Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 70 [What Comes After Hell] (Part 1/2)


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 Chapter 70 [What Comes After Hell]



――What on earth was he watching?


Expelling ear-splitting shrieks, Emilia was crying Subaru’s name.
Subaru’s body was leaning limply against the bed, its wide-open eyes devoid of life.
Well, naturally. With its throat pierced by a dagger, and with that much lost blood, it couldn’t possibly be alive.

It’s not every day that you’d get a chance to look down at your own corpse.
It was a twisted sensation, as if he had detached from his dead body as a ghost and was being made to watch the spectacle that followed.
Even if the majority of that feeling was false, the fundamental part was not.

――What Subaru was being forced to watch was unmistakably the scene after his death.


The room’s furnishings, the people present here, and the wretched figure of his dead self.
Putting these together, Subaru realized precisely what he was being shown here.

It was the result of his thoughtless act after defeating the Sin Archbishop, Petelgeuse Romanée-Conti, and saving Emilia, when he first learned of the loss of Rem.

Having felled the White Whale, repelled Sloth, and saved Emilia and the Arlam Villagers, Subaru was at the height of joy when he was sent plummeting to the pit of the abyss upon learning that Rem was lost.
He had raced the carriage all the way to the Capital――where he found the sleeping Rem in Crusch Karsten’s Mansion, and, once he confirmed that her consciousness was gone and no one could remember her, Subaru immediately committed suicide by stabbing a knife through his own throat.

It was almost a reflex, without a single moment of deeper consideration.
He had merely done it to reject the scene before his eyes, to ask Return by Death for a chance to retry the past and retrieve what had been lost.

――But, this rash deed came to no success, and the place he returned to after his suicide was immediately before he stabbed his neck, after already having reunited with the sleeping Rem.

Return by Death’s savepoint had been updated.
Its merciless timing had stolen away Subaru’s only means of retrieving Rem, and once again plunged him into the depths of the abyss.
It was after that, when he sealed his resolve and made his oath to restore her and to somehow keep standing up to now, but――

{Subaru: It’s not… my fault…… This… it’s not my fault. I didn’t know…… I’ve never seen any of this}

He had never seen this scene before.
Well of course. Subaru was already dead in this world.
Though he had the means to return after losing his life, he never knew what happened to those worlds after he died. Or rather, there was no way for him to know.

But still, it was not until this moment that he had even considered it.
Experiencing his own death, rewinding the world, then proceeding along a different path to bypass the dead-end, the world in which he died gave him no information beyond “How” he died, and served as nothing more than a transit point.
Judging these worlds to be mere checkpoints towards his ultimate, desired future, and having decided to make full use of Return by Death, he had regarded even this present world as no more than a waypoint.
But now――that was crumbling.

{Subaru: Stop. Stop stop stop stop stop stop stop stop it please stop!}

Rejecting the scene before his eyes, Subaru shrieked a voiceless shriek.
But, without a throat to raise a sound, no eyes to avert his gaze, and no ears he could cover, the world went on engraving its outcome into Subaru’s consciousness.
――As punishment for the careless deed he committed.

[???: Emilia-sama, what――!]

Overhearing Emilia’s wails, a new character stepped into the horrendous scene.
An old man, wearing a brand new butler’s outfit over his muscular body, carried by strides that gave no indication of his injuries――it was Wilhelm.
Skidding into the room, the old man unwittingly fell silent at the sight before him.

――So even the Sword Demon Wilhelm could make such a dumbfounded face.

Subaru was hit with that out-of-place thought as he saw Wilhelm’s face head-on.
That was just how far Wilhelm’s expression deviated from the usual, unable to hide his shock at the sight of Subaru’s corpse.

[Wilhelm: What in the world has…… no, now’s not…… Subaru-dono!]

But Wilhelm’s bewilderment only lasted an instant.
Shaking his head to promptly suppress his bafflement, he rushed to the collapsed Subaru’s side. Emilia continued clinging to the lifeless body, oblivious to Wilhelm’s approach.

