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Leaving the magic device shaped like a gramophone, Subaru slowly stepped back.
Nervous sweat had completely drenched his forehead. Leaning against a nearby workbench, he roughly swiped it off of his brow.

Taking deep breath after deep breath, he wondered if the device was picking up that sound.
But when he looked to Anastasia, who was in charge of operating the device beside him, it seemed she had already safely powered it off. Instantly, he was washed over with relief.

[Subaru: ……Hhaa, that was exhausting]

He spilled a sigh as his head churned with unimaginable fatigue.
Honestly, he was in such a trance while he spoke that he could barely remember a thing he said. It wasn’t that he forgot everything, but the memories were too vague in places.
And he had Anastasia’s speech notes, too…


Wiping off the droplets hanging down his chin with a sleeve, Subaru noticed that the room was extraordinarily quiet.
The people who had been watching the broadcast didn’t say a word. Beside Anastasia, were Garfiel and Al. While Julius and Ricardo, who later joined them, were also standing in a corner of the room. To see all these usually-noisy people suddenly dead-silent couldn’t be a good sign.
Unless, was his incoherent broadcast just that bad?

[Anastasia: Natsuki-kun]

[Subaru: Uwaha! I’m sorry! I’ll do better next time!]

[Anastasia: Why’re you apologizin’? Strange child]

With his heart wracked by anxiety, Subaru blurted out an apology the instant he heard his name. While, laughing at his reaction, Anastasia tilted her head smiling.

[Anastasia: It’s a strange thing to say to a strange child, but, Natsuki-kun, did you……]

[Subaru: Hm?]

[Anastasia: Did you use to be a con-artist back in the day or somethin’?]

[Subaru: What’s with that baseless accusation all of a sudden!? As you can see, I’m just a normal everyday student…… or actually, in a certain sense, I’m not even a student!]

[Anastasia: Ah, no no… I didn’t mean that in a bad way. I was just trying to say that the way you spoke was exquisite…… how you cast them into despair only to lift them up again, simply an impeccable use of rhetoric]

Waving off Subaru’s protests, Anastasia weakly giggled “Tahhaha”.
But, hearing this only made Subaru more muddled than ever.

[Subaru: Rhetoric? The hell’re you talking about? I blanked out right away and didn’t even know what I was saying. All the letters on the cheat-sheet got blurred together and I couldn’t remember a thing after I gave up reading]

[Anastasia: Yeah, you pretty much skipped our draft. You can’t imagine how I felt when right off the bat you started sayin’ things that had nothin’ to do with what we discussed…… but it seems I needn’t have worried myself]

[Subaru: I’m very sorry about that! But, generally, wasn’t it more or less in line with the notes? I mean, if it was that bad, you would’ve stopped me, right, Anastasia-san?]

The notes in his hand: the cheat-sheet he’d forgotten about at the most crucial moment, was filled with flowery oratory designed to clear away the anxieties of the people in this city.
It was a proud conglomeration of Anastasia’s negotiation techniques, Garfiel’s vast stores of proverbs, and even some of Subaru’s modern knowledge of neat and witty comments.
Even though he couldn’t read from it when it actually mattered, he probably had some of its ideas floating around in his head and wound up including them in his speech one way or another.

[Anastasia: I don’t know how to put this, but, Natsuki-kun, your speech didn’t even touch on anythin’ in the notes. I mean, none at all]

[Subaru: ――Eh?]

Without leaving any ambiguity on the matter, Anastasia’s words instantly shot down Subaru’s speculations.
Suddenly growing rigid, Subaru looked around at the others to confirm if this is true. However, the other four only showed their respective version of awkward faces as Subaru’s gaze passed over them.
Among them, Julius took one step forward. And, while picking at his front hair,

[Julius: It’s just as Anastasia-sama said, Subaru. Your broadcast didn’t contain any of the things we discussed beforehand. In particular, the part that was supposed to have been revealed at the start, about your accomplishment of slaying Sin Archbishop Sloth, was moved into the second half. It was almost to the point that I wanted to ask you what you were trying to do]

[Subaru: Seriously? If I didn’t say that, then wasn’t I just some super-random-guy to them!? If it was like that, you could’ve stopped me! Even if I had to start over it would’ve been better than confusing the hell out of them!]

[Julius: Start over? That’s unthinkable]

While Subaru started flipping out at Julius’ confession of doubt, Julius shook his head with an expression of complete seriousness.
Then, with almost a sense of reverence towards Subaru,

[Julius: ――It was… a wonderful speech]

[Subaru: ……Aah?]

