Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 60 [A Tale Of The End Of The End] (Part 1/3)


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 Chapter 60 [A Tale Of The End Of The End]


After his conversation with Frederica came to an end, Subaru went up to the third floor of the Mansion and was now standing in the hallway outside of Roswaal’s study.
The heaviness in his head was perhaps due to the accumulated fatigue, or the weight of the troubles ahead, waiting to be solved.

[Subaru: Once again, I’ll have to wing it……]

Scratching his neck, Subaru scowled at the pitiful hand he had been dealt.
Even though he had far more information than in the previous loops, it wasn’t immediately obvious how any of it related to the problems at hand.
With so many missing pieces, all he could do was fumble around without seeing any semblance of a picture, leaving only the unease of the uncertain future looming inside his chest.

[Frederica: Subaru-sama. What are you doing?]

Seeing Subaru standing frozen in the hallway, Frederica, who was quietly waiting at his side, called out to him.
After concluding their conversation in the lounge, Frederica had opted to accompany him. Hearing her question, Subaru mumbled [Aah, yeah], vaguely nodding in return,

[Subaru: Frederica, after you came back to the Mansion, you haven’t seen Beatrice around..…. have you?]

[Frederica: No, I haven’t. She very rarely makes appearances in the first place, but I haven’t seen her even once since my return, I’m ashamed to say]

[Subaru: I guess she’s really doubling down on staying hidden this time. It’s understandable that Frederica couldn’t find her]

In fact, if she was really serious about finding Beatrice, she would have had to open every door that could be connected to the Forbidden Library. It would be one thing if this was only limited to the doors in the Mansion, but there were doors in Arlam village and the Sanctuary to consider as well,

[Subaru: The range is way too wide, and there’s no way to narrow it down. If I were more pessimistic I’d say it’s impossible to solve]

[Frederica: Then, what do you plan to do? You have something to say to Beatrice-sama, don’t you, Subaru-sama?]

[Subaru: If she really wants to stay hidden, there’s no way anyone can find her. That’s just a fact]

Hearing Subaru repeat what he had just said, Frederica furrowed her brows. Sensing her doubtful gaze, Subaru gave his neck a crack and held up a single finger,

[Subaru: But here’s the thing…… No one can find her if she’s serious about trying to stay hidden, but if she’s not serious about trying to stay hidden, that’s a different story]

[Frederica: If she’s not serious?]

[Subaru: She’s not the kind of girl who hides so that no one will ever find her. Everyone who’s played hide and seek secretly hopes that they’ll be found in the end. So, deep down, there’s always going to be a little demon inside saying “I hope they find me”]

Saying this, Subaru took a few steps to the left and did a quick turn. Standing 90 degrees to the hallway, Subaru stopped right in front of the room next to Roswaal’s study―― the archives room. A narrow storage space where all the paper documents have been neatly stockpiled, the result of Otto’s frenzied organization-efforts.
Reaching out his hand to the door, Subaru felt the distinct sensation of CORRECT ANSWER through the doorknob.

[Subaru: Incredibly though, every time I open a door…… or I mean, every time I think about opening a door, I’d just suddenly get the feeling that it’s the one. I still don’t really know how it works]

[Frederica: Subaru-sama……]

[Subaru: Aaaand, we’re open!]

Frederica stuttered as Subaru flung the door open with a sound effect. Behind it, there was something off about space that should have been the archive room―― it was the unmistakable scent of books stowed away for ages that poured out of the room.
Unlike the scent of documents meant to be processed at the earliest convenience, it was closer to the fragrance of ink buried deep within tightly bound pages.

[Subaru: I don’t think I’ll be late, but, if it gets too dark, don’t forget to bring Petra back to the village]

Keeping his hand on the doorknob, Subaru reminded Frederica, who was still in a state of shock.
Frederica blinked several times, before she bowed holding the hems of her dress,

[Frederica: Then I will await your return. Please take care]

[Subaru: Ooooh. I almost feel like an important person after hearing that]

With the maid’s auspicious send-off, Subaru stepped through the door and into the room. As soon as he was inside, the door clamped shut behind him, and, with the sound of a non-existent breeze, the space bent and twisted. The link had been severed, and the Forbidden Library once again stood alone from the world.

[Beatrice: You finally came, I suppose]

Subaru was met with a paltry, unwelcoming voice. Holding back the wry smile that was encroaching onto his face, Subaru waved hello,

[Subaru: Yo, Beako! Long time no see, you’re still as little as ever]

[Beatrice: Your antics are annoying enough for an entire lifetime, you know. Seriously…… I should give up already]

Beatrice was seated halfway up a wooden step ladder, holding a book with black binding against her chest.
Seeing her there, Subaru imagined that perhaps she only ever sat there. The Forbidden Library had plenty of proper desks and chairs as well. But she always seemed to greet him from that very same spot. For some reason, the thought of it just gnawed at his heart.

