Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 72 [BAD END 1, 5, 11] (Part 2/4)


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[Roswaal: We~~ll now, Emilia-sama mustn’t get carried away, either. Fi~~rst of all, we should he~~ar what Rem’s ha~~s to say, no?]

[Emilia: Roswaal…… do you understand what has happened here? Rem…… your servant, has caused the… dea… death… of my benefactor… and your guest… Subaru]

[Roswaal: O~~f course I understand. Tha~~t is why I’m…… making sure we keep the conversation in line. ――We mustn’t let any misunderstandings get in the way of our mutual fe~elings]

Roswaal narrowed his yellow eye as he replied. Then, the clown turned his gaze towards Rem, seated beside him. Sensing his gaze, Rem nodded,

[Rem: Late last night in the East Wing…… there was an intruder on Emilia-sama’s level. Alerted to this by the alarm gems, Rem immediately went to the scene, and that’s when I found Subaru-kun crawling on the floor]

[Ram: Barusu was already under the curse’s effects by then]

[Rem: Yes, it is as big-sister-sama said. Subaru-kun was weakened to the verge of death. The curse’s effects had sapped his life-force to its absolute limit, and I determined that saving him was impossible……]

[Emilia: And so you crushed him to death with your flail. ――That only added to his suffering]

[Ram: Emilia-sama――]

Holding Rem’s hand at her side, Ram shot a harsh glare towards Emilia. But Emilia’s sharp, unrelenting gaze remained locked onto Rem,

[Emilia: The facts are facts. ……Subaru’s body, his arm, and his head… If you wanted to put him out of his misery, there should have been a gentler way. Instead, why did you…]

[Rem: That’s, because……]

[Emilia: …………]

Rem couldn’t answer Emilia’s question.
She did not say anything further, perhaps because her personality was not one for telling lies, and Emilia’s words had struck the core of her true motives.

Rem had harbored intense distrust towards Subaru back then.
After the second round of the loops in the Mansion―― having failed to conceal Subaru’s corpse after crushing him to death in the hallway, events led to this current discussion here.
Subaru’s friendly interaction with Ram must have only further inflamed her hostility, to the point where she could no longer resist her murderous intent.

――Just what was she thinking when she swung her iron flail towards Subaru in the upper floors of the Mansion?

Perhaps even Rem didn’t know this herself.

[Emilia: ――It was a slip of the hand… or because you hesitated…… those were the answers I wanted to hear…]

[Rem: ――――hg]

With closed eyes, Emilia sadly murmured as Rem’s face shot up.
It was unclear how much of Rem’s true feelings Emilia had grasped when she said those words. And it would always, forever remain unclear.

[Roswaal: Emilia-sama, where are you going?]

Seeing Emilia stand up, patting off the hems of her skirt, Roswaal’s expression vanished as he asked her this question.
Hearing it, Emilia brushed her hand over her long, silver hair,

[Emilia: ――I’m leaving. It has only been a short while, but thank you for your hospitality. Without your backing, I would not have been able to participate in the Royal Selection. But…… I cannot trust you anymore]

[Roswaal: Even if you don’t trust us, surely our relationship of mutual utilization would still be beneficial, don’t you think? Forfeiting your place for the sake of a tantrum couldn’t be called a wise decision]

[Emilia: Tantrum……?]

Hearing Roswaal’s remark, Emilia stopped in place as her expression stiffened in shock. Then, she promptly turned her steps towards Roswaal, and,

[Roswaal: ――――]

No one could have stopped that crisp sound from ringing out.
Her white fingers slapped hard across Roswaal’s blue-white cheek.
In front of the reddened, swelling cheek, the single slap already left Emilia out of breath. The one who had been slapped made no reaction, but instead held Ram back as she was about to stand with her changed complexion.

[Roswaal: Ram]

[Ram: But, Roswaal-sama――]

[Roswaal: It’s fine. You can stay seated. Emilia-sama, my apologies for Ram]

[Emilia: You’re always like this with me…… but when it’s Subaru… you won’t even say a thing……]

Biting her lip, Emilia glared at the collected Roswaal. But despite the furious rage churning in her amethyst eyes, Roswaal never lost his composure for an instant.
This was only a testament to their irreconcilable standpoints.

