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 Chapter 67 [Warlock]


“Incomprehensible” was the only feedback Subaru’s mind could muster as he watched the scene unravel before his eyes.

Ram lay in a pool of blood, and, on top of her, was Garfiel’s decapitated body. Standing beside their overlapping corpses, the one who had accomplished this with his bare hands, Roswaal, was wiping blood off of the hems of his garment.
Having witnessed this horrifying feat, for a moment, Subaru couldn’t believe that it was Roswaal who did this.

Roswaal L. Mathers was the representative Court Wizard of the Kingdom of Lugnica, one who could control extreme-tier magic at will, and possessed combat power akin to a siege engine, or so Subaru was told.
It was what he had heard. And precisely because he heard this, Subaru never imagined that Roswaal could deal such destructive power without the use of his magic.

[Roswaal: “Mages are weak in close-quarters combat” is such a pre~~judiced notion. Anyone who’s ever taken up arms against me had that naturally stuck in their heads. ……As to what happened to those thick-headed fools, it’s as you can clearly se~~e]

Subaru unwittingly swallowed his breath at Roswaal’s perfect reading of his unvoiced thoughts.
While Roswaal traced his finger over the specks of blood that had spattered onto his face, painting over his blue eyeliner with a shade of rouge as he smiled. ――Demonic, in the truest sense of the word.

[Subaru: Wh, y……]

[Roswaal: Mm~~mm?]

[Subaru: Why did you kill them…… kill Ram? Garfiel was… killing Garfiel was…… necessary…… but…]

[Roswaal: If we were to talk alone, Garfiel would’ve go~~tten in the way. As for Ram, I admit that what I’ve done was inexcusable. But I am not so strong as to be able to fight Garfiel he~~ad on. I was only able to kill him by catching him off guard just now]

Even though “Catching him off guard” meant piercing Ram along with Garfiel.
Somehow, as he listened to Roswaal’s casual explanation of why he killed them, Subaru’s emotions shed away their rage, and his mind returned to its usual calm.
It was a ludicrous answer to a ludicrous situation. And if Subaru allowed himself to be played in the palm of his hands, giving in to his passion would only be giving Roswaal what he wanted.

[Subaru: …………]

[Roswaal: Hm~~mm, that’s unexpe~~cted. And here I thought you’d be angry at what I said?]

[Subaru: Well, the anger’s done a whole loop around and went back to where it started. ……Not saying I’m not angry, though. Naturally I am. Naturally]

[Roswaal: I~~s that right. While that is an admirable attitude, the young Natsuki Subaru I know would be howling, mad with rage right now, if it were natural. Do~~n’t you think, Natsuki Subaru-kun?]

Roswaal’s single yellow pupil locked onto Subaru’s eyes.
One would often find Roswaal closing one eye and peering his gleaming yellow pupil into his targets, just like now.
And the mere thought of finding himself reflected in that blazing, yellow eye unsettled him to no end.

[Subaru: I realize how stupid I was before, but that doesn’t mean I’ll never grow up. This isn’t a situation that could be fixed by throwing a tantrum, I know that much at least……]

[Roswaal: No~~no, that’s not what I me~~ant, Subaru-kun. Subaru-kun. Natsuki Subaru-ku~~n]

Roswaal stroked his unbloodied left hand through his navy blue hair as he prodded Subaru with that infuriating address.
But even as the repugnant intonation drove an indescribable sensation into his chest, Subaru did not back down. Instead, he took a step forward, glaring into the clown’s face.

[Subaru: What are you trying to say?]

[Roswaal: What am I trying to say… if that’s what you’re asking, then this is how I’ll answer: ――Congratulations, and welcome. I’ve been waiting. For you to finally stand here before me]

Subaru felt a chill like damp fingertips creeping down his spine.
In front of him, true to his word, Roswaal watched him with a look of sheer delight. That attitude, that delight, all gave Subaru an incomprehensible sense of disgust.
Roswaal didn’t appear sarcastic at all, but seemed genuinely overjoyed for Subaru. The only problem was the inexplicable nature of his elation and of his words.

[Subaru: You’ve been waiting…… for me to stand here?]

[Roswaal: Not in this particular spot in this particular room. Tha~~t would be too literal of an interpreta~~tion. I’m sure you can understand how that is not what I meant. After all, you are the only one who should be capable of understa~~nding]

[Subaru: I’m the only one…… who could understand?]

Little by little, it was as though the pieces were falling into place. Slowly but surely, though hesitating as he linked them, the final picture began to take shape.
The moment he grasped its meaning, “No way”, the thought pierced through his mind.

