Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 74 [The Witch’s Plan And Proposal] (Part 2/3)


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[Subaru: So in the end, what is the Second Trial?]

Keeping his cheek rested against his palm, Subaru asked without looking at Echidona.
On the other end, Echidona shifted her chair forward in order to enter Subaru’s field of view,

[Echidona: Well, what do you think it was?]

[Subaru: You’re not…… trying to confuse me, are you? Is that your way of telling me I’m asking too much? Putting me on the spot like that]

[Echidona: I’m not half so mean as that. I did do something to upset you, after all. I just wanted to check if we can still speak on friendly terms, and also to hear your opinion while we’re at it]

Those words would’ve made anyone feel embarrassed.
If Subaru had come into this conversation in a normal state of mind, he certainly would’ve been discomposed and gotten stuck on his words.
But, in his current state of mind, there was no way he would give her the reaction she wanted. Instead, Subaru spilled a small sigh as his reply,

[Subaru: The Trial’s topic was to “Witness a present that was not to be”. That was the premise, as well the subject of the scenes it showed me. ……I’m guessing “A present that was not to be” would be a present that would have existed if I had made a different choice along the way, right?]

One way to think about it is like what happens in Visual Novels.
It is a game in which the player makes decisions in key points of the story, causing the paths to diverge. On a grander scale, one could even say that life itself is kind of unfolding like one gigantic game.
People must constantly face choices, and make decisions based on their individual will―― all the while trying to aim for a certain potential thread in the world: that would be precisely what “Life” is.

[Echidona: By definition, they are worlds which you should never have been able to witness. Who knows? You might find that you are happier in that world than in the actual present, then you might come to regret: “Why didn’t I do that back then?” Or otherwise, that world might be more wretched than the actual present, and then, perhaps you’d say to yourself: “Thank god I didn’t do that”. ――Ultimately, the Second Trial is to witness “Presents” other than the “Present” you have chosen, and to determine whether or not you could correctly affirm the only genuine “Present”]

Following on Subaru’s words, Echidona succinctly summed up the Second Trial.
It wasn’t too far from what Subaru had imagined. Except for the part where Subaru had to go through that deeply penetrating ordeal.

[Subaru: ――So, those alternate “Presents” I saw, do they really exist?]

[Echidona: …………]

[Subaru: Every time I die, I’d Return by Death. So I’ve never seen what happens after I die. ……Until now I’ve never even considered the possibility of the world continuing after my death. ……No, actually, it’s that I’ve been trying not to]

Well, of course.
Subaru only Returns by Death because the world was already beyond saving. In order to break through the deadlock and save everyone he held dear, Subaru had believed that by Returning by Death he could reach the perfect future―― or so he told himself so he could endure the sensation of constantly spending his life.

The existence of worlds beyond his death would upturn that premise from its roots.
If only to set his mind at ease, he must convince himself that there were no “Worlds he left behind”, and that the people in those lost worlds had in fact been saved.
And so,

[Subaru: After my deaths… do the worlds continue on……? When my choices caused the world to diverge, when I left those unsalvageable worlds behind… was everyone I failed to protect still inside them……?]

[Echidona: ――――]

[Subaru: What is it, Echidona. ……Please, answer me]

Having lost the option of avoiding looking at her with his eyes, Subaru leaned forward in his seat and turned a pleading gaze towards Echidona.
Echidona didn’t say a word, but, bathed in Subaru’s gaze, she touched her chin as if in thought, and then closed her eyes.