[Emilia: Subaru…… Subaru you…… liar…… you said th… we’ll be together……]

[Wilhelm: Emilia-sama, I beg your forgiveness――!]

While Emilia condemned Subaru’s betrayal like a curse, Wilhelm pushed her aside to reach the corpse. Without any strength to support her own body, she fell to the floor, but Wilhelm immediately turned from his momentary attention towards Emilia back to resuscitating Subaru, who was still soaking in the fresh, profuse pool of his own blood.

[Wilhelm: ――――]

His expression grave, Wilhelm took off his jacket and used it to cover Subaru’s throat as he unhesitatingly drew out the dagger. Blood sprayed out, staining Wilhelm’s perilous visage, but without even blinking, he immediately plugged the wound.
The bleeding stopped, while Wilhelm pumped on Subaru’s unbeating chest, attempting to revive his heart.

[Wilhelm: Ferris! Felix! Come quickly!! Emergency! Hurry!!]

Aiming his shout outside the room, Wilhelm applied pressure to Subaru’s wound as he continued the resuscitation effort. However, the volume of lost blood was far too great. His limbs and face were drained of color, and anyone could see that Natsuki Subaru’s soul was no longer present.
But still, Wilhelm had no intention to give up.

[Ferris: Old Wil’, what’re you yelling ab――hk!]

[Wilhelm: Felix, quickly! The blade’s punctured his throat! There’s not a second to lose!]

[Ferris: ――――!]

Rushing up at the call, Ferris immediately nodded at Wilhelm’s command, cloaking his hands in a blue, undulating aura as he sent healing magic into Subaru’s fallen body.
Gazing down on his own soul-departed corpse, Subaru saw a seriousness on Ferris’ always easy-going face that he had never seen before.

{Subaru: That’s…enough……it’s useless. It won’t work. You can’t save him anymore……}

Anything they do would be pointless now.
In Subaru’s memories, there was nothing about being saved after this attempted suicide.
Natsuki Subaru had impulsively plunged a knife into his own throat in rejection of reality, leaving irreparable wounds in the hearts of those around him, while he himself disappeared without feeling the slightest pang on his conscience.
Those were the facts. Those two’s desperate efforts would come to nothing.

[Wilhelm: You mustn’t die! I absolutely won’t let you die! If I lost my benefactor in this way, I could not live with the shame……!]

[Ferris: Why did he have to pull this stupid stunt now……tch]

Wilhelm shouted, pressing on the wound, and Ferris muttered this agitated complaint while casting the gentlest magic in this world.
This scene, and the ripples of their emotions, went on striking at Subaru’s heart.
But despite their hopeless efforts――

[Ferris ――――]

[Wilhelm: Felix! Why!? Why have you stopped healing!? If this goes on……]

[Ferris: It’s over, old Wil’. ――His soul isn’t here anymore]

Wilhelm closed in, but Ferris pushed him away. Removing the Sword Demon’s jacket, he took a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped off Subaru’s wound. The gash had been perfectly closed, and it was impossible to tell that it had been a fatal injury. Subaru’s body had been restored to the same state as several minutes ago.

Except, neither the volumes of spilt blood nor his departed soul remained.

Looking down at Subaru’s pale, lifeless face with the wound wiped away, Wilhelm shook his head,

[Wilhelm: Why…… why did you do this! Why would you… so lightly…… Subaru-dono, you were……!]

His fist struck the floor with the sound of a hard crack.
Blood mixed into the fractured floorboard as Wilhelm’s fist was cut along with it. His knuckles dripping with blood, Wilhelm bit into his lips as if enduring unbearable regret.

Directly opposite the clearly emotional Wilhelm, Ferris only looked down at Subaru with a pained expression. His cat-ears drooped as he gazed at Subaru’s unpeaceful expression,

[Ferris: ……Weakling, coward. You just abandoned everyone important to you……pushed all the pain and all the suffering onto everyone else…… are you satisfied nyow?]

