Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 63 [An Empathy Towards Death] (Part 3/3)


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[Subaru: ――e?]

The knife that had entered through her back protruded from her chest, slowly carving out a vertical gash―― from the top of her ribs down to her waist.
Beatrice’s small body shuddered with the motion of the blade.
And Subaru only watched in stupefaction.

[Beatrice: ……it’s]

Softly, Beatrice’s lips murmured something.
She lifted her face to look at the petrified Subaru.
Her expression, and the emotions in her eyes, all seemed to be telling of some excessively grand tale,

[Beatrice: Finally……]

[Subaru: Wait…..]

[Beatrice: ――――a]

Even Subaru himself didn’t know what he was trying to say.
And before her formless emotions could take shape, Beatrice’s voice trailed into a sigh.
With that final sound, Beatrice’s body faded into a faintly shining mass, and, in the blink of an eye, scattered as golden particles of light.

Her delicate body, her cream-colored curls, her charming, impertinent face, and her extravagant, cumbersome, yet perfectly-suiting dress, all vanished into nothing――

[???: ――Oh my, that’s disappointing. It’s my first time cutting open a spirit’s bowels, and it’s already gone]

A step behind where Beatrice had vanished, stood a woman holding her murder weapon in hand.
Subaru could already identify her just from the first sound of her voice. From the first moment, he was certain, yet his mind refused to register what should have been impossible. But, within seconds of seeing it with his own eyes, his awareness recovered as he clenched his teeth.
A tooth shattered with a crack. Tasting blood, locking his glare, he screamed.

[Subaru: ――ELSAAAA!!]

[Elsa: Oh, but what can you do?]

The back of the Kukri-knife crashed into the side of his screaming skull.
The blunt impact instantly shattered into his head as the unstoppable force slammed Subaru’s body against the wall. The only resistance he could muster was to keep Rem from flying out of his arms.
Profuse blood poured from the shattered gap, his eyes went dark and his limbs would not respond to his will to fight on. Yet, even so, Subaru caught Elsa in his strobing vision, tossing the Kukri-knife between her hands.

[Subaru: H..ow……how’re you alive? I checked, I checked and you were dead……!]

[Elsa: Mmhmm, that’s right. I was dead. If I was burned to ash back then, I probably wouldn’t be here right now]

Elsa absently answered the shivering Subaru.
Impaled and crucified, Elsa was certainly dead. She was dead. He was sure of it. But then what was she doing here? Or, was he in some nightmare where Elsa also had clones like Lewes?

But there was blood dripping from Elsa’s limbs, and the hole where her chest was pierced through was only bandaged by a strip of cloth torn from her cloak.
Seeing the dark battle wounds littering her body, there was no doubt that this was the same person as before. The only question was whether she was alive or dead.

[Subaru: You aren’t…… immortal, by any chance, are you……?]

[Elsa: Well that’s impossible. I just hang onto life a bit more shamelessly than others. Speaking of which, that girl was really something. I can count on my fingers how many times I’ve taken this much damage to my body]

[Subaru: …….What a coincidence. I can also count on my fingers how many times you’ve tortured me to death]

Subaru’s remark may have been ironic, but it was certainly not a joke. However, apparently taking it as such, Elsa smiled and did a quick spin on the spot. Then, holding her fingers to her lonely, half-severed braid, Elsa silently looked down at Subaru,

[Elsa: This girl here, I’ve never heard about her]

[Subaru: ……Then how about you pretend you didn’t see her and let it slide?]

Understanding the meaning behind her words, Subaru raised this suggestion to Elsa. Even if there wasn’t much hope of her accepting his advice, it would at least buy him some time for his limbs to start responding to his commands. It was a stupid conversation, but he needed the time.

[Elsa: She definitely wasn’t a part of my plans, so I guess it wouldn’t be a problem…… the spirit girl, the oversized maid… the little maid was kind of a bonus]

There were three targets. Beatrice, Frederica, and the tacked-on Petra.
Even with his consciousness glowing white-hot, Subaru sharpened his ears so as not to miss a single detail. The fact that Rem wasn’t marked as a target must have meant that whoever hired Elsa had forgotten Rem’s existence. He had previously thought that Frederica was the employer, but her death sent him back to the drawing board.

[Subaru: Come to think of it, you lied, didn’t you]

[Elsa: Lied?]

[Subaru: About Frederica. ――Back in the Forbidden Library, you talked like you only killed Petra, but how do you explain that?]