[Echidona: There is, one thing I should clear up about the Trials]

[Subaru: …………]

[Echidona: The “Present” in the Second Trial is no more than a phenomenon which allows you to witness an imagined world. The challenger taking the Trial…… that’s you, in this case. By projecting off of the details of your memories, the Memories of the World draws on everything that makes up your surroundings: the people, the world, the atmosphere, and even the mana, and, assembling them with necessary information from the past, present, and future, a new “Present” is created]

[Subaru: …………]

[Echidona: That is to say, no matter how flawless, it is no more than a well-made “Unreality”. Several tiers above self-absorbed delusions, it is a false reality that “might also” have actually happened. As for whether or not it is real, I cannot answer in the affirmative]

[Subaru: Th-that means……]

[Echidona: However]

Seeing hope in Echidona’s explanation, Subaru lifted his head. But just as he thought he saw the light, Echidona held up her palm and stopped him,

[Echidona: The precise mechanisms of your Return by Death are unclear. It’s almost certain that the one facilitating your Return by Death is the Witch of Envy, but the issue of how the Witch of Envy causes you to Return by Death leaves questions unending. Perhaps, it is a power that rewinds the world upon your “Death”. Or perhaps, each time, it is achieved by reaching into another, parallel world and pulling out another you, and with it, overwrites your existence]

[Subaru: Aa……]

[Echidona: If we assume it to be the latter, then Parallel Worlds do indeed exist, and, after your death, those worlds would continue on even without you]

[Subaru: S-so how do we know for sure……]

[Echidona: ――We don’t]

With a shake of her head, Echidona mercilessly cut off Subaru’s trembling words.
Subaru’s eyes opened wide while his mouth hung open without making a sound. Echidona turned him a sympathizing gaze as she tapped her finger on the edge of the table.

[Echidona: If there is one way to confirm it, it would be to ask the Witch of Envy herself. But I’m sure you know from experience how difficult that would be?]

Echidona must be referring to Subaru’s memories of the first time he truly faced the Witch of Envy. Leaving the Tomb after the end of the tea party, there, he found the Witch of Envy.
Stealing Emilia’s body, tearing Garfiel to shreds, and engulfing the Sanctuary in shadow, it was a monster in the truest sense. ――Suddenly, he remembered the doubts surrounding that thing’s appearance.

[Subaru: Ri..ght…… Echidona. Before, after the tea party ended…… outside, I saw the Witch in the Sanctuary. What was… that? Just what was that?]

[Echidona: I thought it’d be obvious? That was the Witch of Envy. Though, that imitation is nothing compared to the real thing. The fleshly vessel it had chosen was immature, and more importantly, not a single one of its seals had been broken. With the deficiency of Witch Genes, there was no way it could have acted with the same power it had in its heyday]

[Subaru: That was still nothing compared to its heyday……?]

Disposing of the beastified Garfiel like he was nothing and slaughtering everyone without receiving a scratch, that monster was still nothing compared the true Witch of Envy.
Four hundred years ago, in the age when the actual Witch ran rampant, what hell must it have been?

[Echidona: Just as you imagined, the trigger for her appearance was the tea party. Not even that thing could prevent you from violating the taboo in here. And so, driven mad with Envy yet unable to vent it inside, it took out its rage on the external world, exploding into a rampage wreaking havoc in its wake]

[Subaru: And you knew that it’d fucking happen?]

[Echidona: Not exactly. It was the first time, after all. Being the first time, it was only after it actually happened that I could come up with my hypothesis. I can’t derive conclusions without first seeing it happen, in that sense, as the Witch of Greed, I’m not that different from you all]

[Subaru: ――――]

Subaru was at loss for words to see that Echidona’s spectator’s stance showing no signs of collapsing. There was no point in reproaching her for it. But even though he knew this, he still couldn’t quite shake the vexation.
If only she had felt like it, if she had felt like helping Subaru, then maybe――

[Echidona: I doubt there was any great reason why the one you loved was chosen as the vessel. Although there would be a certain affinity when it’s another Half-Elf, I think the biggest reason could only be “Envy”]

[Subaru: Envy……?]

[Echidona: For a Witch who wants to be the sole subject of your thoughts, is it really so hard to believe that she’d hate and seek to destroy the recipient of your impassioned affections?]