[Roswaal: Once you leave the Mansion, and return to the forest―― what will you have left?]

[Emilia: I was wrong to have been taken along by your beguiling words. My atonement…… my penance will come in many other forms. It was because of my mistake… that Subaru died]

Emilia closed her eyes, and quietly answered Roswaal’s question.
Then, with a slight shake of her head,

[Emilia: I will bring his soul with me, and lay him to rest in the forest. ――For Subaru, and the others, for as long it takes, I will devote my time to tend to their souls. That is all I will say]

With this, Emilia backed away from Roswaal, indicating that she had no intention to continue the conversation.
Her silver hair swayed as she turned her back, while Roswaal watched on with his mismatched eyes. Still seated in his chair, he reached out his hand towards the leaving figure―― but put it down again.

[Roswaal: If it has deviated from the writ, then…… this is where my pa~th ends]

[Ram: Roswaal-sama……]

Hearing Roswaal’s powerless whisper, Ram spilled a voice of concern as she took his hand. The clown glanced back at the girl’s worried gaze, while a weak smile rose onto his face,

[Roswaal: Ram, it seems you’ve won the wa~ger. Here is where my purpose reaches a standstill…… that is to say, the contract can now be fulfilled]

[Ram: ……yes. Yes, Roswaal-sama]

Leaving the two to their quiet exchange, Emilia proceeded toward Rem, who had stood up to open the door. Before passing her by, she looked to her solemnly bowed head,

[Emilia: Take me to where Subaru is]

[Rem: Emilia-sama, that would be……]

[Emilia: He’s in an awful state, I know. I will restore him as much as I can…… and take him with me… to the forest]

Watching the side of Emilia’s grief-stricken face, Rem’s expression stiffened as she lowered her head. Within that expression was something like regret, as well as something like anger.
Why did it have to turn out like this, she must’ve been wondering.

――Why did it turn out like this? No one knew the answer.

[Emilia: I’m sorry, Subaru―― I couldn’t do anything at all]

Emilia whispered at the very end.


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Next Part 3/4:

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  1. Wow.. I love rem and all but I’m getting some sort of guilty pleasure from Emilia rubbing in the murder of Subaru into her face. The gulit and anger she feels seems right given how much torment and suffering she made Subaru go through in those chapters

    Liked by 6 people

      1. yeah same..he was nice to them worked hard and she put him down like a wild animal with rabies whether or not beatrice could have saved him >still thinking probably< loved it emelia slapping rosshit…so satisfying after all the bullshit after just so sad. seeing their true colors and being disgusted with them just awesome

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Beatrice could not have saved Subaru at this point. There’s no stopping the curse once it’s activated here. However, it doesn’t null the fact that Rem atrociously murdered him here and claimed that it was to “put him out of his misery”. The utter violence she inflicted here, and the pain he suffered from it, are far, and I mean, infinitely far from “putting him out of his misery”. Emillia’s right here 100% but you’ve still got those fucked up in the head Rem fanatics who will justify and accept anything and everything and will also not hesitate to talk shit about other characters just to try and make it look legit. It is nauseating. Makes me lose hope in humanity.


          1. not sure where it was stated on that id only trust beako or tappeis words on that. rem is not an expert on curses she only saw he was dying from something. so quick subaru did not even know it was her, him crying for help. he was nice to her lol yeah i agree. i do not accept her trauma as an excuse to unjustly murder someone let alone torture them. she knew he almost died protecting emelia that alone proved he wasnt with the witch cult. acted purely on blood lust. also think its super lame she changed her mind about him so quickly its absurd. but then again sub was acting strange idk


    1. Yes. You get a glimpse of the disgust Rem held for Subaru because of the smell, and the danger that smell represents. While these actions were terrible, they were justified by her understanding of that smell, especially due to her trauma.

