Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 67 [Warlock] (Part 2/3)


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Without a shadow of a doubt, Roswaal confessed his knowledge of Return by Death.

Subaru swallowed his breath and immediately noticed the danger of the situation.
The conditions were now exactly the same as at Echidona’s tea party.
If he allowed Roswaal to continue talking about Return by Death like this, the disaster where the Sanctuary was engulfed by shadows would only be repeated.
In fact, he wouldn’t be surprised if the Witch snatched him this very instant.

Drawing the breath into his stomach and releasing it in a deep exhale, Subaru confirmed that time hadn’t stopped.
That is to say, the Witch hadn’t grasped his heart as punishment. This ruled out the possibility which, as unbearable as it may be, would also have been the safest.
While the other possibility ――

[Roswaal: ――“Silence is as good as proven admission”, I wonder whoever sai~~d that]

Plunging his thoughts into risk aversion, Subaru forced his mind to turn at an incredible speed, but Roswaal, apparently growing tired of waiting, interrupted with those words.
This confession just now must have held some rather large significance to Roswaal as well.
Seeing Subaru ignore him without saying a word, Roswaal furrowed his brows in a rare sign of displeasure.

[Roswaal: We~~ll, the fact that you’re not de~~nying it as some absurd assertion does say a lot about your ho~~nesty]

[Subaru: I――]

[Roswaal: Oo~~ho, that’s fine. It is one thing for me say it, but there could be some unpleasant consequences if you were to confirm it. That was why you were never able to say it out loud, i~~sn’t it? Although…]

Stopping Subaru at the first syllable, Roswaal continued until his voice abruptly trailed off.
Seeing Subaru biting his lip, Roswaal cast him a glance with a revolting smile,

[Roswaal: Perhaps, you were also afraid of what they’d think of you if you to~~ld them?]

[Subaru: ――――gh]

[Roswaal: It is only na~~tural. A~~fter all, the power to rewind the world is an outrageous and te~~rrifying thing. Time-Interference is the absolute pinnacle of the pinnacle of Dark Magic. Even Beatrice, exhausting all her strength, could only bring it to a stall. But to reverse it would surely be a dream upon a dre~~am]

Unable to refute a thing as he listened to Roswaal read into his genuine repressed fears, Subaru’s face stiffened as he suddenly heard Beatrice’s name.
With Elsa’s blade plunged into her back, the final expression on her face as she vanished from existence was still vivid in his mind.

[Roswaal: ――Judging from your reaction, it would se~~em that Beatrice had fulfilled her ro~~le…]

[Subaru: Her role…… what would you…… but, yes]

As the conversation moved away from Return by Death, Subaru took the opportunity to rein in his unsettled thoughts and redirected his attention to take a bite out of Roswaal’s unruffled face.
Did this man even know about Beatrice’s lonely cries?

[Subaru: You knew how she’s been suffering… didn’t you? Bound to that Mansion, clinging to a promise made in some ancient contract…… letting herself be worn to the core, huddling in a corner, you knew all of this, didn’t you!?]

[Roswaal: O~~f course I knew. Beatrice and I have kno~~wn each other for a very long time. Since I was born, in fact. There is a loneliness in her heart, I’ve al~~ways known this]

[Subaru: Then……!]

[Roswaal: Why didn’t I do anything about it? I~~ would rather you did not say that. There is no one who can relieve her of her sadness other than herself, I’m sure you understa~~nd this?]

Just as Subaru was on the verge of screaming, he was struck down by Roswaal’s irrefutable reasoning.
Subaru could have screamed out his accusations at Roswaal just so he could hear a fragment of Beatrice’s sorrow. Although he could have, the fact was that it would’ve been meaningless.

Beatrice was already dead, and no one could heal her of the sadness of her heart.
Only Subaru, who possessed the means to rewind the world, could be there in her final moments as many times as it would take. But how was he supposed to heal four hundred years of sorrow?
Four hundred years―― not even Subaru could reach back that far.

Watching Subaru fall silent, Roswaal slightly shook his head.
Then, he said,

[Roswaal: How I e~~nvy her]

[Subaru: ――Envy, her?]

Subaru repeated, pressing his voice low. But, paying it no mind, [Yes…], Roswaal went on, nodding,

[Roswaal: How enviable it is. Beatrice fulfilled her long-cherished wish, and disappeared. The fact that you are here means exa~~ctly that, no?]

[Subaru: Cherished…… wish? She…… died… like that….. and you’re telling me that’s her long-cherished wish!? Are you seriously saying that!?]

[Roswaal: It was nothing more than what Beatrice desi~~red, no? What right would we have to criticize what someone else holds dear? Neither you, no~~r I, have the right to sully Beatrice’s death]

Sensible words, and impeccable logic. It was true, that they had no right.
Subaru and Beatrice may as well have been strangers. He had never understood her wish, and he never even once considered fulfilling it.
But, even so, was that really what Beatrice wanted?

――If it was, then why did she protect Subaru at the very end?

[Roswaal: Beatrice’s long-cherished wish had been fulfilled. For that, I truly envy her. ――Since it seems that I would no longer be a~~ble to fulfill mine]

[Subaru: ――――]

There was something strange about the way he phrased it.
Subaru couldn’t tell where, or why.
But it was certainly there.