Loving someone to the point of madness also meant demanding that person to love her back in return. As long as that love wasn’t directed at her, she’d go to insane lengths to make sure that it was. Such was the volatile lunacy known as love.
Perhaps the Witch of Envy was precisely the incarnation of that behavior.

[Echidona: All the questions plaguing your mind, are ones which only the Witch of Envy could answer]

[Subaru: ――――]

[Echidona: You can mull over them endlessly, but, in all honesty, I doubt you will ever reach an answer. Not about why she pursued you back then, nor about the “Presents that may or may not exist”]


To Subaru, that would be far too cruel a reality.
He wanted to hear it clearly refuted. To be told that the worlds beyond his death never existed.
Or if not, then at least he wanted to hear it outright. That “So many had been sacrificed for your conceit.”

Whichever the answer, Subaru would have taken it as his admonition, his creed, his reminder to never forget, and though he’d grit his teeth, shed tears of blood and cry out from his very soul, he would turn his steps forward.
――But for the answer to be “There is no answer”, isn’t that just far too cruel?

Was he to live, without confirmation or denial, leaving the fate of worlds in this indeterminate limbo?
To go on without knowing whether his steps were his own. Whether he had abandoned what he had abandoned. Whether his sins were sins. Was this to be his punishment?
Were Natsuki Subaru’s crimes so great that no one could ever forgive him?

No one was capable of passing judgement on Subaru. No one could condemn him, either. He already understood this.
――But was even Subaru himself to be denied that right?

[Echidona: I do think it’s harsh. But I also think that the only thing to do is to decide]

As Subaru was stricken into speechlessness, Echidona addressed him with these words.
He slowly shifted his head, and turned his vacant gaze onto Echidona.
Taking in Subaru’s gaze, Echidona swallowed a breath, and, with a serious expression,

[Echidona: In more extreme terms, the Second Trial is to accept the true present as “The only present that is”, while separating out all the others as utterly unreachable worlds]

[Subaru: ――――]

[Echidona: I’m sure it must be hard, since, compared to other challengers, you have far more reason to believe that these realities truly exist. But still, it’s time that you switched over]

[Subaru: Switched over……?]

[Echidona: Your choices may have indeed left many sacrifices in their wake. And among those you left behind, there must be plenty that are beyond retrieval. But to spend your life counting those you have lost and left behind… would be pitiful. Futile. And painful, don’t you think?]



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  1. Loving someone to the point of madness also meant demanding that person love her back in return.

    Should it be “… demanding that person to lover her back in return”

    Thanks Chicken Samaa~


  2. [Subaru: Ri..ght…… Echidona. Before, after the tea party ended…… outside, I saw the Witch in the Sanctuary. What was… that? Just what was that?]

    [Echidona: I thought it’d be obvious? That was the Witch of Envy. Though, that imitation is nothing compared to the real thing. The fleshly vessel it had chosen was immature, and more importantly, not a single one of its seals had been released. With the deficiency of Witch Genes, there was no way it could have acted with the same power it had in its heyday]

    Does this mean her Sanctuary isn’t affected by Subaru’s RBD? As far as i remember, he killed himself and rewinded, and she remembers that.


      1. Plus her citadel doesn’t exist in reality. It’s like a personal spiritual realm between life and death where only the soul or mind can enter. Heck the concept of time probably doesn’t even exist there.

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  3. Wait they were just talking about Subaru ability that means the witch is gonna attack again right. Maybe Subaru can act calmly and ask her some questionsssss

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      1. [Subaru: Every time I die, I’d Return by Death. So I’ve never seen what happens after I die….]

        Since he just said this, I think he might have a problem.


  4. The witch of envy is keeping Subaru from telling people about his return by death ability because it’s the one secret they share so I guess she feels that’s a special connection

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    1. She didn’t keep her memories, more like she extracted the world’s memories. Then again, the one giving subaru RBD ability is not her. So she cannot affirm it 100%.