      Subaru happened to charm a young woman that hated him purely because of his smell. His actions changed them, like they change him every loop.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. wooo good luck on the date chicken ^^

    about the chapter: really shows how messed up some of the characters in this story can be, with Rosswaal/Ram and Rem trying covering over for the brutal murder of Subaru. feel more respect for Emillia for not wanting to have anything to do with them anymore. and yay for her slapping Rosswaal he deserved it.

    still like rest of the mansion team, i actually love the whole series for showing that kind of problematic sides to the characters,

    Liked by 4 people

  3. Emilia best girl no matter the timeline. So glad to see her chew Rem out since the fandom seems to forget all the bad shit she did.

    That Rosswaal slap was SO satisfying too even if he didn’t react to it.

    Many thanks for the reliable translation work.

    Liked by 6 people

        1. Rem is best girl no matter what. I dont care what she was. They say, everyone deserve a second chance. Emilia? Nah, she is not best best girl. That loli-minded granny who doesnt even understand the concept of love just be kind to Subaru because he is her benefactor. But Rem, she is head over heels in love with Subaru. She wants Subaru’s D. YESSS!!! THAT’S MY POINT!!! YOU CANT BE BEST GIRL IF YOU DONT WANT THE D!!!!!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. She low key does but doesn’t know how to express it and keeps royal selection main priority.


          2. Only a child would use that as a standard. So therefore a textbook Rem lover. Intelectuals always go for the winning team. Aka EMILIA.


          3. Hmm.. then, what if i use episode 13 and episode 18 as one of the standart? First, watch Emilia’s reaction to Subarus patheticness. Then, watch how best girl would react

            Liked by 1 person

          4. Emilia is a best girl. But she is nowhere as best as Rem. Rem’s the bestest.

            So, she tortured and murdered him once. Loosing limbs and lives is nothing new to Subaru. If he didn’t take his immortality into consideration, he wouldn’t even be there in the Mansion.
            But then, what did Rem give, after taking so much? Her trust, as she was the only one who believed him in his darkest hours? Her faith, when he lost the sight of his goal and gave up? Her warmth, as he was drowning in loss and self-resentment? Her life, as she died fighting for him?
            When he lost to Fate, and his heart turned to ash, there was nothing that could bring his soul back to live. Nothing but Rem. She gave him everything she had and everything he lost – the Future.

            How else can you save the one who can’t be saved?

            Liked by 2 people

          5. > B-kun

            Rem never “died for Subaru”. Ever. Don’t reinvent the story please.

            #1 She died by herself

            #2 She died because people of the mansion and village were in danger when the witch cultists attacked

            #3 She died because the witch cultists intruded IN MASTER ROSWAAL’S DOMAIN as she said so herself. She just went to “retrieve” Subarukun; Not “save him”.

            #4 Even as she was being erased, she willed for Subaru to suffer because of her, the same kind of shit she did to Ram. She never changed. Just a ugly piece of shit.


          6. >Anonymous

            Forgive me if I’m wrong, but do you have cheese for brains?
            #1 Misfortune. It’s clear Subaru was the target. Curse missed him and hit her.

            #2 It was Subaru’s choice to return to the Mansion after learning about the Cult activities. Rem tried to object, and later tried to keep him out of danger, while knowing too well what the Cult is capable of. Most likely, she knew she won’t return to the inn.

            #3 I’m sure you didn’t expect her to confess to Subaru in front of Petelgeuse? He literally told her to drop pretense, as it was clear she didn’t come there to bring judgement, but to save the boy. She also referred to Subaru as her ‘reason to die’.
            #3.5 Ok, just forget about the one where she literally sacrificed herself to let Subaru escape the fog.

            #4 She wanted to leave a mark, not a scar. And she didn’t even know Subaru would remember her. More like “he won’t remember but at least would feel some sort of a tug”.

            To sum it up, you get 2/10 – for your effort. It’s not like I took this idiocy for serious argument, but I though you should try and improve. Pretending to be retarded doesn’t count for trolling. Actually, it’s kind of disgrace all the true trolls out there. So, mind yourself, please.

            Liked by 1 person

          7. #1 How could Subaru be the target when he never even left his room in this loop anyway?

            #2 She would still have returned and died. This is because Ram messed up and Rem picked up the sense of danger.

            #3 What does that have to do with anything, I wonder?

