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It had only been the fourth day since Subaru left for the Sanctuary. The ungodly amount of information he had gathered in so short a time was shocking, but Frederica’s eyes widened even further when she heard Subaru’s question.

[Frederica: No, I don’t know the details. I understand that the Sanctuary was created by the late Witch of Greed in order to conduct some sort of experiment, but……]

[Subaru: You don’t? Really? You sure you don’t want to change your answer?]

[Frederica: I wouldn’t know what you are suspecting of me, but my answer will not change. The Sanctuary had been the Witch’s experimental grounds and the Boundary drawn by the Witch still stands, not to be dispelled until the Trials are completed. That is as much as I know]

In closing, Frederica slowly shook her head. Subaru had no way to verify whether she was telling the truth, but she didn’t appear to be be lying.
In other words, Frederica didn’t seem to know the truth about the immortality experiments. That would also mean that she had no idea about the byproduct of those experiments,

[Subaru: Wait. Then, Frederica…… you don’t know anything about the command authority used to control the replicants?]

[Frederica: Repli……cants? No, I’ve never heard of such a thing]

Her denial was in the same vein as before.
Hearing her answer, Subaru fell speechless as he relinquished his weight onto the sofa.

[Frederica: My apologies. It seems my answers did not meet your expectations]

[Subaru: No, no it’s fine. It’s not your fault…… Frederica, how many years ago was it when you left the Sanctuary? If you don’t mind me asking?]

[Frederica: It was about seven years ago when I left the Sanctuary to serve in the Mansion. Ram arrived a little later than I did, so you could say I am the oldest servant here]

Rem’s name was not among Frederica’s reminiscences, nor did the extent of her knowledge of the Sanctuary change from the previous loops.
Letting out a sigh, Subaru decided that the likelihood that Frederica was withholding information from him was nearly zero. Despite changing his approach, her answers remained the same, which could only mean that they were probably true.
Frederica had no knowledge of the immortality experiments, and was probably unaware of the Lewes replicants as well. Either the Leweses were able to seamlessly hide their daily rotations, or the meticulous Frederica today used to be more of a klutz when she was younger.

[Subaru: But then, what about Garfiel? When did that guy find out the truth about the Sanctuary……?]

If Garfiel held the command authority over the replicants, he must have known about the facility. Even if not for that, he was most likely the one who destroyed it afterwards.
There was no doubt that Garfiel knew about the experiments conducted on Lewes Meyer. If he knew this while his older sister didn’t, then he must have found out after his sister had left the Sanctuary. Or, perhaps, it was because he knew that he chose to stay behind?

[Subaru: ――Ah]

Coming to that thought, Subaru suddenly noticed the crucial piece he had overlooked. The moment he realized this, he simply couldn’t believe his own stupidity.

[Subaru: If that guy holds command authority over the replicants, then doesn’t that means he’s met the same conditions I did? That means, that guy’s also considered an Apostle of Greed, doesn’t it……]

That is to say, there needed to be no better proof that Garfiel had met the Witch of Greed, Echidona.
Subaru hugged his head, resenting the fact that he didn’t realize this earlier. If Garfiel had met with Echidona, that would explain why he was the one holding the command authority. Whether it was his prejudice against the Trials or his empathy towards Emilia’s failures, that would explain all of it.

[Subaru: Frederica. ――Garfiel challenged the Trials before, didn’t he?]

[Frederica: ――! How did you-]

[Subaru: It’s only because all sorts of clues were pointing to it that I managed to get there. Though of course, I’m guessing he failed…… but what exactly happened?]

An affirmation from Frederica was as good as Subaru wrapping his fist around the central piece of the puzzle.
Letting out a sigh in front of Subaru’s excited pursuit, Frederica closed her eyes as if to draw from the depths of her memories.

[Frederica: ……I am not the only one who wished for the Sanctuary to be liberated. There was a time when my little brother also strived so that grandmother and the others could one day see the outside world. My brother was very young then, when he sneaked into the Tomb to challenge the Trials. And I remember how jealous I was of his recklessness]

[Subaru: Frederica… have you ever gone in there?]

[Frederica: I myself never had the courage to do so. Even though I knew that passing the Trials would mean the liberation of the Sanctuary, I was always told that I cannot go in there. That was why I was so envious of my little brother when he ran straight inside]

He could almost see it.
Even more reckless than he is now, the young Garfiel must have gone into the Tomb full of confidence for only the simple desire to let those he cared for catch a glimpse of the outside world.

[Frederica: When my little brother didn’t come out, I was so regretful that I didn’t stop him that I went to find grandmother…… and though grandmother also hesitated for a moment, she decided to go in after him. I sat there praying, and, after a short while, she brought my little brother back to me. But…]

――Do not go into the Tomb again. Forget everything you saw today and never speak of it to anyone.

That must have been what Lewes asked of her.
Listening to this story, Subaru recalled the contradictions in Lewes’ words from before. There was the Lewes who claimed to have entered the Tomb, and the Lewes who claimed she never did.
It was only when he learned of the existence of multiple Leweses, coupled with the constraint that they cannot lie, that this contradiction was resolved.
And, it was only after the present conversation that he realized,

[Subaru: Garfiel had challenged the Trials. And there, he must have met the Witch of Greed. All sorts of things are finally starting to make sense…]

Why Garfiel felt the way he did towards the Trials, and why the command authority was in his hands.
The question now was what he saw in his “Past”, why he wanted to stop Subaru from liberating the Sanctuary, and why Echidona never told Subaru about Garfiel. The answers to all of them lay inside the Tomb.

[Subaru: I’ll definitely need to see Echidona at least one more time…]

And expose every secret that all-knowing Witch tried to hide from him.
Subaru quietly made up his mind as Frederica watched him in silence.
Sensing her gaze, Subaru scratched his cheek and muttered [Sorry],

[Subaru: For all sorts of things. And for asking you questions you didn’t want to be asked]

[Frederica: It’s fine. I know it is necessary. I’ve received such orders from the Master as well. If telling you this…… could help Emilia-sama liberate the Sanctuary, then I don’t mind at all]

[Subaru: The Sanctuary will definitely be liberated. There’s a reason I have to make sure that it comes to pass, and I’ll use any means necessary to do it. But as for how much of that matches Garfiel’s plans for it, I’ll have to put that lower down the list]

[Frederica: …………]

[Subaru: I have no idea what Garfiel’s thinking. In the worst case, he’ll be against me at every turn, but I won’t make any compromises. As much as I should apologize, it will be for the greater good]

In order to forestall the disasters approaching the Mansion and the Sanctuary, Subaru must sweep aside everything that stood in his way.
Listening to Subaru’s answer, Frederica firmly closed her eyes once more,

[Frederica: Please take care of my no-good little brother]

――She lowered her head and replied.


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    The thing really bothering me is the ” I’ve received such orders from the Master as well” past. I’m guessing Roswaal already knows Elsa is gonna attack the mansion, and the Great Rabbit’s gonna attack the sanctuary and wounded himself on purpose so that he couldn’t be counted for the fight. As to why, he’s probably testing Subaru on something.

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