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Chapter 48

[The One You’ll Come To Love Someday]


For a moment, Emilia did not understand the meaning of what had been said to her.
Without thinking, she swallowed. The young man in front of her—Regulus, in response, raised a hand while smiling.

[Regulus: Aah, I’m sorry for doing this so suddenly. I may have shocked you a little. Honestly, I apologize on that point. It seems I keep on having to say it, but I am a man capable of apologizing. There are unsightly people in this world who do not acknowledge their own sins and blame this and that, too small to admit they make their own mistakes. They think they do not get a single thing wrong, even if you empty out everything they’ve done since birth to this very moment and examine it. Mistaken so, I think they become like that, but just how arrogant can they be? If they could just examine what lies under their feet a little more, and compare themselves to the vastness of the world and come to truly understand how small of an existence they really are, then they would not end up like that, just a single apology, is what they call a personality? It reflects their character. Don’t you think so?]

[Emilia: Then, apologizing is important?]

[Regulus: Correct! That’s right, apologizing is important. What a relief. It’s obvious, and you seem to understand that point, so I am quite relieved. In this world, people that can not understand something so obvious are unexpectedly many. It makes me dislike them. So, it seems there’s no problem on the matter of adjusting understandings between the spouses about apologizing. I’m relieved, it seems like I’ll be able to get along well with you from now on. And so, I apologized. The problem was, I was being a little impatient……]

Having spoken up to that point, Regulus’ eyes looked Emilia up and down. As her body was only wrapped in a blanket, she froze up a little at that view.

[Regulus: Yes, shyness is important even between spouses. On that point I think you are very good. Once again, it’s about the question from just before, I’d rather you not misunderstand. I, more than anything, was not checking whether or not you are a virgin from a worldly point of view. I’ve said this multiple times, but I am your husband and you are my wife. It will not do for a marriage to lack strong ties of affection and courtesy. Connected with the long, long chain called love, devoting everything to your partner is obvious. Therefore, that you have never been touched by another man……That’s the kind of assurance I need.]

[Emilia: Assurance that, I wasn’t touched by others……?]

[Regulus: Of course, checking whether or not you retain your maidenhood by sure evidence is nonsense. But as a kind of touchstone, I think it has such significant value. So, deliberately, even knowing it would be an experience you don’t enjoy, I asked. I want you to understand that this is due to my love for you. Some stranger you don’t love, who cares about how their virginity is. It’s because I love you, that’s why I’m checking.]

Regulus fluently and continuously spoke of the rationale behind his thoughts. Battered by these waves of words, Emilia felt something creepy about the cooly-talking Regulus.
Without knowing why, something about his appearance ceaselessly stirred a feeling of déjà vu in her heart, and the contents of what she heard pouring like water were not retained in her memory. Only, she was aware of one thing.

What he treated as important, the term “virgin”. That was——.

[Regulus: And so, I want to ask once again. ——Hey, are you a virgin? Or not?]

[Emilia: Um, by “virgin”, what do you mean? Sorry. I, haven’t heard it before.]

[Regulus: …..What?]

After being thrown a question prepared with flowery words, Emilia apologetically replied so.
She knew Regulus had a strong attachment to the word, but Emilia did not know very well what it meant.
Perhaps, it refers to a young girl, she thought.

Inquiring in a low voice and hearing Emilia’s reply, Regulus’ expression clouded.
Closing his eyes, he shut his mouth. Fallen in thought like that, his appearance caused anxiety to creep up, but the silence didn’t last as long as imagined.
Opening his eyes wide, Regulus reached his open hand towards Emilia. And,

[Regulus: Excellent. ——You are, my ideal girl.]

[Emilia: Eeh?]

Holding Emilia’s hand, Regulus wore a bright smile on his face.
It was a truly happy face, unlike the smile from just before. He had the kind of expression, that a beaming child might make after getting a toy they really wanted from their doting parents.
Regulus grabbed and shook Emilia’s hand up and down, and repeated the gesture many times.

