Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 74 [The Witch’s Plan And Proposal] (Part 3/3)


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[Subaru: If I wanted empty idealism I wouldn’t have come to you. ……Don’t know why I have to say this, but did you actually think some run-of-the-mill counseling advice was going to help me get through this……?]

Echidona’s words were pleasant, and comforting.
If the wound was shallow, or the crime light, or if it had just been the matter of some causal occurrence, then maybe it would have helped.
Or perhaps, if he had merely wanted to feel saved, he may have made that “switch”.

[Subaru: It still doesn’t change the fact that everything I’ve done and everything I couldn’t do hadn’t changed reality by one bit… that everyone I sacrificed believing that those worlds would cease to exist could’ve been a mistake…]

[Echidona: ……That’s true]

[Subaru: Then how am I supposed to be okay with this? How am I supposed to forgive myself? When you tried offering me a hand I slapped it away. That’s because I didn’t want to be saved by a counterfeit Rem. I will definitely retrieve the real Rem in the end, one way or another―― but]

Pausing for a breath, Subaru’s face twisted in anguish,

[Subaru: ――When I do… would she really be the same Rem I had set out to save?]

[Echidona: ――――]

[Subaru: Without an answer my heart has nowhere to turn. ……And here you are telling me that I don’t have to be like this, that all I have to do is decide……?]

[Echidona: ――――]

[Subaru: Rather than count those I couldn’t save, I should live, counting the ones I did save…… is that what you’re telling me?]

What Echidona tried to tell him was that there was hope if he only looked ahead.
For Subaru, those words may have become a beacon.
――But the darkness into which he had fallen was not so shallow that he could consider it as such.

[Subaru: With this run-of-the-mill idealism… you’re telling me…… to just fight it……?]

[Echidona: ――I am]

[Subaru: ――――]

[Echidona: That is what I am telling you]

While he was shoving aside all words of comfort and crying from the depths of despair, Echidona said this to Subaru.
Speaking slowly, pronouncing each syllable, Echidona looked Subaru straight in the eyes and told him.

[Echidona: Rather than count the multitudes you might not have saved, you should count all those you have saved. I have seen the roads you’ve taken to get here]

[Subaru: I, what…… what would y… about me……]

[Echidona: I have seen you doing your utmost, striving with all of your soul to forge your own path up to now. And so, I can say this. Indeed, I can]

[Subaru: ――――]

[Echidona: Of all the paths you have taken until now, not a single one had been wasted. No one has the right to tell you that your utmost was “not enough”. It was only by throwing in everything you had that you have reached this moment. ――That is something to be proud of]

Echidona’s sincere words struck at Subaru’s emptied chest. Something resounded in its hollow interior―― but it was not enough. Those words could not compel him to stand.
Even if he was told that he should be proud, the fact remained that he had abandoned and lost too much. Things he should have been able to change. Things that would have gone differently if it had been anyone else besides Subaru. But, because that person was Subaru, there were so many that could not be saved.
That was Subaru’s crime. Subaru’s transgression. The sin which Subaru must accept and atone for.

[Subaru: There’s no one who can forgive me]

[Echidona: Then I will forgive you. I, who know everything about you]

[Subaru: There’s no one who can judge me]

[Echidona: Then I will judge you. I, who know all of your sins]

[Subaru: ――There’s no one who can accept me]

[Echidona: If you cannot accept yourself, then allow me to deny the self that you cannot forgive]

[Subaru: ――――]

[Echidona: If you cannot accept your sins, then leave it to me to deny them]

For each of Subaru’s words, Echidona had one to strike it down.
Why was this Witch so insistent on denying Subaru’s sins?
Why was this Witch so unrelenting about wiping that darkness from Subaru’s heart?

[Subaru: Why… are you…… trying so hard to help me?]

