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 Chapter 69 [Liar]


Feeling the touch of the hard ground, cold as always, Subaru’s consciousness was pulled back to reality.

Lying flat on his stomach, he opened his eyes and pushed himself up while spitting out the dirt and gravel in his mouth. He looked about his surroundings, and found himself in a murky darkness.

――It was the Trial room inside the Tomb.

From the same spot as it ended, Subaru’s world began anew.
Although a part of him was relieved to have managed to come back, the suffocating prospect of repeating the same hell in this world clenched onto his heart and would not let go.
Shaking his head, Subaru rejected those ominous portents of another dead-end.
Then, standing up and brushing the dirt off his clothes as he scanned around the area―― he found Emilia, collapsed in a corner of the room.

[Subaru: ……]

But, just before he could call out and run over to her side, Subaru hesitated.
What scraped across his mind was the scene that immediately preceded his return―― of Emilia with him dying in her lap, oblivious to his departure as she shared with him a kiss.

Without meaning to, Subaru touched a finger to his lips and furrowed his brows at the dry sensation.
In those last moments, Subaru’s face must have been a mess from all the blood he had coughed up. He couldn’t possibly understand what Emilia was thinking when she kissed him, but it was certainly not a memory which he would remember fondly.

Just as it had been when he was on the verge of death, though he could remember it happening, no emotion or tactile sensation carried over to the present world.
It was Subaru’s first kiss, as well as the first kiss he shared with Emilia. But, having been obstructed by the unreasonable barrier of Death, it had left him no notable impression.

[Subaru: ――――]

Yet, Subaru’s hesitation was not the result of that regret.
His reflection on that kiss was not for sentimentality’s sake, but for the enormity of the dangers surrounding Emilia. ――The way she had clung to Subaru, utterly detached from reality.

With Puck refusing to show himself, she was crushed by the pressure from the villagers and the Sanctuary’s residents. And when even her last support, Subaru, left her, Emilia’s heart was finally broken.
If the result was her falling into that state, then what had happened to Emilia in all those loops up to now?

[Subaru: …………]

Subaru had left the Sanctuary for the Mansion four times now. Of all those times, the last was the only one where he had managed to come back to her―― then what became of Emilia in those other three loops?
In each of those loops, Rabbit would have attacked the Sanctuary.
Even if Emilia had managed to keep her sanity intact, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine the outcome considering the Mabeast’s ferocity. But, just what must have been going through her mind back then?

[Subaru: As if there’s any point in asking…… if it turns out like that every time I leave, I’ll have no choice but to stay around……]

Nothing about their situation inspired optimism.
He could leave everything to the future and distract himself from what was happening around him, but that would be pointless.
In order to reach the perfect future, Subaru must constantly assume the worst possible continuation.

Assume that the world would always prepare for him the cruellest, most unreasonable fate.
In that case, the problems surrounding Emilia, Beatrice, Elsa, and Roswaal would naturally always be arranged in the most difficult way possible.

[Subaru: What I’ll have to do is……]

Save Emilia from being broken, save the people of the Sanctuary from the Great Rabbit, and save his friends at the Mansion from Elsa’s violence. ――No doubt, it would be a perilous path.

――Can it really be done?
Inside, the weak part of himself was asking, while preparing escape routes, excuses, and safeguards.

――It’s not a matter of can or cannot, all there is is to do it.
Subaru bared his teeth at that weakness inside himself, and declared his resolve not to betray his oath.

All he had to do was to retry as many times as necessary to clear away the obstacles, confirm the victory conditions, sort out the chronology, and determine the best use of his time.
Even if Subaru’s heart would be worn down by every failure, even if it meant having to witness things he’d never want to witness, as long as it brought him closer to grasping that perfect future, then it’d suit him just fine.
That was why――

[Subaru: ――Emilia. Are you alright?]

Reaching out, he shook the shoulder of the collapsed, lovely girl.
Emilia’s eyelids twitched at Subaru’s touch, as her consciousness was brought out of the world of the Trials and back to reality.

Her eyes opened, reflecting Subaru inside their amethyst gleam. Within seconds, tears welled up, rejecting her past as she clung tightly onto Subaru.
Accepting Emilia’s reach for his support, Subaru returned her embrace as he silently reaffirmed the promise he had made.