[Regulus: Yes. That is how it should be. The virginity of the body this, the virginity of the body that, it’s not really suitable for me as a touchstone, I had always thought so. However, the true sense of pureness is what lies in your heart. Your body being virgin is a given! What’s really important, is that your mind remains virgin as well. I feel as if I have reached a truth. Amazing. You have brought something new to my previously satisfied self.]

[Emilia: ——]

[Regulus: Yes, yes, I get it. Rest assured, I will welcome you as my wife. Besides, because of that I realized something important. Henceforth, when welcoming a new wife, just inquiring as to their virginity will be insufficient. If they are not at the level of a child lacking knowledge of what virginity even is, that lowers the value of a wife. An adulterous heart will not do. It is unbefitting of my wife.]

Releasing Emilia’s hand, Regulus stepped away with a very satisfied appearance.
The meaning of his remarks were still not very well grasped by Emilia. In the first place, what he meant by “husband” and “wife” was a mystery to her. By Emilia’s understanding, the wife was part of something the father and mother were, one each, but from Regulus’ remarks, the image of many wives came to mind. Such was a notion far off from Emilia’s common sense of the nature of married couples. Perhaps he was talking about a different concept with a shared pronunciation?

[Regulus; Whoa, and your appearance cannot be left like that. I will arrange for a change of clothes straight away.———No. 184! Come here.]

[Emilia: ———]

Leaving the perplexed Emilia alone, Regulus suddenly spoke out a number. Then, from the other side of the corridor, the woman who had left the room Emilia was in now appeared. A young woman with long blonde hair and a polite manner, she arrived next to Regulus and demurely greeted him on the spot. Regulus nodded at her gestures, and

[Regulus: For her……A change of clothes for No. 79. As soon as that’s prepared, I will hold the wedding. This child is in the same position as all of you. Get along, and do take care of her.]

[No. 184: ———]

[Regulus: Yes, you are no longer prone to laughing. ———Good child. A good wife.]

To the silently nodding woman, Regulus spoke as if satisfied.
After that, approaching Emilia who still seemed lost, he ran a finger through the side of her silver hair, and stroked her head.

[Regulus: Then, a little while later.]

[Emilia: Yes……]

Emilia’s instinct was appealing to her, to avoid going against him.
Accepting Emilia’s short reply, Regulus then, with the sound of footsteps, disappeared to the other side of the corridor.
Regulus had merely just been there, calmly too———Even then, his existence gave off a strange pressure, which seemed to her a dangerous threat that reminded her of the time her old homeland had been threatened.

[No. 184: This way.]

The woman next to Emilia suddenly called out to her. She had been gazing at the back which had long since disappeared. Hearing the woman’s voice for the first time, she was reminded of string instruments from its clear beauty. However, the voice, just like her expression, felt as if all feelings of emotion in it had frozen and hardened.

[Emilia: Hey, sorry. I, have a looot of questions I want to ask……]

[No. 184: Your change of clothes.]

[Emilia: The clothes are important, but there’s also……Yes, do you know where this place is? I was, at a plaza in Pristella with a Witch Cult person……Ah, really.]

Ignoring Emilia as she tried to ask questions, the woman started to walk off immediately. Following quickly behind her, Emilia kept asking questions trying to somehow shine light on the situation, but that fully-turned back replied to her with nothing.
Guided by the woman in front of her, she arrived next to the room she had slept in previously. It was also a space which resembled a simply arranged room, in which furniture had been forcefully shoved inside.

[Emilia: This must have, originally, been a slightly different room……]

[No. 184: The clothes chosen with care, and so on, Husband-sama brought them over. No. 79, you are to change into them.]

[Emilia: By No. 79, do you mean me? Just now, I think Regulus called me by that, too. You’re……]

[No. 184: I am No. 184. His wife, like you.]

[Emilia: Like me……]

As the door closed, only then did the woman———Naming herself No. 184, engage herself in conversation. There was no change in the voice which had lost its emotion, but it seemed barely possible to make conversation.

[Emilia: About the word ‘wife’, I’ve asked a few times, but does it mean the same as ‘missus’? Then, I, don’t think I’ve become Regulus’ missus……]

[No. 184: Even if no such idea resides with you, he has such a notion. And if he has that idea, that means yours are irrelevant.]