            #4 Are you really going to justify it by saying she didn’t know he would stil remember her? And even if she didn’t know, it changes nothing at all. She still wished for something like this.


          8. Wishing to not be forgotten and wishing to leave a ripple in someone’s heart are two very different things. But sure, whatever helps you sleep at nght…


          9. Omg, ftw is wrong with you, anon?
            >”I wish when he realizes I am gone, it could cause a small ripple in his heart.”

            A Ripple! Do you know what a Ripple means? It’s not a ‘tear’, not a ‘hole’ or some sort of trauma. Not even a shock-wave. “To cause a ripple” in no way implies to cause pain or suffering. Do you even english?

            Liked by 1 person

          10. Another anonymous here. B-Kun you have shown you are a douche by me disagreeing with me before and throwing insults and insulting this other anonymous showing ways you could be wrong. And I’m agreeing with other anonymous.


          11. Oh well, you batmen all look the same to me.
            That too proves I’m a douche, ofc. Don’t bother.


          12. #1 i agree with anon

            #2 Let’s say, Rem able to prevent Subaru to return to the village, and she go by herself and die. Let’s say that’s what happened. At least, that still shows that she try to minimize the loss. Or in other words, protecting Subaru.

            #3 anon dude, you’re saying ep 15 is nothing to you? Dont make my brain trembles, dude. Rem fight to death for Subaru. Isn’t that way too obvious for you to realize?

            #4 i agree with B-kun


          1. B-kun, you do know that this web novel is for those who’re matured to the point of being 15 or older, right?
            Go and finish reading one piece before coming back here.

            Liked by 1 person

          2. How about No? Appealing to age is the last thing you do in an argument. Though I wonder, are you the part of the argument, or just a passers-by?

            Anyway, the more I talk to the elf-lovers the more reasons I find for them to suffer.


          3. B-kun you are being way too immature In this argument grow up and be respectful okay

            How do you see people who love emilia? As enemies? All of us are in the same community if someone disagrees with you don’t insult them and respect their opinion


          4. Ugh… fine. You’re right, Mir. I’m sorry for some of my posts earlier.
            I admit I got emotional. It really wasn’t because anon comes and calls Rem ‘ugly piece of shit’ after my heart-felt monologue.

            It’s like… you’re writing your opinion, then someone tries to prove you are wrong by improper means. I always welcome a good argument, but, yeah, I get emotional over some things. Felt more like disappointment that I didn’t get a proper answer.

            No, I don’t see Emilia-lovers as enemies. Frankly, I love you all here, and Chicken – the most. Thought I’d prefer to see less spoilers here.

            I apologize.

            Liked by 2 people

          5. Soo.. will the other side apologize too? That anon guy? No? Well, that’s team Emili— i mean, that’s anonymous for you~

            Liked by 1 person

          6. “Well, that’s team Emili— i mean, that’s anonymous for you~”

            Don’t turn this into a Rem vs Emillia when it isn’t the case please. And don’t make mindless assumptions.


        1. No! The genuine Best Girl is Patrasche, our most adorable tsundere Land Dragon around. While Juice makes a close second, admittedly, and Rem/Emilia a distant third (perhaps).

          Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve never needed RBD for a date, only for the ones I wished I had taken and wimped out without asking! Never surrender your BAD ENDs easily, everyone, life is too valuable to waste regretting the chances you never took. -your internet Uncle

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Thats why emilia is best girl,she is soo pure and beautyful,something that worth to get even you must die over and over

    Good luck in your date,please double update if it go well,lol

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Woot another update. Your the best chicken, compared to other TL’s yours are always regular ^_^
    Hope everything goes well on ya date “knock on wood”


  6. Yes I know rem did a whole lot of bad shit but come on how many villains in shows would’ve done bad shit but was stopped. Then out of no where they turn good and everyone begins to love him or her. Like Vegeta he would’ve crushed Goku in his ape form now people want him to win and achieve new forms. All I’m saying is rem earned my forgiveness for how many times she sacrificed her life for Subaru. I hated her at first, but all those actions afterwards showed she really changed for the better. Also now I see why Emilia would be seen as best girl but I just love rem a little bit more 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  7. good luck on your date again thanks for chapter/part was looking forward to this.
    and also ”older-sister-sama” sounded a bit weird, donno maybe cuz I’m used to hear rem say nee-sama


