Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 70 [What Comes After Hell] (Part 2/2)


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[Wilhelm: feli……]

[Ferris: Impossible! His body was definitely dead! The resuscitation failed!]

Wilhelm called to Ferris as if clinging to the last strand of hope, but Ferris cut him off, shouting back his thoughts.
Hearing this, Wilhelm immediately decided on his next action.
That is――

[Wilhelm: Subaru-dono, forgive me――!]

Even the lack of a sword caused no detriment to the Sword Demon’s skill.
Wilhelm crouched down to pick up the jacket that was discarded on the floor, twisting it up along with Subaru’s blood, and used his entire body to lunge it forward like a lance.
Riding on its speed and the added weight of the blood, its tip pierced through the air as a spear of cloth. With what might be called the Cloth-Spear technique, Wilhelm preemptively struck at the rising Subaru.
His aim was true, and the point of his jacket seemed about to pierce straight into Subaru’s face――

[Wilhelm: ――n!]

――When a cascade of shadows surged up from Subaru’s feet and swallowed the pointed cloth whole, nullifying Wilhelm’s attack.
Sighting the shadow that appeared without warning, Wilhelm instantly drew back his arm―― but could not completely avoid the damage. Three fingers on his right hand were severed at the joints, taken along with the jacket.

Flying backwards, dripping with blood, Wilhelm clicked his tongue as he kept his distance from the now standing Subaru.

[Wilhelm: Felix! Take Emilia-sama away from here, now! I will try to delay it!]

[Ferris: Don’t even have a sword…… all I’ve got is a dyagger!]

Rolling into a corner of the room, Ferris tossed the dagger at his hips to Wilhelm. Catching it in his left hand, Wilhelm drew it from its sheath with a turn of his wrist and muttered [Feels off with short weapons],

[Wilhelm: Get out of the Mansion, follow Crusch-sama’s instructions――no, that won’t work now. Felix, use your own judgement. Bring the Knights here]

[Felix: Won’t it be a bit hard on your own, old Wil’?]

[Wilhelm: It’s something on the level of the White Whale, or even…… what in the world has been living inside Subaru-dono……]

Measuring his opponent’s strength, Wilhelm held his breath as beads of sweat emerged on his skin.
In front of the wary Sword Demon, Subaru’s arms remained dangling at his sides as his gaze swept aimlessly to and fro while his upper body swayed side to side.

It was without rational thought. And perhaps, it wasn’t even conscious.
The question was that despite being in this state, did it have enough awareness to defend itself?

Warily, Wilhelm went on glaring at the transformed Subaru.
Meanwhile, watching all of this, Subaru’s consciousness was caught in a storm of question marks.

The situation had clearly changed from what it was before.
Being forced to witness his sin while his heart was torn and shattered, Subaru was now watching the absurd progression of the world after his death.

What the hell was this supposed to be?
Could it have really happened? If not, then what was it supposed to mean? Why was his consciousness here, now?

He couldn’t understand any of it. None of it made any sense at all, but――

[Wilhelm: Felix! Take Emilia-sama――!]

[Ferris: I got it already! Emilia-sama, come with……!?]

Answering Wilhelm’s urgings for him hurry, Ferris crossed the room and roughly pulled up the fallen Emilia. But a tremor instantly shook Ferris’ expression.

The reason, was,

[???: ――You dare make Lia cry]

Birthing a white haze, a small figure descended on the center of the room.
With grey fur, and a tail as long as its body, despite being of the size that could fit in one’s hand, the pressure it exerted could easily make one mistake it for some great, ferocious beast.

Making his long-overdue appearance, the tiny Great Spirit floated in the center of the room, gazing down on Subaru. On his expression was unfathomable severity, and his words were rife with contempt.

[Puck: As accomplice to the crimes of that body’s owner, you are deserving of ten thousand deaths―― Witch]

The narrow room was flooded with cold, murderous intent. Exhaling white breaths, Wilhelm’s face stiffened as he watched Puck turn that intent into icy spearheads.

[Wilhelm: Spirit…… unless, Emilia-sama’s…]

[Puck: Lia is unconscious right now. In accordance with the contract, I will act on my own judgment. The Witch shall not be forgiven. I shall protect Lia. ――As for the one who made Lia cry, I shall not forgive this man]

[Wilhelm: Wait! Fighting here now will only――]

[Puck: The oath is broken, and my Lia’s heart is frozen. ――Now, it’s time I bring it to an end]

Ignoring Wilhelm’s protests, Puck’s cold intent was steadily rising.
White mist filled the room, all was starting to freeze, marking the beginning of the deaths of all things. In a world where even breaths would be frozen, Puck’s hostility was directed at Subaru alone.

