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Chapter 79 [The Ending Of The Dream]


The moment he realized that oxygen was passing through his windpipe, with massive coughs, Subaru expelled the remaining blood clotting in his throat.
Still collapsed face-up on the ground, pant after pant, he gasped for the nourishment of life.

There was no time to think about how wretched he looked now.
Although, he was well aware of how miserable it was to unhesitatingly cling to the first chance of rescue right after biting off his own tongue to die.

[Subaru: …does my…….]

[Minerva: ――Hm?]

[Subaru: Does my life… have any value……? Besides dying…… without dying over and over…… do I even have any other value……?]

Return by Death, and save everyone from the depths of despair.
He had believed that paying with his life to attain this outcome was Natsuki Subaru’s only value.
But, would it be alright to think otherwise?

[Subaru: Is it alright… to think that this person that I am… has any value besides Return by Death? To think that…… the people I care about…… care about me… as well?]

[Minerva: ……The hell would I know]

Minerva looked away and shot down Subaru’s whimpering question.
Having lost her right arm and both her legs, she used her left arm to shuffle away from Subaru. Then, aiming her face at her right shoulder―― she bit down. Immediately, Minerva’s missing right arm regenerated from droplets of light.
Opening and closing her restored right fist, Minerva proceeded to punching her legs―― both missing from the thigh down, which, just like her arm, were formed anew.

Her already short skirt had been shaved even shorter and her right arm was now entirely exposed, but, other than her rather precarious costume, the Witch of Wrath Minerva was restored to perfect condition.
She stood up on her brand new legs, crossing her arms in a pose that propped up her ample breasts, and looked down on Subaru. Then,

[Minerva: I couldn’t care less whether you have value or not. But she really wants you to live…… and you’ve seen it in the Second Trial too, haven’t you?]

[Subaru: ……but the Second Trial… were my mistakes… and my sins……]

[Minerva: Are you stupid? That wasn’t about making you take responsibility for the worlds you messed up in. That was to show you how sad everyone is as the result of your mistakes. ――Isn’t that the answer you wanted?]

[Subaru: ――――h]

He remembered it.
The voice that was crying. The voice stifling its regret. The voice gently sending him off as always.
The whisper of love from someone who believed in him. And the words that began everything which would become Subaru’s will to fight.

None of which he was supposed to have in his life.
Having nothing, deprived of even what he should have had, Subaru was summoned to this world.
To prove his own value, he could only fight on. And in order to protect all that he held dear, he’d have to proceed down that lonely road.

I thought that I’ve only ever been receiving from others, but is it alright to think otherwise?
Would they cry, for me?
Would they lament their own powerlessness, for me?
Would they want to see that future together with me?
When we get there, those people that I love, would they give me a place to stand smiling at their side?

He wasn’t sure if he’d have that place.
But surely, if he chose to stubbornly walk that road alone, at the end, that place would not be there for him.
His heart, which would have been turned to steel so he could fight with an unshakable will, would have no tenderness left to smile.
And so, was it really alright to believe?

Either procure that future for the ones he loved at the cost of his own heart.
Or desperately defend his own heart at the cost of the way ahead.

Aside from those two choices, was there another, greedier option?
In that future, alongside everyone he held dear, could Natsuki Subaru also hope to have preserved himself as well?

[Satella: ――You can]

[Subaru: ――――]

Shedding only tears, those had been Subaru’s unvoiced thoughts.
But the timing of that answer was so perfect that it was as if those words had been communicated in sound.

Still lying on the ground, Subaru moved his head to look beyond Minerva―― towards the face of the girl who had collapsed to her knees on the grass, smiling without wiping away her tears.

He still couldn’t see her face.
A veil of darkness was concealing it, such that even now, Subaru couldn’t determine her expression. Yet, somehow he knew that she was smiling.
Echidona had told him. The reason Subaru couldn’t see her face was because he couldn’t accept her. The fact that she was smiling came through, but his subconscious was insisting that he didn’t see it.

[Satella: You saved me. And so, you are allowed to be saved as well. I want you… to be saved]

Acutely aware of Satella’s words and voice seeping into his fractured heart, Subaru buried his face in his arms. It must be a mess from all the tears, and there was already no way he could look more pathetic at this point. But still, he didn’t want anyone to see it.

