Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 86 [Against All Odds] (Part 2/3)


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[Subaru: Haa…]

Listening to those words, Subaru let out a small sigh.

Honestly, for a moment, Subaru thought something along the lines of [Yeah, you’re right].
It wasn’t that he hadn’t hoped he could cling to and rely on someone this way. Of course he had. Like Otto said, Subaru knew that he was weak and lacking. He was not nearly so conceited as to think that he could solve everything on his own.

In fact, all this time, hadn’t he been trying to enlist Echidona and Roswaal’s help to compensate for his own incompetence?
Yet instead of receiving their cooperation, all he got in return were wounds and truths that he didn’t want to learn.
He had already tried to do it Otto’s way. But what Otto’s suggested wouldn’t work at all. That door was already shut.

[Subaru: ――Hah]

[Otto: What’s so funny?]

Reaching that desolate conclusion in his heart, it began to show on his face as well. Seeing this, Otto furrowed his brows in displeasure, while Subaru, with his face red and swollen, looked up to meet his gaze,

[Subaru: You got it all wrong. ……It’s not like I haven’t asked for help. I’ve already tried everything that might work. I’ve already tried to rely…… on anyone I thought I could rely on, and yet……]

His hopes were betrayed, but, not willing to give up, he was left only hugging his head.
In the end, even Emilia, whom he thought he must “Protect” and “Save”, rejected his thoughts. And only then did he realize that, all along, he had been looking down on Emilia as a “Weakling who needed his protection”.

Having experienced various things, met various people, said flashy lines, barked that he would make everything work out, rejected the resolve to die and embraced the resolve to live, and pretended as if he had moved forward if only just a little, ultimately, all Subaru had been doing was marching in place.
He couldn’t see a single thing he could do to alter this deadlock.

Now that even his forced smile had dried up, only a cold, rigid expression remained on Subaru’s cheeks.
Watching this, Otto’s lips quivered at Subaru’s silent laments.

[Otto: ……But, I don’t recall you ever asking me for help, Natsuki-san]

[Subaru: ――――]

[Otto: I’m not worthy of being relied upon, and it’d be pointless…… that’s how you see me, isn’t it? Or could it be that, in your eyes…… I’m just another one of those who needs protecting?]

Otto’s trembling voice as he tried to stifle his emotions only made his words even more jarring.
This was merely a glimpse of Otto’s rage, sorrow, and emotions without an outlet.
Touched by the ripples of Otto’s overflowing emotions, Subaru realized that his words had inadvertently hurt him, and he quickly shook his head.

[Subaru: No, you’re wrong…]

[Otto: How am I wrong? It’d be strange if I was wrong. If I was, then why are you sitting there alone not telling me anything?]

[Subaru: The fact that I’m not…… telling you anything isn’t because I don’t trust you. You’re wrong about that]

[Otto: ――――]

Shaking his head, Subaru’s eyes were wandering.
Meanwhile, Otto fell silent, only keeping his green irises fixed on Subaru.

The pressure of that gaze made Subaru cast down his eyes, muddying his words as he put his hand to his forehead.
It wasn’t that he didn’t trust Otto. In those loops, Otto had staked his life to protect him, and stayed with him when there was no profit to be made from it. For that, Subaru was sincerely grateful, and he wasn’t lying when he called him a friend.

But how could he tell Otto the truth?
If it was Echidona or Roswaal who could understand Subaru’s circumstances, then it’d be fine. The taboo wouldn’t be violated, and conversation would be possible.
But that was not the case with Otto. Not just Otto, but none of Emilia, Ram, or any of the others in the Sanctuary knew the first thing about Subaru’s situation.

Without mentioning the Witch or Return by Death, Subaru couldn’t possibly explain the predicament he was in. Even if he could tell them what will happen, about the Great Rabbit and the attack on the Mansion―― Subaru wouldn’t be able to say how he came to know these things in the first place.

When that happens, what could he tell them to make them believe him? Could he even hope for such a thing?

He knew he wasn’t strong enough, he knew he wasn’t smart enough, and he knew just how useless he was.
And so, ultimately, Subaru couldn’t do anything without getting help from others, and he understood that it was his job to obtain the help he needed.
But now, having failed to do his job, he had come to a standstill.