[Beatrice: You’re making that spineless face again. It’s unsightly, I suppose. You’re free to feel as hurt and confused as you want, but it’s unpleasant when you do it in front of Betty, so please stop immediately]

[Subaru: Haughty as ever. Sorry, but I have no reason to follow your request. I still have to confirm whether we have that kind of relationship or not]

Subaru was almost trying to hint about what he had learned about her in the previous loops. Beatrice’s face darkened at his words, and muttered [Is that how it is, I suppose……] under her breath,

[Beatrice: Fine. It seems we both have cards in our hands now, I suppose]

[Subaru: It’s still pretty questionable whether my cards are gonna have any effect. But let’s have imagination make up for the rest]

[Beatrice: Do as you like… since either way……]

Suddenly, Beatrice’s rigid expression unraveled.
The stubborn, mask-like facade fell away, revealing a glimpse of her calm, gentle smile and the dream-like gleam in her eyes―― inadvertently, Subaru fell silent as his throat froze.

[Beatrice: The term of this long, long, long contract is coming to an end. ――At the end of the end of the end, this time, Betty will be released from this stagnation, I suppose]

Her voice was almost lonely as she spoke.


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  1. Thank you so much for your hard work chicken. also the community around you is awesome. spent a hour chilling in the live draft chat. Keep up the great work

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  2. Well since we’re here… Let’s recap my previous theories.

    Beatrice is either

    A. One of the witches
    B. An Apostle of Envy
    C. The Daughter of Satella

    But, since the conversation with Echidona, we know for sure that she’s not one of the previous witches.

    So that just leaves B and C…

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    1. betty is contracted to mansion, betty had gospel.
      Is spirit, and is believer to any witch not just Envy. Roswal and maybe Garfiel had gospel by Echidona.


    1. I believe he does it because he genuinely enjoys this story and because of the need to share what you like with others that like the same above mentioned thing.


  3. No it’s nether of the above since Frederica told that she’s a great spirit like pick
    Also she has been contacted with echidona but it’s details are not known or at least I don’t know it.
    Thirdly she had been spirit for 400 years now.
    And lastly she also has a Gospel but unlike any other that Gospel is empty and she calls it her mother which I don’t know why. Also she is a crucial member of the experimental grounds since she teleported him to that Crystal room in one of previous loops

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      1. It’s obvious that the condition for Beako to leave the mansion was Subaru’s request to protect him, but why she gets weaker as she moves from the mansion, and what’s her purpose to sit in that room is still a mystery. There still lots of questions.
        And i dont get the “I still have to confirm whether we have that kind of relationship or not” line.


    1. I think we should bask in the greatness that is chicken-san and let him do it at his own pace without rushing him.
      Well since I’m not paying for them translations (I’m broke) so I can’t really complain about not being able to binge read anymore anyways.


  4. Sorry I couldn’t make an account Chicken-san I was lazy… There was a typo… You wrote “Haughty” instead of “Naughty” -Michael


  5. Everytime I go to the table of content, I feel this urge rise from the depth of my heart to read the sixth volume… But, I also don’t want my reading experience of 4th and 5th volume to downgrade due to spoilers. So my question to you is –
    Is it worth it?


    1. He’s only got a few chapters translated, so I would say no. You’re going to spoil yourself for pretty much nothing.


  6. Heheh like that part when Frederica was shocked because of Subaru opening the right door. And yey cute Betty time! :3
    Thanks Chicken! And Happy New Year! 😀


  7. On the third paragraph:

    With so many missing pieces, all he could do was fumble around without seeing any “semblance” of a picture, leaving only the unease of the uncertain future looming inside his chest.

    I think it should be resemblance no?

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  8. Here is a Spanish WN reader :v
    In the next part of the chapter some of you will get emotional, and more than that, love Beako u.u


  9. While I read the previous chapter I realised that I have missed what is the Command authority. If anybody can remind me what is it I’ll be very grateful. Also sorry if my English isn’t well)

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    1. It is the ability to control all the Lewes’ clone.

      Condition: 1) Must be approve by Echidona and 2) Touch the crystal with the original Lewes.

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    2. Lewes told him that whoever possesses the command authority can control the Lewes replicants.
      Command authority transferred to Subaru when he touched the crystal. He was recognized by the crystal as an Apostle of Greed.


  10. ‘Bout time I catch up on the story

    No typos, good work Chicken and crew! Saying that sounds like I expect typos and makes me sound like a dick but I wanted to say a nice thing so screw it


  11. What the hell are they talking about? By cards, are they referring to their Gospels or Beatrice is referring to RBD? I’m so confused. Beako smiled <3, sweet. So will we know about her contract?
    Thanks for the translations, Chicken!


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