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[Roswaal: ――We~~ll now, you two ce~~rtainly look a~~ngry]

Laying on the bed in his allotted residence, Roswaal greeted Subaru and Garfiel with these words, cheerfully smiling in his usual clown makeup.

[Subaru: Yeah. I’m super pissed right now. And this one over here wants to jump on you this minute, you know? So you might wanna be careful what you say]

Standing there blocking the doorway, Subaru spread out his arms and nudged his chin at the person beside him. On the other end of his gesture was Garfiel, who was quietly growling.
The sound of his bestial breathing was proof that he was using the last of his rationality to maintain his human form. Although they were indoors, the coldness had penetrated the masonry of the walls and passed inside. Both Subaru and Roswaal were breathing white, while only Garfiel’s were bordering on red from the sheer heat of his breaths.

[Roswaal: This is an i~~nteresting pairing, no? I was sure I remember Garfiel saying something about ri~~pping Subaru in two when he comes back?]

[Garfiel: Things’ve changed a bit. I’ll have to put off decidin’ who t’crush into paste till I figure out what’s true or not]

[Subaru: Don’t say such scary things so naturally. Roswaal too, you shouldn’t accept that kind of scary statement like it’s normal, you know]

Subaru’s exchange with Garfiel as he left the Sanctuary for the Mansion had left him with a deep sense of self-loathing. Unable to forget that humiliation, Garfiel’s resentment towards Roswaal and Emilia wasn’t too difficult to understand.

Seeing Subaru furrow his brows, Roswaal shook his head with [No~ no~~o], as he turned his single yellow eye between Subaru and Garfiel,

[Roswaal: I was simply telling it as it i~~s, Subaru-kun]

[Subaru: Sounds like I’m pretty despised. I’m hurt, Ros-chi. Weren’t you gonna do anything even if Garfiel ate me up?]

[Roswaal: A~aya aya, now isn’t that too hard on yourself? If Subaru-kun went head to head with Garfiel, I’m not so sure that Garfiel would come out on to~~p?]

[Subaru: You think I have a chance? If you heard my combat record you’d be shaking in your boots, you know]

Ever since being summoned to this Parallel World, Subaru had just been constantly taking damage, with barely a single combat victory to his name.
He did manage to beat up the weird trio in the alley, kill a few Wolgarms, and finish off the dying Petelgeuse, but that was about it.

[Subaru: Actually, that’s a lot better than I thought… but if I’m pitted against a pissed-off Garfiel, I won’t last two seconds before I get turned into meat cubes. I can at least see that much]

[Roswaal: I wonder. Perhaps, under the right conditions, you could put up a good fi~~ght, I think]

Narrowing his eye, Roswaal looked Subaru up and down as he spoke. Unfortunately, no matter how Subaru tried to reflect on those words, he just couldn’t seem to agree.
Subaru shrugged and decided to set Roswaal’s statements aside for now, while almost simultaneously beside him, Garfiel stomped down his foot, shattering the floorboard beneath it.

[Garfiel: None’a that crap matters right now! Ain’t there somethin’ more important here, hah!? Are y’two assholes asleep?]

Leaving a deep footprint in the center of the floor, Garfiel bared his fangs and shouted at Subaru and Roswaal.
He didn’t seem too fond of their little sparring match before moving into the main topic. But then again, it didn’t suit Subaru too well either.
Following Garfiel’s prompt, Subaru gave a single nod, and,

[Subaru: You’re the one making it snow outside, aren’t you, Roswaal]

He cut straight to the chase.

[Roswaal: ――――]

Hearing Subaru’s question, Roswaal closed his mouth.
Subaru followed suit, and quietly waited for Roswaal’s answer. Silence descended on the room, as the only sounds audible were the howls of the freezing wind outside the window, the rhythmic ticking of the clock hand, and the clicks of Garfiel’s gritting teeth.

[Roswaal: Subaru-kun]

[Subaru: Yeah?]

[Roswaal: ――Did you hear that from me?]

[Subaru: ――――]

What kind of question was that?
Subaru had run multiple simulations in his head about what Roswaal’s response might be.
Perhaps a boldfaced laugh like [Aha, you got me], or a pathetic [W-what a ludicrous…… proof, where’s your proof!]. Most likely, it would have been an evasive [I’m afraid I have no idea what you’re ta~~lking about], or something along those lines.

But Roswaal’s reply was completely different from anything Subaru had imagined.

[Subaru: What? We just got here, how are you supposed to have told us? You sure you’re not confused?]