It was too severe to be mocking, and too kind to be a condemnation.
The complexities of the emotions hidden in Ferris’ voice was too far beyond what Subaru’s frozen thoughts could comprehend.
But it was clear from Wilhelm and Ferris’ reactions,

――That Subaru had done something irreversible to them both.

[Emilia: ――――]

His thoughts completely stopped.
What was he seeing right now?

He knew. He already knew what he was being made to see.
He was being forced to bear witness to his own sins.

[Wilhelm: ――Emilia-sama?]

Wilhelm suddenly called her name.
The astonishment in his voice was because Emilia had suddenly stopped crying, and her collapsed body was no longer trembling.
Noticing this change, a touch of pain scraped across Wilhelm’s expression. The loss he had just tasted, how much more strongly must it have struck Emilia? This expression was simply because he realized this.

The old man firmly closed his eyes, and stood up.
Then, he walked over to the fallen Emilia, and extended his hand to help her up.

[Wilhelm: I must apologize for my actions, Emilia-sama. But it would be harmful to your health to remain like this. Please, take care to……]

[Emilia: ――he told me]

[Wilhelm: Emilia-sama?]

[Emilia: Even though he told me he loved me……!]

Lying sideways on the floor, hugging her knees, Emilia curled into a ball and screamed.
“You’re being like a child”, there was no one here who could chide her for that. Wilhelm furrowed his brows as if enduring his pain, and even Ferris turned away, unable to bear watching Emilia’s grief.

[Ferris: Eh?]

Baffled, Ferris’s eyes and mouth opened wide as a dumb noise escaped his throat.
As if guided by that voice, Wilhelm followed Ferris’ gaze, and was stunned.

[Wilhelm: ――――]

――Before their eyes, Subaru’s supposedly-deceased body sat up.

{Subaru: ――――!?}

Faced with this incomprehensible sight, even Subaru’s consciousness was aghast.
The risen body stretched out its limbs with the choppy movement of a mechanical doll as it stood up with its head tilted ninety-degrees sideways, its eyes slowly opening.
Its unfocused gaze, its gleamless eyes, leered over the room.




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I made it back! We rented a crappy van that took us almost 2000km over the last few days. I’ve been coughing almost the whole way but that just seems to be the default at this point. I’ll be settled in one place for the remainder of the trip, so hopefully I can get more chapters out!


Chapter 70 Live Draft:


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        1. I’m confused… Sideways would be like we saw in the anime? When Subaru was posessed? Then this wouldn’t mean that he was looking left or right at 90 degrees, right?

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Well. This suicide’s Subaru already taken over by some Witch cult I suppose.

      Dat 90 degrees tilting head…

      But this chapter somehow feels good, normally only Subaru had a big loss, and with this chapter we can know just how valuable Subaru in their eyes.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. “With its throat pierced by a dagger, and with that much lost blood, it couldn’t possibly be alive.”
    should that be “his throat” and “he couldn’t”?


  2. Oh god. Makes me think about that fan theory where it’s possible that each world Subaru leaves behind continues to exist… I honestly hope not.


  3. Yeah, this pretty much confirms my theory : Emilia loves Subaru as well, she just tries to keep it down as long as she has a purpose bigger than herself to accomplish and wants to focus on it. And as Roswall said, despite the appearances, her heart is weak, she was able to hold on because Puck then Subaru were here, but if both go away, she’s bound to be fucked up.
    But what the fuck is happening? Is the body of Sub possessed in his world right after his death or something? This is as terrifying as the moment Betelgeuse stood up even after clearly being left for dead.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. The shadow that erupted from his feet is clearly something from the Witch herself, like when she takes over Emilia at the Sanctuary. As for why this happens, We can only guess for now.


    1. wrong emilia doesn’t love subaru because she doesn’t know whaht loves is, Tappei already stated in a Q&A that Rem and Petra are the only one who currenly have feelings for subaru and this was posted in the end of arc 4


          1. Um no. A scene in Arc 4 imoly her true ferlings and Arc 5 states thhat she has someone she likes.

            That’s all I can say without spoliers.