[Subaru: I can’t explain it. My head’s all a mess…… like you said, it’s all a mess, and…… there’s no way I can prove anything I say]

[Otto: …………]

[Subaru: They’re stuff that, even if I told you, you wouldn’t believe any of it…… so how can I explain it…… it’s like that with you, with everyone, with……]

[Otto: ……Why don’t you try?]

[Subaru: ――Huh?]

When Subaru told him that he could give him no reason to believe him, that was Otto’s reply.
Unwittingly looking up at those words, he saw Otto with his arms folded, looking back at him,

[Otto: So, why don’t you try saying it? Even if it doesn’t make sense and comes out all jumbled because your head’s confused, I won’t interrupt you, and I’ll listen to the end]

[Subaru: No, but, that’ll……]

[Otto: Just…… out with it!! Didn’t I tell you to stop putting on airs!?]

Otto kicked his foot into the ground, shouting that he had had enough.
Then, jutting out his finger at the wide-eyed Subaru,

[Otto: If you have the time to whine about having no proof and how no one’s going to believe you, why don’t you use that time to spit out everything that’s holed up in that head of yours!? Isn’t that way more constructive than sitting there moping!?]

[Subaru: Even if you say that……I! There’s no way you’d believe me if I gave you this mishmash……!]

[Otto: ――Just spit out the mishmash! Then at the end I’ll say “I believe you”! Because that’s what friends do!!]

――All the confounded, tangled contents of Subaru’s head was uprooted and blown away by Otto’s shout.

Otto’s words were without any real basis, and his logic was not that convincing at all.
Yet, to Subaru who had come to a standstill, it was more than enough of a push on his back.

[Subaru: Well… I don’t expect you to believe any of this, but……]

Little by little, he gave voice to every single one of the problems he had been keeping inside himself, and it didn’t even take that long.

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    1. You know, he could have written that “I can return by death” and what else on a stone tablet and hid it somewhere in the mansion grounds in the previous arcs and then gave Emilia or Rem some clues to find it later without him in their presence. If they did, Envy won’t see the exact time they discovered the tablet and its contents if he was not there with them right?

      Because, Echidona also said that she can’t see anything outside the place of pocession : the tomb and for Subaru and Envy, it’s his own body right?


      1. you know she can probably see what he is doing too and very likely can hear his thoughts. envy could not go with him into the dreams because dona was blocking her i guess. i still think the nice one is fake tho

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    1. I think he’s not to the point, if ever there will be a time, when he can say about rbd but I suspect since things have changed that he’ll be allowed of what will happen


      1. actually if he does not mention how he knows or the conditions then is it really breaking the rules? pl will just think he can see the future or psychic or has a future dairy/device


        1. there are no set “rules”. If Envy decides that she doesn’t like what subaru is saying then she’ll stop him.


  1. Did Subaru really not learned a thing from the White Whale hunt? Subaru never mentioned the Witch or Return by Death, yet he got Crusch’s and Anastasia’s camp to help him out… I’m disappointed.


    1. Um, you need to read that arc again. All that worked becasue he got lucky with necessary information. Had he not remembered the date and time on his phone he would and Roswaal authorizing him to make the trade the plan wouldn’t have worked.

      He’s actually been doing what just said in principal, he didn’t rely on everybody. He stated way back in the middle of the arc he didn’t want Otto involved in this dangerous stituation.


      1. And Subaru claimed that the “phone” will tell them exactly when the White Whale will appear…can he not think of something along those lines… he could say that he has a bad feeling about the remnants of the witch cult attacking the mansion for him to have a few friends join him on his way back to save people there. He can also say that while he was taking the trials Echidona mentioned the Great Rabbit will soon be attacking the Sanctuary Grounds… seriously. Otto and everyone else is right… Subaru is pretty dumb. lol


        1. Possible explanation

          “I can’t explain all i know because my contract forbids it…” and then explain all the situation.


        2. Dude Otto is not Crush. Not only does she have a lie detector she no interest in helping him without benefit to herself. It’s entirely different from this situation and then Otto RBD. Otto simply going take whatever Subaru says at because he’s allowing Subaru to do so.

          If he wasn’t doing it under this condition he wouldn’t believe anything Suabru had to say without proof either.

