Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 86 [Against All Odds] (Part 1/3)


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Chapter 86 [Against All Odds]


Subaru was so stunned by what had just happened that he all but forgot about the pain of being punched.
Toppled across the ground, he looked up to find Otto glaring at him. On that usually pathetic, dead-pan, definitely-not-intensely-emotional face, there was a definite, blazing fury in his eyes.

Otto Suwen’s eyes were looking down on Subaru, full of rage.

[Otto: You don’t know what to do, and your head’s all messed up]

[Subaru: ――――]

[Otto: When you’re in a place where you need help, when the strength of your own arms and mind aren’t nearly enough, all you do is frantically scramble around accomplishing nothing but wasting time, isn’t it?]

Saying this to the silent Subaru, step by step, Otto drew closer.
On his hands and knees, paralyzed on the ground and feeling the heat swelling on his left cheek, all Subaru could do was stare at Otto.

[Otto: Your silence means you aren’t denying it, then. At least in our world, getting yourself trapped is about the lowest you can go. ――You hear me?]

Otto reached his hand to the speechless Subaru and hoisted him up by the collar,

[Otto: If you hear me, say something!]

[Subaru: ――――!]

A sharp, solid impact rammed into Subaru’s forehead, sending sparks flying.
Feeling the world spinning before his eyes, Subaru realized that he had taken a headbutt from Otto. Then again, another headbutt sent him flying backwards.
With his forehead and cheekbone aching, Subaru was shoved stumbling backwards. Naturally, no one could be expected to just sit there and take it――

[Subaru: The hell’re you doing……!?]

[Otto: Oh, so you were conscious when I beat you just now? I was pretty sure I was roughing up someone asleep, you know]

[Subaru: What’re y――!?]

Tearing up from the second headbutt straight to the nose, Subaru lashed back in rage, trying to grab Otto. But Otto slipped aside from Subaru’s reaching arms and violently swept out his legs from under him, sending him tumbling to the ground.

[Subaru: Gha!?]

[Otto: Just when your head’s getting some blood-flow, you’ve left your footing unattended. Isn’t that’s just like you, Natsuki-san, pathetic]

[Subaru: Oh…… you think!?]

Springing to his feet, Subaru threw the fistful of dirt he had grabbed on the way down straight at Otto’s face. But, having read his movements, Otto guarded his face with his arm and quickly closed in before Subaru could react. Just like that, in the time it took to gulp, Otto had place one hand on the back of Subaru’s collar and the other on his waist and tossed him.

Slamming back-first into the ground, Subaru bounced off of the impact, choking from the pain.
Even though the ground was thick with dead leaves where he landed, that didn’t absorb half of the shock.
Gasping, with numbness running all the way to the ends of his limbs, Subaru couldn’t get up again.

[Otto: Resorting to dirty tricks as usual, Natsuki-san? Too bad they don’t work on me once I see them coming]

[Subaru: …….Ghh, khha]

[Otto: See, Natsuki-san? This is what your strength amounts to. You’ll never reach the level of the Knights or Roswaal-sama, nevermind Garfiel. Even against me, you end up like this]

Watching Subaru desperately sucking oxygen into his convulsing lungs, Otto shook his head with exasperation as he prodded him with these words.
Walking over to the helpless Subaru’s side, Otto drew his face closer,

[Otto: Picking fights with the White Whale and the Witch Cult was stupid. You’re weak, and you wouldn’t have lasted a second in a straight-up fight. Surely, you understand this]

[Subaru: ――――]

[Otto: So, were you going to compensate for your lack of strength with wits? From what I’ve seen, there is a bit of cleverness about you…… but certainly no above-average judgement or decision-making abilities. Even your common sense is lacking]

Not sure what Otto was trying to say, irritation began showing through Subaru’s ragged breaths.
By now, the convulsions of his lungs, the shock of being thrown, and the pain on his forehead and cheek had somewhat faded. In their place, what accompanied his returning calm was only confusion regarding the true intention behind Otto’s words.
Looking down into Subaru’s black, non-understanding eyes, Otto continued,

[Otto: Both your strength and wits are lacking, and if there’s anything else that can compensate…… well, there really isn’t anything. You’re small, your reach is short, you’re the kind of person that can be found anywhere. You are just a commonplace nobody, and yet you’re aiming for these disproportionately great things]

[Subaru: What…’re you…… even trying to say?]