  4. [Wilhelm: I must apologize for my actions, Emilia-sama. But it would be harmful your health to remain like this. Please, take care to……]

    “Be harmful to/for your…”


  5. OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! What a fucking chapter, I knew this would happen but what the fuck?!?! Peteugelse take over Subaru’s dead body?! OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!!!11


    1. Or maybe he has to face the embarrassment so Echidona put Subaru in a what if scenario where he was brought back to life after killing himself and he has to accept the present and not rely on return by death as part of second trial


      1. Subaru gladly told the witch his secret, he opened his weak place to her. It’s no wonder she’ll be torturing him now – she’s a witch you know?! This is his second trial for Subaru – his present.


  6. I was thinking about the continuation of arc 6 chapter to finish it off .

    But after every arc 4 chapter this past few weeks I am like ” Want to know more !!! When is the next arc 4 chapter coming out ? ” .
    I can’t really decide what I want more at this point .


  7. [Wilhelm: I must apologize for my actions, Emilia-sama. But it would be harmful your health to remain like this. Please, take care to……]

    Missing “to” after harmful.

    Man this was painful to read. Everyone cared so much for him… 😦

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You mean when Garfiel get killed by the one-kick-man Roswaal? I think that will work properly. But the way he died is so brutal that nobody make that joke. But in this case, Subaru is (literally) already dead so yeah, my joke is a bit misused but whatever. Excuse my bad english.


  8. WOW! This first half of the chapter was SO CRAZY! Subaru killed himself and yet he got up… As others said, maybe Petelgeuse is still within him.

    Thanks for the amazing chapter Chicken-Sama, I hope you get well and I can’t wait for the next chapter.

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  9. Is there a connection between Betelgeuse and Subaru? Is this why he can read the gospel now? So gospels interconnect every reality ever existed?


    1. he tried to read it after he defeated him and didnt succeed so i would guess not… it was just after he was drinking that dona body fluids that he noticed he could read it, or something else we dont know (alot happened in between)


  10. In the last 5 parts (2 chapters) the source links is are one chapter off each. “Liar” refers to “The Taste Of Death”‘s source and similarly with “The Taste Of Death”‘s translation’s source link.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I think it’s more that he accidentally entered the second trial and this is a fabricated reality made by echidona to test him. I think the trials are being based on past, present, and future. So right now we’re dealing with present. And what I think is going on is that Echidona is forcing him to watch a reality where Rem is dead and can’t use RBD with no info whatsoever.


  11. Ohh and does anyone notice that what Emilia said at the end (“Even though he told me he loved me……!”), was kind of like things that a jealous person would say? I mean, what if at that point Emilia stopped feeling sad of Subaru’s death (hence, she stopped crying & trembling suddenly) and become consumed by jealousy instead.
    This would become a nice setup for her transformation into Envy…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She was upset and confused by him killing himself even though he promised he wouldn’t leave her. She stopped crying and curled into a ball and screamed, which is a pretty reasonable response out of grief after seeing your best friend committed suicide. Emilia isn’t Envy, I don’t know why you people try to force that theory so much. Nothing about her character hints at her becoming a twisted evil monster. She already knows Subaru loves Rem, it’s not some big secret that’s going to upset her. Not to mention this entire thing is an illusion created by Echidna so it isn’t what actually happened or even what would have happened if the world continued.


      1. Sorry to break it to you but this is what happens when Subaru dies

        It has been confirmed that every time Subaru dies the world continues


        1. No that isn’t confirmed. Echidna doesn’t have the power to even confirm if other worlds do exist much less interact with them to show Subaru anything. The first trial was an illusion created using Echidna’s book of knowledge along with some creative liberties to create a trial that Subaru had to overcome, that’s what the second trial is too. There are instances of weaker mages using time magic so it’s pretty easy to assume Satella is capable of limited rewinding to set checkpoints. RBD being a world hopping magic wouldn’t make any sense.


