Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 64 [A World That Was Falling Apart] (Part 1/3)


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 Chapter 64 [A World That Was Falling Apart]


The first thing Subaru noticed as his consciousness returned was the unbearable pain throughout his body.

His face, and everything above his neck was wracked with extraordinary pain. His left cheek, the area around his right eye, his molars, his front teeth, his left ear―― far too many to list, there was not a spot untouched by pain.
He moved his tongue around in his mouth, and found that he had lost two molars, one front tooth, and that one of his canine teeth was gone. And when he opened his eyes to survey his surroundings, he noticed that his right eye was so swollen that it could no longer open.

[Subaru: Th, gha……]

When he tried to speak, his mouth only managed a strange gurgle due to the missing teeth and the blood pooling in his mouth.
Every breath drove a chill into the exposed nerves under his teeth, and though he tried to breathe through his nostrils, dried blood completely clotted the path. Gasping, he spat out the blood in his mouth,

[Subaru: No way…… I… didn’t die?]

As he dragged along his over-injured body, Subaru recognized the fact that he had survived what should have been certain death.
Looking out through the remaining half of his vision, Subaru found himself lying in the dark corridor. There was no one in sight. He began to recall what happened before passing out, and,

[Subaru: Where’s… Elsa……]

Not here.
At least, nowhere Subaru’s eye could see.
Being a woman who lurks in the dark for a living, even if she was within sight, she’d probably be able to keep herself from being seen, but―― she’d have no reason to do so.
There was no sign of Elsa. She was gone. At least, without killing Subaru.

[Subaru: Why…would…… no, more importantly……]

Every movement of his mouth made new blood gush out. Irritatedly spitting it out, Subaru shook his head. He tried moving each part of his body to check which areas hurt and which were immobile――
――When he noticed the warm, rhythmically breathing existence resting in his arms.

[Subaru: ――Rem]

The lovely blue-haired girl. The girl who was instilling him with strength even as she went on sleeping.
In his arms, Rem’s heart was silently beating. Her shallow, rhythmic breathing, her steady, undeniable pulse, and her faintly blushing skin―― were all proof of the continued rhythm of her life.

[Subaru: ――――]

Overwhelmed with emotion, he tightened his arms around her.
Taking advantage of her lack of reaction, he held her delicate body as he relished in its warmth, as if to perceive through her skin the proof that she still lives.

[Subaru: Why… did she leave……without killing me or Rem……?]

Holding Rem’s body, Subaru remarked on Elsa’s inexplicable departure.
She killed Petra, she killed Frederica, and even Beatrice was extinguished by her hands. And yet, the murderer left without taking Subaru and Rem’s lives when they were right in front of her.
Indeed, before losing consciousness, Subaru had pleaded for Rem’s life, and Elsa’s reply could be interpreted as an acceptance of his request. But would she really stay true to her word?
He doubted he would ever be able to understand the mind of a psychopath like the Bowel Hunter, but her reason for sparing Rem might have been just that simple.

[Subaru: But then…… why did she let me live……?]

He would be killed for sure, that was what he had thought.
At least, Elsa had swung her blade at Subaru with the clear intention to harm. The pain of every shattered bone and every carved-up muscle told him that was the case.
And yet, why did she let him live?

[Subaru: Either way… right now……]

Unable to understand, Subaru shook his head, and strained his aching body to lift Rem onto his arms.
Holding Rem lightly in his arms, Subaru looked towards the end of the hallway―― and, spotting Frederica’s corpse, lying there as if abandoned, he decided on what he would have to do.

――Before anything else, he would bury Frederica and Petra.

[Subaru: Even though there’s really no point when this world is bound to end……]

A sentimental, irrational, and wretched act, he muttered in self-derision.

Subaru had already decided that he would reset this world with his death.
Too much had been lost. And in spite of what he gained, he had failed to protect even a single thing he had sought to protect. Subaru lost everything, just like all those times before, or perhaps even more. Subaru no longer held the courage to live on in a world where so much was already lost.
If his death could bring them back, then he wouldn’t hesitate for a second.

This world was a world that was ending.
Whether it was Petra’s, Frederica’s, or Beatrice’s death, all of it could be reset.
His promise to Petra, his apology to Frederica, and his final answer to Beatrice’s sorrows, they could all be fulfilled in the next world.

Having made that resolve, there was really no point in mourning their deaths.
Because whatever sadness remains of this lost world would no longer exist in anyone else’s memories, and would only be Subaru’s alone to endure.

――But, if he truly had that kind of resolve, Natsuki Subaru would have already passed on to the next world by now.

[Subaru: Resolve, determination, ability…… I’m always lacking in everything. Why am I always so weak… huh, Rem?]

The girl in his arms did not answer him.
But, whether it was lamenting his own powerlessness, or laying bare his weakness, right now, the only place where Subaru could do this was in front of this sleeping girl.


※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※


――It had been only about fifteen minutes after deciding to lay Petra and Frederica to rest when he saw it.

[Subaru: What… is that?]

Seeing the object sitting in front of him, Subaru let out this stupid groan in his throat.
But who could blame him? Because that was just how strange and incomprehensible the object before him was.