    1. The visions were fake, but Dona-Dona’s point still stands: Even though the visions themselves weren’t real, there is still the possibility that the worlds portrayed by the trial are indeed real. Nobody has any way of knowing, which will only make the second trial harder for dear Subaru-kun. The mere thought of parallel worlds being the alternative to time travel makes my brain tremble…

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      1. Well that was the issue I had when Memories of the World was introduced.

        The idea got across and that’s fine, but the idea WAS that the mechanism could reach into the other realities and spectate upon events that transpired there. My point was if that was the case, you’d have an extremely nuanced machine to the point of being over-powered. If no rules were introduced for it, then it’s a plot device, and a notable flaw in the storytelling. Echidna would have effectively mastered time and space.

        That said, having those rules established, it makes the uncertainty of Subaru greater than if those were accurate representations.

        Sorry, I love this story, so I critique and analyze it to make sure it’s consistent.

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          1. The rewind premise is the one we have the most evidence for.

            Every iteration of events after RBD are exactly the same, and the only force of change is Subaru. The fact that this is the case, as well as what Anon said about occurrences that have the same outcomes Subaru changed, it’s reasonable to say it’s rewound.

            If that’s the case, than timeline branches wouldn’t technically exist, seeing at it was the same branch of time, and time resets at the point of death.

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          2. While I do agree with you, that’s not to say the parallel world theory is improbable though. Think of it this way: Since there are an infinite amount of parallel worlds, that means there are also a near infinite amount of Subarus as well. With that being said, even though it’s unlikely, it’s still possible that when Subaru RBDs, his consciousness is placed into the body of a Subaru who carried out the exact same actions up to the point where he returns; two parallel worlds that are exactly identical until Subaru dies and is moved from one to the other, thus changing them both. Anon’s point about Envy is probably the best argument against this though. Especially considering she didn’t follow him after he killed himself with the glowing hankie in the Sanctuary.


      2. but if he is going from world to world how can he still be there. I mean all he would have to do is ask someone about how he defeated the white whale. If the conditions are the same then that would mean anothe him would have jumped before him and that would only increase the number of destroyed worlds.If all hims jump then that would mean there are other witches of envy and im pretty sure they wouldn’t just hand him over to anyone even other versions of themselfs. In otherwords he is going back in time not jumping words.I have solved it


        1. I think you just destroyed my brain by making it tremble so hard… The idea though is that the parallel world he was moved to after death had the exact same events play out up to the point where he Returns by Death. It’s just that that world’s Subaru has his consciousness and memories overwitten by those of the Subaru who just RBD’d. And since there are a literal infinite amount of parallel worlds, he would still indeed have an infinite amount of tries. I do think you may be onto something with the other Envies though… Also, Roswall’s gospel specifically states that Subaru can “rewind”, implying that his Authority alters time, not parallel worlds. So I’m with you that RBD is still probably time travel.

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          1. Yes and roswall said subaru affinity is dark just like beatrice, and beatrice power can stop time, so we know its about time..and we know why subaru affinity is dark, its because of witch of envy


          2. @anon it could also be the other way around. You’re saying Subaru’s element is shadow because of the WoE, but it could easily be the other way around. She uses shadows because Subaru’s is shadow in the first place. And because it can allow one to control space and time.


        2. Yes you solved it..witch of envy will never let subaru if its a parralel world then witch of envy lost subaru countless time making subaru got rbd is pointless


          1. It makes me wonder though, why exactly was Subaru possessed by the Witch’s shadow in his first vision of the second trial, where he killed himself in an attempt to save Rem? I’ve also been pondering whether or not it’s possible that in her crazed yandere state, Satella may not have fully considered that sending Subaru to a parallel world via RBD means she loses him in the current one. And we at least know she can mess with other worlds, because that’s how she summoned Subaru in the first place. While most of the evidence points to RBD being a rewind ability, I still have this lingering doubt in my mind that it may still be parallel worlds…


        3. Law of Conservation of Energy still applies. In that sense, there would be a need for a parallel world to exist to balance out the present, irrespective if Subaru ‘rewinding’ or passing through parallel worlds.