      2. “Emilia isn’t Envy, I don’t know why you people try to force that theory so much. Nothing about her character hints at her becoming a twisted evil monster.”
        …have you read the about the previous loop? With the absence of Puck and the burden of her past, Emilia has become dangerously unstable. I think it’s not hard to imagine that with a few extra push, she could literary become the embodiment of Envy. Also, if you read the EX chapter version of this arc, you’ll see that unstable-Emilia was in fact jealous/envy toward Rem (so much that she changes her appearance to resemble her)


        1. Yeah after being isolated and pushed by Ros she was unstable but she wasn’t anything like Envy. I have read the EX chapter but it’s been a while so refresh my memory. From what I remember she cut her hair to resemble Rem because she thought it would make Subaru happy not because she was jealous. Even in the EX chapter she gets upset that Beako attacked Subaru but she calms down pretty easily. She’s very protective of Subaru in the EX chapter but she’s not anywhere near as twisted as Envy. Envy doesn’t care about Subaru’s well being she just wants his love even if she has to use force and kill everyone else.


  12. So the Witch is possessing him now? Maybe he actually has a part of her soul inside of him for some reason. That would explain the voice we hear when Petelgueuse tries to possess Subaru. And since his soul was gone, the only thing left inside him was the witch…


    1. That wouldn’t really make sense though since the witch is the one making Subaru return by death so that she can be with him, so she wouldn’t stay behind.


  13. This feels like watching an anime in my own imagination. I can even hear imaginary voices from those characters. Great work even though you are not feeling, chicken. Keep your body warm. Ginger tea might help a bit.

    Liked by 2 people

  14. petelgeuse should be long dead by now so he couldn’t possibly be controlling his body now, right? This is the first development in this series that I don’t have a single clue what’s going on???


  15. TBH I thought the same thing as Subaru. Like if he dies then he can just start all over till he gets the ending he wants, but what it sounds like is that the other timelines don’t disappear at all. So his death affects the people around him that care. Emilia probably won’t even become the next ruler. Yea when he dies Emilia will not remember the promise he broke for killing him self but he will. And he’ll have to carry that guilt with him for now on.


    1. Mind you, he is taking a trial. The previous one, where he said farewell to his parents, didn’t change the past, and was a well-crafted illusion, according to Echidona.
      Besides, even if those time lines continue, it doesn’t matter, since it’s impossible to make sure they exist, observe and interact with them.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yea I know there isn’t anyway to actually legit know if they exist but it’s like how many times did Subaru planned to commit suicide after he tries to save someone. He believes there’s a chance that the timeline still continue. So he wants them to be safe so his mind would be at ease in the next loop if that makes sense but he doesn’t think about how his death will affect the survivors emotionally you know. He tries so hard to keep everyone alive so his world can still be intact while other version of Emilia suffer. But it’s all just a theory a game I’ll stop now. But I hope the second trial isn’t just an illusion XD


  16. I don’t think it’s Petelgeuze’s possession. He never possessed dead bodies of his Fingers, so he needs a living body with enough blood in the system.

    The other option is Satella, maybe. She can possess people, maybe a corpse of ‘her’ champion is suitable too?


      1. Hm… I figured, Petel-kun was something like a ghost/spirit to begin with. And it was his true form that died under the wheel. Spirits can be killed, if you take Beako for example.


  17. Okay so like I know everything is really fucked at the moment but if this really is Petelgeuse then I’M SO FUCKING HAPPY TO SEE ANOTHER SCENE OF POSSESSED MADNESS.


  18. This isn’t Desu boy, nor do I think its the witch, it might be the trial making a “what if ” situation to Subsouls like last time, or it could be this dormant power of the witch’s blessings, ora piece of desu boy’s soul attached to Subsoul or “A new challenger approaches!!!”
    Possibility is endless 😵🙇


  19. I love this whole story and thank you for all the hard work your putting into translating it great chicken sama…

    Since this is as far as I’ve read I have a theory I’d like to share…
    What if this reanimated subaru corpse is not petelguise but the witches way of ending the current world as a safe guard to insure return by death?