――He would protect Emilia to the very end, as well as save everyone there is to save.
Because there was no one except Natsuki Subaru who could do this.


※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※


He began organizing the chaotic information from the end of the previous loop.

Most important among them, was that concerning Roswaal L. Mathers.
The same Roswaal who, right in front of his eyes, had lost his life, becoming the Great Rabbit’s feed.

Roswaal knew about Subaru’s Return by Death.
Even if he didn’t know that “Death” was the trigger, he was aware of Subaru’s ability to “Rewind”.
Though Subaru wasn’t sure if Roswaal had learned of this after his arrival at the Sanctuary, or if he had known long before that, most likely, it was written in Roswaal’s Gospel.

Subaru hadn’t been able to recover Roswaal’s Gospel in the previous loop.
If the Gospel had been tucked in Roswaal’s robes, then it would have been swallowed by the rabbits alongside his flesh. But even if Roswaal had left it in the residence, Subaru was in no state of mind to run inside to check.
And so, Subaru never got to see what was recorded inside.

――Or just what Roswaal’s ultimate objective might be.

If Roswaal was only acting according to the Gospel’s text, then what made him abandon his life in the end? ――Perhaps the answer lay in the Gospel itself.
Most likely, Roswaal would obey the Gospel even if it cost him his life.

Subaru didn’t know what format the entries in Roswaal’s Gospel would be written in, but they should be instructions, signposts towards its owner’s desired future, just like in Petelgeuse’s Gospel.
When something deviated from the Witch Cultist’s Gospel, Petelgeuse would use his own judgement to improvise within a reasonable range until the outcome matched the records.
But it was very different for Roswaal.
Acting with the knowledge that it was possible to “Rewind” the world, when the future differed from what was written, he would give up his own life just so he wouldn’t have to endure the time that would pass in error.

When reality differed from the text, Petelgeuse chose to improvise.
Whereas, refusing to permit the slightest deviance, Roswaal insisted that reality must follow the writ.

Though they were both dangerous adversaries in possession of Gospels, and even if the contents of their Gospels were largely the same, their approaches were almost complete opposites.
Considering the ways they relied on their Gospels, Subaru couldn’t help but find Roswaal’s to be the more misguided of the two.

――The problem lay in the contents of Roswaal’s Gospel.

If the outcomes of the attacks on the Sanctuary and the Mansion were all recorded in its pages, then the tragedy would only repeat over and over again until Roswaal’s wishes are fulfilled.
Even the snowfall in the Sanctuary could be attributed to Roswaal’s desire to match the Gospel’s prophecies. Which means, the snow was probably a part of every loop.
The only reason Subaru hadn’t encountered it until now was because it always started after he had left for the Mansion, and he never returned in time to see it.

Roswaal had induced the snowfall on the Sanctuary in order to isolate Emilia.

But just what was the point of doing that?
Even without such roundabout methods, the unbearable pressure from all sides should have been enough to wear her down. With her sense of duty, and being acutely aware of the expectations of those around her, Emilia could only bite down on her unease and powerlessness and continue challenging the Trials.
The moment Subaru was no longer at her side, she would lose her way and descend into a state of self-abandon.

Unless, that was Roswaal’s goal to begin with?
But if Emilia stopped acting for “Everyone else’s sake”, the Sanctuary would never be liberated. And without liberating the Sanctuary, there would be no escape when the Great Rabbit attacked.
There were too many places where Roswaal’s actions and attitude towards Emilia were at odds.

More than anything, there were Roswaal’s final words, moments before he was devoured by the Great Rabbit.

――Cast away everything except the one most important to you.

That was what Roswaal had whispered.
If you do that, you too, can become like me.

Nevermind whether Subaru wanted to become like Roswaal, the underlying implication of those words was that Roswaal had abandoned everything except what was most important to him, and that was how he wound up here.
In fact, it was a resolve for which he could relinquish his life―― there was no doubt in that regard.

If everything followed the Gospel’s writ: Emilia was driven into isolation, and events progressed exactly as Roswaal intended, would he really obtain that thing for which he was willing to abandon all else?
Or, perhaps a better question would be: why did Roswaal tell Subaru all this?