That Subaru’s head tilted upwards, looking at Puck for the first time.
Its void, blank eyes gazed at the floating Puck, when suddenly, its eyelids twitched.

[Puck: ――――]

It snickered.

Subaru’s corpse twisted its face, and snickered at the sight of Puck.
Full of malice, contorted beyond recognition, a mocking grin.

{Subaru: ――――sto}

Watching this unfold, Subaru’s consciousness called for it stop before the destined catastrophe.
But his call reached nothing.

Puck raised his little paw, and when he brought it down, it birthed a small glacier inside the room, its absolute zero threatening to consume Subaru’s corpse. Shadows surged up from below to beat back the attack, as a maelstrom of mana ravaged the narrow room, sweeping Wilhelm and Ferris into its nexus before exploding―― to screams and wails from frozen, tearing voices, as the world-ending white and blackness of despair intermingled before Subaru’s eyes, burying everything.


Abruptly, like the power had been cut, the world lost all color.


※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※


[Subaru: ――――Pffu]

The pain of his face smashing into the ground prompted Subaru’s consciousness to wake.

His jaw crashing against the damp floor, Subaru’s eyes teared up at the stinging pain as he shook his head.
And, immediately lifting his face, he quickly scanned over his surroundings. ――Nothing was off.

[Subaru: I-I’m… inside the Tomb……]

Cold air and dark space, the dampness of the floor and the scent of mold and decay―― he was definitely inside the Tomb.
Having confirmed this, Subaru opened and closed his hands to check that there was nothing wrong with his limbs. His ragged breathing began to settle, as he exhaled a deep breath from his lungs to force himself to calm.
But the tremors of his very organs refused to be chased away.

[Subaru: A daydream…… that’d be too much of a coincidence. But, otherwise……]

What the hell was that?
After being forced to witness that spectacle, Subaru began to assess the situation he had been placed in.
First of all, without a doubt, that was “A Scene After Subaru’s Death”.

Emilia’s shrieks at the sight of Subaru’s corpse, Wilhelm and Ferris’ desperate attempts to save him―― and the final, nightmarish clash at the end.
The first part carved scarring gashes into his heart, while the second part plunged his soul into incomprehensible, uncontrollable bewilderment.

[Subaru: Uu, ghu――]

The moment he remembered it, Subaru bent over, holding the wrenching pain in his waist while the expelled-contents of his stomach splashed onto the floor.
It would be called vomit, but he hadn’t really eaten dinner. All that came out was yellow bile and some tea he had drunk an hour earlier.
He could only repeat this vomiting motion to constrict his stomach in answer to his body’s demands.

It was while repeating this, over and over, that Subaru began to realize the circumstances of his situation.

Inside the Tomb, if he was not summoned to Echidona’s Dream Citadel, then there was only one other place his detached consciousness could have been taken.

[Subaru: Unless… that was a Trial? ……Not the past… but the second one……!?]

No longer the first Trial, where he had to face his past, the second Trial had begun.
Noticing this possibility, Subaru stood there, stupefied.

Indeed, to Subaru, it had been several days since he passed the first Trial. But that only applied to his soul, while for this body and for this world, it had only been several hours. In other words, he shouldn’t have met the requirements for the next stage of the Trials.

If the Trial had started regardless, then it could only be an irregularity. And more importantly, according to Echidona,

[Subaru: She said it wouldn’t be as painful as the Trial to face my past……]

――If what Subaru saw really was a part of the Trial, then even in scratching the surface, he already felt like he was facing the worst possible continuation.

That scene, to Subaru, went even further than Hell.
Subaru had seen Hell many times before. He was aware of that.
If it meant reaching for the best possible future, then he was prepared to witness as many Hells as necessary.

――But, to go deeper than Hell, to know of a world even worse than Hell, was…

{Witness, a present that was not to be}

[Subaru: ――――Wh!?]

In the face of that terrifying experience, at a loss as to stay or to retreat, Subaru heard a whisper scraping across his ear.
Just as his body tensed from the shock―― the sensation of his consciousness slipping once again came visiting.

Bracing the fall with his arms, but unable to support himself, he collapsed shoulder-first onto the floor.
He tried lifting his face in an effort to stay conscious, but neither his eyelids nor his neck could resist that invisible force as he was instantly dragged into the depths of the abyss.

――The Trial, the deepest pit of Hell, once again welcomed Subaru.