    1. Reasons aside, yes it is the witch took control his body, just like she took control emilia in sanctuary. Her “hands” were always inside subaru’s body, right?


  20. How is it possible for this series to just KEEP getting better??? Every time I think I have a feel for the mechanics of this world the author throws us another curve ball like this!

    God I love this LN.

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  21. I love how this book makes me feel disgusted, attached, invested, drowning in grief, filled with happiness, intrigued, sad, and somehow enjoying all of these feelings happening at once


  22. Jesuuussssssssssssss
    I dont like thinking about the ending… really freaks me out 😦
    I still wanna know what happens next tho!!


  23. It would be a pretty cool plot twist If one of the Subaru that died was ressurected or something after his death and is running around t-…just thinking out loud guys ignore


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  25. Well after your death nothing can be helped thus I wouldn’t care about someone’s grief and loneliness in place of Subaru. Moreover it’s just a second trial. If he waiver this time what should he do next time while meeting his future?!


  26. Thank you Chicken for taking your time to translate even though you’re not feeling well, it really means a lot, get better soon thank you so much!!!


  27. ” the volume of lost blood was far too great” , “great” xd it sounds to me like “good or too good” , could it possibly be “the amount of lost blood was too much ” , ” the volume of lost blood was far too big” ? just saying .


    1. “great” seems like the proper word here. Great is a word with a more indirect meaning than “big,” which doesn’t work very well when referring to anything but the size of something. I might have said “the volume of lost blood was far too much,” myself, but great also works.


  28. This half chapter hurts so much…. </3
    And also had a very creepy end..
    I will not be sleeping soundly tonight…

    Thanks Chicken! And take care!


  29. Thank you for another great update chicken! Hope ya feel better been sick myself with the flu for 3 days would rather have a cough myself lol


  30. It’s the second trial no doubt..and it is all woven by echidna… no means she has the power to look into other timelines…….unless she uses the book of wisdom she has…….other timelines exist ….it’s just like steins;gate
    Chicken-sama take care of your health!!
    Waiting for your next update


  31. This section of the story is KILLLLING me. I can only imagine how much of the future parts of the chapter are going to work towards utterly destroying me from the inside out, starting with my heart!


  32. Elle souffre tellement ma petite Émilia. 😭😭😭😭😭😭
    Elle a raison quand elle dit que c’est un menteur qui ne tient pas ses promesses. 1 seconde avant, il lui fait tout un roman et un instant après, il se suicide pour une autre fille. J’espère qu’elle ne tombera pas amoureuse d’un mec qui aime déjà une autre.

    Encore et encore un grand merci à toi chicken. 😍😍😍😍


  33. “much lost blood” – swap “lost” and “blood”
    “and was being made” – “and was being forced”?
    “sent plummeting” – “plummeting” should be surrounded in commas
    “the pit of the abyss” – “the lowest/deepest pit of his abyssal mind/mind, an abyss,”?
    “would come to” – “would amount to”?
    “voice was too” – should be “were”
    OH BOY


  34. OH BOY! What the hell?!?!? He/that thing was brought back to life? But that isn’t Subaru at all! Just what is that?
    I can’t read any further this evening, unfortunately, but I am wondering whether this “puppet” is only existing in this after-RBD world or in every after-RBD world… and whether they have some influence in Subaru’s world.
    I am so excited.
    Thanks for the chapter!


  35. Poor Emilia. I feel bad for her. Not only she was forced to suffer from Subaru’s death, but also she was forced to realize, that even if Subaru confessed in love to her, he still commited to suicide despite of his feelings. This means she wasn’t that important to him as he claimed, or at the very least she wasn’t important enough for him to continue to live in this world. So her existence, presence couldn’t stop him from killing himself. In this kind of sense he is truly a liar from her perspective. Her heart must be shattered to pieces. Also she’d feel a lot of guilt because of that. Poor girl. But I still believe that this is nothing more, than just a simulation like the previous trial. Because otherwise it would be truly disappointing. The value of the story would be diminished indescribably. Let it be just a “rewind”, Tappei, please.


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