A pinkish hunk of meat―― would just about describe it.
Its shape was kind of like a lopsided ball of mud a child might have made, but out of meat. That much should have already aptly conveyed its strangeness, as well as the reason for Subaru’s consequent confusion.

[Subaru: It’s big――]

Simply put, the hunk of meat was enormous.
It was big enough for him to have to gaze upwards, and he could sense the weight of its dense mass just by looking. Both its color and texture reminded him of fresh pork or poultry one might find in the meat aisles.

Just as far as what he could see, there were about twelve of them. Every single one was the exact same size and conspicuously littered about the area.

[Subaru: What… the hell is……?]

Confused and without answers, Subaru repeated that same question over and over.
Then, as he looked around,

[Subaru: Where did all the villagers go?]

Standing in the deserted center of Arlam village, surrounded by hunks of meat, Subaru stupidly muttered to himself.


※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※




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  1. I was sitting in my chair, watching youtube, when all of a sudden a chill ran down my spine… I rushed to my email, which was idly waiting as a tab on the far left corner. I click on the tab, refresh my inbox… And what do I find?

    A translation chicken notification.

    I’ve unlocked my 6th sense.

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    1. Mystery? I think Elsa decided to ‘loot’ the villagers’ bodies and place Subaru right in the middle of it all, with the girl he wished for, most probably out of… Courtesy?

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      1. she is a sick crazy sadistic bitch however it seems that took a lot of effort, and Elsa doesn’t strike me as the kind who’d go to these length out of courtesy
        maybe a new enemy or something…however she did say she didn’t like the look in his eyes before he passed out…so it’s still possibility, but those hunks of meat were people 90% sure

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        1. The meat has to be the villagers, but this doesn’t seem Elsa’s style. Skinned, butchered ‘long pig’ *without* intestines on display?

          Maybe she sensed something worse coming and shot through? One of the sin archbishops?


          1. I’m thinking the same thing but why did she leave Subaru alive? she could easily finished him off and left, did she think he won’t make it with these wounds and assumed he’d die anyway and left, come to think of it….if her victims aren’t suffering and in pain while she kills them, it ain’t fun for her so maybe when subaru passed out she thought it’s no fun killing him while he’s passed out and just left, as for the meat…I have the feeling Mabeasts are involved since their breeding ground is in the forest near the village


          2. I think else only kills when she can see the desperate eyes befor the death of her victims. Subaru who alredy died so often did not have this eyes which pissed elsa off. so i think she killed the whole village and is w8ting for subaru to realise, so he die with the eyes she is locking for. just my conclusion no idea if it is realy like that


          3. maybe shes using him to find emilia and the other targets,she’s probably hiding and watching and he will go to the sanctuary and then…


  2. Wait… What has happened at the end ?! 😀
    And why didn’t Elsa kill Subaru…
    And why did she not die back then..
    As always, more and more questions ! >.<

    Very curious how Subaru will put an end to all of that.. and he still has the Great Rabbit issue too to solve.. Poor Subaru 😀

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  3. If you go faster, we’ll start calling you Sonic Chicken! And it’s good to see the speed doesn’t affect quality.

    Btw, the table of contents still missed the link to this part when I checked.


  4. If I were Subaru I would go with the village first then the rabbits I think the village is the easiest one. It seems to be similar to arc 3 because he had the white whale and the witches clut to deal with witch were two problem at around the same time.


    1. The hard part being – he doesn’t have time to prepare. The environment in the Sanctuary is hostile, and Elsa attacks as soon as he arrives to the Mansion. What are those meat sacks anyway? They were not there in the second loop.


      1. He died in the other loops when elsa killed him but this time she did not and my guess is this happen to the villagers in the other loops but he all ready died before he can see it


        1. The second loop he arrived to Arlam on the evening of the 4th day. Nothing strange happened. This time he came to the village on the 3rd day (maybe the 4th), and – meat sacks. I wonder what changed to cause this.
          It might me consequence to Elsa’s attack, maybe there’s something else.

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          1. Elsa almost got killed in that loop… I’d be pissed if by any chance some1 would try to kill me… also she obviously was pissed that su-bo didnt show any fear while she was ‘about to kill’ him… I belive that Elsa wants to torture him in the most disgusting way by killing the villagers and maybe… just maybeee she tries to lure the great rabbit thingy to finish su-bo off… She is a marvellous villain ♡


  5. You never fail to impress me with these stellar translations! Thank you once again Chicken-sama!
    I do wonder what happened to the villagers. At first I thought it was the Great Rabbit but that doesn’t make sense since that would mean there wouldn’t be anything left over and Subaru and Rem would have died. I think the other person in the comments may be onto something when they said it was another beast.


  6. Alright so someone now have the power to turn people into shish kebab. Sound like the power of Gluttony. 12 pieces of meat sound oddly specific. I doubt there are only 12 villagers.

    Very surprise Elsa didn’t kill Subo this loop. I predict it might be Anastasia who hired Elsa. It would make no sense for Roswaal to target Beako and Fredrica. One person who share the same end goal of probably getting revenge/releasing Echidona and the other is his loyal servant.

    The plot thicken!