    1. Seems like an odd reason to hate a character. I mean, say that Rem was in the wrong all that you want here – but in their universe, having the stench of the Witch basically gives you a 100% chance of being an evil witch cultist. The fact that Subaru is an exception is not something Rem could have possibly known, and given her hatred for the cult, her actions were understandable – though unfortunate. Emilia’s reaction of course is even more justified, but come on now.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Why would the Cult hate a half-elf, keeping in mind she might become a vessel for their object of worship?
          Rem’s circumstances, thought, are a bit different than mere dislike for the smell. Like was said, she really hates the cult for making her sister a cripple for life. She was also trained by Ros to hunt, torture and kill the cultists since she was 10. This hatred long ago became something like a habit for her.

          Also, I find in rather sweet that she took a liking to the smell of miasma after it became her lover’s signature for her.


      1. I like potatoes.
        But don’t become too dependant on them. For the day you lose your potato can you cook anything else?
        Ram, I’m also looking at you.


  8. I was praticly cheering the moment Emilia slaped Rosswaal square in the face because boy did he desurvie it and to have it come from Emilia made it even better.

    But this part of the chapter really does bring to light just how much Rem had improved from where she started out. It good that the story turned Rem into such a great character because anything less and we might not have been able to accept her.

    Thanks as always Lord Chicken and Good Luck on your date you lucky son of a gun ; )

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I wonder what contract Ram has with Ros. But that’s not what made me comment for the longest time. It’s Chicken sama’s date. 🎉🎉🎉
    Sorry for my Engrish. 😁


  10. Wow… Never thought that early in the story would make such an impact towards everyone at the mansion.. I’m really liking this trial, we get to know what happens next after he died, ahah thanks Chicken! And good luck on your date!


  11. Whoa. Easy on the best girl fighting, friends.

    Both Rem and Emilia are kinda Goddess-tier when it comes to their traits. Emilia’s mystery, and Rem’s loyalty. Rem is way more straightforward, Emilia can’t really understand what emotions, as she has walls of ice around her being.

    Either way, the both are important. Then it becomes a looks argument.

    You can’t really use what she did to him in the past. Her overwhelming contribution to Subaru’s growth and her own makes her kinda OP.


  12. Wow all those debates above for emilia vs rem hahaha. You are blinded of love. Doesn’t matter who, subaru will get his harem in the end. The way rem devoted to subaru with all her might is the same as the way subaru devoted to emilia with all his might. Give emilia time to mature because her mental state is younger than rem to understand the meaning of love due to her being frozen since childhood only to get woken up by puck after hundred year. You can’t blame a kid for not understanding love.

    As for me, original lewes mayer is best girl. ♥


  13. So, the plot… The lesson here is:
    There’s some sort of contract or a bet between Ram and Ros in case the story deviates from the Gospel writ. Not clear what happens exactly, but I gues Ram… kinda interested in producing the deviation, in order to win? Maybe she is barred from active intervention, but Subaru should notice this and maybe use her as a lever on Ros.

    And there’s also… mutual utilization between Emilia and Ros? Emilia’s point is clear – get the throne. But why would Ros want it? In anime he said he will kill the Dragon. The dragon was told to form a contract with royal bloodline, so Ros might be planning to use Emilia as bait once she becomes a king. So… killing the Dragon… for shit and giggles?


    1. I’m not quite sure of Roswall’s motives. But if the rumors are true, the dragon is just a title given to someone. If this drake is a person it may challenge Rosswal somehow.
      My guesses would be a love rival


      1. In the picture book Subaru read during the second arc the Dragon was portrayed as an actual dragon. In Mayonnaise side-story Subaru inquired if it wasn’t a blasphemy to eat dragon eggs, all things considered. IRC, he was told that other land/sea/flying dragons are nothing like the real thing.


        1. Roswaal’s ultimate goal is the revival of his beloved teacher. He devoted himself fully to one single woman, unlike subaru who devoted himself to create a harem. LOL


      2. Dragon is legit dragon in shape. Remember echidna’s soul was preserved by dragon in case satella’s seal broken and she go out again to the world. There are many theories mentioning roswaal’s aim to kill the dragon is related to this, to free echidna’s soul. Though there is still no actual proof confirming this theory.


