Re:Zero Arc 5 Chapter 47 [The Prelude To Retaking The City] (Translated by: u/fr81) (Part 2/2)


This chapter is translated by u/fr81!

I want to thoroughly edit this part of the chapter as well, but unfortunately it’ll take almost as long as it does to translate from scratch so I’ll probably work on the next chapter for now. ❤














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Following after Subaru’s words, the one agreeing in a low voice was Julius. Hearing him speak in a rough voice which was unlike him, Anastasia directed a concerned gaze at the knight.

[Anastasia: Julius, you alright? Since before, your complexion isn’t lookin’ so good..]

[Julius: I apologize for causing you anxiety. However, I am fine. When speaking of comforts and discomforts of the body, I cannot make something like weak complaints in front of Subaru.]

[Subaru: What do you mean, by that.]

[Julius: Of course, I was thinking of your difficulties with your leg when I spoke. Please do not snap at me like that. In a situation like this, I have no intention of getting into arguments with you.]

[Subaru: Mu……]

He took a lot of damage from a motive that he hadn’t thought of. At the same time, he felt a strange sense of something being out of place. Julius’ appearance seemed suspicious to him just as it had been for Anastasia. Why that was, he still didn’t know, but even then..

[Julius: Ricardo and I will be taking the leftover responsibility of handling [Gluttony]. Originally, Subaru and Wilhelm-sama would have served as his opponent. Due to their ties with him, they would have wanted to manage it themselves. Because you assigned this task to us while enduring those feelings, we will definitely carry it out for both of you to see.]

[Subaru: ……Aah, it’s like that.]

What Julius felt was, Subaru would have wanted to subjugate [Gluttony] himself. Wilhelm would too, and above them now the still-suffering Crusch would have felt the same.
By the memory-eating, name-consuming [Gluttony]’s authority—Thinking of the still sleeping Rem who had suffered that damage, Subaru wanted to crush [Gluttony] completely with his own hand.
Hitting, kicking, stomping on him, forcing him to regret the atrocities he has committed, to turn his face into a teary mess as he forced him to bow down to the ground until he felt catharsis, that was what he wanted to do.

That role, he had given over to others——.

[Subaru: No matter who it is, honestly, I don’t want to leave it to them. Rem.. I wanted to restore her. I wanted to get her back myself. I believed that doing that was my role.]
[Julius: ……]

[Subaru: But, if it won’t do unless I entrust it to someone, then I’ll leave it to you. Don’t get the wrong idea. It’s the process of elimination……That it’s by process of elimination there’s no doubt, but I will leave it to you. For me, you’re the only one I can tolerate handing this role to, even if I don’t like it.

Rem’s very memory and existence, was being held hostage.
Emilia’s freedom had been taken away, and she was still waiting for help to come.
Both of them were precious relations to Subaru, both of them were precious people he had to get back, and so to both of them Subaru wanted to show them his cool side.

However, Subaru was Emilia’s knight, and Rem’s hero too, so.

[Subaru: I will topple [Greed], and I will rescue Emilia. Blowing away [Gluttony], I’ll hand it to you…….Don’t screw it up.]

[Julius: ——To your expectations, I will respond. Especially this time, definitely this time.]

With a firm nod, Julius accepted Subaru’s yielding.

The knight called the [Greatest] then gazed towards Wilhelm, and inclined his head slightly.

[Julius: Wilhelm-sama.]

[Wilhelm: Of what I wanted to say, Subaru-dono has spoken most of that for me. It is true that I do not have the most harmonious feelings for [Gluttony]……And so too, I will entrust it to Julius-dono. There are too many scoundrels caught up in this.]

From that Sword Demon growing sharp, Julius seemed to gain a bit of courage. Ricardo, who had until then quietly observed their talk, now said

[Ricardo: An’ what’s this, my thoughts don’ even seem to be heard in this talk goin’ on. I don’t even get to be cared that much, ‘s that it! Now that this lineup so far ‘s the best, I can agree to that.]

[Anastasia: Ricardo really is wantin’ attention. Gettin’ miffed like that with your big size doesn’t really look cute, you know……Julius, I will ask of you.]

[Ricardo: Relax. Have ya ever see me lyin’? Ana-bo.]