Subaru gestured toward Frederica, lying at the side of the hallway. Following his gaze, with an [Aah], Elsa nodded as if having understood. Then, she turned back to Subaru,

[Elsa: Hers wasn’t a beautiful death]

She made this paltry remark.
The murderer’s definition of beauty wasn’t something he’d want to understand. But after taking someone’s life, was this all she had to say? Rage churned inside him, but he knew it wouldn’t mean a thing in front of Elsa and the Kukri-knife in her hand.
As much as he wanted revenge, his body hadn’t recovered nearly enough to strike back.
Just like this, strewn on the floor in front of Elsa’s murdering blade, the outcome was already decided.

――So, this was as far as he would go.

Acknowledging his impending “Death”, Subaru ran the information he had gathered in this loop through his mind, alongside the new, confounding mysteries. And then, there was his exchange with Beatrice, and the final expression he saw on her face.

Why did the girl who kept telling Subaru “I want to die” and “Please kill me” shove him out of the way in the end? Promptly noticing that Elsa was alive, she pushed Subaru away. But just what was it supposed to mean when she did this? Subaru wasn’t stupid enough not to realize it.

[Elsa: I don’t like that look in your eyes]

[Subaru: Huh? ――Gbha!?]

With these words, the flat of her blade struck against his face once again.
His left cheekbone was shattered, and several cracked teeth fell onto the floor. Collapsing, another blow struck him from the opposite side. Intense pain raced through the bottom of his right eye, and, with a flash of her blade, his left ear was sheared off.
Then, switching between the edge and flat of her blade in turn, Elsa carved, crushed, and scourged Subaru’s body. Denying him the impending “Death” he had expected, she dealt him pain upon pain upon pain as blood and wails leaked from his mouth without end.

[Elsa: Struggle on until the last moment of your life. Otherwise, what is the point of living?]

[Subaru: ……as if I’d want to take life advice from you]

A strike. His forehead split open, and he felt the illusion of the contents of his skull spilling as he collapsed.
His consciousness grew distant at the solid impact, and Subaru could feel his body steadily being drawn into that frozen world.

So, this is where he dies.
Even if he lost consciousness now, he had no illusions about what falling unconscious in front the Bowel Hunter would entail.
This was the end. This time, this would be as far as he gets.

Next time, he won’t fail again. Next time, for sure.
The expression on your face at the very end. I won’t forget it, no matter what.

[Subaru: ――Beatrice]

In her final moments, the girl who had told him “Kill me”, had tears within her eyes.
With that sight seared into his mind, Subaru’s consciousness was slowly swallowed, into darkness, into nothing.


-=Chapter 63 End=-




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  1. I am really curious to see what will happen after Subaru ”wakes up” again . Will he be able to get inside Echidna’s dream again ? How will he act after being so mentally prepared before his deaths ? But then again the torture ruined that a bit . Maybe the reason he was thinking all this question was to make sure he will meet Echidna .

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  2. I have a really bad feeling about this “ending”. I mean, every time Subaru looses consciousness, he tends to wake to the situation even more fucked up than before.
    I cant remember Elsa ever knocking him out so far. And judging from the way she brutalized him, she is clearly pissed.
    So, dying might be Subaru’s wishful thinking, and I bet he is going to regret staying alive. I just hope the crazy bitch wont drag Rem into their little game.

    Many thanks for amazing chapter, Chicken!

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    1. I might be misreading what’s there but I think Subaru is quite dead, considering his forehead was split open.

      +1 on thanking Chicken for the chapter as well ❤

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      1. His forehead, not his skull. Judging by Elsa’s actions, he’s gonna be alive, because I think that she’s pissed by the fact that Subaru shows no will to live, no fear… maybe she likes the thrill of the hunt, so she doesn’t like it when the prey is unwilling to fight back/shows no emotion towards death whatsoever. I think Subaru is alive and he’ll see something way worse than death.

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        1. I’ve been thinking this for a number of chapters now but the way Subaru acts has to drive people wild. Elsa, for instance, acts like a murdering psychopath 100% of the time we see her yet Subaru’s insane actions of his own cause her so much strife that she decides to let him live for the very first time?

          Also Beatrice has a front row seat watching Subaru act super two faced. One half is gung ho, shonen warrior boy ready to take on all foes including Witches Cults and Echidona herself yet he also happens to be an incompetent coward. She must be baffled.

          I’m just waiting to see who is going to really call him out first, haha.


          1. It’s not like he is a coward. More like at some point he gives up and stops giving shit. That’s what Beatrice was talking about.. Half-assed reluctance to die in stead of hope to live. That plus his trademark recklessness like there’s no tomorrow.

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  3. Thanks for the translation Chicken!!!
    Curious when Elsa tortured him like that usually she would slice open his belly and that would be the end of it. Probably was because the my killed her or because Subaru wasn’t reacting the way she wanted. I dunno.

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  4. Even though she’s the evil assassin, I just can’t help but love her. Elsa is a really great, powerful, cunning, also very beautiful and sexy villain. Wow..

