up. Y’realize if I stuff yer fuckin’ mouth right now there ain’t gonna be no “absolutely” or “sure of” t’speak of, oy]

[Subaru: Sorry, but I’m absolutely sure. As long as I haven’t given up, I know I’ll uncover everything there is to uncover. If there’s anyone to blame for that, blame your own sloppiness]



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I have final exams coming in three weeks so I’ll need some time to study next month, but I’ll try my best to get the weekly chapters out without rushing them! 

I’ve been running on less sleep recently and I really hope the quality isn’t suffering. I have to thank everyone helping me proofread on the Live Drafts, I really wouldn’t be able tell the weird sentences from the non-weird ones otherwise ❤


Chapter 54 Live Draft:


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  1. Wow! That was really exciting for such a short piece from the chapter. Things are heating up nicely!

    Get your rest and studying in, Chicken. You’ve given us so much to read lately in such a short amount of time. Don’t feel bad for even an iota of a second! We are not worthy!

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  2. Either way, just mentioning it was enough to put Garfiel on edge, that much was the expected half.
    As for the unexpected half――

    I was reading the live draft and then you left leaving it at this point ,and I was like ”cliff hangers even in the live draft ” .

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    1. I’m REALLY liking how Subaru has figured out a way to stand up to Garfiel with intellect to get his way. While it’s seemingly giving Subaru the edge right now in terms of moving the plot forward in the way he’s specifically selected I can’t help but feeling for at least one loop Subaru is going to find out why the bullys tend to rule school over the brainy kids 🙂 …. :*(


      1. And upon reading my comment I’m laughing to myself that I just described Subaru as the “brainy kid”… I guess Return By Death is really OP >:D


        1. Honestly though it’s just proof that English is such a screwy language. The rules shouldn’t be rules because they are like… Here’s the rule but here’s how that rule is broken and made wrong… for almost every different word, haha.


          1. Honestly haven’t been that good at those kinds of things my self it honestly just looked and sounded weird to me. Although I have came across the word before being a metal worker and on occasions writer. Should have given it more thought


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    1. Nah dude, it refers to the idiom ‘to steel yourself’ or brace yourself for something unpleasant and comes from the act of alloying iron to make steel, essentially making something harder. But I do see what your saying, that the sense seems a bit weird


      1. Where I come from we just just it temper though like you temper steel to make it stronger and forge it how you want being a metal worker I didn’t even think of the other. I’m still in the early stages of being a writer though so it’s might just be my skill lacking English is weird indeed.


  3. Thanks Chicken! Get some more rest too, you deserved it!
    And btw, this is the second time other people has said that Subaru’s current ‘eyes’ looks different. Ram said it was sickening, and Garfiel said he would crush on-the-spot anyone with that


    1. Doesn’t this last entry make it feel like Subaru has really, truly steeled himself and found his resolve? I feel like his last tea party (being able to lift the weight of telling another about Return By Death off his shoulders, finally) + the fallout and face to face with Satella, The Witch of Envy (finally, a confrontation with her, realizes he can get to her with words), has convinced him that he can fight this and possibly with.

      I know the road to victory is going to be painful, loop filled, and very arduous but for the first time in a while I feel like Subaru has glimpsed some sort of a light at the end of the tunnel. Before this it seemed like Subaru didn’t really have an end game or plan for one. Now it kinda sorta feels like he’s on track / task to do some major progression.


      1. I think the main change in Subaru’s attitude is that he’s starting to think more calmly.. Before, when he was just now finding out about all the calamities that were to befall himself and his friends, Subaru was frantically trying to find a win, but kept on getting hit in the face with new problems. But now, he essentially knows what he has to do.. Now it’s just a matter of figuring out how to do it.

        One of the reasons I fell in love with ReZero was Subaru’s win against the white whale. I thought it was beautiful. But despite his win, he lost Rem. Now I’m wondering, what might he lose after this loop?