[Roswaal: Hm~ mm……is that so. Is that so. I~~s that so. ……Unfortunate]

Despite chewing over the meaning of his words, Subaru only looked at Roswaal with an expression of non-understanding. After leaving him those words, Roswaal cast down his gaze, and let out a feeble sigh.
The side of his pallid face seemed even more devoid of strength than usual. And Subaru could see that it was not a result of his injuries, but a reflection of the state of his heart.

[Roswaal: ――I~~n that case. I misspoke, I misspoke. I said something strange just now]

Lifting his face again, Roswaal revealed a faint smile as if taking back what he had just said.
Somehow, Subaru just felt like there was something off about that red-painted smile.
But, paying no heed to Roswaal’s subtle change, Garfiel stepped forward,

[Garfiel: Y’ain’t denyin’ it, oy?]

[Roswaal: Don’t you think that if I throw up a bunch of excuses when I’m already under suspicion, it’ll just sound like I’m lying? But on the other hand, my u~~sual behavior hasn’t earned me any trust from you two ei~~ther]

[Garfiel: So y’fuckin’ noticed? Then y’can probably guess what I’m about t’do next……yeah!?]

Exhaling a sharp breath, Garfiel instantly erased their distance from several steps to zero.
Approaching the foot of the bed, Garfiel reached out his hand to grasp Roswaal by the throat. The split-second movement happened so fast that Subaru didn’t even have the time to call out to stop him.

[Garfiel: ――You]

[???: I will not permit such insolence in front of Roswaal-sama, Garf]

Flying out of the adjacent room, Ram caught Garfiel by his torso and the wrist of his reaching hand.
With his right arm restrained to his chest, Garfiel leered at Ram with a growl.
Subaru was surprised that he hadn’t noticed Ram’s presence in the house until now, but, with a sigh of relief, he was at least grateful that she had managed to avert needless bloodshed.

[Roswaal: Ram. You really are an excellent servant]

[Ram: Yes, Roswaal-sama――]

Subaru couldn’t find anything strange about their exchange.
Ram had placed herself in harm’s way to protect her master, and Roswaal praised her. There should be nothing wrong about this. Ram was simply carrying out her duty.
So where was the problem? Subaru looked up, furrowing his brows, wondering.

Standing near the door, Subaru could see Garfiel’s back in front of his eyes, and Ram’s delicate figure opposite him. Beyond them, was the bed which Roswaal had taken for his recuperation, but,
――Since when was Roswaal standing?

[Subaru: ――――]

It must have happened in an instant.
In the time it took Subaru to blink, Roswaal had stood up from his bed, and walked up to the standoff between Ram and Garfiel.

[Subaru: ――――]

What the hell is that?
Protruding out of Garfiel’s back was what looked like a human arm.
Penetrating from the front of his chest to the center of his back, it had five writhing fingers, and Subaru was certain that it was someone’s right arm.

[Garfiel: Hhg, bh……h]

Before his eyes, Garfiel’s body violently convulsed.
Little by little, crimson blood stained into the back of his jacket as his legs dangled from his torso. With nothing to support his body, Garfiel dropped to his knees as the arm disappeared into his back.
And, having lost its plug, mass volumes of blood instantly spouted from the hole.

[Garfiel: ――Hh]

Garfiel collapsed to the floor. Looking down at him, were Ram and Roswaal.
And sticking out of Ram’s chest, was,

[Ram: ros……]

[Roswaal: You truly were an excellent servant]

Ram tried to call his name in a feeble voice, but Roswaal gently interrupted her.
He tenderly stroke his left hand on Ram’s peach-colored hair, while Ram seemed to accept it with a soft blush on her intoxicated expression.
――From the corner of her smile, a belated trail of fresh blood leaked out.

But of course.
Since her chest had been pierced through from behind.

The arm was drawn out.
And Ram’s delicate body, unable to withstand even the slightest force, fell forwards onto the floor.
But what caught her was the profusely bleeding Garfiel.
He took the collapsing Ram into his arms, and lifted her upright,

[Garfiel: Gh……Ros……ch. r, am……Ram, Ram, Ram, RAM RAM RAM RAM RAM!!]

The instant of hatred dominating his heart was drowned to nothing by the sight of the one he loved.
Again and again, Garfiel screamed the name of the girl in his arms, roaring blood as he emitted pale-blue light from his hands.
Subaru knew that vivid glow was from the channelling of healing magic.
While it wasn’t Garfiel’s specialization, he was still capable of casting it.

Right now, despite the fatal wound through his chest, Garfiel was pouring his everything into healing Ram in his arms.
As he did so, with each beating of his heart, his body pulsed and transformed.
Fur covered over his exposed skin, his fangs began to grow, and his pupils instantly narrowed into slits. His muscles swelled by magnitudes, as his clothes burst apart from the overwhelming mass of his body.
He was transforming into that mindless tiger, and his bestial instinct to protect his body was furiously clashing with the rational human desire to save the life of the one he loved.