Even after lashing her with that merciless abuse, how was it that he could still feel relieved to hear Satella’s words? And how could he possibly let them see how much his expression had calmed?
Yet, it was also Satella’s inexplicable words of “Love” that had told Subaru the true meaning of the Trial.

[Echidona: ……I’m surprised Minerva managed to break through Typhon and Sekhmet’s obstruction, but, personally, what surprised me even more is you two]

Setting the face-burying Subaru aside, Echidona quietly murmured.
After looking at the regenerated Minerva, Echidona turned her gaze elsewhere―― towards the pitch-black coffin pinning Typhon to the ground with its claws, and the coffin’s owner, Daphne, facing down Sekhmet.

Hearing Echidona’s words, Daphne let out a throaty cackle. She opened the lower half of her bondage and stepped barefoot onto the grass, poking out her tongue,

[Daphne: I’m definitely the best counter to Ty-Ty there is~… Centipede Coffin has no head to think with… with that as Daphne’s arms and legs~ Ty-Ty’s authority won’t work on me…]

[Typhon: UUuu~, Phinnie~ cut it out~~! Hnnn~! UUuu~!]

[Sekhmet: So, haa… You’ve shown your true colors to keep me in check? Huu. I’m not Echidona, haa. Why bother pulling this on me? Huu… Unlike Minerva, I don’t see why you’d want to get involved, haa]

Sekhmet roughly scratched her overabundant hair. With Typhon practically taken hostage, even Sekhmet couldn’t act carelessly here.
Hearing Sekhmet’s question, Daphne swayed her short pigtails and smiled [Weeeell~],

[Daphne: Subaruun~, he’s made some pretty big boasts to Daphne~. Something about killing the White Whale, and then the Great Rabbit next~? So~ I was thinking~ I want him to at least live long enough to take them on~]

[Echidona: That’s an interesting perspective. If he sets his mind to it, he would certainly achieve it. You realize this, don’t you? ……Or, do you actually want the Great Rabbit to be destroyed?]

[Daphne: Makes no difference~? The moment it split away from Daphne~, its belly has nothing to do with Daphne’s belly anymore~. Whether it gets destroyed or not won’t really bother me~…… but I am interested to see how the Great Rabbit representing Daphne’s insatiable hunger would come to an end~]

“After all”, Daphne went on,

[Daphne: If to end is to be satisfied~……that would be a happiness completely unknown to me~]

Constantly tormented by endless hunger, to Daphne, its fulfillment would eternally be an unreachable dream.
The Great Rabbit was a reflection of her interminable hunger, and perhaps, even an extension of herself. ――Although, Daphne herself completely lacked this sense of intimacy with it.
If the Great Rabbit could meet a different end than what she had received, could it be called fulfillment? Was there ever a hope for her to be satisfied? With this rare display of interest in something other than food, she smiled.

Hearing Daphne’s answer, Echidona gave a satisfied nod, and turned her head yet again. Not to Subaru, Satella, or Minerva. Nor Daphne nor Sekhmet nor Typhon, but to someone who, like Echidona herself, had stayed somewhere isolated from the fray.
Looking at the Witch of Lust Camilla, Echidona softly stroked her own white hair,

[Echidona: And what about you, Camilla? Did you have a reason like Daphne?]

[Camilla: I-is, there……something you’re trying to… say? E-Echidona…chan……?]

[Echidona: It’s simple. ――You called to his consciousness when he was on the brink of death, just when it was about to be extinguished. Possessing the Authority of “The Faceless Goddess”, you must have known what the result would be]

[Camilla: ――――]

[Echidona: Your call would have held every significance for him. You must have known this. And so I’m asking. You don’t seem to have any fondness for him? So why did you?]

Listening to Echidona’s question, Camilla held her hands to her lips as her eyes puttered about. She glanced towards Daphne and Minerva, as if hoping for someone other than herself to come and back her up.
But there was no Witch on site who would be seduced by the all-beloved Camilla.
Helpless, Camilla began biting her fingernails, looking at Echidona with watery eyes.