[Anastasia: Usin’ that title, could you rightly stop that? I’m, Ricardo’s mistress you know.]

Ricardo guffawed loudly at the sight of Anastasia’s miffed face and puffed up cheeks. The black-iris eyes that gazed down on Anastasia, had a very kind glint in them.

[Subaru: Then, with this, the lineups are decided, right.]

—Following Subaru’s remark, all those present at the round table nodded their heads.

[Subaru: For the attack on Sirius of [Wrath], Priscilla and Al. Counting Liliana, that’s three in all.]

[Priscilla: The notion that mine self may succumb to the toying of emotions is a laughable one indeed. Showing mine opponent how they were in the wrong place at the wrong time while facing the wrong enemy, such a helpless fool deserves a lesson!]

[Liliana: I only sing~, I only sing~ It’s what I am, just a lump of meat that sings! Do not cherish your life, cherish the stage. Okay, good, I feel like I can do it. Right now, I really feel like I can do it!]

[Subaru: ――――]

Priscilla fanned herself as Liliana engaged in questionable self-hypnosis. Al’s face could not be seen, but the impression that he was still not convinced seemed to come from his whole body.
Though it was a mildly unsettling trio, confidence-wise they were the strongest there.

[Subaru: Next up, for the capturing of [Lust], Garfiel and Wilhelm-san.]

[Garfiel: Got it. My amazin’ self will grab ‘em by the throat, ‘n make ‘em cry, ‘n say sorry.]

[Wilhelm: Please leave it to me.――With the both of us, it is assured.]

The pair with the most fighting spirit, could it be said to be these two?
The Sword Demon Wilhelm had his mistress’ obligation, and also his wife, who he could not forget even for a moment.
As for Garfiel, there was some form inside him that could not be grasped, some emotion that made his feelings shake.
Perhaps these two warriors both sought some answers in the battle ahead, he couldn’t be sure if that’s how they felt.

[Subaru: And for the conquest of [Gluttony], it’s the two of you, Julius and Ricardo.]

[Julius: By none other than you both, we have been entrusted this task. It will certainly be resolved. Like this, then, I will negate him.]

[Ricardo: My family, those damn bastards made ‘em suffer. I don’t need t’ hear those words to know. I’ll punch ‘em, hit ‘em hard and make ‘em cry.]

This pair had the least connections to the Witch Cult. And yet they could safely be expected to not fall behind the others, since it was definitely certain that both were highly respected opponents.
Together, he had already overcome hardship with them. Nowhere in these comrades-in-arms lay any cause for doubt.
Because of that, the choice to yield the detestable [Gluttony] was made possible.

[Subaru: The last one is [Greed], with Reinhard and I making two. I’m counting on you?]

[Reinhard: ―Aah, leave it to me. I am depending on you as well, Subaru.]

At Subaru’s request, Reinhard nodded his head with his usual resolute attitude. But something in his draped mien seemed soft, and while in the middle of battle it may strike one as insincere, but now his appearance seemed to overflow with humanity.
Why it was such a reassuring look, Subaru could not know.

[Subaru: Then, with this, the choices for the fights are decided. And on the matter of choosing places to set up communication mirrors for reports, there are three of them in all. Assuming I leave one in City Hall….For the others left, what should we do?]

[Subaru: Personally, I definitely want someone to take one for [Wrath]. And one to…… [Lust] or [Gluttony], one of those two would be nice, I think.]

[???: What are your reasons?]

[Subaru: [Wrath] is someone with influence over the whole city. By whether they fall or not, the situation that befalls the city will be changed. Therefore, that news is something I want to be able to share quickly.]

Regarding the use of communication mirrors, they all nodded as if Subaru’s suggestion was the truth. As for the reason for bringing a different one to [Greed],

[Subaru: It doesn’t really need to be said, but Reinhard will be with [Greed]. Assuming anything more about [Greed] than his power being unknown is optimistic, but I can’t say that the possibility of it being handled instantly doesn’t exist. If it becomes like that, I want to set up a situation where Reinhard can be sent as reinforcements.]

[Reinhard: However, unless the team at [Greed] possesses a communication mirror, then sharing that information is impossible, is it not? But, I certainly believe that Natsuki-san’s opinion is largely correct.]

