Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 86 [Against All Odds] (Part 3/3)


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[Subaru: So, yeah…Roswaal’s hired the assassin to attack the Mansion…… in order to corner me and Emilia so we have nowhere to run…… pretty much]

Gingerly watching for any censoring hands popping up, Subaru carefully brought his explanation to an end.
All the while, Otto had only quietly listened, albeit with his brows furrowed.

[Subaru: And that’s all the information I have right now…… it may not be all that precise, but that’s everything. With nothing held back, all of it]

Naturally, the unspeakable part about Return by Death and the Witches’ tea party were a different story.
With those parts left out, the foundations were definitely a bit shaky. Even Subaru himself felt that the connections between everything were way too vague.
And so he was pretty on edge to see what Otto’s reaction would be. Although Otto had promised to say “I believe you” at the end, just what would he actually think about everything he said just now?

[Otto: Natsuki-san……]

[Subaru: …………]

After a long silence spent in thought, Otto dropped his folded arms and looked at Subaru. Seeing himself reflected in Otto’s green pupils, Subaru unwittingly held his breath.
What’s he going to say first? Subaru could hear his own heart pounding.
And, to this stiffened Subaru,

[Otto: There’s no way I can pretend I didn’t hear any of that and just run away, is there?]

[Subaru: Wh――haa!?]

Subaru yelped, thrown off by that off-kilter reply. But Otto shouted right over Subaru’s yelp with, [After all!],

[Otto: We’re trapped in this place with the Great Rabbit approaching, the only way to get out is if Emilia-sama breaks through the Trials, if we try leaving with just the people not affected by the Barrier we’ll get stopped by Mr.Clueless there, and even if we make it back to the Mansion we’ll get murdered by an assassin hired by the owner of the Mansion……. What kind of a situation is this!?]

[Subaru: That’s what I wanna know! Why do I have to be herded into a stupid ridiculous situation like this!? I mean I already knew it, but is this how much Kami-sama hates me!? Well, I hate him too!!]

If there really is a God of Fate, there is no doubt that god really hates Subaru. And since Subaru didn’t think he did anything atrocious to actually deserve this, it was just plain unfair.
But cursing the Gods wasn’t going to move this situation anywhere nor make things any easier. And, even before that,

[Subaru: Wait, Otto. I can see why you wanna flip out right now, but…… you mean you actually believe all those crazy things I said?]

[Otto: ――――]

[Subaru: That these bloodthirsty Mabeasts are coming, that even if we wanna run we don’t know if Emilia’ll succeed or not, that Garfiel’ll get in our way, and that Roswaal’s already betrayed us for his bat-shit insane ideas…… you really believe all that?]

Saying it out loud again, it just sounded like a list of unfortunate situations all bunched up into one.
In particular, the approaching Great Rabbit and Roswaal masterminding the attacks on the Mansion were all without any proof whatsoever. Those were the two most important parts, and Subaru had nothing he could use to convince anyone.

For the Great Rabbit, how could Subaru possibly predict the movements of Mabeasts when almost everyone in the world had already been trying?
As for Roswaal, why would he be plotting against Emilia, the candidate he is backing in the Royal Selection?
None of this Subaru could explain.

[Otto: Natsuki-san]

Otto briefly closed his eyes before addressing Subaru’s question.
He raised a single finger, and,

[Otto: I’ve been to quite a few places up to now, and I might not look like it, but I’ve interacted with all sorts of people on the way]

[Subaru: ……Unless, you can tell if someone’s trustworthy just by looking at them?]

[Otto: No, I don’t believe in that kind of superstition. When you’re a merchant, you’ll come to learn very quickly that there are people who can lie to anyone without a single cloud in their eyes. I’ve had more than my share of experience in that regard]

He’s bragging about it, but doesn’t that just mean Otto has been duped enough times for him to have learned his lesson?
However, deciding that this was too important a conversation to stick that quip in there, Subaru kept his mouth shut and allowed Otto to continue,

[Otto: Well, after meeting all those people, I’ve also learned to do business in my own sort of way. It’s been four years since I left home and, for better or for worse, I survived]

Otto made it sound simple, but it probably wasn’t an easy road.
He too must’ve been thrown into life or death situations more than a few times.
In this world, where one could run into the White Whale just by crossing a field, it’s not hard to imagine the kind of dangers a travelling merchant would have to face. Stray dogs, burglars, those kinds of things.