[Camilla: There, was…… no, rea..son? He, rejected…… E-Echidona-chan’s temptations, so, I’m, already, satisfied…… and, everyone, started, fighting for some, reason…… but, that has nothing, to do with, me…… only…]

[Echidona: Only?]

[Camilla: L-Love, is, a pretty big……deal, you know? It’d be, wrong, to…… ig…ignore it. He, doesn’t…… want to, see it, but, there, is Love, there…… and when, it’s, there…… I won’t allow it, to be denied. And, I…… absolutely despise taking without giving]

Hearing only the last part spoken with terrifying clarity, Echidona shrugged.
The Witch of Greed gave a wry smile, before looking to each of the other Witches in turn,

[Echidona: Sekhmet and Typhon respected his will and intervened, while Minerva valued life and healed him. Daphne helped prolong his life so she could see his will to fight, and Camilla used her Authority to inform him of the love he was refusing to see. ――And so, everyone here, for their own varying reasons, has decided to help Natsuki Subaru]

Listening to Echidona’s appraisal of their actions, all the Witches’ expressions changed.
Pride tilted her head, Sloth spilled a languid sigh, Wrath snorted and folded her arms, Gluttony munched on one of her coffin’s extended legs and smiled, while Lust unhappily scowled.
And, taking all this into her sight, Greed held a hand to her jaw,

[Echidona: It’s, truly fascinating. ――Don’t you agree?]

Echidona’s lips softened as a blissful smile rose on her face.
Her words were aimed at the one directly in front of her―― at Subaru, wavering as he stood up.

Having wiped away his tear tracks with his sleeve, only now finally managing to stand, Subaru did not respond to Echidona’s question.
He merely watched her with his lustreless gaze, then looked over the other Witches. And,

[Subaru: Just what…… are you people]


[Subaru: Curiosity. Sympathy. Pity. Duty. Expectation. Disgust. ……None of your reasons for helping me makes any sense to me. I guess I can see why you’re called Witches]

[Echidona: Since you’re back to throwing insults, perhaps that means you’ve recovered your strength?]

[Subaru: ……I don’t know]

Echidona squinted a single eye while Subaru pressed a hand to his chest and muttered.
Those few spilled words perfectly encompassed all of Subaru’s present feelings.

[Subaru: I was supposed to have decided… what I have to do. The things I have to do haven’t changed. That much is certain. That’s certain…]

“But”, he went on, more to himself than to anyone else,

[Subaru: I had already decided that this was the only way. That’s what I chose…… what I’ve resolved to choose. And yet, here, the Trial shattered all of that]

The Second Trial, the presents that were not to be―― stuck the consequences of his actions right in his face as the reality that he could no longer use “Resolve” to appease tore his heart to shreds.
Being forced to witness all that, Subaru would have tried to put it behind him, and to push through with that resolve. In fact, that was what should have happened.

[Subaru: But when I learned of your reasons for helping me, and then having Satella appear right after…… my head is a total mess. All of you… can you stop doing these things on your own? What I ask myself to do is my own business. And yet, you’ve……]

At this point, how was he supposed to start clinging to the life he had already decided to treat as expendable?
At this point, how was he supposed to start valuing the life that was meant to be used to its utmost?
At this point, what could he possibly do with the knowledge that he was being loved?

[Subaru: I have…… no idea… what to do anymore]

“You can’t protect anyone if you can’t die!”, Subaru’s rationality was screaming.
“There’s someone who’ll be saddened if you hurt yourself like this”, Subaru’s memories were telling him.
People will suffer if he doesn’t die, and people will suffer if he does.

[Echidona: ――I will present you this question once again, Natsuki Subaru]

As Subaru shook his head in indecision, Echidona lowered her tone and said.
Looking up, he saw Echidona raise a single finger in front of him.

Seeing herself reflected within Subaru’s eyes, she slowly nodded,

[Echidona: Should you enlist my help, you will, without fail, reach the future where everyone you wish to save will be saved. There will be no more need for worry. In more extreme terms, I will solve all the problems you’ll face in your stead. All you’ll need to do is focus on implementing those solutions, and on overcoming those obstacles. If this constant burden is too painful for you, you have the option of leaving it all to me. I won’t fault you for it, and, in a sense, I’d welcome it. And so, I present you this question once again]

[Subaru: ――――]

[Echidona: Lost and without knowing where to go, will you let me guide your hand? I will, without fail, bring you to that future. This, I promise you]

Saying this gently, Echidona reached out her hand to Subaru.