[Echidona: ……Asking a girl to say this kind of thing is just plain mean, you know]

Echidona, who had not faltered once until now, was, for the first time, stuttering her words.
Then, with a slight blush on her cheeks, Echidona cleared her throat, and,

[Echidona: ――Will you forge a contract with me, Natsuki Subaru?]

Her voice was quiet, yet suggestive of her strong volition.
Subaru blinked, letting the words seep into his brain but still needing more time to comprehend them.

[Subaru: Con… tract……?]

[Echidona: Yes, a contract. A formal contract with the Witch of Greed――are you interested in sealing one?]

[Subaru: If we forged…… forged this contract, what happens then?]

[Echidona: It’s simple. ――From now on, whenever you meet an obstacle you cannot surmount, I will face the wall and ponder with you. Whenever you wish to hear someone’s words, I will endeavor to give you the testimony you desire. Whenever you feel close to being crushed by the weight of your sins, I will clear those crushing sins together with you]

Saying this in a single breath, a bashful smile rose on Echidona’s face,

[Echidona: Will you forge this contract with me?]

[Subaru: ……But you’re dead… so you can’t influence reality anymore, right?]

[Echidona: I believe my reach has already far exceeded that of the dead? I suppose it’s a bit late for me to admit this, but better late than never. ……That is, if you can forgive me]

Holding her hand to her chest, inclining her head as she spoke, Echidona’s words reverberated upon Subaru’s eardrums. The vibration passed into his body, bringing a gradual warmth that followed his coursing blood and pervaded throughout his body.
Sensation returned to his numbing fingers.
His parched tongue regained some of its moisture and mobility, and he could feel his thirsting eyes that had forgotten to blink being quenched by something wet and hot.

Her offered hand, her proposition, her proposal, her pledge of assistance left him at a loss as to how to answer.
Just when his oath to go on struggling seemed to have all but lost its meaning, the Witch pledged to be there to support him.

[Echidona: I don’t mean to brag, but I am rather confident in the volume of my knowledge. I can prepare countermeasures for just about any problem you might encounter, and no matter how absurd a situation threatens to befall you, unlike your peers, there is no need to go to such pains to persuade me. And, most of all, I can comprehend your Return by Death]

[Subaru: Are you trying to hit me with a fast-lipped sales pitch?]

[Echidona: As the requesting party, I do think it’s only natural for me to lay out all the benefits of sealing this contract with me. And if it has managed to put some ease into your heart, then all the better, don’t you think?]

Making use of Subaru’s words, Echidona took even those as a part of her pitch. Seeing the Witch this way, Subaru couldn’t help but loosen his cheeks into a smile.
Suddenly feeling the air peacefully flowing out of his lungs, “ahh”, Subaru sighed.

Bathed in the meadow’s gentle wind, he leaned his back into the chair and looked up to the sky.
In the blue, artificial sky, he could see white clouds floating.

Whenever he gets stuck, whenever he is lost without an answer, whenever he is facing against impossible odds.
――If he could sit here under this azure sky, and trade words with her in search of a solution…

[Subaru: Maybe, it wouldn’t be so bad……]

[Echidona: ――You mean……?]

Creaking her chair as she stood, inadvertently clenching her hands into fists, Echidona looked down at Subaru. But, noticing Subaru’s gaze looking back at her with his back still inclined against his chair, Echidona’s face suddenly changed color as if embarrassed by her own actions,

[Echidona: Ah, no…… Mn, but, if you absolutely must insist, then I guess sealing such a contract isn’t entirely out of the……]

[Subaru: It’s a bit too late to cover it up, isn’t it? I mean, you were the one who asked if…… ugh nevermind, saying it just feels incredibly crude at this point]

Echidona was the one proposing it, but she had done so to save Subaru’s heart.
To put it plainly, it was a Witch’s kindness. The fact that she didn’t make him cling and beg must have simply been the Witch’s consideration for Subaru.
No matter where he was, no matter who it was, was he always going to wind up being saved like this?