When he opened his eyes, Subaru found himself on a field of grass, at the scene where Julius’ sword had cut open his throat―― as he was forced to bear witness to his sins once more.


-=Chapter 70 End=-




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    1. Not ogre yet subaru.
      I honestly wanted to see subaru’s body destroy the place but it was just a sneak peek, it would’ve been awesome to see everyone go against subaru’s while subaru is being controlled by an overwhelming strength

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 1- You can’t see, only read and imagine(at least till the anime comes out).
        2 – I see if you miss to be the first commenter then reply on the first comment or don’t reply at all, don’t worry, I am sure Chicken-san will read your reply even if it is the 10th one.


    2. THIS CHAPTER WAS SUCH A RELIEF, I am honestly soo happy that, that turned our to be a trial, and a present that was not to be, instead of….. the other thing…. had chills the whole time while reading these 2 parts…

      Thank you chicken!


  1. You anonymous kids are faaaaaaaaaast! WOO!

    This chapter is nuts BTW, things are looking to get bleaker and bleaker for a while if this is any indication of the future 😐 :*(


  2. *insert Drake meme here*

    NO. Always protect the one you contracted with.

    YES. Wait until something bad happen to her and blame others for your failure to protect her. Oh, and dont forget to destroy the world, kill the innocents, and use the contract as an excuse.

    Liked by 1 person

        1. I totally agree. Even during the anime I started disliking Puck due to his extreme behaviour, when Emilia died and he blamed Subaru and Petelgeuse (well, he was kind of responsible for it) for it, despite the fact that he just didn’t protect her well enough. He has a pathetic mind set, is a total hypocrite and has literally no respect for the lives of other people. Just because Emilia suffered at some point, that is no excuse to annihilate the whole world after something happens to her. It’s a miracle, how the world even exists when Puck is behaving like a small kid, that gets instantly angry. For someone who has lived a very long time, he hasn’t grown up mentally at all. I actually hope for the day, when he will aknowledge what Subaru has gone through in order to rescue Emilia and show some proper behaviour. And I doubt that Emilia has gone through as much as Subaru. Realistically speaking, more than 99% of all humans would have gone insane and never reach what Subaru achieved, from that perspective he is one of the by far strongest characters. Hopefully we’ll see more of Satella.

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          1. Puck is behaving in accordance to his contract. As he watched subaru freeze to death he even says that he is destroying everything because its in his contract.


          2. I think the reason for his rage is his emotions. Tho. Some of his actions were according to his contract but not all. So other reasons or circumstance may play why puck is like that. Hope we could be enlightened in the neae future 🙂 BTW thanks chicken-sama ❤


    1. yeah, the more I read, the worse he gets. At this point Puck is nothing more than an asshole and his contract is likely a coverup for some twisted agenda

      Liked by 2 people

      1. *possible spoiler(s), not sure*

        I have a theory regarding puck. Puck is the one who unfroze Emilia after her, the forest (name eludes me), and her village were frozen; and his element is ice. He knew where she was and cared enough about her to unfreeze her and made a ridiculously cheap spirit contract where the price was he controlled her hairstyle… Only after she was a popsicle for a century, timing it with the royal selection and the rest of the mess. So I believe puck is the one who froze Emilia, the forest, and her home village.


    2. puck did not even wait for emelia to get out of the room safely. so after that loop he effectively killed her himself cant possibly be more hypocritical then that, he killed sub just because he failed to protect her seriously why does he wait around for her to die. i know why he has not shown up now but its super freakin lame. o and if anyone has not figured it out this is all echidnas fault the contracts are with her the books are most likely being written by her. its like she does not give a rats ass about anything other then making things more amusing. kinda makes me wonder if she was testing sub with the ‘do you remember’ shit. well i know a few things happen so i hope the story stops with telling sub information he should have gotten a month ago because it was a ‘secret’. fredica telling sub about her brother after he met up with him still pisses me off. o yeah he is just a short temper kid that may possibly kill you on sight but lets not say anything that might calm him down or seriously why could she not just come along a day to straighten shit out?

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Why Echidona told Subaru what’s the 2nd trial is just right after Subaru experience it and not before? Then what have just happened to Subaru? Tutorial for the trial?


    1. I suppose, that the Second Trial consist of witnessing “a present, that was not to be” multiple times. At least in Subarus case. So maybe he’ll have to see many of his death consequences.