[Otto: You know that you’re powerless and weak, so what’s the backup plan you came up with? It’s to corner yourself even further, whittling yourself down trying to pull something out of nothing…… I finally understand how Patrasche-chan feels]

[Subaru: Patrasche……?]

Hearing the name of his ground dragon, Subaru’s eyes widened in surprise.
Patrasche. The black ground dragon who got herself injured to save a master who didn’t even know why she would do such a thing for him, who had taught him so much and to whom he owed so much―― who was so utterly wasted on Subaru,
Now Otto was saying that he understood how she felt.

While Subaru lay there, blinking, Otto stuck his fingers through his grey hair, and, with thorns in his voice, [So, you see], he continued,

[Otto: It’s fine to show off in front of the girl you have a crush on. That’s a necessary vanity, and I’ll respect that. I suppose it’s inevitable that you’ll be boasting things that are way out of your calibre. So I’ll be willing to overlook that]

That would be Emilia. And the way Subaru acts in front of Emilia.

[Otto: And I’ll forgive you for showing off in front of the girl who has a crush on you. Again, that’s necessary. When love’s involved, I believe the one on the receiving end carries a certain responsibility too. So it’s important to be putting on airs when you’re around someone who loves you, and I can forgive you for that]

That would be Rem. Once, Subaru had told Otto the exact same thing. That he wanted to show off in front of Rem, because she was a girl who loved him.

[Otto: But, that’s where you stop]

With this, Otto stuck his face even closer.
Subaru shrunk up his shoulders in anticipation of another headbutt, but Otto went on, practically snarling,

[Otto: You know that you’re lacking. You know that you’re insufficient. You want to show off to the girl you like. And you want to be something that the girl who likes you could be proud of]

[Subaru ――――]

[Otto: So, to make up for the parts that you don’t want those girls to see, shouldn’t you be enlisting some help from others? ――Say, from a friend?]

Pulling his face away, Otto said the last part holding his palm to his own chest.





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Otto is on his way to becoming bestgirl…

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Chapter 86 Live Draft:


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  1. Man, gotta love how Subaru learns how to better himself each time. I’m respecting Otto more each time I see him too.

    Thanks Chicken! 🙏

    Liked by 3 people

  2. You are saving my day right now. I just cant stop thinking about things in my life and to get a glint thy world I envy is truly saving me right now. Thank you! Thank you.

    Liked by 5 people

  3. Lol, doesnt feel like Otto at all, is he posseded? It will be interesting to see how this will end… Thx 4 the effort


    1. You barely know Otto enough what he actually like in any given situation. People have more than one side to them this especially true for every Re:Zero character.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. confused as well…even if he was talking after /coma/ i doubt sub would be happy enough to say he was bragging…i am guessing he is talking about petra? beako was hiding so i doubt he even saw her.


      1. They spent a week in the mansion before coming to Sanctuary, so Subaru had a lot of time to fill everyone on Rem’s condition. And their relationships were impossible to hide, after the scene in the carriage or after he almost attacked Otto for trying to help carrying Rem.


    2. Their memories sort of distort to compensate for the absence of Rem. She gets replaced with someone close in the memory.


        1. I mean this hasn’t been made into anime yet and arc 4 already done even before the first season of anime aired.


          1. It got translated in this year by translationchicken and there are people like me who didn’t know that Otto can be a cool bastard, too. 🙂

            So Otto best waifu 2k18!


  4. The chapter title reminds me of an old song.

    Otto best girl… Hmm…girl, yes, girl. GIRL = Guy In Real Life.


  5. Getting Ottos help probably don’t help anything, but, oh well, Sub getting punched in the face is nice to read.


  6. Really ,i think in Subaru’s place i would’nt consider this intercation as a lesson. Subaru already know he can’t do anything Alone ( that why he asked for help against the whale and the witch cult) even now the first thing he tried was to get help from garfield and roswall but they where both … well less then cooperative.