In any case――

[Subaru: If you’re telling me to let go… there’s no way I could do that]

Emilia was important.
But, it goes without saying, that there were people who Subaru wanted to protect and to keep at his side, far too many to count.

In Subaru’s narrow world, even the loss of a single fragment would forever render that world colorless.
Greedy and selfish as he was, there was no way he could permit it.
And so, he could never follow Roswaal’s advice.

[Subaru: Roswaal…… I―― will never become like you]


※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※



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Chapter 69 Live Draft:


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    1. U all can read all the japanese version webnovel in english through google translation. If u want to complete this arc. The converted english is bit hard to understand. But its good, u dont have to wait


  1. Not first but I am here early! Thanks as always Chicken-sama!

    I’m really loving where the story is at right now. Haven’t read this chapter yet but I’m looking forward to seeing how the plot progresses from here onward after that doozy of a loop prior to this. Poor Subaru, poor everyone besides Roswaal. Things are finally starting to shake out and more truths are coming to light for Subaru. Hopefully he learned enough last loop that he can apply to this loop. I’m hoping he learns enough quickly to get this Sanctuary mission buttoned up. First order of business is getting Emilia to pass the trials. Even Roswaal told Subaru, in so many words, that he needed to focus on the main thing he wanted to save if he intended on “beating” this loop.

    To me it seems like the more Subaru tries to solve other things outside of Emilia passing the trials it triggers more problems to materialize. Not just any problems, either. Elsa seems hellbent on killing everyone close to Subaru at the Mansion which divides his attention away from his main task. There is Garfiel and his intentions / goals don’t always align with Subaru but it’s undeniable he’s going to need his strength and power to complete anything in the Sanctuary (since he can’t bring Garfiel to the Mansion nor collect his people from the Mansion (bringing more people to the Sanctuary seems like not only a waste of time but a certain way to tangle them into more danger)).

    If Subaru can level and ally with Garfiel he might be able to smooth out SOME of the things going on at the Sanctuary considering he can probably never convince Roswaal to ally with him.

    I also think that Subaru is being a bit stupid by not including Ram / counting on Ram to help him out right now — I’ll admit that he has a lot going on so overlooking certain things is inevitable for the first set of loops. While Ram’s allegiance is stronger toward Roswaal it also seems that she, possibly because of that allegiance, is also prioritizing Emilia’s conquering of the Trials. Subaru needs to make use of that situation with Ram, find a way to ally with Garfiel which will allow him more unfettered use of Lewes + Lewes Clones, and find out a way to support Emilia in a way that’s conducive to helping her pass her Trials.

    I hope Subaru can figure out the steps and methods needed to conquer this arc otherwise he’s going to be rabbit food.

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    1. Sounds like I just read a whole walk through for this Arc xD Some nice thoughts in here! I guess he will somehow conquer it, with or without things you mentioned. Afterall the webnovel didnt just end in Arc 4 cx


  2. “give up his own life just so wouldn’t have to endure the time that would pass in error.” I think you’re missing a “he” between “so” and “wouldn’t”.

    Thanks Chicken-sama!

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    1. It seems like it’s only available in Japan sadly. There are literally only 2 youtubers who put subtitles in English so we can actually experience the game. One of them literally only has 1 part, and neither have uploaded a new part in a long time. I really wish I could play it, looks awesome lol.


  3. “Subaru: Roswaal…… I will never become like you” tell him Subaru! Clown makeup wouldn’t look good on you any way (LOL).

    This chapter and the end of the last one helped me realese just how emotional fragile Emilia is. Sure she’s physically and even intellectually capable but for what ever reason Emilia just keep it together, especially now that pucks missing. Because Puck is gone Subaru has become that Spiders thread that Emilia clings to dear life. Which is not the best thing in the world to do because Subaru himself is clinging to the thread all his few friends and loved ones have given him in this world. Any other emotional streangh Subaru has to spare comes from a place of trauma.

    Super in depth I know but I’m excited to find out more and just figure out how Subaru is going to get out of this Hell hole.

    Thank a Bunch Chicken. I hope you feel better soon.