    Also, she mentioned being burnt ashes would kill her.. so maybe she’s either a vampire or a demon.

    Hehe, thanks for the great chapter Chicken! 😀

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  5. My theory is that it’s roswall’s doing. It’s definitely not a coincidence that when he left the sanctuary the witch cult attacked. & now Elsa is terrorizing the mansion with obvious instructions. She has all that information from her “boss”. Also if you think about it both Elsa and Roswall have a similar goth/emo theme so it also makes sense that they’re associated with one another. Elsa has been gunning for them from the start. My guess is Roswall wants to get rid of Emilia-Sama so he could maybe replace her as a candidate? But he failed to retrieve that gem/emblem in he beginning of the series. As to why he’d have Frederica killed it could be to manipulate Garfiel.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i think so too. elsa probably knows when to attack because roswaal tells her to attack when he finds out subaru has left the camp


  6. I no Elsa could not be defeated so easily would not make sense for the plot because to many people that and it would make Elsa to easy to kill for the next loops all he would need is Betty


  7. So, this is where he dies.
    Even if he lost consciousness now, he had no illusions about what falling unconscious in front the Bowel Hunter would entail.

    There’s missing “of”


  8. But there was blood dripping from Elsa’s limbs, and the hole where her chest was pierced through was only bandaged by a strip of cloth torn from the her cloak.

    “From the her cloak” is kinda weird.

    Seeing the dark battle wounds littering her body, there was no doubt that this was the same person as before. The only question was whether he was alive or dead.

    Whether “he” was alive or dead. Is supposed to be condition of subaru or elsa?

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  9. Goodness… to think I binged all the translations in roughly 15 hours today. Well there goes my weekend. I look forward to the further translations and thank you truly!


  10. [Elsa: Mmhmm, that’s right. I was dead. If I was burned to ash back then, I probably wouldn’t be here right now]

    Inner Subaru: You don’t say (cage face)


      1. Well its not about saving emilia in this arc, its about getting to know emilia and her past, establish her charackter more etc, same for rooswall ram otto garfiel lewes etc. But when it comes to the main, its to save beatrice.


          1. Im gonna play with your mind a bit. Do you remember Arc 2 in the anime? When Beatrice made a contract with Subaru to protect him? Do you remember it was a perma contract? So what this means is, that Beako already broke her contract once really early in the Story to help him, disregarding everything and choosing him. But right now, she doesnt choose him, but instead wants to die by his hands and only his.


  11. Since we don’t know of any Gods, maybe there’s an op extinct race like the elves (only unnatural deaths basically) that grant some weird death condition. Or maybe it’s a blessing. She looks pretty human, but black hair isn’t common. Maybe a race with only black hair is op.


    1. It’s not necessary a race thing. Maybe a blessing, maybe a skill. Maybe some shadow magic, like a Warlock’s soul-gem in WoW.
      For example, Felix is so good with healing magic he became near-immortal. That one time the wagon exploded in Ep.22, Felix was torn to shreds, even all his clothes burned, but his body was restored in no time.
      Though I doubt Elsa’s any good with healing.


      1. I’m going to add, maybe her clothes have some auto rezz / healing feature. Elsa is probably kinky and wouldn’t wear something unless it help her in combat. ;D


  12. Thanks Chicken and GJ as always!

    …I remember I commented in the Chapter Draft on Elsa’s leaking out a way to kill her via burning,

    “Some more loops of pumping intel out of her like this, and he could actually produce a good plan of ending her for good”,

    and recently received an email notification saying, “marked as resolved”… what is fun is, in Russian, the notification can be read as


    1. …the notification can be read as, `marked as “Decided!”`

      I initially put the text in angular brackets (like html tags), and it got cut -_-


  13. So nice to read Re:Zero normally like this rather than the garbage Japanese translator which makes your head hurt while feeling your IQ drop trying to read the mixed up ignorant nonsense! Can’t wait until I can correctly read the next chapters where the reason for all inconsistencies shown so far will be revealed.


  14. Similar comment above, but why not try it? Try saying to Elsa I will kill you after I die, maybe RBD activates killing Elsa. He already did this to Emilia.
    There’s nothing to lose anyway in this loop, why not see the Witch of Envy kill Elsa.


  15. It’s really frustrating, especially when you’ve caught up with the translations and you’ve got the pride of a gamer and the skills to read endlessly… (I have no money on me, I’m poor, I don’t even know how the transactions work to buy LN, the time and motivation to learn japanese characters, lots of ’em, nor do i complain on how the translations go) 😥

    Thanks as always, Chicken-sama and to those involved with the whole translations.


  16. This was the best loop so far in this arc! Truly amazing and touching (even though Envy appearance was really something ahaha). Can’t wait to read more!
    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to read this!


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