[Subaru: The answer to that is simple. Use the broadcast magic device. With a city-wide broadcast, I want us to keep everyone informed of places that need help. Using the communication mirror, Anastasia-san will organize all the information, and will take on the responsibility of conveying it to everyone. How’s that?]

[Anastasia: I’m thinkin’ that’s wise. Your head seems t’ work well sometimes, Natsuki-kun.]

Anastasia laughed with an impressed look, and tossed a communication mirror at Priscilla.
Priscilla caught it with her fan, and rolled it in front of Liliana.

[Liliana: Wa, wa, wah!?]

[Priscilla: Singer, you take it. Since mine self cannot lift anything heavier than tableware.]

[Liliana: That fan, it’s almost as heavy as some dishes. Don’t say pompous things.]

[Priscilla: Do not speak so foolishly, inspect this design. Gold is hung and inlaid from it luxuriously, and from just that it is weighty. Do not toss it in with the likes of dishes.]

[Liliana: Isn’t that heavier than the dishes……]

Regardless of what she said, in the end Liliana wound up taking it. Ignoring Liliana, who was quickly fixing her hair in the mirror, the last communication mirror was passed to Wilhelm.

[Subaru: Considering the number of enemies, the [Lust] side will need a mirror more than the group for [Gluttony]. Two people will be fine, I thinking, but contact Anastasia right away if it seems dangerous.]

[Wilhelm: Understood, I will be sure to contact her.]

Showing consideration for Julius, Wilhelm placed the mirror in his breast pocket.
However, it was a slightly worrying judgment. As it is, Wilhelm could become hot with fury and ignore the instructions from now. And Garfiel, needless to say, was the type to explode at the slightest provocation.

―Regardless, like this the battle preparations were complete.

[Subaru: I’ll leave, a little more time. When that ends we will start, the Control Towers Recapture Operation commences.]

At Subaru’s words, all present replied by nodding their heads.
However, seeing their quiet, tense appearances, Subaru thought the mood was bad anyhow.

[Subaru: If you’re making angry faces, don’t you get the feeling that bad stuff gets closer?]

[Otto: Once more a sign that Natsuki-san will say something strange occured.]

[Subaru: It’s not weird. It’s important. No matter how large of an army gathers, if morale is low, it can turn into a rabble. I’m not saying our morale is low here, but I don’t think my motives are bad. So, let’s raise our voice.]

While clapping his hands, Subaru stood up.

[Subaru: Let’s clean it all up, everyone! With this fight, get rid of the the city-disturbing bastards! The Witch Cult fails and we get a happy end!]
[Others: ――]
At Subaru’s urging, they looked at each others’ faces. Then, nodding,
[Others: Hooooh―!!]
Like that, a high-morale reply came back.

If they can give such a strong answer, then they’ll definitely be fine.

This many members, this much of a vanguard, it wasn’t something that could just be prepared again.

―The city recapture, began in earnest.

[Subaru: ―This fight, is our victory!!]

With Subaru saying whatever he wanted, the round table meeting concluded.


※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※

Sometime later, her muffled sensations recovering, her consciousness slowly returned to reality.

As reality started to permeate through drowsy senses, the feelings in her hands and feet naturally returned.
Then, while feeling spread through the rest of her body, her first sensation was of something soft embracing her.

Warm, it was relaxing like a large animal’s fur had wrapped her up.
She had felt something similar quite a long time ago. A long time ago, back when she was young, a time when her body could not follow the fairies, a time when she feared sleeping alone.
Now far from the feeling of that fur’s texture, quite some time had passed since then.

[Emilia: ――Ah.]

At first, her eyes welled with tears from its nostalgic touch.
Putting aside her silly desire to keep feeling the warmth, she slowly opened her eyes.
Her long eyelashes shivered, and amethyst irises blankly noted the world.

She was in a room with high ceilings, and decorations she had never seen before. Lying on a bed there, she found herself wrapped up in a summer blanket crafted from quality fur.
A stranger seated beside her had been cleaning her face with a wet towel.

[Emilia: You’re……?]

[???: ――]

Looking down on her when she opened her eyes was, a beautiful woman with a pure-white face.
On the rather sickly, blood-drained face, a pretty and expressionless face like a doll’s was attached. Her beauty was such that she would surely light up the room if she smiled, but her face was rigidly held like a mask which could not laugh.
Rising, her long hair waving behind her, the woman in a black dress left the room right away.
She quickly tried to call out to her, but as she fretted on how to call her while not knowing her name, the door clicked shut. As such, she found herself alone.