  4. He would give up his own life just so wouldn’t have to endure the time that would pass in error
    Should read life just so he wouldn’t have to


  5. Thanks so much for the chapter Chicken~dono. Make sure you get lots of rest and care for yourself properly. ❤
    The flu that’s been going around is not to be taken lightly. I hope you feel better soon.\ (*^~^*)b


  6. Lol i was mentioned when all i did was add a letter to a word. I feel so famous!

    I changed ever to never.

    Either way keep up the good work chicken!


  7. Hey chicken, I’ve a doubt if your willing to say, then how old are you? Cuz I think you are in your 25-35s as you told you were doing a job and you went to some trips related to job etc.

    Say only if you’re okay

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  8. I have vast knowledge of the future, but the witch is forcing her hand upon me.
    I now possess a fragment of Subaru situation.


  9. Hey Chicken, thanks for keeping up the work even when you’re sick. Hope you get better soon >.<
    Happy Chinese New Year from Malaysia!


  10. ‘Hi that guy.
    this is your subconscious speaking. How are you?’
    “oh, what’s up, me? it’s been a while, eh? Meh, I’ve been better. just reading some re; zero fanfiction- the usual.”
    ‘I wouldn’t expect more of me. nice to I haven’t change much. so, what fiction have you been reading?’
    “the ‘Why me?’ series. Instead of Subaru being summoned, some guy from Portugal was summoned in his place. And he’s a smart ass, overpowered son-ava-bitch, that I cant just not like.”
    ‘well, that’s nice. I heard elsa falls HEAD OVER HEELS for That guy, too.’ Pun Pun Punnn.


  11. “of the hard” – extra “the”
    “all those loops” – should be an “other” after “those”
    “loops, Rabbit” – missing a “the Great”
    “outcome considering” – missing a “once”
    “collapsed, lovely” – swap “collapsed” with “lovely” and vice versa
    “no one except” – “no one other than”?
    “wishes are fulfilled” – “are” should be “were”, because of “would” earlier in the sentence
    “means, the” – extra comma
    “saying, that” – extra “that” or extra comma
    “were people” – missing an “other”
    “side, far” – “side, too, far”?
    “even the loss of a single ” – “even” should be after “of”

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  12. I think Subaru has to stay in the sanctuary – I think Elsa only gets to the mansion when Subaru reaches there, which leads me to believe that she’s watching him when he leaves the Sanctuary. This story is so complex and there are soo many factors too consider. Re:Zero is soo gooood! Thanks Chicken!


    1. No. Didn’t you read previous chapters? Roswaal hired elsa so beatrice would finally end her uncertain never ending contract with echidona. Whether subaru go back to the mansion or not, the attack will still happen regardless.


      1. Huh…? Then why does the date of Elsa’s attack keep changing? And I did read the other chapters, but don’t remember anything like that. Was it implied or was it all in text?


        1. It was implied after frederica proven innocence, and when roswaal envied beako for finally fullfiled her wish to end her role as guardian of library. As for the date, it depends on subaru and the gospel. The act of subaru returning to the mansion might be written on it.


          1. I don’t see how that should prove anything? Roswaal simply envied her. It may be bc either he also tried to help (kill?) her but couldn’t or bc he wants his own wishes to come true aswell.

            To me, it also sounds ever the more plausible that Elsa was employed by Roswaal. Considering that Ros wants Subaru to stay in the Sanctuary, that is maybe his way to force Subaru to rewind time as soon as Subaru decides to follow the „wrong“ path (ie go back to the mansion).

            However, this seems now almost too obvious, and the thing with the meatballs at Alram village dont make much sense. If it‘s meant to summon the Great Rabbit, then it obviously failed, since it appeared in the Sanctuary bc of the snow/mana storm.

            Also, Ros’ initial reaction to the Great Rabbit seems off. It was one of defense, which seems odd if he actually expected this happening….

            Therefore, I’m alrdy coming up with a counter-theory 😊
            I think Elsa is employed by someone else. Someone who knew, that the Great Rabbit was nearby and wants to make use of it. The reason for the changing date might be, that this someone is also in possession of a (perfect?) gospel. And that Gospel is timing/changing its order for the massacre with Subarus departure, since he is the main obstacle for that goal.