Bouncing off the back of his chair to jolt himself forward, Subaru stood up.
Standing close enough to touch if he only reached out his hand, Echidona looked into Subaru’s eyes that were now level with her own, a tinge of unease in her expression.
Even the Witch’s minutest actions are cunning, he thought.
But since he was the one being saved, he was surely in no position to complain.

[Subaru: So… how does one seal a contract?]

[Echidona: ――To seal a formal contract, you and I must be connected by a path between us. I will take care of the details…… but for now, your palm]

Echidona held up her right hand with her white palm facing towards Subaru.
“Here, put your palm against mine” was probably what it meant.

Feeling somewhat dumbstruck, watching the Witch across from him failing to keep the glee from escaping onto her lips, “haa”, he spilled a quiet sigh,

[Subaru: Now, hopefully things’ll finally start turning……]

Filled with great expectations of the future, he placed his palm onto her’s, and――



A crashing boom rang out as the cup-bearing table beside him burst into a thousand pieces.
The impact that shattered the table passed into the ground, birthing a crater in its wake as the rumble of the quaking earth jolted Subaru into squawking in shock,

[???: ――I’m putting a stop to this contract]

Striking her fist into the ground, proclaiming this in her magnificent voice, was a blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl――
――The Witch of Wrath, peering her eyes over the two, smoldering with furious rage.


-=Chapter 74 End=-




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    1. I was watching the live draft since 10:00 EST last night. I got so excited when you were editing, Chicken-sama. Then you said you’d post tomorrow, and dashed my dreams of being the first to comment😢. Nevertheless, I give my utmost thanks to you Great Chicken ❤, and I hope you’re finally feeling better.

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  1. Huh, I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting this at all.

    I know that the Subaru that fully contracts with Echidona is the bad end Subaru who loses his passion and resolves everything by abusing RfD to it’s fullest.

    So I know he can’t fully contract with her in the main story, I was surprised to learn he would have made the contract if it wasn’t for Wrath however.

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    1. I feel like the gears were definitely turning in his head but he never brought himself to actually say, “So what are the downsides to this here contract m’lady?”


  2. How rude! Subaru is that out of it he didn’t even think to ask what his end of the bargain would be.

    Naughty Dona! Good girl Minerva!

    Keep up the good work, Chook 👍

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    1. Are you talking from subaru’s perpective..? Or are you saying that you expected her to do this and saw through all her actions?


      1. I expected this. Among all the hype about Echidna being selfless and seemingly healing Subaru’s heart in a lot of instances, I thought it was all out of character. While her character can show other emotions other than Greed, a fundamental part of her soul as a character is built on obtaining something she doesn’t have. With this latest trial, or perhaps even before, Echidna caught glimpses of things she’s never witnessed before, and questions she’s had, but were never able to find an objective answer to. And a vessel for immortality, one of her lifelong pursuits, if I’m not mistaken.

        So from my perspective.

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  3. Aww ~ Well, this melted my heart. Echidona, you truly are one amazing girl. Im really glad that she said all those things to Subaru. She just really wants to save to save and support him through thick or thin. Oh wow~ Im loving her more now ❤
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    Thank you for the moving and heart warming chapter, Chicken!


    1. Almost got me there, too. Dona is amazing for sure. For so perfectly manipulate Subaru into despair and then throw in a saving straw making it look like on-spot idea and just what he needs right now, she is indeed smart one. Smart women always do it for me…

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      1. I’m still hoping against hope that it was all out of the kindness of her heart.

        Please don’t destroy this fantasy 😦


      2. Exactly. I was wondering why she was acting flustered, a bashful smile, and other adorable things. I think she did it to be minutely attractive to tempt Subaru into contracting without asking specific questions about her intent.
        Preemptively giving pros and cons to drown Subaru’s uncertainty. Very smart stuff Echidna.


