Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 89 [Memories Of Snow] (Part 2/3)


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――Whenever she closed her eyes, the memories would come back vivid, even now.

White. A world of white.
In that landscape coated in silver, the young Emilia walked alone.

――You mustn’t remember this!

A soundless voice cried, but young Emilia, walking with her head downcast, did not hear.
Anxiously looking about her, only to be disappointed by the betrayal of her hopes, she went on dragging her feet through the snow.

――Go back! Please! Don’t do anything more!

Young Emilia exhaled a white breath and gazed curiously at the mist expelled from her mouth. Over and over, she went on huffing. Her only clothing were undergarments crafted from thin cloth and a cloak-like garment that covered the whole of her body.
It wasn’t an outfit one would wear with traversing this frigid world in mind, but there was nothing to be done.

After all, this was the first time Emilia had experienced a landscape this cold, or had ever seen snow.
The world she knew was a verdant forest abound in warmth and light, one that bore no resemblance to this world buried under ice and snow.

This all-so-familiar place had taken on an unfamiliar face.
And this mystified the young Emilia, such that she was even neglecting to react in the way she intrinsically should have.

――No! Don’t go any further! Go back! If you don’t, you’ll……!

Tearing her throat pleading, destroying it, spitting blood, yet the young Emilia’s legs did not stop. The voice would not reach her as the girl’s legs heartlessly carried her forward.

Her gait as she traversed barefoot over the unknown snowscape was pitiful.
Having lost all sensation of coldness or pain, her feet, cut by stones and branches hidden under the snow, marked her tracks with droplets of blood.

Yet earnestly pressing on, forgetting her pain, and hiding her terror of this unfamiliar world, for what purpose was she pushing forward alone?

――Stop, please…… I don’t want to watch anymore…… please……

Her pleas would reach no one. Her wish would go unfulfilled. Her hopes would be utterly shot down.
Though she already knew this fact, even in this world of dreams must this cruel fact be thrust upon her. ――By showing her her past self, and her greatest mistake, no less.

[Emilia: ――――hk]

Young Emilia’s amethyst eyes, as if sighting hope beyond the haze of the obscuring snow, sparkled.
Her eyes had landed on, as far as young Emilia knew, the trunk of the tallest tree in the world.
The great tree they called “The Tree of Prayers” was the sacred channel through which they poured their prayers to the divine and unknown. An existence treasured and revered by all who lived in the village.
Young Emilia, too, obstinately believed that by touching the great tree’s trunk she could feel its tremendous blessing upon her skin.

How reassuring it must have been in that moment to see that great tree in all its grandeur exactly where it should be.
How much of a salvation it must have been to see, amidst that familiar setting transformed into this strange and alien world, that great tree persevering as a token of her everyday life.

Huffing breath after white breath, Emilia clumsily rushed over to the great tree. The piling snow buried young Emilia to her knees, so although the tree wasn’t far away, the girl tumbled time after time, leaving imprints of herself upon pure white snow.

And, after falling face-first multiple times, with her nose red from the cold of the snow, Emilia reached the base of the tree.
Her tensed expression slightly relaxed with relief. Although, since her muscles had grown rigid in the cold, all it amounted to was a twitch.

[Emilia: ――――?]

Then, as she reached her hand towards one of the roots of the tree, young Emilia seemed to have noticed something. Sliding her hand along the root, with frozen fingers she began digging at its snow-buried tip.


She dug, and dug.
With singular purpose, spurred by burning impatience, young Emilia dug through the snow.

――Stop! Stop stop stop stop stop!

Not wanting to watch. Not wanting to remember.
Wishing she could look away, shut her eyes, block her ears, and scream to tear this world asunder.
But her non-existent face, non-existent eyes, and non-existent ears could not be dissuaded.

Young Emilia’s fingertips touched something.
Slowly, with her own hands, the girl peeled away the last patch of snow――






{???: ――You are truly beyond saving}

[Emilia: ――――]

{???: The proof of your sin. The proof of your corruption. Be cursed be cursed be cursed, and at the end of your suffering……]

[Emilia: ――――]

{???: Just die. ――Daughter of the Witch}


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Next Part 3/3:

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  1. That was my anonymous that said 3rd. I’m getting closer to 1st🤤 maybe chicken sama will praise me after😌


  2. 1: Two parts, WOO!!

    2: TY for chapter Holy Chicken

    3: Before I completely nerd out here, do you guys think that last line was literal or figurative? I mean as the daughter of Satella that would rework everything thing I’ve been thinking of this story, but it could also be swung as she is the reincarnation or vessel for Satella…. or I mean the author could pull a pulp fiction on us and she could be all three simultaneously.

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    1. In my opinion it’s figurative. I don’t think she could be Satella’s daughter since Emilia is ~80 years old and satella is sealed away for 400 years. I think Emilia is a vessel of possibly becomming the witch of envy. => Since she’s the “daughter” she has yet to proceed her “mother” by becoming the next vessel for envy.


  3. Daughter of the Witch probably means that Emilia resembles Satella too much that she could be her daughter.


  4. Well… I saw the upload right when u uploaded, but looks like i instantly feel asleep reading. Gonna read it in some hours


    1. ikr, i’ve been waiting for this!! Then chicken ends the part on such a place. Imo one of the most evil cliffhangers.


    1. lol yeah and from the donna contract if seems like she was aiming for emelia to be mind broken by the trails. considering shes been keeping people as hostages for years for her own amusement i am not surprised. I have some issues with dona lamo


  5. I got chills just from reading this. It’s heart braking to imagine a small child bleeding out little by little while walking through the snow. Poor Emilia!

    But who is this disembodied voice she keeps hearing? Is it puck or someone else?

    Thanks Chicken for doing such a good job and for getting them out so fast. You will have me on pins and needles till the next one!


    1. I’m guessing she’s remembering taking the trial, so that voice telling her to not go, not to remember, is herself as she views the same scene over and over. While the voice at the end is likely Echidona berating her.


      1. Oooo that makes sense!!! Since Dona hates envy and Puck yelled earlier something along the lines “This is not what you promissed Echidona!”, that means Dona sealed a contract with Puck for Emilia. All the puzzle pieces falling into place, this is getting interesting!!!


  6. {???: The proof of your sin. The proof of your corruption. Be cursed be cursed be cursed, and at the end of your suffering……]
    Must there be a curly brace at the end?
    Thank you, Chicken-sama!


  7. It will be a loooooong read. And asking questions about things you don’t understand won’t help anything. Just enjoy the read. I assure you emilia has her own spotlight for the next few chapters.

    I’m curious about arc 5 though.


  8. Daughter of the witch doesn’t necessarily means satella….. guys there are 6 other witches two of them having same colour of hair as her


  9. I’m anonymous! Emilia is his daughter from his future self, and the witch is his wife. Go figure! No wonder he accidentally makes dad jokes and teases her.


  10. Do you think it’s a metaphor?

    In Hell, or more specifically speaking: Christian mythology. suicide would be punished by freezing the accused for eternity.

    Maybe the elves were killing themselves off.


    1. No, bobby-Kun. You are not the only one. Even in the latest chapters, she is nowhere near ready to be King material. At least not from what I’ve seen.


  11. OH MY GOD I have goosebumps all over my skin aaaaaaaaa.
    This is really really really SAD. And I love it cause it is satisfying my curiosity. What is the voice in Emilia’s head???
    Thanks for the read! Just one more for today ❤


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