Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 72 [BAD END 1, 5, 11] (Part 1/4)


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Chapter 72 [BAD END 1, 5, 11]


――How many times does my heart have to break before I can be forgiven?

[???: And it’s already over…… this job really wasn’t worth taking]

In a dark warehouse, gazing down on the three corpses submerged in an ocean of blood, a black-robed beauty slightly tilted her head.
Even in this blood-suffused scene, the absurdity of her skill ensured that she wasn’t touched by a single drop, while the abnormality of her mind was such that she remained utterly unfazed by this carnage.
Without a doubt, this was what they’d call a monster in human skin.

Stepping across the floor soaked in blood, the monster looked over the fallen corpses with interest.
A giant old man with one arm severed at the shoulder and profuse blood draining down his head. A black haired youth with a perfect line sliced across his stomach, having died writhing as his intestines spilled out.
――And, a silver-haired girl, slashed in two from her left shoulder to her right waist.

――How many times had he struggled and fought just so he wouldn’t have to witness this scene?

[???: In terms of the outcome of the assignment, this is as bad as it gets…… Now just what is all this, I wonder]

Holding a finger to her red lips, the monster casually made this awfully out-of-place mutter. Dangling in her other hand, was a sinister, bloody, crooked blade―― her Kukri Knife.
Swaying the weapon that had just stolen three―― no, four separate lives in this loot house, the monster named Elsa let out a splendid smile.

[Elsa: ――Aya]

Elsa tilted her head, and lightly leaped backward.
Immediately, a blade of ice stabbed into the floor where Elsa had been standing. A sequence of icy spears followed, pursuing Elsa’s steps with shearing, biting fangs.

[Elsa: Now this is……]

[????: How―― dare you]

Before the evading Elsa, dim specks of light gathered in the empty space as the figure of a small spirit took shape.
The floating cat-spirit――Puck’s expression was perilous, while his androgynous voice was trembling with rage.

[Puck: You shall regret taking Lia’s life――]

[Elsa: Ah, so the girl…… was a Spirits-Arts User. Marvelous… I’ve never opened a spirit’s stomach before. ――Though]

Facing the battle-ready Puck surrounded by floating ice lances, Elsa’s expression reveled in the premonition of battle. But, before raising her guard, she squinted a single eye,

[Elsa: Why didn’t you show up before that child died? Spirits and Spirit-Arts Users should be teams of two――it’s a shame if I can’t enjoy the full experience]

[Puck: Shut it with your drivel, murderer. ――If I weren’t bound by my contract, I…]

Puck shook his head with an expression twisted in vexation.
He bared his fang, pointing his little arm at Elsa,

[Puck: I have no intention to chat. I will freeze you, and lay Lia’s soul to rest. After you, the Kingdom, the world, then the Dragon and the Witch. Everything]

[Elsa: Hhaa~, marvellous―― I’ll be enjoying this!]

Elsa leaped, crawling along the walls and ceiling like a spider. With her slender frame as the target, icicles shot forth in quick succession, piercing the walls of the loot house and freezing the atmosphere, as its shrill shrieks rang through the air.
All vision clouded over with white, until nothing could be seen.

Not the incidentally intertwined fingers on the floor, nor Subaru and Emilia’s corpses. Nothing.


※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※


――How many times do I have to be betrayed by this world before I can be rewarded?

[Rem: I was merely preventing the situation from getting any worse. By the time I found him, Subaru-kun’s state was already beyond saving. ――He would have wished to be put down immediately]

[Emilia: And, so…… that’s what that… horrible end…was. Is that what you are saying… Rem? Subaru was my benefactor, and there was so much we would have liked to talk about…… and you…]

He heard the quarreling words of his two beloved girls.
One voice called out within Subaru both immense adoration and insurmountable grief.
And the other voice, when he stood in the face of adversity, how many times, how clingingly, how imploringly, and how sweetly, had he wished to be touched by that voice.

The blue-haired girl and the silver-haired girl faced each other, as a turbulent atmosphere flowed throughout the room.
The place was the lounge in the Mansion, the two were seated on either side of the table, and the situation was set to explode.




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    I wanna thank my family and friends for always cheering me on so today I could become the first comment!

    I am so happy, thank you everyone

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  2. I wonder if chicken didn’t put official LN picture due to worried of copyright… Though some of them could be cropped for the appropriate segments.


    1. Most likely, it was when Subaru had died for the first time in the Mansion arc. Or, his 5th death more precisely.


        1. his eleventh death is something that only happened in the WN, where Betelgeuse takes his body and kills everyone


      1. His first death in the mansion arc was him dying peacefully in his sleep. It is his second death in that arc I believe where he awakens after being inflicted by the curse, stumbles around, then is brutally killed by Rem (even if he was going to die anyway, she hardly was merciful).