[Emilia: Isn’t that strange.. To become a missus, you have to be married with your master, right? I, didn’t get married with Regulus, and don’t have any thoughts to. Marrying is between a guy person and a girl person, who say they will keep being together and have to keep liking each other after. I, can’t make a promise like that with anyone yet..]

[No. 184: If you mean a wedding, it will be held right now. With that, the matter will be concluded.]

No. 184 did not seem to possess any notion of listening to Emilia’s words. Even as dialogue seemed established, it actually wasn’t, and Emilia became more and more confused.
In the meantime, No.184 had approached Emilia, and was trying to pull aside the blanket covering her.

[Emilia: Ah, wait, what are you doing?]

[No. 184: Changing you into bridal attire right away. Fortunately, your clothes are already prepared. When undressing you to lay you in bed, your size was checked, so please rest assured.]

[Emilia: You were the one who undressed me?]

[No. 184: Do you think I’m Husband-sama? Please be assured. He does not make a habit of stealing peeks at women’s skin, and he doesn’t have any interest in women in the first place. After your virginity has been assured, he does not do anything.]

[Emilia: You, are talking about that ‘virgin’, too?]

[No. 184: ……It is surprising. Surely, but it wasn’t acting, you really did not know?]

For the first time, something resembling emotion slightly flitted across No. 184’s expression. At that faintly surprised look, Emilia opened her eyes wide, then slightly laughed.

[Emilia: What, you can be surprised, too. Then, you can talk while smiling. That is, much better suited for you, I think.]

[No. 184: ……Husband-sama does not desire it. I will also leave this advice with you: Husband-sama likes your usual look. It is wiser not to laugh, rage, or change your expression. If possible, even not opening your mouth would be better, I think.]

[Emilia: Are you saying not to talk? Why?]

[No. 184: Since you won’t know, whether it infringe on Husband-sama’s rights.]

Stripping the bedding from Emilia, No. 184 proffed undergarments. After receiving it, she held it up to her body, and the size seemed to fit perfectly.

Watching her putting on the undergarments while shaking her hands and feet, No. 184 suddenly gave a long sigh.

[Emilia: Is something wrong?]

[No. 184: …..No, I was merely thinking that you were beautiful. Your narrow hands and feet, white skin, and long silver hair, especially.]

[Emilia: ——? Thanks. Even if you don’t really mean it, I’m happy. I only have Subaru and Anne telling me things like that.]

[No. 184: Subaru……A man, is it?]

[Emilia: Yes, my knight. He will rea~lly be worrying about me, I think. So, I want to find out where I am quickly……]

Probably, it would be causing him lots of worry.
In Emilia’s head, there wasn’t any concern of Subaru having been done in. He had Beatrice with him, and the notion of Subaru falling into a situation where he would die didn’t reach Emilia’s imagination in the first place. Subaru, he would get through it somehow.
And so, being captured without being able to say anything to Subaru was really pathetic.

[No. 184: That man you call Subaru, do not ever mention him to Husband-sama.]

[Emilia: Uh, why?]

[No. 184: To borrow Husband-sama’s words, the virginity of your mind may become suspect.]

[Emilia: Again, it’s about that ‘virgin’.]

Giving a term as the reason without explaining what it meant was really confusing.
Without explanation beyond that for the pouting Emilia, No. 184 took a pure white dress from the closet, and held it close to Emilia’s body.
With a brilliant-looking front, and many fancy ornaments stuck on, it was a beautiful dress.

[Emilia: But, it looks hard to move in.]

[No. 184: Complaints too, not speaking those would be wise. I will dress you now.]

Wondering, her head tilted askew, whether such a wonderful outfit would even suit her, Emilia was putting it on as instructed by No. 184, she was changing into the dress.


※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※


[Regulus: —— Aah, isn’t that just great. As I thought, white suits you.]

[Emilia: ……Thanks.]