    1. Guess, the difference is, he appealed to the people of power, not to those who would fight for him. Though his personal army of a dragon mount, spiritless spiritualist, a merchant and a comatose girl is not that much of a fighting force.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. agreed. i would have done the exact same thing. rosswall could have atleast stop the rabbits using an ice wall or idk luring the rabbits away /flying safely out of range. sub beat trails. garf/ross beat elsa. everyone else would be canon fodder.


  7. At first I thought Otto was being really harsh, and that he might have another agenda but after reading it a few more times I see that he’s showing Subaru some tough love. Otto showed Subaru the truth, which is that he’s not that strong and not that smart and should rely on his friends. Which is true, he took an uncessery amount of sacrifices and wasted time trying to handle everything on his own. If he trusted Emilia, or saw that Otto and Ram are available he’d be a lot less down. He’s also probably hurt that he’s left out of the loop so often. Can’t really call each other friends if there’s a blatant question on trust between them right?


    1. yes he can convince ram if he tells her its in rosswalls best interest and he will die. but the thing is she is ‘hornless’ she can only fight for a very short time and then pass out. possibly the move could kill her. your almost on the right track. too good to spoil. xd


        1. she plays a big part. actually used to hate her character alot mostly over the fact she was a willing sacrifice/tool for roshit. her ecstasy over getting punched stab by him was disgusting. really should read the twins oni village story and how they ended up as maids. for starters the fact that oni twins are born with only one horn /weaker/ and a superstition that they grow up with horrid luck. they were almost killed when they were born by the villages elder ram stopped him with her wind magic. super fked up and they told them the story multiple times whyyy


          1. I remember their story, so sad :(. Especially how Roswall uses them as ponds now. Are you like fully caught up on this series?


        2. no not fully caught up. i rather not read poor translates of rezero when chickens gonna finish the arks. have not read most of 1-3 tho i have read what was left out of the anime so i do not think i would read that. up to the end of ark 4, side stories, and some what ifs <horrid summary translates of them<<< reading rezero academy super stupid. i have read what chickens has of akr 5,6 btw i cant post the links it auto either wont let me or deletes some words if i write to much .frustrating.


        3. yeah on the oni clan i stopped feeling bad about that i mean they were praising ram while telling rem that ram was better off if she was never born. ram believed she could change roswall no idea why she later let herself be his toy. i get she loves him but fuck this so twisted. only on the loops were it was obvious things diverged from the writ that she opposed his idiotic plans whatsoever. if she goes back acting the way she was before with him i would call her a shit character.


  8. Thanks for the new part Chicken-sama! I think I found a typo “Otto had place one hand on the back” should be “placed” instead, correct?


  9. Yes, Otto! Get him! Subaru needs someone to be transparent to, for his own sanity and because two heads are better than one alone.
    Thanks Chicken! I have great expectations from this arc!


  10. “Otto is on his way to becoming bestgirl…”

    I love how every time a characters gives significant impact/encouragement on subaru, people automatically declare him/her as best girl xD

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Tbh, Otto thinks a lot about himself. Even if he is “right”, it gives him no right to deny Subaru’s well earned exploits, it is completely disrespectful, especially from a person like him, he just diminishes Subaru’s merits. Especially, when he don’t possess information about Subaru’s contribution into these deeds. Some might say, that this is not his point, but no, his point is irrelevant and has nothing to do with reality. He basically did exactly the same what Subaru did at the Royal Palace to the knights. I truly dislike Otto’s behavior. And this cheap “friendship” bullshit has no value at all. Beautiful words, but no real weight. Subaru achieved what he achieved not because he relied on “friends”, exactly the opposite.


    1. And also, I never saw Subaru boasting about anything, this is just irritating. Otto might have had that impression, but it is just a mistake of his perceptive.


      1. And I also can’t blame Subaru for ignoring Otto at all. Otto don’t actually understand that his words can have a really negative outcome. And also piling 1 piece of trash with another, you won’t get anything good out of that. You will just have 2 piles of trashes.


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