[Otto: And so, day after day like this, I’ve managed to make a life for myself as a merchant…… and I can confidently say that, up to now, I’ve always picked the side that was favored by the odds. Though things don’t always turn out the way I’d hope…… and there were times when what I thought was the winning side turned out to be unmitigated disasters and were never heard from again…]

[Subaru: Oy, oy, oy……]

[Otto: But, regardless of the outcomes, I’ve always tried to make choices that I don’t end up regretting. When I’m putting myself on the line, I think it’s obvious why that’s necessary]

Subaru still couldn’t exactly tell what Otto’s criteria is, but it sounded like he always picked the side with the best chances.
Hoping to establish a connection with Roswaal, Otto had accompanied Subaru to the Sanctuary with his personal advancements in mind. In that sense, Otto behaved like a realist, through and through.
That’s why Subaru figured that Otto would have no reason to listen to his baseless words without the slightest hope of――

[Otto: And so, this is a first, Natsuki-san]

[Subaru: ――Huh?]

Not sure what he was saying, Subaru only stared at Otto with his mouth gaping open.
And, seeing this, with a stupidly cheerful expression,

[Otto: Going against all odds and joining the side with no visible chance of success is definitely a first for me]

Otto stated his decision.


※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※


Running as fast as his legs could carry him. Out of breath.
Chasing his bolting heart across the meadow, without a second to lose, Subaru’s body was shrouded in wind.

Slicing through the crisp morning air, making great swings of his arms, he sprinted, step after leaping step.
Kicking up soil, trampling over rocks, he dashed straight along the shoddy path.

At last, the destined building entered his field of view.
His cheeks twisting with unwitting exhilaration, Subaru bared his teeth. Huffing like a dog with his tongue sticking out, he bounded for the building’s entrance, reaching for the door.


[Subaru: ――ROSWAAL!]

Violently flinging it open, Subaru tumbled into the building. Through the entryway and past the adjacent living room, he shoved open the flimsy door with nearly enough force to break it.
Inside, were Roswaal, sitting up on the bed, and Ram, diligently tending to him, while their expressions were painted over with surprise.

It was rare to get such a startled reaction from the usually carefree Roswaal and the always brazenly unemotive Ram.
And, since Subaru was about to do something never done before, that would be a good omen.

Counting on their surprise to be the winds of his good fortune, Subaru jutted out his finger at the speechless master and servant, and,

[Subaru: ――Let’s make a bet. With your wish and mine as the chips]


-=Chapter 86 End=-




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  1. Chicken, srsly. At this point im concerned about your translating skills. 2 chapters at one day, bless you and safe my soul


      1. Take Care of yourself Chicken-sama. Your life is important too … as you don’t have rbd.
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      1. [Rem: Tomorrow is Setsubun, and it’s actually the day of a festival Subaru-kun proposed. And, Rigel will represent the Onis as he runs around town dressed as an Oni while having beans thrown at him.]

        [Tia: ――A festival for me.] /now this is savage. xd/


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  5. Well, now that I think about it, Subaru really had a reason to keep Brotto in the dark, about Ros’ betrayal especially. Otto was baited deep into Emilia faction affairs by benefits of Margrave’s employment. Now telling him that Margrave is bat-shit insane and wants to kill everyone is a sure way to send any sane person packing.
    Power of friendship vs common sense of a merchant, huh. Say whatever, but Subaru is quite good at earning people’s affection.

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    1. This arc is for the bond of emilia faction after all. Everyone subaru considers to be faction members will have to know the truth eventually… including our best girl patrasche-tan.


      1. well the maids atleast already knew esp ram. anyone that spent time with him would know he is like that. i dont mean they all knew about his book but its really obvious he knew of things in advance. what gets me is that they still follow him after events showing his true colors and i find it odd they did not confront him when he set shit up. they will complain then stand up for him like good little hypocrites.


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    1. or the times the twins killed him for no reason at all. atleast otto had a very good reason /whale was targeting sub/. personally i think the twins are the shit ones there they were told sub was a good guy and i am pretty sure roshit said to trust him too so yeah.


        1. lol glade i checked back. or the Emilia fanatics, witch fanatics, loli fanatics, spoiler fanatics, not sure if there is a group i did not trigger. its not like i really hate the character but seriously i cant point out their faults? rem was a blood thirsty revenge maniac even sasuke would have been disgusted with. Emilia a childish naive idiot with 0 talents thinking she can become king by studying and taking test /trails/ without talking to anyone to gain support? how? the witches doing whatever the hell they want even if it ends up destroying the world because its in their ‘nature’ to do so. BULLSHIT. the loli that does not care at all if people die right outside her room because she is waiting for her book to tell her what to do. xd just gonna stop spoiling so there a group is happy (./.)


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    I cut as much as I could to make it too vague to figure anything out. though -> thought.

    Sorry if this isn’t the right place for it, I couldn’t find a better one that I had access to


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    However, thanks for the hard work! I’m eager to read more and more! I think I’ll just look on the next chapter intro a lil’ bit, you know ahahah.
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