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I was tempted to cut this one into smaller parts, but I think it’s better this way ❤
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Chapter 79 Live Draft:


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      1. Wait so he changed his goal right? to preserve his heart by not dying as much all the while saving everyone he cares about at the same time, does that mean that echidona will lead him to that path without her letting him die a bunch of times to satiate her curiosity. Isn’t that what he wants? The ideal outcome for him?


        1. Not really, Echidona is all about curiosity.

          She wants to take on all the possible paths there is to fulfill her curiosity each time ( that means that Subaru will die many times over ), but finally make him choose the path that will lead him to the winning point.

          But at what price ? We all know that everytime Subaru dies he loses a part of himself ( mental fatigue, breaks down bit by bit etc. ) and he don’t see his life as something worth protecting, so if it’s means that his loved ones will live at the end of it, he is ready to die as many times as necessary.

          Satella, on the other hand, wants him to live, to not take his life for granted, to remember that people will grieve for him if he ever gets hurt, dies etc.

          To think more about himself, trying to save the others, and at the same time save himself ( Not to throw his life just like that ).

          There is more to Satella then we know, you’ll see it in the next chapter or the one after that, but we won’t get to it again for a long time ( I’m at chapter 39 of Arc 5, and Subaru still don’t open that topic again, which means that we’ll wait for a while ).


          1. Don’t think that it will get answered. We’ve been cock-blocked by Tappei for over 3 whole years on that front. Thanks for the hard work as always Chicken.


        2. semi spoilers… but he does decline and this is the final run of the loop. i do have the link to the ‘what if’ on contracting but the quality is horrendous. ending is to good to spoil have fun


          1. Dude seriously whats up with you guys and your goddamn spoilers? Just what the fuck?
            Don’t be that kind of person, we use the comment session to discuss based in information WE HAVE. Thanks
            Sorry to disturb chicken sama, got annoyed with these pricks


    1. The second trial was to show you how sad everyone is as the result of your mistakes? All this time i thought the creator of the trial just want to see somebody’s suffers to sate her thirst of sadistic curiousity


        1. Well, it’s called a trial for a reason. Dona herself said earlier that the trial wasn’t meant to do what Subaru experienced.


          1. It was built so the liberation of sanctuary cannot be done so easily, not for satiating the greed of the witch.


        2. Even though it’s not to sate her curiousity, still in the end, it has nothing to do with showing how much people care about Subaru, right? I mean, the greedy witch surely give no shit about the one who take the trial, right?


        1. It’s the witch of greed herself who said that, right? And you believe in that? I mean, why would a mad scientist like her care about giving some life lesson like that?


          1. she also said the trails were for him. she is in charge of the trails and its up to her whether someone ‘passes’. purely for her amusement. the barrier serves no purpose other then confining people. it was even mentioned that roshit bringing in half breeds was also keeping it going. seems to me the trails are there just to break people


          2. The whole the trial system exists as means for her understand people to begin with. Echidna only interested in person’s resolution when confronted with their anixeities. Furthermore while Echidna’s goal was have him rely on her, wasn’t her idea for 2nd trial to break Subaru. She was simply advanagte of fact it happened anyway.


  1. Not there to make him take responsibility but to show him how others valued him. Mm, I like that.
    And then Dona being Dona strikes again during an emotional high.
    Thanks for the chapter, Chicken…


  2. aaawww. feel sorry for Flugel and Reid. They had to deal with these witches too.
    Well, we’ll eventually learn more about them in a future arc.


  3. wait, can someone clarify this for me. no spoiler pls. if remember it correctly, after subaru met daphne, he died on that timeline/universe right?. im confused how daphne still remember subaru, and so the other witches. or did i just forget what happened or missed something? hahaha maybe i should reread previous chapters.


    1. You can say that Echidona’s “Dream Citadel” is a place detached from reality and normal flow of time, so RBD’s resets do not affect it or any of its residents.