[Roswaal: Do~~ you understa~~nd, Subaru-kun? Why is it that, when you’ve just witnessed two deaths before your eyes, you could remain so calm and keep yourself from falling into uncontrollable rage? ……In fact, I’m sure you kno~~w why]

[Subaru: ――――]

[Roswaal: Their deaths didn’t hit you with any great impact. You were shocked to see them die. There might’ve even been some indigna~~tion. But, you felt no grief. And that is why you could not turn your anger against me, or stri~~ke me with your fists]

Listening to Roswaal reading him like a book, Subaru opened his mouth to object, but closed it again, unable to say a thing.

“What would you know!?” “You think I don’t care about their deaths!?” “How could you murder Ram and Garfiel, you monster!”

Countless rebukes came to mind.
In truth, the impulse to let his emotions explode had surged up many times inside him, each threatening to fly out of his throat, only to dissipate and fade to nothing.

He was enraged. He was shocked. He was in grief, or at least he should be.
But even so, Subaru had no words to refute Roswaal, because――

[Roswaal: ――Because it can all be recovered. Isn’t that what’s going through your mi~~nd?]

[Subaru: What d…]

An involuntary shiver froze up his throat, gripping his heart.
Without resorting to metaphors, he really felt the illusion of something clutching at his heart, so great was the shock.

Lifting his head, Subaru instinctively looked around the room, dreading that the black hand might appear to punish his trespass. This would be his first punishment since rejecting the Witch of Envy. What horror would that shadow bring at its return? Just the thought of it strangled his heart with such twisting pain that it felt like it might break.

[Subaru: ……it, didn’t come]

[Roswaal: I wouldn’t know what you’re so wary of, but…… Aa~~ah, I’m sure it must have something to do with your co~~ntract? I~~ see. That would explain the peculiarities of your words and actions up to now. I think I understand]

[Subaru: Understand……. no, before that…!]

Watching Roswaal hold his chin as he nodded, Subaru’s face turned pale as his lips trembled.
Roswaal’s statement just now had no doubt struck upon Subaru’s core, and the fact that it struck meant that――

[Subaru: You…… kno… know about me……!?]

[Roswaal: As far as it does not deviate from what is written, yes. ――You possess the power to start over. I~~sn’t that right?]




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  1. Man, I had a feeling like part of the reason Roswaal killed them was just because he knows everything can be reset anyway…Damn. “Couldn’t fight Garfiel head on” – as the most powerful magic user around? Yeah, right…Well damn. What’s going to happen now, I wonder…

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  2. AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! THIS CHAPTER THOO! I called it, Roswaal knew about Subaru’s return by death.

    I had suspected it due to the way that Roswaal was able to know the future thanks to the gospel, but did nothing to prevent anything during the previous loops. Then last chapter pretty much confirmed it for me, and now… I know for a fact..

    DAMN this is so interesting! I can’t wait until the next update!

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  3. Thanks for this gift chicken sama.
    This is one of the best gift I got on my birthday : new chapter with new Revelation which gives many threads for my new theories.
    Btw today is my birthday 02-02

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  4. A stupid question but I totally forgot..

    In what a complete Gospel differs from a normal one ?

    Those chapters are so great by the way !
    It always seemed a bit weird to me that Roswall was never there precisely when there was troubles (the cultists in his mansion for instance).

    I’m pretty certain he is the one who employed Elsa. That would explain a lot of things.
    As the reason why…

    Maybe Subaru is needed in the sanctuary and Roswall doesn’t want him to go to the mansion.
    Maybe it is related to the Great Rabbit who knows.


    1. Complete gospel tells the complete life of it’s wielder. Normal gospel that for example Betelgeuse had is like an unfinished puzzle, you can’t really be sure what will happen cuz it’s full of random texts about your future.


      1. No, it’s not full of random texts. Instead the texts are just too ambiguous to be able to always comprehend them right, that’s the downside


  5. That means he knew all along. Ros did say that he was wiling to bet on Subaru coming through during the Cult affair. Bet on a random guy Emilia picked up, riiiight. Explains a lot.

    By the way, Ros is talking of RBD right now, yet the hands don’t appear. This really stretches Subaru’s bounds. If someone who know tells the others, Subaru’s secret is gone. Double-edged sword. Allies will trust his calls, but if it’s leaked to the enemy – this RBD is too easy to counter. Like keeping him alive and locked away till he dies of hunger, e.g., always killing him first, or never giving him info he could use.


    1. He didn’t know about his powers back then, he was just following the instructions of his gospel. The hand’s won’t appear because he isn’t talking about RBD, he doesn’t know the mechanics of how Subaru is able to do anything he just knows he can redo things. He doesn’t know Subaru needs to die or what the limits are to it or any of the other specifics. If Subaru talked about it vaguely enough I doubt the hands would appear but I don’t think we’ll ever see him do that.


  6. Why did he do all this just to reveal Subaru’s power? He can’t restart, can he? I mean, he didn’t say the magic word, or maybe he restarts with someone other than Envy.