Regulus said in a bright voice when he saw that Emilia had changed clothes,
His appearance too had changed from their hallway meeting just before. Emilia’s expression suggested that she had noticed, and Regulus lightly popped his collar in reply,

[Regulus: A wedding is important, you know. Normally, I am of the thought not to not be attired as such, but I wouldn’t want to embarrass you with some unfun stubbornness. It is the ideal for spouses to show consideration for each other, without thinking of it as uncomfortable. For this level of work, I do not wish to burden you with worried thoughts about all the consideration I have shown you, I merely want you to know that, if it is for your sake, I am a man that can accept making some changes. And for the venue, it will be ready soon, in just a little while.]

[Emilia: The venue……You mean here?]

Dressed in a white tuxedo and robes, Regulus turned his head, and following him, Emilia also gazed around the space she was in.
It was a cathedral——To be exact, it was a cathedral used only for the single important task of beginning a wedding ceremony.
After having been changed by No.184, Emilia had left the building for the first time, and quickly realized she had been resting in a room within one of the control towers. As such, Emilia had been led by No. 184 from the tower and brought right to this cathedral.
The outside of the cathedral was busy with laboring figures bustling about, for the wedding preparations which they were methodically continuing. And wordlessly, blankly carrying out the preparation of the venue, wherever one looked, were beautiful and fashionably attired women.

[Regulus: These girls are my wives, they’re in the same position as you are. All together, they number 291……It’s sad, but a lot of those kids died, you know. But still, for those that are still with me, I pour my love onto them equally, I think. That’s obvious. Some principle of favoring and loving only one person is too distorted to be fitting for what you call a husband. I never do such absurd things. A fixed love, in a fixed amount, by fixed ways, I divvy it out. Here, there is no favoritism, no inequality, no injustice. Be relieved. For I, also love you in that same way.]

[Emilia: What you are saying, isn’t it……]

[???: —Husband-sama. Briefly, a word.]

“Isn’t it weird?”, Emilia was about to say.
Coming to the front, No. 184 who had been waiting at their side spoke to Regulus Hearing No. 184’s words, he vaguely furrowed his brows.

[Regulus: You know. I’m talking to her right now, you see that, right? Interrupting me now, when we’re sharing in nurturing the sprouting of love between us, just me and her, don’t you think you’re smearing poison on it? Or is that just not on your mind? Such small courtesies between a husband and wife, I think they’re really important. Didn’t I keep telling you that? And yet, by still getting in the way, you’re making my very minor wish go to waste. What do you think, No. 184?]

[No. 184: I am truly sorry. However, this is important. I know it is presumptuous, but I am only acting out of concern for Husband-sama. I humbly ask you, to hear my words.]

His speaking grew more rapid, and signs of danger erupted from Regulus’ whole body. However, even exposed to that razor-sharp look, No. 184’s resolute attitude did not bend as she advised him. Naturally, at that sight, Regulus drew back the thorns from his appearance.

[Regulus: ……Fine. Speak. Sparing some kindness for the wife, is a husband’s generosity. I am not such a petty man that I can’t even do that much.]

[No. 184: I am truly grateful. Well, it is regarding the message of the broadcast from a while ago……Will that be all right? If, potentially, a disturbance was made at the wedding..]

[Regulus: The broadcast? Ah, the one that the trembling voice I don’t really know made. Does it actually matter? If they just talk, it’s not a problem at all. It’s some complaint-filled coward that can’t even speak of their own skills, listing off some fitting words, that’s all it seems to me. If it’s Capella, or Sirius, if it’s for those trash then I don’t know…….But I don’t care. Or, is it that you don’t trust in my strength? Then, as a wife, are you doubting your husband’s abilities?]

[No. 184: No, I believe in it. If Husband-sama is there, then we have nothing to worry about. I was merely hoping for Husband-sama’s words to wash away my anxiousness, that’s all. Please kindly forgive a lacking wife, who failed to rely on you.]

With a seemingly prepared reply, No. 184 tried to dodge Regulus’ inquiry. With a feeble girl’s words and an expressionless face and voice, No. 184 compelled him. And Regulus shook his head as if impressed by her words.

[Regulus: Is that how it was. That, I myself didn’t think of it, sorry. Even if I wasn’t asked, I still should have noticed your anxious thoughts. One must consider the thoughts of others, even if they are unspoken, so just how much was I acting as I pleased? I reflect on myself.]