[Julius: It didn’t matter that you forgot the notes. With your own ability, you’ve accomplished something far beyond our expectations. I have nothing but praises for your achievement. This is the same sentiment which I had felt when you slew the White Whale and Sloth]

In front of a stunned Subaru, Julius only piled on his exaggerated praises.
In a way that was utterly unlike Julius, Subaru thought he saw excitement in “The Most Perfect Knight”’s eyes. But the moment he regained his senses, Subaru began to suspect that something was up.
What’s gotten into this Knight? Could Subaru have upset his composure that much?

[Subaru: Quit joking around… I always thought your jokes aren’t very funny, you know]

[Julius: If that sounded like a joke to you, then it’s only because you think far too little of yourself. But, then again, perhaps that is exactly what made your speech what it was. It was a speech no one but you could have made]

[Subaru: You really are making fun of me, aren’t you?]

Considering the critical situation they were in, Julius’ praises were only making Subaru more frustrated.
Subaru had already gotten used to Julius’ sarcasm by now, but this wasn’t the time to be pointlessly bickering like this. If the speech didn’t have the effect they had hoped for, then they’d need to come up with another plan as soon as possible.

[Subaru: Instead of giving people strength, if all I did was make them distrust us, then it won’t work even if I try again. Next time someone else should……]

[Anastasia: Natsuki-kun, that’s enough of your self-deprecation, you know? It’s making people uncomfortable just listenin’]

Saying this, Anastasia put a stop to Subaru’s whining from the side.
Glaring at Subaru with a look of disapproval on her adorable face,

[Anastasia: Your speech was exceptionally effective, guess I have to spell it out for you since you can’t seem to realize it yourself. ――Natsuki-kun, your speech was more perfect than we could’ve ever imagined. You have the talent of a true demagogue, you know]

[Ricardo: I’m with th’young miss y’know! Khhhhyya, that gave me shivers! What’s with you ‘n words! Y’make it look easy, bro! The way y’tricked Emilia-sama, Crusch-sama, that lil’girl ‘n th’ground dragon into fallin’ all over ya, m’I right!?]

[Subaru: Both of you’re saying things I can’t just let slide! What d’you mean tricked! Who’re you calling a demagogue!]

Listening to their overly-scandalous evaluations, Subaru raised his voice, shouting.
But Anastasia and Ricardo only innocently looked at each other and shrugged. And here, seeing how everyone seemed to be in on it, Subaru began to suspect that they weren’t entirely joking.
This grew all the more obvious when he saw Garfiel, squatting on the floor, watching him.

[Garfiel: Capt’n……]

[Subaru: Garfiel… what do you think?]

[Garfiel: Capt’n’s the Capt’n a’right. I was right t’follow ya outta th’Sanctuary…… that’s what I think]

[Subaru: ……Your expectations are always a bit too heavy on me]

[Garfiel: Well that’s yer own fault, ain’t it, Capt’n]

Garfiel got up and walked over to him, flashing his fangs smiling. Seeing this, Subaru expelled a sigh through his nostrils, and,

[Subaru: In that case, running from my responsibilities would be the same as giving up, wouldn’t it. I don’t want that to happen… that’s probably what I said in the broadcast, right?]

[Anastasia: There you go]

Anastasia smiled, watching Subaru scratching his head, looking deflated as if only just now accepting this. She pumped up her little chest at this unexpectedly good outcome and softly rubbed her scarf with her hand,

[Anastasia: In fact, you’ve raised everyone’s morale so high that I’m gettin’ worried they’ll start doin’ somethin’ stupid. Even here, you’ve got us pumped full of spirit on account of Wrath’s Authority, you know]

[Subaru: If you exaggerate like that I’m gonna think you’re pulling my leg again…… seriously, just how good of a radio DJ was I, anyway…]

Getting hoisted up higher and higher was only making it harder to wrap his head around it.
Tearing himself away from the whirlpool of warm gazes, Subaru slowly walked up to the arcane device once more.

[Subaru: In any case, if that speech had made a difference, that’s better than anything. Hopefully, this’ll be enough to stave off any more violence in the refuge shelters…… So, any thoughts on our next step?]

[Anastasia: Now that the citizens are calmed down, we’ve taken care of everything apart from the root cause itself. However, after Natsuki-kun’s speech, the Witch Cult definitely knows about our intentions now……]

[Subaru: Wonder what their reaction will be. Like you guys said, aside from the fact that it’ll be irrational, there’s not much else to go on. At the same time, we must settle this as soon as possible]

Regardless of the effectiveness of Subaru’s speech, it didn’t change the fact that the means to destroy this city was still held in the hands of lunatics. Even with the greatest optimism, chances were, the Great Water Gates would be released at the stroke of midnight and the city would be swallowed beneath the flood.
No matter what, they must end this before that happens.