    2. not sure this is a valid answer but,…I think Echidona’s dream world isn’t affected by Return by Death, that’s why they all remember


      1. Figures. Subaru was running his mouth about RBD and no hand poked at him. The Witch had to wait outside. So it’s clearly not a part of the world.
        Yet Dona’s Citadel exists in continuity with the present Subaru’s mind. That would also imply that there are no “parallel worlds” Subaru has seen, since the single timeline of the Dream Space fallows him without splitting.
        A theory.


        1. Yo, nice theory. That ceases the tragic possibility of existing parallel worlds where all are left in worlds withoung main hero.
          But is it possible that Dona just told them about Subaru through her book of wisdom? Probably not but in the other case i don’t get how that should work – do they feel the rewinded time? How is it for them? Does that book write same events throughout the world twice/thrice/etc based on amount of loops?


          1. I don’t think the witches feel the shifts in time. They probably don’t feel the real time at all. The dream-space is disconnected from the real world, after all. Like a dream, really.
            Witch of Gluttony met Subaru during the Second Tea-party, that loop got rewritten, but here she does know him and remembers his promise to kill the Rabbits.
            The book of Wisdom might be the reason. It contains the info on what has been and what’s to be.
            But more importantly, the Book itself is the Authority of the Witch of Greed.

            Apparently, in application to the trials, the Book can be used to predict events with certainty by giving it some preset conditions. “There’s no such thing as uncertainty for the mind that could comprehend the position and forces of every particle in the universe” – or something like that. That’s why the first trial looked so real even though it [couldn’t have happened] in real life. The second trial is not much different.

            My theory is – the Dream-space is built on utilizing the power of the Book. Dona’s Authority automatically updates the residents of the Citadel to their actual versions each time the world rewrites, thus creating continuity. That also means the previous worlds are “cut” at the moment of Subaru’s death.


        2. Thank you for clarifying, that’s a really good theory,,.. i really hope that there are no parallel worlds,, it’s just breaks my heart


  4. Subaru: Just what…… are you people?
    Curiosity. Sympathy. Pity. Duty. Expectation. Disgust. ……None of your reasons for helping me makes any sense to me. I guess I can see why you’re called Witches

    Hahah loving the witches’ new nicknames! 😂
    And Satella’s timing with her words were just really beautiful.

    Thanks, Chicken!


    1. Speaking of nicknames. Satella has yet to call Subaru [Subaru-kun], iirc. Does that mean only The Envy uses that name. Kinda have a bad feeling about it.


      1. I believe if she was to have said that Subaru just might’ve snapped.
        He did say that only one person in his life has the right to say that.
        She is aware of what happened, I suppose.


  5. Oh man! That was for sure breathtaking. Anxiously waiting for the next part. You are simply the best chicken sama, thank you for, as always , your incredible work


      1. I think Dona was talking about the very recent time. Meaning it was thanks to Camilla that Subaru heard the voices of his loved ones through the agony and regained the will to live.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Go Go Power Chicken!

    I think it’s clear now Subaru is not taking that hand. For a solid reason – and his own good. Just what I’ve been talking about before: there’s no point in the perfect future if a monster would take his place there.
    Still cant help but feel theatrics at work here. How much of her Dream Citadel Dona can’t control? Feel like puppet theater, anyone?


  7. “..but I am interested to see how the Great Rabbit representing Daphne’s insatiable hunger would come to an end~”
    English isn’t my native language so can someone please explain me why is it “an end” instead of common “the end”?
    Thank you, Chicken-sama!)


    1. [The] is used for the one individually specified thing, and [A] – for any / random one of unspecified things.

      Here, [An end] refers to any kind of [end] for the Rabbit, not [the] only specific, predetermined one.


  8. Thank you so much Chicken-sama!

    Satella: You saved me. And so, you are allowed to be saved as well. I want you… to be saved.

    Beautiful (T▽T)


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    (Are you stupid? That wasn’t about making you take responsibility for the worlds you messed up in. That was to show you how sad everyone is as the result of your mistakes. ――Isn’t that the answer you wanted?)

    Also, dispite her sadistic side I will always love Dona! She is so cool!