      1. Please no more putting down Emilia or Rem, you guys. Putting Best Girl aside, I think we can all agree that they’re both great characters worthy of love and respect. I can’t stand it when people come in here and sh*t on either Rem or Emilia and start this massive flame war.

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  6. Echidona has a good point, harsh but very true.. If you only spend your time regretting about the past, you screw up and waste your precious time in the present, and that will lead to a future where you will come to regret that you wasted that time as well, missing the opportunities given to you in that present time. And thus, the cycle of regret continues on…
    And now, I somehow just wish that Echidona would embrace Subaru as well ^^

    Thanks for the chapter Chicken! ^^ And it’s good to hear that your body clock is finally adjusting to your time zone there ^^ Go and rejoin the day dwellers, hahah! 😀

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  9. “Echidona: If it we assume it to be the latter…”

    If we*

    “Echidona: All the question plaguing your mind, are ones which only the Witch of Envy could answer”



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    2. Even then, she just saw from his memories that he just RbD and made different scenarios about possibilities after his death, so she already knows. It can’t be helped in order to pass this trial, it cannot be helped. In this case it’s okay I think.


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    After seeing your live draft google doc, I spent about an hour researching what it takes to learn and become fluent in written Japanese and, dear God, I’m appreciate that I don’t have to do it myself. It took me 15 minutes to figure out how to spell bread in Japanese without just cheating with google translate lol.


  11. Thanks again for the new chapter!

    [Echidona: All the question plaguing your mind, are ones which only the Witch of Envy could answer]
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  16. So, they are about to repeat Envy’s appearance? Otherwise it would be inconsistent. About this parallel world topic. There are couple of possibilities. But first. We know 100% that parallel worlds do exist, since Subaru was summoned from “our” world, but it doesn’t necessary means that similar parallel Re:zero’s worlds exist. 1) If we postulate, that RBD is a dark magic(As Roswaal thinks), which rewinds the time of this particular worldline, then in this case whether or not parallel worlds exist doesn’t matter at all. And these developments(a present that was not to be) couldn’t happen in the first place, since even in parallel worlds, these worlds would be rewinded by RBD, if Subaru would have RBD in these worlds(obviously), but if he wouldn’t have RBD, then these developments would have never gone that far without RBD. 2) RBD doesn’t rewinds time and throws our Subaru into parallel world and the previous world continues. This one creates 1 million of questions. Why? How? How does it works? What about save points? If Witch can decide at what point of time of the world line to throw Subaru into the parallel world, then it means she can manipulate with the time of the world line anyway, so again, the 1st variant would be more rational(what’s the point of using parallel world?).
    And the most interesting thing is the book of wisdom. The existence of this book just means that either Echidna is lying about her knowledge about parallel worlds or parallel worlds simply don’t exist. So if our Subaru came from a parallel world from Echidna’s perspective, then she would have the knowledge about parallel world(from her perspective). For example, she knows in this chapter about Envy’s appearance in the Sanctuary from the previous loop. If parallel worlds truly exist, then this book would show past, present and future of those parallel worlds, but why does it shows only the “past” of the world of our Subaru? Why doesn’t it shows pasts, presents, futures of endless amounts of parallel worlds? And if Echidna really has knowledge about these endless amount of worlds, then how could Echidna determine our Subaru’s past among all other parallel worlds? She could have read Subaru’s memories, yes. But based on her interactions with other Witches, I truly doubt, that she have knowledge about parallel worlds. So my conclusion is that there are not similar Re:zero’s parallel worlds. Btw, this trial basically shows “presents”, BASED on Subaru’s choices, but not like this : “a present that was not to be”. These “presents” supposed to happen, but because of RBD they didn’t happen.


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