[No. 184: It is rather I that is deeply sorry. Husband-sama’s words have given me courage. I, too, will immediately set out to help in preparing the venue.]

[Regulus: Ah, please do.]

Giving her farewell, No. 184 turned away from Regulus. At the same time, she met Emilia’s eyes and gave a furtive sort of wink. That was, probably, a warning to Emilia about the carelessness of her words from before she had been cut off.
It was not wrong to describe Emilia as having neglected the danger Regulus poses. As such things were communicated, Emilia didn’t hesitate to make a split-second judgement.

[Emilia: ——Watch out!]

[No. 184: Huh?]

As No. 184 was trying to make her escape, Emilia tugged hard on her arm. Clutching her tall but light body to her chest, Emilia took a big step backwards.
The space in front of her, where No. 184 had stood moments before, was caressed by the wind. Opening a long furrow in the cathedral floor, shattering it, and piercing straight through in a line of destruction. Without slowing down, the wind hit the main gate, turning the entryway into powder, then spread its destruction outwards.

[Emilia: ———]

At that instant of overwhelming destructive power, Emilia, who was cuddling with No. 184, could not speak. No. 184 also, noticing the destruction while getting up from behind her, froze and completely curled up.
And, standing at the destruction’s point of origin in a pose as if he had swung his right arm moments before, was Regulus,

[Regulus: Sorry, sorry. My hand just slipped.——It’s a relief that nothing happened to you kids.]

[Emilia: ———]

[Regulus: I’ll be in the waiting room until it’s time, so call me when everything’s ready, ok? Aah, while you’re waiting too, wouldn’t putting up your hair be better? That option is much more attractive, I believe. It is beautiful as it is, I think, but putting effort into being beautiful is something that must be done ceaselessly is what I’m thinking. Rather than trying to stay beautiful, trying to become beautiful, is more the minimum level of courtesy towards someone that likes you, I say. Of course, I myself remain satisfied with my currently filled environment, but I have no mind to limit what I have been given already.]

Talking as if the moment’s destruction was nothing, Regulus, while smiling at Emilia, headed for the waiting room door on the other side of the cathedral. Blankly left staring at the leftover traces of destruction, she was taking in deep breaths.

[Emilia: Just now, what was that……?]

[No. 184: ……Thank you very much, for saving me.]

Saying so, No. 184 pulled away from Emilia’s bosom Her previously frozen form fixed her disheveled hair, and she left Emilia’s side right away. Her steps were taking her to, where the other women inside the cathedral were preparing.
It seemed those women were continuing their work with looks that suggested they were completely unrelated to the destruction from before. Not only that, but several of them had gathered around the destroyed floor and door, and could be seen beginning to work on somehow hiding its traces out of view.

[Emilia: Wait! This is weird! Don’t you guys think it’s weird?]

[Others: ——]

At that unperturbed attitude, Emilia raised her voice in confusion. As one, the women paid no heed to Emilia’s voice, and merely continued to prepare in silence.
If it’s like this, then it will go on forever, Emilia thought, heading for the only person who her words seemed to get through to. Towards No. 184,

[Emilia: Just now, weren’t you almost killed? If I hadn’t pulled you back, surely your body would have been blown away. It was scary? Then, why..]

[No. 184: Well, what is it? I’ve already thanked you for saving me. Beyond that, what else do you want from me? Anything else, is that not a violation of my rights?]

[Emilia: This isn’t about rights or obligations! Let’s talk about something more—More important!]

Emilia pointed to the women still hard at work inside the cathedral.

[Emilia: Regulus said they’re his wives. They’re all, that person’s wife? And since they’re wives, they do what he says? If you’re a wife, then even if you’re about to be murdered, you quietly accept it……That stuff, is weird. It’s weird!]

[Emilia: That is too strange……Marriage is soo happy, it’s something happy people do, isn’t it? To me, you, the others; None of them look happy at all. Am I, wrong?]

[No. 184: Yes, you are mistaken. Even if you aren’t happy, marriage is possible. Spouses do not have to love each other. If they keep on being together, they become spouses. Then, as spouses, they grow used to it.]