[Emilia: Here…I wonder where that is?]

Hesitantly, she sat up on the bed.
Though she was faintly weary, no pain or signs of poor condition could be felt. The heaviness must be from using too much magic she was not yet used to, as it was a sign that her body was unable to withstand it.
Having gotten that far, right away she remembered the rest of what had occured in her situation.

[Emilia: Right. Ah, at the square, I fought a strange person, and……]

Continuing on, in her head the events from just before she lost consciousness came to mind.
A monster with a face wrapped in bandages――The one Subaru had called [Wrath], had come for her with fearsome combat prowess and downright creepy amounts of anger. For a moment, she had taken on the fight at an advantage, but then losing to the force of fiercely burning flames, she had been sent flying――.

[Emilia: And then, I must have passed out. But, I’m still alive.]

As she was outmatched, there was no doubt it had been a desperate situation.
Someone had probably come to her aid. Subaru and Beatrice had been there, it could be she was rescued by those two. Even then, her heart was crushed by her own patheticness.
Emilia had struck such a pose at Subaru, and had talked really loudly, but not only had she lost, she needed to be helped too.
[Emilia: Mmh, there isn’t any time to be dejected. Even if I don’t do that, I’m already late to depart, so there isn’t time to pause in my steps and repent. I’ll repent while walking.]

Tapping her snow white cheeks with both hands, she raised her spirits. Time spent depressed was time squandered.
Having been provided a bed and blanket. And even being watched over by a caretaker, this place must be a benevolent someone’s home. Since she hadn’t been taken to her own place, her situation may have been quite severe.

[Emilia: But I can’t feel any pain, so maybe a skilled healer……Eeh?]

While moving to stand, Emilia came to realize something about herself.

[Emilia: I’m, naked.]

At the point bare feet touched the floor, she noticed that not a single piece of cloth was draped on her body. Emilia’s head tilting, she first wrapped the blanket around her body and got down from the bed. Gazing around the room, she looked around hoping for something to wear, but regrettably could not find anything.

[Emilia: Mmh, what should I do? If I leave the room like this, I’ll be thought of as bad-mannered……]

Before leaving the forest, when she was studying matters on leaving the forest, and learning lots of things from Puck, that point had been energetically enough placed in her head.
She shouldn’t show skin in front of others. Following that rule, then her own appearance right now was completely a problem,

[Emilia: But, since I’m worried about everyone, it’s an emergency so it can’t be helped.]

The battle with the Sin Archbishops, how it had concluded, she had to find out as quickly as possible. With that task as justification, Emilia emerged from the room garbed in a single blanket.
Walking out to the corridor, it was definitely not a building she had ever seen before. Just, compared to how she imagined it, the outside of the room gave an oddly unsophisticated impression of a cold hallway.

[Emilia: I thought I was somewhere like a mansion, but that was totally wrong. Mmh, is it just this room that’s strange?]

Turning back, she saw the room where she had slept in.
A big bed, and a small wardrobe. However, upon closer inspection, she could not escape the impression that something was unbalanced about it. It gave the impression of a bed and other furniture bought and messily piled inside an empty room.

And that might not be wrong.
By checking the atmosphere of the corridor, this was definitely not a place meant for people to live in. This was a place where people worked. If she focused her ears, the faint sound of water and a hint of something could be heard.
While Emilia puzzled over that, there――.

[???: Ah, it seems you’ve opened your eyes, how relieving, what a relief. I’m relieved you’re safe.]

Spoken to so, Emilia turned back.
Just then, at the far end of the corridor, a young man emerged. Having discovered Emilia, the white-haired youth grinned at her.

[???: However, I’m not comfortable with you walking around right after waking. Various things happened and you had a big day, so if there’s something with your body it’s a headache. That part, I’m telling you to go about your work with certain care. Moreover since it’s not just your body, I mean.]

[Emilia: Then, you are……?]