          Even the text says this:

          “Otto’s words were without any real basis, and his logic was not that convincing at all.”

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        3. ” Otto and everyone else is right” can’t you listen to Subaru? He said by himself that he THOUGHT about telling people, but it was pointless and he was right. What if he tell Otto? Even if he would believe, so what? He will turn out a superhero or what? He is even more useless than Subaru. Emilia can’t leave the sanctuary, Garfiel too, Roswaal won’t help. Subaru TRIED the most significant variants. It is not like he was idling for days. Let me remind you, that he learned that he don’t have qualification and control rights a half day ago. Not a fucking week or something. He tried to do something till the night and then fell asleep. So what exactly can Otto do? Punch Subaru like a retard and insult him? Yeah, very useful. When Subaru did the same to Otto in return that useless hypocrite piece of trash was offended by Subaru’s words.

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  2. Fucking FINALLY!!!

    Subaru is finally sharing.

    I mean damn, this is what he had to do to beat betelgese and yet he can’t think to do it now????

    I’m still waiting for subaru to claim that he’s psychic and can see the future… its called a loophole bruh


    1. I wonder if envy will stop him if he pinned the reason as something other than rbd, it’s definitely plausible


      1. he claimed his cell phone was a meta and knows when and where the whale will show up. pretty sure he just cant mention he is actually time traveling and the trigger is death. also all the things he has done so far would be impossible if he did not know what was to come so it is way easier to get pl to believe him now.

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        1. I don’t think he’s time traveling. I think he’s being transported into parallel timeline aka dimension hopping.


          1. well he is already from a different world. parallel time lines would seem more plausible. like steins gate. not gonna watch the new season of it.


      1. At this point, no he wouldn’t. He’s already pulled off some miracles, so there definitely are people who would believe him should be claim to be able to.


  3. I’m REALLY REALLY hoping the two of them can figure something out. Subaru’s story will be a lot for Otto to swallow.

    Thank you Chicken! I’m glad you were able to finsh part two so quickly! You are as amazing as ever ; )


  4. Subaru could say his gospel tells him what’s going to happen… but then that’d make him be in cahoots with the witch cult. OR he can say Echidona gave him a gospel to his really close confidants so they can believe him?


  5. I hope that Otto could come out of this without getting his heart crushed. Hmm, sounds weird Best friendt Otto!!!
    Thanks for the chapter, Chicken…


  6. I honestly dont know if its Chicken’s or the Author’s fault,but every damn part of every damn chapter ends in a cliffhanger. Its basically torture ;;


    1. Well, this is a section of the chapter, so this is chicken’s doing, however, any cliffhangers on the end of chapters are the author’s fault.


  7. “So, Roswaal hired an immortal assassin to kill the residents of his own mansion”
    “Garfiel’s actually a giant tiger, ready to throw a tantrum the moment you leave the Sanctuary””
    “That’s right”
    “And a bunch of rabbits will come and eat every last one of us because the bedridden asshole thinks it’d be fun to make it snow”
    “That’s about it, yeah”

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  8. Finished the anime last week, and just caught up today. Great job translating, I’ll definitely be coming back for each post even if I don’t comment.


    1. HOW IN HECK DID YOU READ ALL THAT IN A WEEK?! IT TOOK ME A MONTH TO CATCH UP. Granted when I caught up was when he first talked to the witch of gluttony. I can never remember her name.

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  9. Hey, finished the anime for the first time last week, just caught up today. Great job translating, I’ll be coming back each post even if i don’t comment


  10. I’ve been reading since chapter 1 and while I haven’t commented much, I can’t express how thankful I am for being able to read one of my favorite series. You’re doing god’s work my friend.

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  11. “Subaru realized that his words had inadvertently hurt him” how responsive of Subaru. He did exactly the same, what Otto did to him 5 minutes ago and this is the difference between the two. Otto is a hypocrite. Otto don’t give a fuck about Subaru’s feelings or how his words could hurt Subaru. He don’t know jack shit, but still acting like he knows everything, he is so arrogant. He can’t understand that he could be very well the last nail into Subaru’s coffin.


    1. I just hope that it would be considered by WoE as a violation of the contract and she will kill Subaru or Otto(it would be better), or at the very least just prevent Subaru from talking. And I would be satisfied.


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