No. 184, did not deny that she remained in a position she hated. Not only was she not refuting it, she was even affirming her own situation. That was distorted, and wrong.
Marriage, is for those who want to become spouses. It is not something you just want to get used to.

[Emilia: That marriage stuff, I have no intention of going along with it. I, will be leaving like this.]

[Others: ——]

Those women who had not been paying attention to Emilia’s words, at that they now raised their faces. As the wedding dress-clad Emilia announced her rejection of the marriage, they stared.
Weathering the storm of those emotionless gazes, Emilia squared her shoulders.

[Emilia: I have someone worrying about me. And there’s a lot of things I have to do no matter what. So, I can’t just end up in a place like this. Together with everyone, right away, I will do what I have to.]

[No. 184: Such things, Husband-sama will not forgive it.]

[Emilia: I, do not remember having become a wife of Regulus. So, I don’t want something like forgiveness. Together with everyone, then……I will definitely return to save you all.]

[No. 184: ——Euh.]

[Emilia: All of you, I know you’re not staying with Regulus because you want to. So I’ll, talk to Regulus and free everyone. Anyone that still wants to stay with him then, can just keep being his wife. But, the people that want to be separated, I’ll separate them. Even if you’re forcefully married like that, it’s meaningless if you’re not happy together.]

The picture Emilia had painted inside her mind, was of two people who loved each other and looked forward to being joined together. What floated in her mind, from her dream before, were Fortuna and Juice’s appearances. Those two people had never wed, and had never become spouses. Still, she thought it was good.
If it was those two, then Emilia wished she could have married them. A happy marriage and marriage ties of mutual love guaranteed, their relationship was the right one.

[Emilia: I know of people who loved each other, but could not be married. And so, getting married and being unable to be happy after, I don’t like that kind of relationship.]

[Others: ……]

At Emilia’s declaration, a stir spread throughout the indifferent women. But, No. 184 rapidly extracted herself from that hubbub.
She looked right at Emilia, and then at the destroyed entrance.

[No. 184: If you are choosing to leave, then that is your right. However, Husband-sama would not forgive us. On the spot, surely, we will all be slain.]

[Emilia: Even though you’re his wife……?]

[No. 184: A wife that cannot even fulfill Husband-sama’s wishes, is the same in Husband-sama’s view as one not able to fill all the requirements of a wife. If you leave, we will die. If you will still go, it will be you who kills us.]

[Emilia: ——]

Facing Emilia, No. 184 while taking her own life hostage spoke.
Her opinion, with its extreme contents. As if it reflected the opinion of them all, the women in the cathedral stood to surround Emilia, and restricted her movements.
Of course, there was nobody there who could fight and stop her. They were all somewhat ordinary women. Born from ordinary households, having ordinary morals, having lived while yearning for ordinary happiness, ordinary women.
At some point, a wheel had come loose, and they had merely become accepted as one of Regulus’ wives.

[Others: ——]

She was unable to refute one bit of their resolute determination. Emilia had seen Regulus’ crimes with her own eyes.
For just slightly talking back, he had simply tried to blow their life away in response, it was that Regulus. When he learned of Emilia’s escape, it was hard to claim that he would not take his anger out on them. It was none other than Regulus’ wives who understood this well.

[Emilia: How many, of Regulus’ wives are here?]

[No. 184: Husband-sama’s spouses, total 291 people. Of those, 238 have already passed away, so the remaining number 53 in all.]

[Emilia: Those wives who passed away……]

[No. 184: Do you need an explanation?]

The question she received in reply, gave off a feeling of mocking her question.
That answer, even without asking, Emilia came to realize it. And that answer lay in none other that the actions of those women circling around her without speaking.

[Emilia: If I left, then all of you would suffer something harsh……]

Rather than a harsh punishment, it would more likely be a certain, unavoidable death.

Unmistakably, these women were hostages to Emilia’s free will. Thinking of the damage leaving this place would incur, she should not move rashly.
She thought about Subaru and his companions, outside of the cathedral in Pristella, worrying about her now.
She thought of them, and in her mind, Emilia apologized.

[Emilia: Okay. The wedding, let’s do it.]


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