      1. I know that. What i ask is why Echidona didnt tell him what the trial is before it begins, just like what she did in Subaru’s first trial, she tell him what the trial is, and then it started


        1. This time, it’s like Echidona let Subaru going through the tutorial first, and then she told him what the trial is, and then it started xD. it’s not a big problem but still, i expect perfectness from re zero


    1. To be fair, she IS a witch and all witches so far seem to have some terrifying power. Whether it is to punch someone back to health, create abominable monsters or peer into past, present or future.


  4. “In front of the wary Sword Demon, Subaru’s arms remained dangling at his sides as his gaze swept aimlessly to (an fro) while his upper body swayed side to side.”

    Thank you, chicken!

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  5. Well, Puck is back to spoil the !!Fun!!.

    It bothers me, why is this trial presented as Subaru’s sins? The suicide to attempt to save Rem was on impulse, unnecessary and useless. Or maybe the new save-point was
    maliciously placed by the Witch in order to take that chance away.

    But the next one, when he died by Julius hand, he couldn’t help it, could he? He didn’t have the plan to counter Petelgeuse possession, a lot of people died. Giving his body to possession would only hurt those who knew him. So the reset was a logical choice, wasn’t it?
    It’s not like he tries to achieve the perfect victory out of sport.


    1. I think that they just show these deaths so that Subaru will realize that every time he fails , intentionally or not , there are some consequences and that he can’t afford to waste any moment or chance ( even if he practically has infinite tries to do a task ) . That his weakness makes the people around him suffer and as long as he doesn’t overcome the problems that arise they will keep suffering .
      ( And to top it all off he doesn’t and will not have anyone around him truly understand him and help him to overcome it )


        1. also echidna herself does not know if things continue >not really a spoiler when rosswall said it< also if he did not use his power everyone would have died regardless only exception really is that rem bed one. so its even more bs


    1. I wonder if there is one for his death by Rem in the Mansion, or Ram in the forest after the torture. Like, did they feel any guilt at all?


      1. so it was ram someone pointed that out that it was most likely wind magic that cut his leg and finished him off. with ram being able to sense rems feelings it does make sense she not only knew but joined in. also why sub was scared of BOTH of them. yes of the mansion and lol no they DID not care nor did rosswall for that matter. btw i know spoiling but emelia left on that loop. your really gonna wanna read it. i dont think the forest was shown.


  6. Waooow, this is starting to get super exciting. Man these trials are definitely for me. But how can he take part in the Second Trial, since Emilia couldn’t pass the first, even more right after their First Trial?


    1. coz she isnt in the tomb, he entered alone, and as he passed the first trial already, the second trial started. if he entered with emilia it wouldnt start


        1. This way they would not be able to take trials, as many people in sanctuary tried passing trials. Everyone would have to reach third trial.


    2. Only requirement to enter second trial I remember is that everyone inside the tomb is qualified for it (passed first trial). Right now this requirement is fulfilled.


  7. Wooooooow

    Okay, wasn’t expecting this… But yeah, I can easily imagine this “present” to be just as bad as the one before.

    And oddly enough…. I can’t wait for the next chapter!


  8. Well..that was scary… this is a really mean trial for Subaru…
    And if what was shown really is what happens after he dies, then at least he Subaru will gain more info about the mysteries of his cursed ability and it’s consequences. Hmm… So every time he dies, Envy takes control of his body and wreaks havoc.. well, that’s horrific..

    And oooh the next one is interesting. Also, this is counting backwards of his death counts.


    1. cant say if it happens EVERY time…this was a unique situation, he was healed after his soul had gone on. his body was valid and envy just kinda…took the opportunity.


  9. So echidona accidentally expose the secret of “return by death” in this 2nd trial or she know it already?

    Anyway, thanks for your hard work chicken sama


    1. From what I can remember that’s the only time we see his body come back like that. I think Envy can manifest when there’s enough miasma or whatever built up inside Subaru. Like how she came to the Sanctuary a few loops ago when he was talking about RBD with Echidna. When he committed suicide after learning about Rem he had used the witch’s scent to lure the whale and then died repeatedly to Betelgeuse so he had a lot of miasma built up that she could use. I don’t think it’s the “secret” or main purpose of RBD, more likely it’s just a byproduct of it. Also I think she probably needs a body nearby to do it, last time she used Emilia this time she used Subaru. That’s just a guess though, we don’t really know enough about it.


  10. So this means that the witch and the trial is what is f**king, called it😜, with Subaru this time….I’ve been thinking for the longest time “why doesn’t he just do all the trails himself”, cauz Emilia is just a liability at this point


    1. Because if he decides to do it himself Emilia would feel bad , not only for not being able to do what is expected from her but also because she would practically make Subaru do the painful thing she couldn’t do , not once but 3 times .