[Anastasia: And to do this, we’ll need to capture all four towers at once…… correct?]

[Subaru: There are four Sin Archbishops and two enemies we don’t know about. We’ll need to consult with our forces on how to tackle this]

Simultaneously capturing all four Control Towers is the necessary condition for saving this city.
Concentrating their forces like they did for assault on the City Hall wouldn’t work here. Since, as soon as they attack any of the towers, there would be the risk of the other three releasing the floodgates.
Subaru wasn’t confident that they could survive these odds four times in a row.

Up against six major enemies, their fighting strength was――

[Subaru: It’s a… difficult hand. There’s the chance it could turn into a repeat of our attack on the City Hall. But…… if we could have at least one more card]

[???: ――In that case, how about a Joker?]

While Subaru counted their forces on the fingers of his hands, a voice abruptly chimed in.
Without thinking, Subaru turned towards the figure standing at the entrance of the room, and,

[Subaru: Sounds like in the time since I last saw you,  your evaluation of yourself has gone up quite a bit?]

[???: Not nearly as much as Natsuki-san, being asked to make speeches and all…… I never thought I had a hero among my friends, but guess I was wrong]

[Subaru: Still don’t think it suits me, though]

Seeing the figure shoot him a mischievous smile, Subaru shrugged his shoulders and laughed. Then, walking up to the entrance, he gave that smiling figure a high-five.
Watching this reunion, Garfiel’s face also brightened,

[Garfiel: Otto-bro! Yer safe, ain’t ya!]

At Garfiel’s delighted call, Otto, who had been missing since the troubles started, answered with a nod.
Aside from the dirt on his clothing, Otto seemed completely unhurt. Joining them, he gave the approaching Garfiel a high five as well,

[Otto: I barely escaped with my life. It’s a miracle that I survived and somehow made it here alive. Glad to see you two are safe. Though, I know you guys are way harder to kill than I am, so I wasn’t all that worried]

[Subaru: Is that right. Actually, I wasn’t all that worried about you either. Why is that?]

[Garfiel: I dunno. That’s just Otto-bro’s natural-vibes maybe?]

[Otto: Can’t you worry about me a little more!? In this kind of crisis, it was extremely dangerous to be out there alone, you know!?]

But, in reality, he did manage to rejoin them, so that wasn’t very convincing.
Anyway, while they were in the middle of this joyous reunion, Anastasia clapped her hands and squeezed herself into the conversation,

[Anastasia: Alright alright, calm down calm down. First off, it’s nice to see that Otto-kun is alive. And I’m sure there’re mountains of things you want to ask each other about what you’ve been up to and such, but…]

Cutting off her words there, Anastasia shot Otto a glare with her green-onion-colored eyes,

[Anastasia: That conspicuous remark you just made…… mind telling me what it meant?]

[Otto: The Joker, right? It’s a simple story. If I let him come in right away, my survival would’ve been pretty much overlooked, so I cleverly asked him to wait outside for a bit]

Looking a little embarrassed, Otto walked over to the door at Anastasia’s prodding and gave a signal to someone on the other side of the door.
Preceded by the sound of footsteps, a new character walked into the room. And,

[????: ――Sorry I’m late]

One sentence. And that utterance alone charged its listeners with the feeling of being reinforced by ten thousand men.
Alongside the sensation of a gust of wind sweeping by, was the illusion of a towering flame appearing before their eyes, compelling their hearts to shudder.
And in reality, this reunion did indeed hold that kind of power.

For the strength that they have been dying to obtain had arrived.

[Reinhard: Reinhard van Astrea―― it’s a bit late, but I’ve come to join you]

Saying this, the red-flame Sword Saint announced his intention to join the fight.



-=Arc 5 Chapter 42 End=-



Next Arc 5 Chapter 43 (Translated by u/fr81):


This chapter might be one of my favorites of all time, alongside the Arc 3 Interludes… ❤

u/fr81 has done the wonderful translation of the next chapter, and he’s agreed to let me post it here!  I will start translating Arc 5 Chapter 44 next, while Chapter 45 will be done by u/fr81!


Next Arc 5 Chapter 43 (Translated by u/fr81):

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    Alongside the sensation of a gust of wind sweeping by, was the illusion of a towering flame appearing before their eyes, compelling their hearts to shudder.
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    For the strength that they have been dying to obtain had arrived.”

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