[Subaru: And what is…… your wish……?]

[Roswaal: I cannot say. My contract forbids me from revealing it, and that is as mu~~ch as I can say. What I have told you is already pushing the limit of what I can compromise with the contract. Bu~~t, I can tell you this]

[Subaru: ――――]

[Roswaal: To see that my wish is fulfilled, I have always, always, always, always devoted my utmost. Not a single action I have taken was without purpose, and not a si~~ngle one do I regret]

Roswaal shamelessly declared without the slightest hint of remorse.
Stunned by his audacity, a black rage began boiling in Subaru’s chest.
It was a begrudging rage that was the cumulation of all the severed emotions that had built up inside him. But, although it was there, he did not lose himself in it.

[Subaru: Necessary……? Killing Ram and Garfiel, burying the Sanctuary in snow, everything……. you’re saying that it was necessary……?]

[Roswaal: Hmm, as for the former…… no, that would put a damper on this conversa~~tion. But as for the latter, yes, would be my a~~nswer]

[Subaru: For what!!??]

Baring his teeth, Subaru swung his arms, shouting.

[Subaru: Why the hell are you doing this!? Making snow fall on the Sanctuary, tormenting the residents like it’s some sick joke…… what’re you trying to accomplish!? What’s the point in doing that!? Why don’t you come out and say it! Roswaal!!]

[Roswaal: That too, was necessary. ――To isolate Emilia-sama]

[Subaru: ――Wh…at?]

[Roswaal: I will say it again. Snow falls and the residents suffer. Emilia-sama is isolated, and descends into an unsettled state of mind. Isn’t that what happened?]

Roswaal spoke as if he had seen it himself. Indeed, Emilia’s condition inside the Tomb was exactly as Roswaal envisioned. But Subaru had no intention of admitting this.
More importantly, Roswaal’s statement just now was by far the most senseless thing Subaru had heard to date.

[Roswaal: The Sanctuary is a land closely tied with the Witch, and Emilia-sama is taking the Trials to liberate it. A~~t such a time, if a natural disaster were to befall the Sanctuary…… just what would people think of Emilia-sama?]

[Subaru: What…..]

[Roswaal: Here is where the impulsive Garfiel comes into play. He, if anyone, would be the first to doubt Emilia-sama, and to loudly proclaim it. With the volume of his voice, anyone would begin to think the same. ――That Emilia-sama was the cause of this disaster]

Roswaal’s analysis was spot on, and Garfiel had just been dancing in the palms of his hands. From the moment Subaru returned to the Sanctuary, it was already clear that Garfiel was convinced that Emilia had caused the blizzard.
Even though there was someone else who could have done it, this land, and this world, chose to direct all of its hostility towards Emilia.
All thanks to the demon named prejudice that had tormented Emilia from the start.

[Roswaal: And what happens once Emilia-sama is isolated? Despite appearances, Emilia-sama is actually a terribly weak person. It’d be no wonder if she wished to entrust everything to a person who would be willing to give her approval. And if that person could support her with their entire heart and soul, then I would be satisfied]

[Subaru: Wait……wait……wait wait wait wait wai……t]

Subaru held out his arms, calling for Roswaal to stop.
He got a feeling that he had heard something outrageous just now.
Like he had just been told some absurd, impossible fact.
Like something he mustn’t hear was――

[Roswaal: You cannot turn yourself away if Emilia-sama relies on you. Of course not, since you love her. If your beloved Emilia-sama were to entrust everything to you, there is no way you could push her aside]

[Subaru: That――]

Would never happen.
At least it shouldn’t.
But the fact was that, in this very loop, Subaru had managed to keep himself from drowning within Emilia’s clinging embrace. He had withstood it, and left her to come here.

It wasn’t that he rejected the temptation of Emilia’s loving whispers.
But it was because he knew that she didn’t truly mean it, and that her fallen engrossment was only――

[Roswaal: That wasn’t the case this time.” Is that how you wanted to answer? I can only say that is unfortunate. I suppose you just have a few too many superfluous things about you right now]

Roswaal took a single, silent step towards the confounded Subaru.
Hearing the sound of a splash from his foot stepping into the pool of blood, Subaru’s body inadvertently froze.
A groan escaped his throat,

[Subaru: Are you, going to kill me――?]

[Roswaal: Kill you, now tha~~t would be a rather vi~~olent idea. I would be quite troubled if you died. Since, one way or another, I will need you to rewind the wo~~rld]

[Subaru: Hh――?]

For a moment, Roswaal’s words as he approached stunned Subaru into silence.
But he immediately noticed the discrepancy in his understanding.

Roswaal knew that Subaru could “Rewind” time, but he didn’t know that it was through “Return by Death” with “Death” acting as the trigger.
Thus, his intention was to corner Subaru so that he would willingly choose to “Rewind”. Although, that would likely involve far more agony than if he was instantly killed.
If Roswaal had no intention of killing Subaru, then there was still a chance.

[Subaru: ――Everyone! Inside now!!]