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    1. Echidna only mentioned the benefits while not mentioning the prices he has to pay. Remember, the contractor is the witch, and a witch is a “witch” no matter the personality.


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  6. so close, sneaky of dona to chose the time when subaru was broken by the trial to get him into a shady as fuck contract. kinda admire how cunning she is.

    Minerva saved the day here

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    “Things he should have been able to change. ”

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      Echidona: ….I’m lonely and we don’t have romantic drama shows on this world.

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  8. I have a feeling Minerva just saved Subaru’s bacon. I think we have learned by now that contracts, in the re zero universe, are ALWAYS catch 22’s.

    Echidona knows how to play the part of both a devil and angel really well.

    Thanks a bunch Chicken! Hope you slept well.

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  9. YES! But I do wonder why Subaru didn’t ask what would she get from it or what would he have to do as part of the contract. That seems important, like something that could come back to haunt him later lol


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  13. It would seem that a lot of the fanbase of this series is likening the contract process to a union on the same level of sex.

    Wishful thinking, friends. But also kinda gross from a narrative persepective.

    Though Echidna acting vulnerable here strengthens that line of thought.


    1. Um… no? It didn’t feel anything like that. If anything, for me the contracts feel somewhat sinister, like Geas (the spell that kills you if you break the promise). Anyway, giving away the piece of your will, freedom and power is nothing trivial like sex.


      1. hm? if I’m not wrong here he was talking about the contracting process rather than the contract itself? I actually do remember some other series where a similar ‘ceremony’ is held to transfer mana though (Fate/ universe anyone?)


      1. He didn’t ask because he wants to believe that she genuinely wants to help him, rather than just satisfy her own desires. In other words, he’s being optimistic, partly because she is the only person he has been able to open up to about his ability to Return by Death, and also because he just realized she had a “Rem impersonator” put into his trial solely to prevent him from mentally breaking.

        Which is naive, but not unexpected.


  14. Im shock no one notice or mention it..but the way she comfort subaru is same as rem did in ep 18 or 19 (cant remember)..please watch back those ep and read again for multiple feel..its exactly the same


    1. Wording is different, but the style is the same. Keeping in mind Dona knows everything about him, I wonder if it was coincidental she chose to comfort him the same way Rem did?

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        1. Yes i mean the way she answer subaru question 1 after another..the author really loved to play with us ..just like last ep of anime where subaru confess to emilia, they use same style like how rem confess to subaru XD


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    *Echidona: Then I will forgive you. I, who know[s] everything about you

    -not so sure if it is continuous-present tense or not though- :4u


    1. No, that’s correct. Emphasis on herself to establish importance of her worth to him, this role being a savior.

      “I, who know everything about you.”

      This is a poetic example. The way this sentence is usually delivered is to add dramatic flair.


      1. Also in Japanese the sentence presents itself differently. I’d explain, but no time. I’m a little hazy on what kana was used.


  17. Hey chicken dude thanks for doing what you do. Last week or so I finished the anime and luckily found your site. I’m really torn whether or not I should keep reading chapter by chapter as you post these or if I should wait a month or so and read a few chapters in one sitting even though therein lies the risk of “forgetting” to come back. Anyways regardless of how things go I wish you’ll keep translating and find joy (and a decent monetary compensation) in doing it.


  18. quick question, if subara accepted the contract and died, then returning to the last save point (which is before he accepted the contract). would he still be in contract with echidona?


      1. I think she is still in the same universe with subaru, probably. im just thinking how powerful the effects of a contract can be especially when the other party is a witch. If it can somehow bypass rbd or would just become void.


  19. you know what keeps me going through the day, Knowing that when we hit arc 5 and are caught up there wont be a delay and I will look like subaru in the mansion. Thank you Chicken Sama for these wonderful moments!


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    Is Minerva saving the situation, then?
    Thanks for the read!


  21. Just when I thought Echidona was acting out of kindness. . . turns it out it was just for her own gains after all. Poor Subaru.


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