Blinking, Emilia gazed at the young man speaking to her.
That attitude of narrowing the gap between others with a single step was somewhat close to Subaru’s. However, the crucial difference between Subaru and him, was that his attitude had no intention of respecting the other person.
That was Subaru’s timid virtue, and the young man in front of her did not show any hint of it. It was as if he did not have any remorse for others.

――At the same time, Emilia was recalling a feeling she could not reveal to the young man in front of her.

[???: Is that so, sorry, sorry. I’ve even seen your sleeping face, but this is your first time seeing me I’d say. I haven’t even given you my name yet. No matter how you’re in a relationship with me, this kind of impolite attitude won’t do. I was too hasty on that point, it is my fault. Truly, like I’m sorry I will apologize. Since I am a human being capable of such things.]

[Emilia: Y-yes……]

Emilia’s reply to that endlessly, fluently speaking young man was quite heavy.
The reason for that may be that his attitude overwhelmed her, but a more significant meaning was contained within. That was, Emilia’s subconscious was appealing to her.

―This young man, somewhere, I remember seeing him before.

[???: It’s a waste of a scene, it’s a shame that this place place lacks atmosphere. But I believe this too, when you look back, will think of as a special moment. If you look at it that way it’s not even a bad thing. A small happiness day-by-day is just, more than enough to make the path known as life brighten up. If it’s with you, then I definitely especially think so. Not just as being in a bad place, but seeing the nice sides of it, that’s the way of life want to try. Do you not think so too, Emilia?]

[Emilia: I, do not remember telling you my name……So, you are?]

[???: Oops, sorry. When my feelings get too lofty, without knowing it myself I stop noticing my surroundings, it is a bad habit of mine. It is for that reason, that I sometimes dislike my affectionate personality. It could be that you are the one making me feel so deeply. And, my name, was it.]

After an incredibly long and flexible detour, this young man was barely entering the main building.

Feeling warning tingles burn her skin, Emilia did not take her eyes off of the young man’s actions. That her own safety was at risk, she intuitively understood.
And the cause of that intuition was, the young man in front of her.

[Regulus: My name is Regulus Corneas. I hold an executive position in a certain group, but something like that is not important to you. What is indeed important to you is just one thing. That I am your husband, and that you are my 79th wife.]

[Emilia: ……Eeh?]

The young man gave a name―What Regulus marvelously spoke of, the meaning of it she did not understand. Emilia fretted, and her pretty brows frowned. But, Regulus was not paying Emilia’s reaction any mind, and was staring at the body of a girl covered only with a single light cloth,

[Regulus: That appearance is poison to the eyes. I’ll order a change of clothes to be brought over right away. You can relax. They are in the same situation as you, my other wives. Putting on wedding attire is something they would have gotten used to.]

[Emilia: A wedding dress, what do you mean? No, it isn’t just that. Calling me your wife, what are you saying?]

[Regulus: Right. I was forgetting something important! For one such as myself, that was dangerous.]

Emilia opened her mouth to ask another question, but Regulus was not listening. He clapped his hands, and lightly grabbed Emilia’s shoulder as she was about to ask. As she felt the odd amount of force coming from those fingers, Emilia frowned. Drawing close enough to touch Emilia’s forehead, Regulus gazed into her eyes.

[Regulus: I was forgetting an important, important question. Your awareness of the wedding comes after this. Emilia, this is important, so I want you to answer carefully. For our future, it’s very important.]

[Emilia: ――]

At that weird level of pressure, Emilia swallowed her breath and was silent.
Taking her attitude as assent, Regulus smiled. With a smile, he asked.

[Regulus: Emilia, are you a virgin? That’s all, it’s really important.]

With a smile, he spoke.


-=Arc 5 Chapter 47 End=-



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This chapter is translated by u/fr81!

I want to thoroughly edit this part of the chapter as well, but unfortunately it’ll take almost as long as it does to translate from scratch so I’ll probably work on the next chapter for now. ❤



Next Arc 5 Chapter 48:

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    1. If u included intercourse, then yes 78th. But if “wife” title was the after-effect of his authority, not sure about that.


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          1. I mean…regulus deaths were the most brutal of all…Main story aside, in the IF dark subaru story, he got all his limbs mutilated, after that got pierced in the torso by a kukri knife while hanging on it and doing his usual absurd conversation, and finally he got thrown into the weakest part of the fire of his burning mansion. Subaru just watched him die slowly.

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