Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 99 [Alone In A Confined Space] (Part 1/4)


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Chapter 99 [Alone In a Confined Space]


――Two vital characters have simultaneously gone missing.

Naturally, facing a situation that had never come up in these loops, Subaru’s insides were burning with panic.
Sprinting through the Sanctuary, Subaru headed for Lewes’ residence―― the small cabin on the village outskirts she had been living in after lending her home to Emilia

[Garfiel: …….Look who decided t’come]

When Subaru belted open the door and stormed inside, he found Garfiel standing there imposingly, waiting for him. With arms crossed, nose furrowed, and irritation in plain view, he glared at Subaru,

[Garfiel: Took y’long enough. How long were y’plannin’ t’keep me waitin’?]

[Subaru: Well I got here as fast as I could…… But never mind that, what’s this about Lewes-san being missing?]

[Garfiel: Can’t y’see for yerself?]

Garfiel jerked his chin, indicating the cramped room. Looking over the space, if it were wide enough to be called that, Lewes’ temporary lodging was a simple shack with no furnitures except a bed.
If Lewes wasn’t on that bed, then there was no doubt she wasn’t in this house.

Taking control of his breathing, Subaru roughly wiped the sweat off his forehead with a sleeve.

[Subaru: It’s obvious she’s not here, but…… isn’t calling that missing a bit too much? Lewes-san may not look like it, but she’s a proper adult already. Maybe she’s just out for a walk or something, there’s no need to……]

[Garfiel: Shut up! Th’fuck d’you know!? Granny ain’t never missed showin’ up at breakfast fer no fuckin’ reason. I ain’t never seen her oversleep or stay sick in bed either, and y’sayin’ she’s takin’ a walk? Y’want me t’eat ya!?]

[Subaru: That was a rough way of putting it, but your life with Lewes-san sounds pretty cozy, huh…..]

Even with circumstances as they are, the basis for the notion that Lewes has gone missing was actually rather weak. Pointing this out, Subaru slumped, but Garfiel didn’t seem to share in Subaru’s sentiment.
He walked up to Subaru, who finally straightened his back, and bared his fangs,

[Garfiel: It never happened before, yet it’s happenin’ this mornin’. If anythin’s happenin’ now that ain’t happened here before, it’s ’cause you people’re involved, even an idiot knows that. ――Y’bastard did somethin’ with Granny, didn’t ya?]

Though Garfiel seemed to have an incredible knack for making baseless accusations, this time, his suspicion hit right on the mark.
Lewes’―― currently Lewes Theta’s―― disappearance was almost certainly because of Subaru. It was hard to imagine that someone would have kidnapped her and Emilia simultaneously.
She left willingly without saying anything to Garfiel. Just like Emilia, she was blocked by the Sanctuary’s Barrier, so she couldn’t have fled outside. In other words, it was her intention to go into hiding. ――And the time-limit for finding her was even more pressing than Emilia’s.

[Subaru: If I don’t find Theta-san by the end of today……]

The rotation schedule will switch her into tomorrow’s Lewes―― Alpha, Beta, or Sigma will take her place. If that happens, he will not have another chance to speak with Theta within the two-day limit, and his perfect-run of the Sanctuary route will be thwarted.

[Garfiel: They…ta?]

Hearing Subaru call Lewes this, a question mark floated onto Garfiel’s face.
Subaru was about to ask for Garfiel’s help in finding Theta, but he gave up on that idea the moment he saw Garfiel’s expression.
The question surging up inside Subaru prevented him from saying a word.

[Subaru: ――――]

It was a simple question, but one he had never confirmed.

――Does Garfiel actually know about the four representative Lewes personalities?

Garfiel certainly knew about the Lewes Meyer inside the crystal in the abandoned experimental grounds deep within the forest. He had challenged the Trial, met Echidona, and qualified as an Apostle of Greed. Naturally, holding the Command Authority over replicants, Garfiel was aware of the existence of the identical-looking Lewes clones.
But, what about the rest? Does Garfiel know about the four Lewes personalities, Alpha, Beta, Sigma and Theta?

[Garfiel: Th’hell’s that? Y’stopped talkin’ all of a sudden. If y’got some kinda clue, fuckin’ spit it out now. “Straight n’ honest Lib-Lib’s happy even when he’s swindled”, they say]

[Subaru: Sounds like Lib-Lib’s going to be swindled forever, like that……]

Imagining the story of some random happy prince, Subaru wasn’t sure how best to answer Garfiel.
His confrontation with Garfiel was supposed to be the final barricade to completing the Sanctuary route. Honestly, Subaru wasn’t nearly prepared enough to face him without having heard what Theta has to say. And yet, whatever answer he gives here could inadvertently influence the outcome.
――Just how should he respond? After much deliberation, Subaru,

[Subaru: Say, Garfiel. Couldn’t you just summon Lewes-san if you wanted to?]

[Garfiel: ――――gh!!]

Immediately, Subaru saw Garfiel’s expression violently shift. Garfiel’s eyes wavered in discomposure as he lunged forward, grabbing Subaru by the collar.
At a distance so close that their foreheads almost touched, Garfiel’s golden pupils seethed with rage―― a rage so intense that it could burn its target to nothing with that gaze alone.

[Garfiel: Th’fuck y’talking about… I ain’t got a shred of fuckin Milfram’s clue th’fuck yer talkin about, oy!]