    2. I’d guess the conversation happens after Subaru’s second loop in Roswaal’s mansion, when he wakes up in the middle of the night, notices that he’s been poisoned, starts walking through the hallways while puking all over the place, and ends up getting killed by Rem


      1. Wasn’t he being affected by the “dog” curse? The first time he died while sleeping so he didn’t feel anything.


        1. The first time he died in his sleep. The second time he tried to stay awake and then felt the curse kicking in, leading him to walk outside through the mansion to look for some clue, but ended by rem.


  3. Thanks for the chapter chicken, and get better soon enough, it would be a shame if your date get what you have hehe.


  4. I always wondered how Emilia would react to death number 5 and I guess we’ll find out soon. Still, seeing Rem and Emilia fight makes me sad..
    Anyways, Chicken, thank you very much as always, get some rest and good luck on monday :3


  5. iv been waiting for this a long time my favorite end loop reveal.. no matter what she cant justify what she did to sub heck i bet if rem brought him back to beatrice he might have survived. emelia realizing how fked up rem/ram/roshits personality are is just amusing. its really sad that ross is also using sub to keep emelia there not just to ensure things stay on the ‘correct path’. pl call sub pathetic but jeeze who would put up with this insanity to be with someone you like. this is great


    1. >no matter what she cant justify what she did

      the story already did if you actually paid attention subaru mentioned too that he was taht one who fucked up

      >no matter what she cant justify what she did to sub heck i bet if rem brought him back to beatrice he might have survived.

      except not when they curse actiaved you can’t stop it anymore was also explained maybe don’t speedreed or watch


      1. > the story already did if you actually paid attention subaru mentioned too that he was taht one who fucked up

        Please…please please… just stop…


        1. lol sub on that loop was nice and hard working, rem saw him dying and made it ten times worse also beatrice is top tier dark arts. he was bit once then beako could have burnt the ‘string’ at the worse idk maybe. its still amazing how uncaring the trio are to a guest that helped emelia. not only that to not even condone what rem did but emelia’s ‘tantrum’ is truly despicable. ram still calling him barusu a nick name he hated. she just wanted an apology but instead gets told ‘facts’ and a reaction that pretty much says rem did it on purpose. i read the sisters background stories and i know rem is still being an avenger seeking retribution. rem saw an opportunity an excuse to kill him and was found out lol this is fantastic.


          1. also rem just saw him dying of something she is not an expert in curses as stated by beatrice so she should have no idea if sub had a chance of surviving or not. she made no attempt to help him. still scary how you can die and not know who or what killed you.


          2. The maids nor Roschi could be justified for killing Subaru. Just the fact that Rem used her morning Star symbolizes her anger. She could’ve chose a cleaner method such as using ice shards for a quicker death. Don’t fuck with maids


  6. Recover fast chicken-san you don’t want to miss a date, it would be nice too if the person you’re dating comes and makes you feel better x3


  7. One needs to be demonically possessed to go through shit like this.
    Watching this must give Subaru conniptions.


  8. chicken not sure if you already know about the next chapter (73) but you need to translate the whole chapter and not in parts pls because for more emotional impact


    1. I still have no idea what Puck realized back then. All I know is, is that Emilia taking a trial was not in his best of interested. But I do know that dialog needed a certain condition to be met first.

      I’ll let y’all figure out what that condition is. It’s obvious if you read these past few chapters


  9. Hey Chicken, i hope you get this as I am just wondering, do you mind telling me why you decided to start translating the Arc 6 of the light novel (I don’t mind the spoiler)


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    theholychicken posted: “********** Translator: TranslationChicken ********** Editor: TranslationChicken ********** ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO TAPPEI NAGATSUKI, THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR OF RE:ZERO, THIS IS A TRANSLATION OF THE FREE JAPANESE WEB NOVEL INTO ENGLISH JAPANESE WEB NOVEL SOURCE: “


    1. Web novel.

      There’s a reason why but it’s spoilerish. And he doesn’t translate arc 6 yet, just a few chapters (the last few released ones, for a good reason).


  10. Elsa has a really good point there about Puck, but yet again..contracts… Now I want to what the full details of Puck’s contract are, since it’s really inconvenient right now for Emilia and Subaru.


  11. too short chicken-sama…too short 😦
    i wonder who’s puck actually is; is he Emilia’s parents or somehow have relationship with them? i really want to know Puck’s history and how he met Emilia.


  12. And this little shitty cat still making excuses. He is only good for that and blaming other people for his own fails, as Emilia’s “protector”.


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