  7. After watching the Anime I found this translation. For a fan translation the quality is amazing! I tried to progress with another fan translation, but that one did not read very well, so I‘m gonna stick with you. Thank you for your effort!


    1. Due to the nature of japanese language they CAN NOT put two consonant together. There is almost always a vowel between them.
      So: ル グ ニ カ = Lugnica
      Ru gu ni ka


  8. Here’s a fun fact.

    [Warlock] translates to Russian as [Чернокнижник], a practitioner of dark arts. But literally the word means ‘one who reads black books’.
    Surprisingly, Ros-chi fits the title too well.


  9. 👏👏👏
    He knows…
    But for how long , in details or vague explanations
    Is he on friendly fire or he just spraying all over


  10. Gah! The day I can’t read the newly released part for hours is of course the one where things finally get moving! Glad this was just the reveal to Subaru that Ros-chi knows and not the meat of the conversion, though.


  11. Holy wow!…. That was intense and deep…and he knows! Roswaal knows! Oh my god..he knows.. and this is only 1/3 of their conversation… Whoa… I’m really intrigued and hyped for what happens next!

    Thanks for the great surprise, Chicken!


  12. Then does this mean that Echidona is likely the one who is actively writing in Roswaal’s gospel? If that’s the case, then Echidona is probably trying to help Subaru through manipulating Roswaal into giving Subaru information


  13. [Roswaal: I wouldn’t know what you’re so wary of, but…… Aa~~ah, I’m sure it must have something to do with your co~~ntract?

    Surprised nobody has brought this interesting point yet. This not first time it has been mentioned, Echidna said same thing too.


  14. I love that sweet and beautiful moment when you can see that there’s been an update and the “next” link is posted. Sweet lord I love you chicken sama


  15. Someone floated the idea a while back, either here or on crunchyroll i dont remember, that Roswaal has known about Subaru since the beginning, or at least since the knight proclamation in the capital.

    Only 1, 2 at the most loops left i think. THE FINALE BECKONS


    1. That felt good.

      Sakura con will be taking place during March 30th and April 1st.

      I Wonder who’s gonna cosplay as Subaru on his birthday.
      I will be.


  16. For crying out loud, he forgot about Rem.Again…The thing is… this isn’t the first time he does this.He sacrifices her TWICE in the last loops and numerously forgets about her existence altogether…
    Looks like his love towards her is slowly fading away.You can just compare his affection towards Rem and Emilia.For example, have he, at least one time, in the last loops(or even in all loops since coming in the Sanctuary) said that he “miss Rem”?Or saying that Rem is “top priority” in the mansion?Well, not even once.But,when it comes down to be apart from Emilia for a mere day,he straight up says “I miss Emilia”.Well, he does say that he loves her,but his “#1 and #2 spot(it’s obvious who holds #1 and #2)” seem just a liiiiiiiittle bit different from “I love her as much as I love you” from the very begining.
    Sigh…I used to ship SubaruXRem but now i can’t help but think… does he realy deserves her love?
    No spoilers please, but I’m gonna call what happens when Rem wakes up:1)He completely cools down towards her ; 2)He lets her be by his side but without any strong feelings of love towards her.So basicaly,he accepts her in a dog-owner type of relationship.Like Patrashe…
    In my heart I still ship SubaruXRem and want them to be together as lovers…but the possibility right now is too slim for that.So,maybe,just maybe, it’s better for her to wake up and completely forget about Subaru.That way,she wont just completely throw away her life and her happiness for Subaru that looks at her as a friend.Maybe she’ll find more loving and caring man and be happy.
    Heh,never thought that a character’s happiness would be more important than the plot of the story.


    1. I think that you forgot something important.
      This is a series revolving around tragedy.
      But you’re right. Rem should strive for a better vehicle. Say- Silverado. Maybe a Honda. I could see her relying on a Ram, as well


  17. Damn… hope part 2 will come up soon but seriously why Roswal is that intrested in Subaru’s power?
    Not like he can use it or take it or something…


  18. Minor fix possibly,
    “Listening to Roswaal read him like a book, Subaru opened his mouth to object, but closed it again, unable to say a thing.”

    Sounds like it should read “listening (as) Roswaal read him like a book”
    “Listening to Roswaal (as he) read him like a book”


  19. It’s the exact opposite for me. What if Ros became a foe? What if the existence of RBD gets exploited? I know that in the long run, Subaru would manage it but before that happens… Well, I’ll leave it to your imagination….


  20. Still not surprised, but I thought Roswaal would reveal this late in the story, not in the 4th arc!!! However, what is going to happen now? At least Roswaal doesn’t know the details of the contract, which is good, but what is going to happen?
    Thanks for the translations!


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