    Thanks Chicken! your still the best and see you in part 2 ; )


    1. she is ‘happy’ when things do not go her way. its not as if she is happy if someone is suffering its more like she does not feel anything which comes off as sadistic. i like her as a loke character n never a gf


    1. it doesnt its not as if she is lying to him its the fact she is not saying the ‘whole truth’. leaving things out to trick him into taking the path she wants. she is not mentioning the fact that emelia would be mind broken and dependent on him. beako would become even more of a shut in. etc


  11. Tappei’s habit of having characters go through chapters and chapters of angsty self-doubt and hand-wringing instead of asking REALLY obvious questions to people right in front of them gets awfully tiring sometimes.


  12. I suppose we know where all the witches stand when it comes to aborting Subaru:
    Pro-Life: Wrath,Gluttony,Envy
    Pro-Choice: Sloth,Pride
    No F’s given: Greed, Lust
    Sorry, that’s all I could think about when Subaru tried to kill himself.😆


  13. The people that I want to know more about in this series:
    1, Hoshin of the wilderness
    2, Flügel
    3, Mama
    4, Aldebabaren
    And this mysterious”beheader” in arc 6


  14. be gone you emotionless freak. no way can someone who has abandoned their kid for 400 years can be trusted.


    1. Abandoned is a harsh thing to say. The term to use is “orphaned”. As for the writ of the Gospel providing no guidance, there are a couple ways to look at it.
      1. The Archive exists within its own pocket dimension, outside the Memories of the World. Gospels utilize MotW to create their writ, so without contact with MotW, the Gospel had no way to create writ.
      2. “That person” did come and established contract with Beatrice. The next 400 years of writ were so closely linked to That Person, that if That Person’s existence was consumed, then the writ, so closely tied, also ceased to exist.
      3. The Gospel was That Person’s rather than Beatrice’s. That Person had Beatrice hold onto the Gospel for safe-keeping due to a certain Authority that can edit Memories of the World, and thus misguide the Gospel that relies on MotW. Continuing to follow its guidance then becomes incredibly dangerous to do (see Roswal and every Cultist for an example of the potential danger). He couldn’t abandon the Gospel, a gift from Echidna, so he had Beatrice keep it safe. As in example 2, his existence was consumed, the Writ, specifically for him, ceased to exist, and his action of giving her the Gospel became attributed to the next most logical person, Echidna. Any potential memories of leaving the Archive with That Person would then also vanish, since she couldn’t have left without him, and rather than new memories being made up, 400 years with That Person were replaced by 400 years alone in the Archive.

      You can probably tell by the amount written that I prefer number 3.


        1. Right. And she is still within Memories of the World. The Book of Wisdom gains its information directly from Memories of the World. Subaru is the only on who’s definitively been shown to be unaffected when MotW has a Name removed. Echidna can’t remember the Name of That Person any more than Beatrice, and if MotW says Echidna gave the Gospel to Beatrice, that’s how she remembers it too. In a world where we know that Names and Existences can be consumed and forgotten, with memories being edited to compensate, it’s far more likely that Beatrice was told to wait for a specific person, but with that Name no longer existing, a new name couldn’t be inserted in its place, so it was replaced with an unspecified That Person.


          1. not sure when it was stated that dona was also affected when names are erased. dona just left it up to beako to decide. your theory is possible /maybe/ the books roshit n beako have give orders for them to help them fulfill their optimal path in life. but for beako dona just gave it to her to make her wait for someone she can accept a new contract with. without the book beako would have most likely committed suicide.


  15. I’m already surprised by the fact that Subaru’s brain didn’t shatter to pieces. This is really an over-excessive amount of things going on in his head! But I love the fact he is struggling, cause it means that Subaru is growing inside and he will may be see a third way to achieve his goals.
    Damn how I love these Witches.
    Thanks for the part!


  16. [Subaru: I had already decided that this was the only way. That’s what I chose…… what I’ve resolved to choose. And yet, here, the Trial shattered all of that]
    Tch. If he really is bothered by that question, he should ask the person right in front of his eyes about parallel worlds, and after he will get an answer, he could make his decision.
    I also didn’t understand, how Daphne could remember about Subaru’s words? Pretty sure, that she doesn’t read “books”. Dream citadel might be a separate dimension from reality, but based on Echidna’s words during their tea party after Great Rabbit ate Subaru I doubt that.


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