      So in the end it would create more problems than it solves . It is probably better to try to avoid it .
      Plus Emilia has to overcome it at some point .


  11. Wait wait wait if the second trial is about witnessing the present that never happened does that mean if Emilia goes through the second trial she’ll witness all the times that Subaru attempted to save her from the cult and failed or when he got killed in the mansion cuz I’m pretty sure she finds out about his death. And that’ll be so cool if Subaru witnessed a present where rem accepted his offer to leave 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is that person’s present. Subaru has RBD so he has multiple presents, while Emilia only has the one she resides in. The same would go for their futures, Subaru’s future holds MANY deaths and MUCH suffering, while Emilia only has her timelines set.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I don’t think so. The nature of this trial seems to be reflection on ones actions.
          So I would presume that one would experience a number of ‘What if’ bases on decisions they made in the recent past.

          Emilia could be ‘What if’ I told Subaru I loved him when if saved me in the carriage? Would we stil be doing these trials? What if I didn’t decide to become ruler? Would Subaru still want to be with me? etc.


    2. The trial contents for each participant are different. In case of emilia, [spoiler] she will get to see a different present when she take the 2nd trial.


  12. Kinda wish it continued until Reinhart got to fight Witcharu, would have been nice to see his reaction to Subaru’s death and possession and duke it out with handicapped Envy just to see how ridiculously overpowered the two of them are. ( We already know full power envy is a unkillable god with RBD ensuring that statement because being just 1x op is not enough, Sekmet > hadicapped Envy > Echidna, but where would Reinhart fit in there.)


      1. Author said that Reinhart is just as strong as Envy , not stronger . And because of that it will be an endless fight .

        But even if he was stronger it would still have been an endless fight .


  13. Ik this is the second trial, but does that mean that these still actually happened after all of Subaru’s deaths? Or is it just a “what if” scenario.


      1. Well if it really happened or not does matter to me because that’s not only awesome, but that explains so much. Such as life goes on without Subaru, but I’m saying that it may not be, and is just a “what if” for the sake of the trial.


  14. Btw whatever happened after Subaru’s body and Puck caused that explosion? Wonder if this happens in every failed loop. Also so many damn anonymous people spoiling stuff..just stop pls


  15. HOLY COW! that was a lot to take in only one chapter. This trail is diffently crueler then the first because at least when he went to confront his past it become more of a comfort for him to see his family one last time. I was wondering if the trails would go the Christmas carol route and have the present be nicest of the three but this is still a fascinating but bleak turn (I expect no less from re zero). Odly enough I was imaging Subaru watching all of this with the ghost of Christmas future beside him.

    I am genuinely wondering what Subaru can gain by seeing all his “pervious deaths” since he is contently reminding himself how much he screws up from abusing his power.

    I think the witch posessing Subaru’s corpse is a BIG hit for something. The only thin I can think of is that the witch has been inside Subaru’s all this time but how she got there I have NO CLUE. Also, I getting some great Higurashi vibes from that scene where Subaru’s corpose gives Puck that mocking evil grin.

    Great Great chapter and glad to hear you made through your trip safe and sound Chicken. Can’t wait for the next one.


  16. Getting real tired of Puck only showing up to destroy everything just when the doomed world is starting to get interesting lol


  17. The biggest enigma of this chapteris the Puck’s words about “frozen Lia’s heart”. Wtf? Does she die? Or that little piece of shit means if Emilia falls to despair he must kill her? Puck is worse than Satela


  18. Great stuff I just binged through this whole translation and have been loving it. Just wanted to say thanks for doing this!


    1. Have you delayed the release to be vindictive because of Joe’s comment or have there been unforseen circumstances? I think I’m getting withdrawals from your awesome translating so I had to ask…


    1. You seem to be misunderstanding something. Arc 4 was finished long ago. The WN is stuck in arc 6 though and we haven’t had a chapter since last year. Even the light novel finished arc 4 not long ago (people are waiting for the volume that starts arc 5).

      Chicken is translating little by little.


  19. Ok so this is a trial… That was expectable. I only wonder whether this are actual parallel worlds or these are imaginary continuations of those parallel worlds, which are driven by the fact Subaru hate Satella and what she is able to do through his body, through the power given to him, to his friends.
    I really don’t know, so I’m going further ahead!


  20. [???: ――You dare make Lia cry]
    Every time I feel irritation, when I watching at this little shit. He have no right to talk at all.


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