Raising his hand, Subaru shouted his command.
The instant Roswaal furrowed his brows, the room’s doors and windows, as well as those of the adjacent living room, simultaneously shattered. And flying in alongside the frigid wind, were small, scrawny shadows, numbering twenty in all―― each of them a little girl with light-pink hair.





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Chapter 67 Live Draft:


Next Part 3/3:

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    1. I cant wait for the next part. Its so intense right now! We are finally cing roswaals true intentions, at least I would guess so till the point where roswaals contract forbids it. Great work, fav translatior chickensama ❤

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            I always wonder, as I watch seasonal anime of all types, just which series has the popularity, financial backing, merchandise-profit-injected backing, corporate backing, and any other factors that help it become something like Dragon Ball, One Piece, Bleach, or Naruto. Can Re:Zero do it?

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            ❤ Chicken!!!!

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  1. Until Garf lost his had the commanding authority was at his possession, right? I wonder why they were there and how Subaru knew it. Maybe Garf commanded them, and Subaru knew their location when the authority moved to him following Garf’s death?


    1. Until Garf lost his head*

      Or maybe after Garf was killed Subaru immediately called them to surround the place or smth while they were talking


    2. Or they decided to give Subaru the authority before they went in Roswaals house .

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    1. I don’t think so. I think Roswaal’s book is much more limited than he realizes. I think he can only see one future, the one he aspires to. Subaru is key to lead it that way, and so he needs him alive and wants to use him, but since I don’t think this is the final loop, I believe this attack will actually take him by surprise. But if it’s written that Emilia is in the cave as well as other facts of this loop, they’ll probably turn out a similar way in the final one, only not necessarily the way he believes


      1. and i think it has at least one advantage: the book can collect information from the past loops and predict the current future. Remember when roswal had an angry/suprized like face when he heard that subaru passed the trails on the first loop of the sactuary? I think his gospel didn’t record that so he was suprized but it wasn’t the case in the loops after the first one.


  3. Thank you Chicken! You satisfied my cravings about the mysteries for now. Hhaha thank you! Love this tense conversation between Roswaal and Subaru. Roswaal explaining some of his plans regarding the Sanctuary. And it was really surprising that he didn’t knew about the trigger of Return by Death.. Hhaha this will be very intriguing as to what he does next ^^


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      1. The question remains – Why? Their previous interactions made me believe Roswaal wants something from Subaru, he called him his accomplice once before.
        But so far everything Ros did, including trapping Emilia with the snowfall, served to earn Subaru’s enmity.

        My theory is, Ros tries to use Subaru to fulfill that ‘wish’ of his, but he doesn’t want his cooperation. What he wants is obedience, on his terms. Like, “We both play by gospel, or everyone dies”.


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  10. i think roswaals wish is to turn emilia into the jealous witch, maybe thats why she looks like her, why the trials of the witch cult is directed at her, and her natural personality after breaking is obsessive over subaru just like satella, and the first name she gave subaru was satella so maybe when he dies or leaves the world she somehow gets rewound hundreds of years back and cant speak the language back then so nobody can understand her and shes obsessed with someone who isnt in the world so she goes nuts fucks everything up and summons subaru into the world in the first place like a paradox


    1. I had the same thought, but at the same time that almost sounds too simple for this series. I suppose it could be something along the lines of using Subaru to control Emilia once she turns into a host for the Witch of Envy because if anything bad happens to Roswaal then something bad most likely happens to Subaru too in which case the world resets until it no longer happens? Then Roswaal could plausibly rule the world using Emilia as a threat/weapon.


      1. I’ve come to the same conclusion but being too simple isn’t a bad thing. Its properly that Emilia is destined to become the witch but rather than be a story about fulfilling that Destiny its actually Subaru trying to fight against it and change his and her path in life. Pride seems to be a pillar of his personality so I don’t seem him sitting back and letting his Emilla-san fall just because other people and some old books say it must be the cause.


          1. oh subaru most definitely isnt going to quietly accept it but that seems to be the direction its heading in based on the signs theyve been giving and i bet the reason she gets sent so far back is because its all of his accumulated rewound time or something and because of that she finally realizes what hes done for her throughout all his lifetimes and only becomes more unreasonably obsessed with him to the point of pure satella level where shed just be spewing i love you repeatedly to only him


      1. is only a theory but its based on evidence i feel the author has been purposely lying around the story so it may not be exact but i think its a pretty close guess of the general direction this is heading


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    1. Vgcmaster, Garfiel attacked Subaru in that timeline because he was strangling Roswall. Subaru learned that Roswall had a complete gospel which basically told that he knew most of or all the tragic events that took place. Garfiel not having a clue about anything knocked Subaru out then imprisoned him.


  13. “i~~sn’t it” – should be “wa~~sn’t it”
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  15. Thank you chicken. You probably get this alot but i really appreciate you taking all this time out for this web novel translation. When the anime reached the last episode i was starving for more. When i looked online to see if there was a web novel translation all i could find was people saying the series sucked and that the web novel is far too long for someone to translate it and you proved them wrong. So again, thank you very much and please see it through to the end!

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        I love you Chicken. Please don’t leave again.
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