[Garfiel: ――――]

[Roswaal: It would be troublesome if you were allowed to morph]

Slightly tilting his head, with these words Roswaal kicked his leg towards Garfiel.
His long, sweeping leg became wind, and smashed directly into Garfiel’s skull――with the sound of an eggshell cracking, like some slapstick prop, Garfiel’s head exploded into a spray of red.

Garfiel’s body lost everything from the neck up. Blood spouted like a fountain from the severed stump of his neck, filling the room with its bloody stench as his corpse fell on top of Ram.
Underneath, the faint smile on Ram’s expression remained unchanged.
Garfiel’s healing magic had no effect. Ram’s pulse had already ceased the moment Roswaal pulled his arm from the cavity of her destroyed heart.
Garfiel had simply failed to notice it as he wrenched out his lifeforce to save her.

[Roswaal: E~~ven I have trouble casting magic while sustaining a weather-interference spell of this magnitude. ――For a court wizard, it really is an unsightly display]

Roughly scraping his blood-drenched leg on the nearby bed sheet, having murdered Ram and Garfiel with his bare hands, Roswaal turned to the immobilized Subaru.
And, with a tone and bearing completely unchanged from usual, he spoke.

[Roswaal: Now――shall we begin our talk? Natsuki Subaru-kun]



-=Chapter 66 End=-





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    He did manage to beat up the weird trio in the alley, kill a few Wolgarms, and finish off the dying Petelgeuse, but that was about it.

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    1. Notice how every time Roswall talks to Subaru he closes his other eye and leaves only his golden one open? That’s indicative of the original Roswall, who has possessed his descendants through the centuries, being the one speaking and sharing his knowledge. Whether or not the original Roswall still exists inside him, I’m not sure.


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    1. Pure speculation here, but I think Roswaal is actually the one behind all this crap happening. Remember he does have a “complete” gospel and that may have tipped him off on Subaru’s ability so now he’s using that to his advantage to steer Subaru towards whatever goal Roswaal has.

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      “Garfiel’s healing magic had had no effect [earlier].”


      1. I’m no specialist in English, but I was taught that past-perfect “had had” refers to a very specific event, and past-simple form means [in general], which also works in a sense. So, imo, [had had] works fine.


  21. i still think… roswall maybe knows that subaru can change the future, but does it mean that everytime subaru goes back in time, then the other world keeps on going (the infinity worlds theory)? coz if roswall killing so easily in 1 dimension just means he probably thinks like “whetver it doesnt matter what happens now coz it will change”. coz what it benefits him if he will live in the “bad” world? it doesnt have a meaning.
    well time paradoxes are annoying


  22. … BASTERD MUST DIE!!! In one single moment Roswal went from being suspicious to just down right EVIL. So much RAGE! though I should not be shocked but I never thought it would escalate this quickly.

    AWESOME work as always Chicken. Thank you : ) I can’t wait to read the next chapter


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    From the beginning roswal came in the story I wanted to train subo n now I need it to happen


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  25. this is all my theory….nothing is concrete
    I think Roswal is the one that sent Elsa to the mansion, she always arrives just around the time subaru does, I think Roswal tips her whenever subaru leaves the sanctuary, and that explains how she knew about the secret passage and about betty’s door cross ability. if that’s the case then,the reason for his actions is, if he knew full well about Subaru’s RBD then he would send Elsa to kill him to activate it cause only Subaru can prevent what’s gonna happen with the great rabbit….so he doesn’t want Subaru away when it happened cuz if he the only one to survive, that might change the save point, and killing betty is kinda a way to break her contract, as for killing Fred, she might say something to subaru that roswal doesn’t want subaru to know, that’s all assuming Roswal knows about RBD my theory might be very wrong tho


  26. [Roswaal: Subaru-kun]

    [Subaru: Yeah?]

    [Roswaal: ――Did you hear that from me?]

    Despite the bloodshed, nobody noticed this unusual exchange? This basically confirms that Roswaal knows everything about Toyota-kun, specifically his Return-by-Death. Roswaal is possibly asking Toyota-kun if at one point in his past lives did Roswaal tell him that he’s causing the snow.

    Bloody fuck.


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    That’s all the information we got from this chapter right?


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    “Standing near the door, Subaru could see Garfiel’s back in front his eyes” maybe should say in front (of) his eyes

    Liked by 1 person

  31. Yknow… Now that I think about it, I wonder if Roswall is one of the witch cult archbishops. Maybe he’s the “pride” they keep talking about.