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  4. Take your time to study and do well on your exam. It is more important then releasing an additional chapter. I think I speak for everyone when I say Thank You for donating your time to this project! Wish you best of luck on your examinations!


  5. Pretty sure this is the first time we’ve seen Subaru simply not care about dying horribly whatsoever. We are looking at a very confident and scary Subaru.

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    1. I’m not sure that’s a good thing… he’s steadily seeing less and less value in his own worth, useful only as a means to an end, a sacrifice to help others regardless of the damage he endures. While RbD can save his flesh, the toll on his mind and heart may cause him to lose his humanity if he’s not careful. I think that’s what Ram and Garfiel noticed, and they aren’t liking what they see.


      1. Well its their fault anyway, of he has to be a dick sometimes to help them through, someone has to play god one time even if they despise it… :/


      2. so what? he sacrifice himself and not others (at least for now 🙂 ) there is no other way anyway, and besides its really their fault, maybe they dont know it but it doesnt matter that they make his life full of mysteries by not revealing anything


          1. Which one ? I am not sure you know what level of madness i mean . When I say mad with power I mean all out . Like mini Satella or sth .


  6. Woke up… And surprised to had found this.. wow.. Chicken you really made me very happy in the morning 🙂 thank you 🙂


  7. Yah! Tell him Subaru! It my seem reckless considering just how quick to anger Garfiel is but Subaru is showing him up like a champ.

    Thanks for all the hard work Chicken, sleep well, and good luck with your studies. No need to worry about us everyones busy around this time of the year.


  8. Garfiel, you’ll need to come out of the closet some time. You cant hide your Granny-Loli fetish forrrever. Subaru is gonna Up-route all your secrets; plow them to mince, then display them so Everrrybody can see just how perverted you reeaaallly are. ahhaahahahahaaa. Sorry, I had to be That guy.

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      1. Woah, i turned 26 in september!
        Best of luck with your exams chicken!
        And thanks for the chapters!you focus on that exam now,we can wait a few weeks!


      2. so, are you a post-grad student? just take your time and study for final though. I think a lot of your worshipers here will need a time to study for their final too. xD


  9. After letting the chapters pile up so I could binge read it later, I have finally cough up with it again. It’s not like I was playing Blade & Soul and completely forgotten about it, of course not so don’t get the wrong idea.

    Anyway thanks for the chapter.

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  10. If Oscars were given for a job well done, I’d nominate you!

    Congratulations for your fantastic achievement!
    Too Bad I’ve already caught up with the latest chapters.
    Re:Zero have been a rollercoaster of Excitement,adventure, a bit of grief and of course, Everlasting Love!
    I just want you to know that we appreciate your work and it is one of the few things I look forward to.
    Love ya Chicken-sama,
    You’re a real Lifesaver😘

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  11. And I don’t have the power or the persuasive skills to make you. Well I mean, I could keep bugging you to tell me, but the rewards aren’t really worth the risk, so maybe another time

    Should ir be “begging”? Im not sure :3


  12. don’t push yourself all of us owe you a big favor already
    take your time studying and make sure you wont have any regrets when exams are done
    also lack of sleep may have negative effects on body again don’t push yourself
    thanks a lot for your hard work up until now and please let us see these series to the end
    good luck


  13. I feel like garfiel is getting more and more unreasonable with his reactions to Subaru.
    Like, the way Subaru asked about the Lewes clones didn’t deserve the reaction that Garfiel gave. He shouldn’t have been angry at Subaru for “happening upon it”
    He should’ve been more surprised than anything


  14. Hey there chicken! I started reading your work after I had watched the anime season and started at the end of Arc 3. Really impressed your work, you manage to convey the right amount of feelings through your words and the vocabulary is amazing too. Really love your work. Keep up the good stuff.
    P.S good luck with your exams.

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  15. What? Garfiel is actually able not to be a burden… Wasn’t expecting this! That is cool.
    So, investigation time! Let’s see what we can gather!
    Thanks for the work, Chicken!


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