  14. chicken-sama, i want to remind you that tappei-sama make an extra chapter based on ch.74 called 『ゼロカラカサネルイセカイセイカツ』 which realeased April 1st 2016. will you translate it?


    1. The name for tht is Dark lord IF story, someone already translate it..its a bonus chpter about subaru become evil..nice and sad


  15. Emilia is the best girl no matter who it is she is kind to them unlike Rem who trusts only a few people and will do anything they ask of her. Rem’s extreme loyalty vs Emilia’s Great Kindness


    1. Kindness is important. Emilia is doing her best to be a good girl to everyone. And Rem does her best to be a good girl to her special someone.

      Here’s two types of 105mm gun ammunition – HE and HEAT. Each has equal amount of explosives. One of them penetrates 400mm of armor, the other one leaves a spot of soot on the armor surface. You catch my drift?


  16. Im reading your translations since november and im so grateful to you what you do. Amazing work. Keep going and good luck on date, chicken-sama…thnx

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Pingback: TranslationChicken
  18. Emilia was always strong from the start, unlike rem who had to be saved like a damsel in distress for her to start helping subaru


    1. You know… Emilia just looked strong superficially. If not, she would have cleared the first trial by now. XD


      1. there is no way a person’s strength can be measured simply because they keep on failing. besides her sincerity is one of her strong points which made her help a worthless & penniless loser in an alley who was about to be stabbed by thugs


    2. At least ‘damsel’ Rem was saved during her solo hunt for the demon dogs, and only after she slaughtered half of the population. A rather unique sort of damsel, lol. Also, why was she even there in the first place? Oh, right, saving Subaru who smelled like sh*it.

      As for Emilia, she sure does have power, but not the strength one needs to become a leader.


  19. I didn’t expect Emilia to go to such lengths for Subaru after so little time together! It is cute to see… And I didn’t expect Rem to be so short on replies. She killed him also for he stank like the Witch, didn’t she?
    Thanks for the read, Chicken-sama!


  20. Mad props to Emilia here for telling off Ros, Ram and Rem. Don’t get me wrong, I love Rem and all, but she’s completely in the wrong here even if her actions were to end the misery of Subaru. I find it a bit odd that she’d still hold some contempt for him in this particular time loop even though she clearly smiled from his conversation with him going back to the mansion. Maybe she felt that it was the only way to stop his pain and begrudgingly felt some guilt for killing him unjustifiably? Who knows? Thankfully, this loop is basically just an alternate timeline and things changed for the better with Rem and I’m willing to forgive her, especially if you consider her backstory and how self-loathing she was before meeting Subaru.

    Both Emilia and Rem are awesome in their own way and it’s easy to see why Subaru has feelings for both of them.


  21. “having failed to conceal Subaru’s corpse after crushing him to death in the hallway, events led to this current discussion here.” Lol, pathetic! Ram, Rem and Roswaal even worse, than I imagined. Won’t forget this fact, won’t forget.
    Emilia is a true Goddes. She met all my expectations <3. And you know what the problem with Rem? I don't have anything against her in particular, but I can't see her relationship with Subaru as "real". The truth is, nothing positive could have happened between them, since no human in clear mind would have any wish to protect or save, or have anything to do at all with the person, who brutally killed him "twice". Beautiful flower couldn't blossom on the blood-soaked soil. That's not how the brain and psychology works. People are talking about, how "much" Rem gave to Subaru after these terrible things, but the truth is, she was ONLY able to give that, because of how "amazing" Subaru is, he gave her that opportunity. When in reality this situation couldn't happen at all. And every time I see this, I only feel a sense of incongruity and unrealities. I love dynamics of development of relations in Re:Zero, it is one of the strongest parts about this story, but this one in particular, I can't understand or accept. And yeah, EMT.


  22. Damn it. They cut this whole chapter from the LN. So that means if s2 happens, we won’t see this. So bad because I want to see the fucking clown being clapped. 😦


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