  32. Hello Chicken! This is my first time commenting, been reading the web novel since 11/4/2017, and I really want to thank you and your team of helpers for your amazing work! As someone hung up on words and the style of writing, even without knowing Japanese I can tell you’ve done spectacular work! Everything reads flawlessly.

    Now, for anyone reading this…am I alone here, am I in another universe (also cookies for anyone who recognizes this semi intentional pun lol)?! Has no one simply mentioned it before me, or am I the ONLY one who has a major problem with Beatrice?! I mean come on, barely a few loops ago she outright SAID she doesn’t care about saving Rem or Petra, meanwhile not allowing Subaru to kill himself, even though that would’ve reset the whole situation?! Or from her perspective, at least ended his suffering. And why not? Because boo hoo, don’t leave me alone, I don’t want to be ALONE and SUFFER. I mean, come on. And Subaru just forgives her?! The guy’s heart is WAY too big, personally at this point I only care about Subaru, Rem, Emilia, Petra and Patrasche getting their ultimate perfect HAPPY END, I could give two diddlysquats about everyone else, and Beatrice has no small part in that, honestly. Even though I seriously dislike the tsundere archetype of pretend-to-despise-you-but-secretly-TOTALLY-NEED-YOU, I eventually actually allowed myself to mostly like and trust Beatrice in the anime, while already distrusting Roswaal and even Ram to some extent. But then Beatrice goes and pulls this nonsense. And then she dares call Subaru selfish? And talk about how traitors shouldn’t be let off easy? When she’s only ever helped Subaru out of the selfish hope that he can “save” her? When did she ever do anything for anyone just because it’s the good, decent, right thing to do? SHE COULD HAVE SAVED REM AND PETRA EARLIER AND SHE DIDN’T. No forgiveness points from me, and her pity play of being a poor lonely little girl is nothing short of nauseating, though I’m sure it doesn’t help at all that I vehemently dislike children (fictional children are often the exception, as they are unrealistically sweet, like Petra, but here we go, Beatrice’s realistic child-like behavior is totally hateable to me, manipulation, guilt-tripping and selfishness all bundled up into one SEEMINGLY cute package. Ugh.) That “why didn’t you come sooner?!” from a few chapters ago – BITCH, HE DOESN’T EVEN GO HERE, tf you expect?! Goddamn.

    TL;DR: I’m emotional and angry at everyone except the golden 5. Roswaal sucks, Beatrice sucks, Elsa sucks, and Subaru is way too good, way too pure, always prone to forgive the unforgivable and turn the blame on himself. My poor heart, how much more can it take. ;____;



    1. I have a feeling like deep down on some level he already knows, just there’s too much going on all the time for him to fully come to that conclusion yet.


      1. I was just anticipating a moment where it clicked for subaru during the entire conversation. I can’t wait for the next chapter !


    1. Btw, Imma ask that in the next chapter again. How does the light novel books work. I really dont. At some point they look like they are way ahead of, like, everything, yet they aren’t, I guess? Did Arc 6 continue thus far?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The Light Novels are condensed and edited paperback releases. The anime will be based off of the LN.
        The plot remains the same, but events are sometimes shifted around or shortened.
        The WN is in Arc 6, while the LN is just after the end of Arc 4. Tappei consistently confirms that he will resume releasing WN chapters as soon as he isn’t so busy.


  33. Keep hating Roswaal, people. Why? Because not even bastards want to be affiliated with him. On the other side, Do NOT hate garfiel, or even saying he is beyond redemption. You will find out more in the following dozen chapters that he is a “cute and adorable little kitten”. You all are gonna love love love love love love LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVR LOVR LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE garfiel, guaranteed.


  34. “Subaru’s exchange with Garfiel as he left the Sanctuary for the Mansion had left him with a deep sense of self-loathing. Unable to forget “

    Who is the “him”? they seemed to both have the self-loathing lol but curious who was the him in the sentence. Maybe can add that


  35. Hey Chicken, first comment down here.
    I began reading not that much time ago, and it seems I almost got to the last translated chapters.
    You’re awesome, keep up this wonderful work (please) !

    I think it might be a typo, I feel like a word is missing here (Subaru’s first talk is this part)

    [Subaru: Yeah. I’m super pissed right now. And this one over here wants to jump on you this minute, you know? So you might wanna be careful [ABOUT] what you say]

    Another thank you for being awesomely you, and I hope I will be able to read your hardwork further !


  36. That psycho! Roswaal! He does not have a heart, does he? How cruel… of curse this must be related to something written on his Gospel! He had to ask whether he had told Subaru about the snow in order to find out whether this was the correct loop or not! At least, this is my opinion on how Roswaal’s complete Gospel works.
    But how can you murder Ram? Piece of crap!
    Thanks for the chapter!


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