  7. I can pretty much guess that Else didn’t kill him because he wanted to die, thus it’s not fun…I guess? He didn’t seem to be her target, either, so it didn’t matter. Same with Rem.

    But what the hell happened to the villagers? I doubt it was Else…she did produce corpses, not humps of minced meat. She is the bowler hunter, not the butcher. Weird.


  8. thank you, quite a mystery with what happened with the villagers. don’t seem like elsas work, maybe we have more murderes to worry about. It could maybe be Subarus mind breaking down, not seeing the corpses as humans.

    it is reminding me of that time in act 3 when he was at the village, and seemed to block out the massacre until he physically stumbled over a corpse.


  9. If you think that this is a clusterfuck…. Wait till you read chapter 72…. Jezuz its bloody!!

    And as always thnx chicken for the tran-tran!!
    (see what i did there??!!)


  10. chicken sama i read all the chapters starting from interlude 3 to arc 4 chapter 64 in 3 days and i got to say you are incredible, my only wish is that you could comeout with a new chapter every single day because i cant wait to find out what happens next. ;]


  11. You’re doing a great job bringing this story to the English-reading masses! Much better than my (non-existant, Google-translate assisted) Japanese.

    First paragraph: “one of his canine tooth was gone”. I see that you’ve omitted “tooth” already in the post but “one” implies that there are several “canine teeth”, so this would read better “one of his canine teeth was gone”.

    On Tue, Jan 23, 2018 at 12:07 AM, TranslationChicken wrote:

    > theholychicken posted: “********** Translator: TranslationChicken > ********** Editor: TranslationChicken (Thank you Kizarat, Rodolfo, Roanz, > Kam, Mohamad, Patrick, HX, Umut, Vimal for helping me with proofreading on > the Live Draft!

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  12. Wow that Elsa spared Rem and did that carnage to all of the villagers.. That is just nasty.. I think she did of these just so she can inflict great despair upon Subaru, to see his tormented face and maybe just to kill time n boredom. And maybe to top it off kill Rem in front of him and then killing him..
    Ok, sure hope that last part doesn’t come true..
    And wow for your great translating speed Chicken. This post surprised me! heheheh


  13. Hmmmmm, Betty would be a great fighting force for subo…. How I wish he can make her his partner in fighting this fight…. Door crossing can save him a ton of time saving people from the sanctuary thru evacuation while the rabit attacks and send them back once it’s over and even can use garfiel’s aid to fight elsa then send them back once the catastrophy is over…. Betty is a great help… I wish there is a way to tamper the existing contract


  14. “everything above” – add “else” in between
    “on what would” – missing a “he”
    “back, then” – extra comma
    “only be Subaru’s alone” – having both “only” and “alone” is redundant
    “powerlessness, or” – extra comma
    “one were” – should be “was”

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      1. That’s what I used to do, and Chicken suggested using fewer words. He can copy paste the phrases and use control+F to find the specific phrase


  15. I’ve just stumbled upon the re:zero anime last week, and consequently your page 3 days ago. I’ve been reading all your translations since the continuity of the anime and finished it just now. Just want to say that I’m very thankful for all the effort you put in, though it hurts me that gratitude is all that I can offer. I hope you’ll never lose your passion and be blessed with health and happiness.

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  16. I think this chapter just made me a vegetarian : ( I DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO RESPOND TO THIS!!!

    Its gotta be one of Gluntonies little “pets” but honestly thats all I got.

    Thanks for such a lightning fast translation you are AMAZING!


  17. I’m guessing that by now, since he survived Elsa’s attack, whatever the reason for it, his save point must’ve updated and he’ll have to go on in this fucked up world.


  18. is it just me or this arc having reaaaaaly long plot story comparing the previos one? I think the ww arc is quite long, but this one seems longer, coz too much mystery and he keeps dying to solve it 1 by 1


    1. This one is the most important in terms of the main story (you will see why in about 10 chapters or so).
      But yeah its long, in the LN version he cut out half of it. Making it to be around as long as Arc 3.


  19. “Hey Rem, what’s for dinner tonight?”

    “Mmm. How about minced meat?”

    I could imagine Subaru having a conversation with sleeping Rem and having cringe jokes.


  20. I’m currently in arc 5, but I like going through the English translations here more than reading Japanese. No spoilers from me or anyone else, I hope.


  21. Elsa’s MO is to kill her victims by slicing their bowels open, but she didn’t do that to Subaru in the last part. She also seemed really disappointed in Subaru’s facial expression, so this is all probably a part of her plan to break Subaru before finishing him off


  22. I cant stop thinking about the past like 10 chapters because so much is happening! I have no idea how things are going to be solved here :’)


  23. The horrors keep on coming! 😮
    What sort of monster is Elsa?? Did she mincemeat the villagers To help her recover from her death wounds? Maybe she consumed all their bowls and left the leftovers neatly packaged to hide the missing parts?


  24. God Lord, just how good is Subaru’s constitution to avoid death in this case? What the hell! Overpowered Subaru. Didn’t expect this… plus don’t tell me something is happening in the village at the same time as other things, cause it is already too much.
    Thanks for the read!


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