            Also, i think Ros only found out later on about Subarus „power“. I think the only thing Ros had observed, was how his Gospel changed the described future inexplicably and the only suspectiv appearence was Subaru. I think the whole Mabeast/Rem event was just to verify the theory that it was actually Subarus doing, and that he could possibly manipulate him. This would explain, why at the beginning he acted quite cautious and ordered Ram to watch over Subaru and kill him if necessary – rewinding time is the most powerful dark magic afterall…

            Theoretically, it could just be the doing of another apostel of the Whitch. The reason why i suspect it to be the other holder of the perfect gospel is, bc Elsa alrdy played a crucial role at the first quest and that seems too much of a whicked scheme to be all the plan of a simple apostel…

            Also, if Ros is doing all this at the Sanctuary to gain the approval of the masses by making Emilia do smth heroic (for whichever final reason), then he wouldn’t have send someone out to steal her emblem (which would have made look her bad).

            I guess there are still some pros and cons after all LOL


          2. I feel bad for you after putting those much wall of texts. You could theorize as much ad you want, but the fact that the story was already far reaching arc 6 should make you rethink about it anymore.


          3. But if Roswall hired Elsa to kill Beatrice, then why would he bother to only send Elsa to kill Beatrice when Subaru goes to the mansion? I feel like your theory isn’t quite complete yet.


  13. Thanks for the awesome work as always, chicken-san. Hope this will be your last cold or flu for the following decade, as i think the previous kiss of death of subaru was also his last death on this arc 4 (as far as i remember). Get well soon.


      1. Part 2 will have something similar to this:

        Garfiel: “omae wa mo…”
        Subaru: “omae wa mou shindeiru… huh?”
        Garfiel: “nani?!”


      2. @ Mr. Janitor

        You can’t spoil me future events because I know absolutely everything down to the very last chapter.

        You would however spoil Chicken and many other people so please, refrain from doing such a thing.


      1. I said the last death for arc 4, “Arc Four”. Subaru finally on his last loop with his final approach to solve all those sanctuary problems. Solving those indeed took that many chapters. Let’s enjoy it. Chicken’s translation work is clearer and gives more details even for people who already spoiled.


        1. When i say 70 chapter left i mean 70 chapters in arc 4 left .
          We are not done yet and there are even more mysteries that need to be solved . What are the other trials ? What happened to the villagers in the mansion ?


        2. Lol, you dont know arc 4 got 60+ chpter left? And you make yourself looks like ” i know the spoiler”..and you think when xristos said got 70 chpter left its mean entire re zero web novel..just shut up and stop spoiling or pretend to know everything kid


  14. Get better cheekun! Please don’t die from whatever you caught! I have a bad feeling your respawn point is when you first started translating and we all don’t want to go through that again! Let’s strive forward to that perfect future!👍


  15. “But, it goes without saying, that there were people who Subaru wanted to protect and to keep at his side, far too many to count.”
    Instead of who can be whom..?

    Thank you Chicken-sama~


  16. That’s right, Subaru. Don’t accept Roswaal’s line of thought. Fight to the bitter end to keep those you care about, whatever the cost.

    Although, the consequences of each failure will be come apparent very soon, with those in the other loops you’ve left behind.

    Your responsibility of those loops passed can’t be avoided.


      1. All three alphabets. Katakana and hiragana are what you should start with. Learn those alphabets and their fundamental differences, then jump into kanji. Its easy if you already have a love for the language.

        Re:Zero uses all three alphabets.


  17. Yo just finished reading through the whole translation and am bummed out I’m up to date cause I really wanted to read more, I’ve heard crazy things like Subaru forming a contract with Beatrice so I was wondering where is the Japanese version at I heard it’s in Arc 5 and if so what chapter


    1. google is your answer. but i don’t really recommend it as the translations were less understandable than chicken’s awesome work.


  18. “In Subaru’s narrow world, even the loss of a single fragment would forever render that world colorless.
    Greedy and selfish as he was, there was no way he could permit it.
    And so, he could never follow Roswaal’s advice. Truly, his pride exuberates each time his ideals are confronted


  19. How I feel for Emilia :(. That beginning of this chapter really got me. Subaru can’t blame itself, but seeing all this from Emilia’s perspective… just how hard was for her without Subaru? But is it good for her for Subaru to always be at her side? This time it seem the most right thing to do now because, on the other hand, she will go mad, but in general is this really a good thing?
    Thanks for the read!


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