[Subaru: I-I don’t know what a Milfram is, but…… that’s not exactly the reaction of someone who doesn’t have the shred of a clue, is it…… let go, dumbass]

Perhaps flipping out and grabbing Subaru was just his way of calming himself. Garfiel’s words as he tried to cover it up was inherent nonsense.
Hit right on the mark by Subaru’s observation, Garfiel’s grip loosened as Subaru used the opportunity to escape. Smoothing out his crumpled clothing, Subaru took a step back to put some distance between them,

[Subaru: I meant exactly what I said. I know you’re not too stupid to understand. You have a way to do it. You have the quickest, simplest solution on hand. Why aren’t you using it?]

[Garfiel: Y’say it like it’s fuckin’ easy…… tch]

Garfiel’s cheeks twisted in disgust as he glared at Subaru with utmost hatred.
But despite the intensity of the rage and hostility harbored in those eyes, Subaru could clearly discern a shadow of grief mixed within it.
Noticing that hint of sorrow, Subaru’s expression shifted, but Garfiel, sensing that the depths of his emotion had been seen through, clicked his tongue and looked away.

[Garfiel: That’s why I can’t let down my guard with a qualified bastard standin’ here. I dunno what that fuckin’ Witch filled yer head with. But don’t fuck with me, don’t fuck with me]

[Subaru: ――――]

[Garfiel: So y’know about Granny’s experimental grounds? Then y’must know ’bout Granny’s original in th’rock as well…… It ain’t something t’just use]

Clutching his chest with his right hand, it was as if Garfiel was trying to hide it from Subaru’s view. Even though it probably wasn’t physically there, Subaru figured he must be indicating the invisible Command Authority he possessed.
With his arm still holding his chest,

[Garfiel: I ain’t anythin’ like you n’ Roswaal. I ain’t gonna use somethin’ just because I can…… I ain’t never gonna think like that]

[Subaru: ……Garfiel]

[Garfiel: Just me alone is enough. Long as I got myself, I don’t need anythin’ else. I ain’t fuckin’ usin’ this power unless it’s the last of the last of the last resort. ――Grandma, she… she’s my grandma]

Those last words fell to a whisper.
Subaru had heard him call her “Grandma” once before. But this time, it was more tender than he had ever heard him speak.
Without any intention behind it, what slipped out must have been Garfiel’s true thoughts.

[Garfiel: ――Tch]

Noticing his own slip-up, Garfiel kicked at the floor in frustration. The exorbitant force caused the whole shack to lurch, sending down specks of dust tickling Subaru’s head as he waited for Garfiel’s next move.
Realizing that he was the only one getting worked up, Garfiel’s expression twisted in even further discomfort as he shoved Subaru out of the way.

[Garfiel: Move. I ain’t talkin’ with you anymore. If you ain’t tellin’ me where Granny is, I’ll just look for her myself. When I do, I ain’t letting y’touch her ever again]

[Subaru: Why does that, why does that kinda sound like it’s all my fault?]

[Garfiel: Before you…… before y’fuckers came, everythin’ was peaceful n’ nothin’ ever happened here. I’m bringin’ us back to that time. I don’t need nothin’ whether it’s in here or out there…… I don’t need nothin’]

Leaving those faltering words behind, Garfiel marched out of the small shack. Bending his knees as soon as he was out of the door, he bounded out with his bestial leg-strength―― and although his path was straight, he disappeared from view in only a matter of seconds.




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We have another extra long chapter! I’ll try my best to finish it this week. ❤


My life’s been a bit screwed up lately… on the upside, my ex-girlfriend and I got in touch again, though I’m still not sure how I feel……

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      1. Is there any interest in having someone do an audiobook recording for these translations? I’m an actor wanting to break into voice acting and this would be good practice. Also I love the content so it’s a win win.😂. Thanks for the translations so far btw they are amazing.


  1. Ty for chapter again Chicken!!

    Trying to figure out why Luis left, and why that correlates to Subaru leaving Emilia’s side that night. I mean there’s no way there’s no connection, it’s just we don’t have the critical info yet to make conjecture.


  2. thank for the update chicken, sound like thinks have been rough for you, hope it turns for the better soon 🙂
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  3. so garf thinks subs like roshit but considering sub had the command authority and did not use it to summon lewes and subs also an idiot for not saying he lost the command authority. would that not help to calm garf down. seriously most of this ark is just sub trying to figure out how to deal with everyone else’s mental issues. no one really tried to break through to someone and help with their problems except sub not even garfs sister. atleast thats how i feel having 2 sisters one of which had ‘issues’ not saying what fine now but none of my family not even for a moment stopped trying to force her to change. n reading how almost everyone just gives up after one talk just pisses me off. like i really do not understand the siblings situation at all. just wanna say why i do not like Frederica at this point. other then that enjoying the hell out of this xd sorry for the rant


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    1. same. also he is a hypocrite first loop ok if sub takes the trail but does a 180 if lewes says ‘something’ idk what. says he likes ram but chooses to kill her over NOTHING seriously just because some pl decide to leave. says he hates roshit then protects him next he tries to fight him over snowing not even knowing about the rabbits. what sets this idiot off is so low its stupefying.


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  8. Garfiel can be frustrating to deal with, considering how reckless and impatient he can be. But, you understand where Garfiel is coming from and how he tends to think with his heart and not his head.

    Its another big chapter but don’t worry, take all the time you need ; )


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